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What is the function for IP consumption?

During a discussion concerning the eventual exhausting of all IP addresses, fnerg asked "What is the function for IP consumption?" then remarked, "Hey, that rhymes!" I liked the sound of that...
posted to MeFi Music by ba at 12:27 PM on November 14, 2009 (1 comment)

Big Big Big Big Big Big Titties (TimbaLake mix)

Subtle ode to the mamaries.
posted to MeFi Music by ba at 8:30 PM on April 23, 2009 (4 comments)

Soundscape 001

My 19-month-old son has just recorded his first piece.
posted to MeFi Music by ba at 9:19 PM on April 15, 2009 (2 comments)

Merchant Marines Maxmix

This is a (NSFW) song Reklus stole from The Great Big Mulp. I'm stealing it back.
posted to MeFi Music by ba at 8:32 PM on December 13, 2007 (1 comment)

Wherein A Servant Is Revived From The Dead, Only To Perish Anew

Track 4 from the Hot Dog Party The fifth and final track, entitled Wherein The Waters Recede, And A New Day Is Ended Abruptly, is too large to post here (14 MB). If you need it, you can download a zip file from here.
posted to MeFi Music by ba at 2:57 PM on November 30, 2006 (1 comment)

Wherein A Soothsayer Is Queried To Little Avail

Track 3 from the Hot Dog Party
posted to MeFi Music by ba at 2:43 PM on November 29, 2006 (1 comment)

Wherein The Seven Messengers Of Truth Are Berated

Track 2 from Live at The Hotdog Party
posted to MeFi Music by ba at 2:12 PM on November 28, 2006 (2 comments)

Wherein Our Hero Descends Into A Quagmire Of Sub Mediocrity

This is the first track from my "Live at the Hotdog Party" CD. More info on the HDP in the comments.
posted to MeFi Music by ba at 10:17 AM on November 27, 2006 (7 comments)

Cyber Santa

An in-depth exploartion of the birth of Christ, as recontextualized through the filter of cyberspace. Nicholas Markos played guitar.
posted to MeFi Music by ba at 12:48 PM on November 11, 2006 (1 comment)

So What'cha Want

A cover of the Beastie Boys song, utilizing a cast of Mac OS9 text to speech voice talent and Acid.
posted to MeFi Music by ba at 7:50 AM on November 10, 2006 (2 comments)

Latin Tang

Back when I moved into the then-gentrifying Wicker Park neighborhood, I was under the impression that I would be having a whole lot of cross-cultural sex. Sigh...
posted to MeFi Music by ba at 2:52 PM on November 1, 2006 (4 comments)

Chicken Train

This is aparently a cover of an Ozark Mountain Daredevils song. I am utterly unfamiliar with that band or their version of the song. In college, a firend sang the song to me once, and years later I recorded this from what I could remember. I was trying to do a gospel thing, but the sort of gospel you would hear in that church portrayed in the last scenes of X: The Man With the X-Ray Eyes.
posted to MeFi Music by ba at 2:30 PM on October 31, 2006 (3 comments)

Gwine ta Champaign - acoustic version

Some of you may have heard of Straight-Up Willie, the pickingest banjo man ever to be run out of Chatahootchee on a rail...
posted to MeFi Music by ba at 2:17 PM on October 30, 2006 (2 comments)

Smart Bar

If you were ever in that cave below The Metro in the early 90's, tripping balls, you may know what I was trying to get at in this song. Otherwise, just crank it up and enjoy the ride.
posted to MeFi Music by ba at 4:14 PM on October 25, 2006 (3 comments)

Champaign Song

Sitting around the living room of a green house in Champaign, IL with a 7' cartoon chicken on the lawn, sometime around 1990, Jim Potts and I threw this together. A couple years later, we made this recording, with Mark Schwarz engineering.
posted to MeFi Music by ba at 1:50 PM on October 20, 2006 (4 comments)

Jean Jean Ass Machine

This a story 'bout Jean; Jean Jean Ass Machine. Vox: Nicholas Markos, The rest: Me and ACID.
posted to MeFi Music by ba at 12:45 PM on October 18, 2006 (2 comments)

You and Whose Army?

Me and general Schwartzkopf's Army, if that helps date this "song." It's done in that 3 Days style that all the kids are using now.
posted to MeFi Music by ba at 8:42 AM on October 16, 2006 (4 comments)

Suite: Girl of My Dreams

Me: tenor sax & vox & cowriter, Jim Potts: guitar & cowriter, Nicholas Markos: bass, Chris Markos: drums
posted to MeFi Music by ba at 9:08 PM on October 13, 2006 (1 comment)


A fairly straightforward narrative. Recorded on 16 track, 1" tape, as was the custom at the time. I played tenor sax, yelled some stuff, and played or programmed all the electronic stuff. Recorded and mastered at the legendary Flat Iron Studio in Wicker Park (well, legendary to Screeching Weasel and Ralph Colvert fans, I guess).
posted to MeFi Music by ba at 3:08 PM on October 12, 2006 (2 comments)

St. Nicholas as a Boy

I was thinking about my friend Nicholas and Xmas, and this squirted out. "Drums" are an Acid loop, "bass" and "horns" are WX5 wind controller driving a VL70m. A/D via Layla, mixed in Cool Edit Pro on win95.
posted to MeFi Music by ba at 2:53 PM on October 5, 2006 (2 comments)

Mr. Nite Nite Man

A gentle lullaby for kids and adults alike.
posted to MeFi Music by ba at 3:42 PM on October 3, 2006 (3 comments)

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