Today I had a great burrito at Tacos Guaymas.
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Today I had a great burrito at Tacos Guaymas. What kinds of food did you eat today? What do you normally eat? Where do you usually go? What kinds of food did you hate as a kid but find delectable now? What do you find yourself eating more of this summer than you did last?
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I've grown to tolerate peas over the years but still can't stomach those mini corn on the cob things.
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Well, I like to eat samwiches. As a kid I didn't much care for them, but now they seem cool. Plus, I can eat them while reading "War and Peace", "The Bible", "The Koran", and "Everything by Heinlein" and still keep a hand free for turning pages. Yes, I find samwiches "rather delightful" - gushy little "bonbons" which wet my appetite for really big hoagies. Thanks so much for asking, crasspastor. I would drop the names of my favorite samwiches, but most of my favorite samwiches are pretty intense and difficult to make, so I might sound pretentious...
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One must be a sandwich artiste for that. A tough road to hoe. And one I'd never possibly grasp. Thank you good Opus Dark for not expounding. I've the inner locutions of the phenomenologically elusive burrito coursing through my being now.
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Since Opus doesn't post an e-mail, I'll just have to point out here that I've never laughed at a comment that hard before. Nice one.
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Well, I like to eat samwiches.

I'm sorry, you misspelled "sammiches."

As a child, I hated everything but burgers. When arriving back in the US from foreign lands, I would cry out with joy upon spying the Golden Arches from the window of my plane. I recall passing on a 14-course feast in Thailand because they had no burgers, only inedible crap like Pad Thai and Praraam Laang Saam.

At the age of 17, my tastes began to change dramatically. I started devouring mexican, chinese, persian, indian, and japanese food. I even developed a taste for sushi...previously unthinkable.

Looking back now from middle age, I can proudly say that I've dined upon such delicacies as raw horse, 100-year old eggs, stinky sea slugs, spicy chicken feet, and cups of cow guts.

But stranger things await.
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sushi... I crave sushi...

Oh wait, I loved sushi as a child.

I hated chocolate as a kid. After pg, I love it. It does bad things to me though.


I hate sammiches. Can someone send me a good recipe please????
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Two Words: Beef Jerky

Until this year I thought of it as 'meat chewing gum', used to despise the thought of it. Now I buy an 8oz bag very week, and if I'm not paying attention can mow through the entire bag in one sitting in place of dinner.
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Brothers and Sisters, this talk of sammiches has inspired me! Will you all turn with me in your MeFi hymnals to page 357 and lift your voices in song?

And did that cheese in ancient time
lie down on Iceberg's lettuce green
And was the roasted beef of cow
On toasted foccaccia slices seen

And did the condiments divine
Spread forth upon our meat'ed farms
And were our sammiches builded there
Among those dark Lutheranic barns

Bring me my French's of burning gold
Bring me tomatoes of desire
Bring me my spears o' dill well cold
Bring me Habeñero sauce of fire

I will not cease from endless fight
Nor shall my butter knife sleep in my hand
'Til I have et my sammiches
In Wisconsin's green and pleasant land
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As a kid, I was one picky bastard. At one point I would only eat Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, so my parents made me eat it for every meal for a week. I never asked for it again.

In college and grad school I subsisted on ramen noodles, pizza bagels and fast food. At the time I was just learning how to cook, shortly thereafter my cousin, who is a chef, moved nearby and began to teach me an appreciation for food.

These days I cook for myself 4 or 5 nights a week, bring my own lunches to work and eat anything and everything that is put before me. I'm particularly fond of Asian and Latin American cuisines, I love seeking out new restaurants where I can feed my cravings. And if I can't find a restaurant to do it, I'll cook it myself.

The strangest item I have ever consumed: crickets sauteed with garlic and powdered chiles known as chapulines. The chapulines are native to southern parts of Mexico, in Oaxaca its said that if you eat chapulines you will someday return there. I hope its true.
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I stumbled on this little middle-eastern shop yesterday that sells the best fried calamari sandwhiches I've ever had. Actually, I never had calamari on a sandwhich before, but I can only imagine this is a damn fine example of what one would be. Roast veggies, carmelized onions, Calamari and tangy sauce type stuff stuffed in two pita breads.
I'm making my parents come and visit me this week, just to taste it.
Does anyone else become obsessed with a type of food, and eat it constantly until you become tired of it, and can't eat it again for a while?
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Three days ago I ate a can of mocha frosting.
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favorite freaky family sammich: bacon and peanut butter. god it's so good...
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When I was a kid, I loved to eat Oreo cookies. Five, six, ten at a time. I even consumed a whole bag of them watching morning cartoons when my parents were sleeping in on a Saturday morning.
Then one day when I was a teenager, I couldn't even LOOK at an Oreo without feeling ill. To this day, I won't have them when offered to me.

