Flash mob protest, Seville style
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Flamenco flash mob stages a protest against a bank: Rumba Rave "banquero" en el Banco de Santander. (via @hrheingold)

News clip (in Spanish)
A protest tutorial (awesome, heh)
More video clips from flo6x8

FLO6x8.com - NSFW - Protest sponsors

Another news story in Spanish: Nueva protests flamenca contra la banca or via cryptic Google translation.
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So the guy in the cow suit, that's klangklangston, right?

Also: very cool. Much more smooooth than these flashmob protesters.
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This is neat. Flamenco music and dance has always had this implicit outsider/subversive feel to me, I don't know why. I definitely prefer this to pillow fights.
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I agree about the "feel" that flamenco has, carter. I love the woman in the tutorial, the dignity and attitude she has when she dances off that man, who I assume was one of the bankers.

And yes, the security guy in the first clip - everyone just dancing away from him.
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i don't speak the language, but now i really want to.
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Thanks ! Sabroso !
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An anti-banking dance in a bank? That's lovely. And they were encouraged to leave? In another land, dancers might have been treated less charitably.
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artof.mulata, my Spanish is very limited. I am good at ordering a glass of cold beer or red wine, please. But as near ad I can glean it's about banks being culprits for the mortgage and financial crisis - and us having to pay for those mistakes.

In the comments:

¿De quién es el dinero que NO hay en el banco? Del españolito.
¿Quién exige una tasación para conceder la hipoteca? El banco.
¿Quién encarga la tasación a la sociedad tasadora? El banco.
¿Quién ofrece más dinero de hipoteca de lo que vale la vivienda? El banco.
¿Quién es el experto en toda la operación? El banco.
¿Quién paga los gastos de tasación que exige y encarga el banco? El españolito.
¿Quién provoca la crisis financiera? El banco.
¿Quién paga TODOS los platos rotos? El españolito.

Google translation:

Who is NO money in the bank? The Spaniard.
Who requires an appraisal to grant the mortgage? The bank.
Who orders the appraisal to the appraiser society? The bank.
Who has more money from mortgage than the home is worth? The bank.
Who is the expert in the whole operation? The bank.
Who pays the costs of appraisal required and instructs the bank? The Spaniard.
Who caused the financial crisis? The bank.
ALL Who pays the piper? The Spaniard.
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Like madamjujujive, I understand almost no Spanish. The bits I got were:

Banquero, banquero, banquero, ‎tú tienes billetes y yo un agujero.

"Banker, banker, banker, you've got money, I'm in the hole."

Banquero, banquero, banquero, ‎tú no tienes nada.

"Banker, banker, banker, you have nothing."

The use of the ‎tú forms of address is intentionally disrespectful, so
"fucking banker" is probably closer.

That's all I got. Hopefully somebody will be nice enough to translate more of it.

I also liked this video. (But couldn't understand it.)

Google garbled the first line of the comment madamjujujive quoted.

¿De quién es el dinero que NO hay en el banco? Del españolito.

"Where does money not in the bank come from? From the little Spaniard."

(The rest of the comment has big words in it.)
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Uhm. I garbled it too. It should be:

"Who does the money not in the bank come from?"
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Music to read the thread by.
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A little more about the logistics, from the notes to the You Tube video:

Según cuenta, se "compincharon" con una "emisora de radio amiga", y se plantaron en la sede con siete transistores. "En el momento preciso emitieron y bailamos en directo la fantástica rumba 'banquero'".

"They said they 'conspired' with a 'friendly radio station' and positioned themselves at the main office with six portable radios. "They broadcast it at the arranged time, and we danced to the wonderful rumba "Banker' in person."
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