Yad Vashem holocaust photo archive made available online.
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A large chunk of the Yad Vashem Photo Archive has been made available online. The first batch consists of 130,000 photographs and more will follow. The photos and their keywords are indexed and searchable via Google. Readers can contribute to the archive project by adding stories, comments and further documents linked to the photos. Photos range from the horrific to the charmingly mundane.

Yad Vashem is the is Israel's official memorial to the Jewish victims of the Holocaust (wikipedia).

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Thanks for posting this.
posted by zarq at 10:31 AM on January 26, 2011

Not glad to see this but grateful for this post. Yad Vashem and the U.S. Holocaust museum are both almost unbearable and yet should be experienced.
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I was there at Christmas. Yad Vashem is indeed an intense experience. About as unflinching and inescapable as history gets
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Every time something like this comes up I spend hours hunting for any trace of the cousins not heard from after the war, and the people and places they (and the family who came to the US and thus survived) must have known. I guess it's how I keep their memory alive, though all I know is a little of who they looked like and I've yet to find them outside of family interviews.

Thanks for posting this.
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I just looked up my family's hometown in the old country, was transfixed, horrified, amazed, and moved to tears all at once.
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Stoatfarm, me too. I was hoping for the "charmingly mundane" type of photo, but got "horrific."
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Tip: if you're looking up a town that used to be in Poland but is now in Ukraine, use the old Polish spelling instead -- i.e. Lwow instead of Lviv, Nadworna instead of Nadvornaya, etc.
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...and if you don't know the old spelling (or new name, or location, or whatever) for your ancestors' hometown, this free tool should help you find it.
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Is the archive searchable? I can't see how to do it.
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Joe in Australia: "Is the archive searchable? I can't see how to do it."

It may be easier than this, but this is how I did a search:

On the right side of the page, there is a Google search box. Search for anything. When the next page (most likely blank) comes up, click "Advanced."

As an example, I then did a search for "Lodz" in the box labeled Places. Here were the results.
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Thanks, Asparagirl - I knew about three or four of those spellings, but had no idea about the rest (my family's town has a, to me quite impressive, count of thirteen variations.)
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