The strangest thing I've eaten? A single morsel of dried cat food. I was curious as to why my kitten was so enamored with the stuff. For the record, it tasted like a really hard crouton with gravy. Not something I'd like again.
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This has been the summer of salmon. I never touched it up until 4 months ago. Now it seems to be on my barbeque 2 -3 days a week. My local grocery chain sells these salmon kabobs, marinated in white wine and herbs. Oh, man those boys is tasty.
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I like pancakes.
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You mean I need to pick a favorite type of food? So many choices...

There is a great Chineese place near us, survives mostly on take-out orders, but if you eat in they have the BEST won ton soup I've ever had. Light broth, tender won tons, seasoned just right, not to heavy, and fresh green onion on top

Also here in Denver is a great Sushi place called Banzai Sushi. Incredibly fresh fishes, over 100 varieties, and if you come up with an interesting combintation of ingrediants, the chefs will make it available to all the guests, and if it becomes popular they'll name it after you.

Oh, and brigita, I've been eating Peanut Butter and Bacon sammiches since I was 5. TASTY!
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My favorite is French Toast, just dip in the egg batter, not soaked. Then pan fried with real butter and eaten with good maple syrup.
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When I was a kid, I ate dry dog food by the handfuls. Quite unremarkable, actually, but satisfying, except when you got a bit of bone from some animal that had been used in the making. This even after my father shot a wolf on the farm and took it into the meat processing plant, where they explained that it would be put into the mix (with all the beef and pork bits and pieces, presumably) and made into dog food.
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3 rolled tacos with guacamole, preferably purchased at a taco shop with a name ending in "berto" . . . Albertos, Adalbertos, Hilbertos, Robertos . . .
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Favourite food?
Prime rib, medium rare, cooked by the high-end surf & turf restaurant in DisneyWorld, 2 years ago.
It was like "buttah" in my mouth. Soft, tender, juicy, full of flavour....
Absolute perfection. I ate 20oz, but could have had another 20oz after that.

Favourite vegan-approved food?
Granny smith apples that aren't too ripe. I eat the whole damn thing, except for the stem but including the seeds.
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My diet right now consists largely of ramen noodles, spaghetti, and whatever I can find at Kleiner, but I must add one food that I love: stuffed grape leaves. I love stuffed grape leaves. Stuffed grape leaves are about the greatest thing known to man.
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Toast with peanut butter, a sausage patty, scrambled eggs, & ketchup!
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I'm not sure whether I should be embarassed or not, but they KNOW me at Dunkin' Donuts. I walk in and the nice lady makes my bagel and cream cheese and pours me my cup of coffee. Then I choose my donut of the day---perhaps coconut or strawberry frosted. I've been doing this for a year and a half and have probably, consequently, shaved 3 years off my life.
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In college I learned the true value of many delicacies, including sour cream, guacamole, Garden Burgers™, and the master of them all, CHEESE. Then my doctor said my cholesterol was too high. I fixed that by living with a bunch of hippies (i.e., vegans and vegetarians) for a while. Then I learned to appreciate tofu, textured vegetable protein, and chick peas.
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Beans + Rice. From New Orleans. Or from a little hole in the wall Cuban Restaurant in downtown Miami.

88 cent mexican dinners from Walmart. I love those things.

and one more, Regular Deluxe sammitches with everything on it on sourdough bread from the local Schlotzsky's Deli.


also, those peanutbutter bacon sammiches sound damn tasty!
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My husband and I have been low-carbing for the past four months (with excellent results), but the few things I miss that I did love are mashed potatoes and gravy, rotini pasta with Italian sausage & tomato sauce, and Hardee's chicken sandwiches.
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Grum: My cat's breath smells like cat food

adrober: This summer they knew my friends and i at our favorite in-n-out burger in mountain view at el camino and 237. best burgers ever, and the best staff of any in-n-out in the area. we literally went there 3 or four times a week, and it was not uncommon for any of us to go there twice in one day. all this despite the fact that it was a half hour away from any of our houses.

i am back in central pennsylvania for school now and i am dying to get ANY decent food. Sushi, Thai food, real mexican food, decent chinese, well made and healthy smoothies, good sammiches - none of these can be found anywhere near me. these days it's nothing but ramen and meisterbrau.
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I have been being fed kickass, kickass pancakes for breakfast at least weekly for some months now. And every time, I offer up a little moment of silent salute to the gang at MeFi.

