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Franklin's Tower

I was part of a basement band made up of friends who liked to jam but not gig. This is our first gig, a friend's wedding in 2000. She made a special request for us to play. We played together for over 10 years and only played out twice while I was part of the band--before I moved out of the area. Be aware that it is 9:21 long.
posted to MeFi Music by terrapin at 4:01 PM on December 20, 2008 (7 comments)


Another song from my concept CD that has been long in the making. This one was inspired by riding Washington, DC's Metro system to and from work every day.
posted to MeFi Music by terrapin at 8:34 AM on September 4, 2006 (1 comment)

Outta My Way

One of my first attempts with GarageBand. "Outta My Way" is the title song of what I envisioned would be an "album" chronicling my decision to move from Washington, DC to rural Vermont. This particular song was intended to be about my work day.
posted to MeFi Music by terrapin at 11:37 AM on July 7, 2006 (6 comments)

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