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What books seem to have been written to be re-read?
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Ask MeFi post - 9 months ago

I am with the Long Now Foundation. There are so many factual errors in this piece about the 10,000 year clock that it seriously challenges the author's mission. To begin with, the first sentence is wrong: "Jeff Bezos bought the Washington… [more]
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MeFi comment - Two years ago

Despite my emphasis on the dollars, I don't see this as an investment opportunity. Not even a get rich slow scheme. It is more a way to focus on unappreciated creativity now. Often the high art of tomorrow is the low art of today. As mippy and… [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - Over two years ago

Great Stores?
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Ask MeFi post - Over two years ago

Climate change was deliberately prohibited as an answer to this year's Edge question because if it were not, probably every single response of the 150 would have been about it -- adding nothing new and being terribly boring to read. The challenge was… [more]
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MeFi comment - Over two years ago

The pattern of contributions Republique experienced is actually very common on Kickstarter. We experience the same on our own campaign, as have many others. The only notable thing about this one was the uncommon scale of their goal, which meant the… [more]
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MeFi comment - Five years ago

Hi Metafilterians, Kevin Kelly, host of the list here. I greatly appreciate the suggestions for great articles that have been posted on this thread. I'll add them to the list that appears on my site. I am sorry I did not make it clearer that… [more]
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Great Annotated Books
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Ask MeFi post - Over five years ago

Vanity Wikipedia Edits
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Ask MeFi post - Over five years ago

The web most miraculous
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Capitalization of the web?
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How to hire a day laborer?
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What is the best order of blog comments
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Ask MeFi post - Over five years ago

Free World Order (and others), As the author of said article I am very interested in what kind of evidence would persuade you of the presence of any level of a global superorganism. What would you need to agree to Level I, II, II or IV? The more… [more]
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