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Richard Dawkins = Ayn Rand?

Can any atheist, agnostic, exotheologist, or noogenesist explain the Richard Dawkins hate on Metafilter. This has been bugging me for ages. It happens every time his name is mentioned here. I obviously missed the memo. I read the front page Derren Brown thread just then, and clicked my way to a ding dong Richard Dawkins argument from the past. I tried to work it out by myself, but just like an Australian trying to decipher the Conan-Leno bunfight, it seems one needs some requisent knowledge that I just don't possess.
posted to MetaTalk by uncanny hengeman at 11:51 AM on July 7, 2011 (281 comments)

Truth Dare or Torture?

Any MeFites check the member number of the people favoriting them – feeling chuffed if they have 4 digits, whereas your eyes might glaze over if they have 6 digits*?
posted to MetaTalk by uncanny hengeman at 11:49 AM on June 19, 2011 (179 comments)

Moron or idiot, you decide.

racist: doubleplusgood word. idiot: ungood word.
posted to MetaTalk by uncanny hengeman at 7:36 PM on June 7, 2010 (76 comments)

You sir, are a jerk.

Looking for a quote from Metafilter comments from less than a month ago. About calling a lawyer a jerk. I paraphrase badly: "If you think the defense is wrong then attack the defense. If you think the facts are wrong then argue the facts. If you've got nothing then call the other lawyer a jerk."
posted to MetaTalk by uncanny hengeman at 12:06 AM on July 17, 2007 (9 comments)

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