Over the last year or so I've been developing a pretty predictable periodic lust for Lebanese food. (Kibbeh!) But I had a nasty confrontation with a plate of mouzat recently and may be off the kick.

And last winter there was the homemade- shepherd's- pie phase; it passed but now that it will be getting cold again I bet the pie will make a comeback. It's good cold-weather comfort food.

Mick: all together? :0
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Who here likes pancakes? I love pancakes!
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Breakfast: a cup of fresh coffee (Lavazza espresso (red), in a two-cup stove-pot maker, but half strength, to make a good strong "americano") and two slices of toast (any bread, as long as it comes as a loaf, so I can slice it the thickness I want) with (preferably damson) jam.

I can remember complaining to my mum that I was hungry and finding her reply - Why not have a slice of jam and bread, dear? - incomprehensible when I was little. And I hated coffee.
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I stayed in Oxford, England for the first half of this year. In the evenings these vans would park on the road and start selling kebabs every night. Just a couple of blocks from the house where I was staying at was where Ali's Kebabs would park every night. Ali was this hilarious man from Morocco who cooked amazing donner kebabs. Mmm... I miss them so much. Lamb meat is incredible when it is prepared just right. I wish I could have one right now. For just £2, I could get a donner kebab which was chopped lamb meat in pita bread with salad and chips on it. Some of my friends would ask Ali to put chili sauce on it, which they loved a great deal. Kebabs are amazing.
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I just had to post this link... Ali's Kebabs
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Ali's Kebabs sound yummy... Wish we had a kebab van here.

When I was a kid I was known to eat Cool Whip straight out of the container. I don't think I'd be able to tolerate that these days.

I suppose I could say my favorite food when I'm feeling fancy is steak frites with bearnaise sauce. But what about bun cha gio, tofu and ginger stir fry, or whatever is on special at the Best Steak House?
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Just a note - this thread and/or the book one is being discussed here.
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Those who criticize this thread have obviously never had a "Guaymas" veggie burrito- good rule of thumb, if you can get potatoes in your burrito it's a good burrito. And it has spinach, which I hated as a kid but now is just fan-fuckin'-tastic stuff.
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That poem was fabulous (or should I say hymn?). I hated sammiches as a child, but I loved them when I discovered I could make a killer turkey and two-cheese variety (provalone and cheddar-extra sharp) on a fresh croissant with tomatoes, lettuce and sprouts and olive oil at the bakery where I worked in high school. Oh, I still salivate like a Pavlovian experiment when I think of those sammiches.

I just returned from all over Europe, and I must say, I will be damn glad if I never have another cold cut for breakfast. Damn! People (of Europe); cold cuts are for lunch!

As for my favorite food ever, well, it's a tie between Marie Calendar's chicken pot pie and the Dragon rolls at my local sushi place (shrimp and yellowtail, so so good!).
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Oh! and the best meal I have had recently was a four course meal featuring reindeer filet in game sauce at a fabulous (and rather inexpensive) restaurant in Helsinki. It was so succulant, the veggies worked so well with the sauce, goodness me... Go to Finland and eat reindeer, you won't be sorry!
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I like spiedies. Spiedies taste good.
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Today I picked blackberries and made a pie with them. We had it with Clover Stornetta natural vanilla ice cream. That was after the salmon and sauteed zucchini dinner, natch. I was in my "eat-local-goodies, as fresh as possible" mode, a la Alice Waters of Chez Panisse fame. Fortunately, I picked enought blackberries to have them on waffles next weekend. I like pancakes ok, but I prefer waffles with the little squares that fill up with jelly or honey, or blackberry sauce....
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Take a collection of fresh jalapenos, slice them in half the long way. Fill with goat cheese. Wrap each stuffed jalapeno across its "waist" in partially microwaved bacon. Bake for 10-15 minutes at *350. And. . .

Whoooeeee. . .
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I am at this moment eating sandwitches. Ble.
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there's a chipper near me that sell cauliflower in batter, which is actually really tasty, even more so when you're drunk as a lord. I've also heard that mars bars in batter are very nice, but you can't buy them in dublin. Sadly.
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