Images from a dark fairy tale.
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Always entertaining fashion blog, Tom and Lorenzo, posted Splash Calendar 2011 by Tejal Patni. The photographs are beautiful, odd, dark and somewhat reminiscent of artists, Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison (previously).
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Somehow this was very unsurprising to my eye, the logical extension of the current tall-black-shoes zeitgeist. I did like the picture for May with the model wearing stilts.

What I will find truly fresh and inspiring is when fashion emerges finally from the now decades-old heroin-chic skinny dark gaunt lanky obsession with old-school models of femininity and finds a way to do something warm, happy, and bright without it being an ironic nod to the sixties or seventies. I want to see people with normal weights wearing flat shoes and smiling, and have that somehow taken to the extreme of beauty by people who, no doubt, have a lot of talent and a good eye.
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I feel something in the lighting set-up went horribly wrong. Everything is so bright, that it looks like you're looking at a stage with all the lights turned on; I feel like I can't take it seriously because the show hasn't started yet.

The cut-outs of wolves, bats, and pumpkins (were there pumpkins?) make the scenery seem like a haunted house for kids in grade school (nope, no pumpkins.).

Massive Attack Failure.
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Oh wait, PUMPKIN!
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