The Purpose and Techniques of Calligraphy
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The Art of Hermann Zapf film "was produced in 1967 at Hallmark Cards in Kansas City and in my design studio in Dreieichenhain, Germany... After long discussions and the help of a lot of alcohol we started late in the night. I was sitting at a slanted glass table with a hot spotlight in my neck. Frank Robinson was lying on the floor with the camera ready for a frog-view shot. My task was to write beautiful letters with ink which dried as soon the pen touched the slippery surface of an astralon sheet." — Hermann Zapf
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Very interesting video - I may show it to some of my design students. I get a real nostalgic feel from the late 60s early 70s, which were still bouncing around in my youth. Zapf's handwriting is quite beautiful as well!
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Very neat. Does anyone know whether the computer hardware they show towards the end of the reel are actually related to phototypesetting? Or is it just stock shots of blinkey lights and punchcards?
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The man who invented Optima and Palatino and numerous other fonts..
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Kadin...Just blinky lights and stock footage.
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Zapf's no dingbat.
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Great find, thanks, netbros. Inspiring.
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How would "a lot of alcohol" help you work "late in the night"?
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Gives you courage, especially in the face of difficult odds.
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It fortifies!

Have you ever had a huge project in front of you, wanted to push through until five, six AM, and discovered you had NO BEER? THE WORST.

Even if it's just sitting on the table untouched because you're so engrossed in your work, it's there. Just there for you.
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I've seen Zapf in relation to type and fonts for decades, but never realized that it referred to a single typographer.
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The man who invented designed Optima and Palatino and numerous other fonts typefaces..

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related: I used to enjoy Abraham Lincoln's shows on this subject.
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I was struck by the quality of the show itself. The voiceover was perfect, in its way. Until the more modern equipment at the end, the whole production was masterful. Nothing to spare, everything they wanted to convey.
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Great to see the master at work.
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Watching his natural precision was really relaxing
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Really great. Although I must admit that I had a little flash of "what a hipster" when he mentioned he used "handmade" paper and especially that he not only mixes his own ink but does so with rainwater.
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