Camel Beauty Contest
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What's a Bigger Draw Than a Camel Fight? A Camel Beauty Contest, of Course To the uninitiated, what makes a camel beautiful isn't exactly obvious. But organizers of the Selcuk championship hope the addition of a pageant will draw new enthusiasts to the sport of camel fighting, which is struggling to stay relevant in an increasingly modern and urbanized Turkey.
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Narrowly avoids obvious Camel Fight Club joke.

I skimmed ahead in the article, read about headlocks, and was hoping the camels fought their owners. I'd go see that.
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I think they should have the camel version of a tractor pull. A Camel Tow, if you will.
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Camels who are not well sicialized will fight their owners. I think making animals fight each other is cruel. Bad enough we eat them.
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Camel Tow?

And Dubai Crown Prince Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum spent 15 million for the "world's most beautiful camel," and that was in 2008 dollars. Imagine how much she'd be worth these days!

This is why I sometimes don't worry about wealth inequity. Sure, that guy has more money that I can wrap my head around, but the dumbass bought a camel for 15 million! Asshole.
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I was hoping for something of the form "Bring a ___ to a camel fight."

But then I have no idea what ought to go in that blank. Gun : camel :: knife : ?
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Gun : camel :: knife : ?

I'd go with llama. Not the dromedary, the Tibetan.
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I've eaten camel and let me tell you it is simply the most delicious meat I've ever had in my life. It's very similar to beef but with more marbling - it's definitely higher in fat content.

I have no idea why we don't farm camels here in the U.S. for meat but if someone wants to start up a camel farm - email's in the profile. So, so, so delicious. Words fail.
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cjorgensen: "Camel Tow?"
No, Camel Tow.
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