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So ... this is me. [more]
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I just love his old roommate, Craig. [more]
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The tactile creativity element is key, at least for me. In occupations where no tangible evidence of your work generally exists, the concrete evidence of accomplishment that comes with cooking, cultivating food, knitting, or even home decorating is a... [more]
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The 12 week rule is toxic. Asking women to keep what can be intense grief and emotion to themselves (to avoid bothering other people with it? To make things less awkward for those who don't like thinking about blood and miscarriage and loss?) can be... [more]
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Is this that Crone Island I've heard so much about? [more]
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Some guy you've been seeing for a month is acting high-handed and contemptuous when you make an informed choice not to do what he wants? DTMFA. [more]
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I'm pro-choice, and I'm sort of glad that Planned Parenthood isn't shelling out $2.8 million for a counter-ad during the Super Bowl. That's $2.8 million that could have gone to pay for health care (including abortions) to women in need. Why FotF... [more]
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I thought people might be interested: "Metafilter's own," and all that jazz. The brief submitted to the FDA is available here, if anyone wants to delve into the legal issues.... [more]
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It sounds awful, but: Crocs. They make little Mary Janes and ballet flats out of the same "Croslite" material as the hideous standard clogs. They are the only thing that have never, ever given me a blister when going sockless.... [more]
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Calling this a gendercide is like following the logic of calling US abortions a "black genocide." No, it makes perfect sense. It's not as if the racially disproportionate rate of abortions in the US is a result of black women... [more]
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I am short, such that the headrest contour in a non-reclined seat hits me square in the back of the head. To avoid hours of sitting with my head cocked forward, I recline (slowly) and slouch, unless there is a very tall person or a person with a... [more]
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I can describe some of the marketing for similar products that I have seen. There are often fliers at law and business schools describing bespoke tailoring services. If you can convince a budding professional to invest in one of your suits instead of... [more]
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Folly. Flirtation, particularly when we are married or in committed relationship, brings us dangerously close to one of the most pernicious sins of all. No, I don’t mean adultery. I mean the sin of using another human being to soothe our own... [more]
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Ah, the familiar rage when you get to the section where it's revealed that half the population is effectively subhuman and outside the scope of the author's view. There is one thing more expressive than a Kyrgyz yurt. And that is a Kyrgyz... [more]
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Dump this guy. Not in person. Be firm. The only reason you need to break up is "I don't want to be in a relationship with you." Refuse any offers for in-person chats. Talk to the police like they said upthread. Go and stay with a friend for... [more]
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I did not have much in the way of pain after LASIK and neither did my friends who have had it done. Sleeping for most of the 24 hours afterward and kicking back for a couple of days after that was enough. Just remember not to rub your eyes. When I... [more]
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