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Be all you can be!
"My dream for you has died." - Yukio Mishima.
posted to MetaFilter by eccnineten at 8:37 PM on November 7, 2010

Confronting Life
The other day at the adoption agency I ran into a pro-lifer adopting his fifth child (3rd special needs child). He didn't have much time to talk because he was on his way to the anti-war rally, then a letter-writing party to end the death penalty.

posted to MetaFilter by eccnineten at 11:31 AM on October 25, 2010

Great Hera! It's Wonder Woman day!
In my world the lead role in the upcoming Wonder Woman movie is played by RuPaul. Who's in?
posted to MetaFilter by eccnineten at 6:18 PM on October 24, 2010

Philosophers all have long, gray beards!
"Women have but one problem, and the solution is pregnancy." - Nietzche. That kind of thing.

The group philosophy blog 'less wrong' is my favorite counter-example.
posted to MetaFilter by eccnineten at 5:20 AM on October 15, 2010

Bring me the butter
It helped my addition.
posted to MetaFilter by eccnineten at 5:06 AM on October 15, 2010

Neil Innes as Dr. Who [sly].
posted to MetaFilter by eccnineten at 5:14 AM on October 12, 2010

"Art is the proper task of life."
The art market is too big to fail.
posted to MetaFilter by eccnineten at 5:07 PM on October 9, 2010

No Glove No Love
In my world music is music, words are words, pictures are pictures, video is video, and putting gay men in prison or hanging them by the neck until dead is homophobic. Last on the list is worth getting riled up about, getting riled up about the former (especially while ignoring the later) less so. All of these thing are happening on the African continent. Please, haters keep hating but put it where it counts.

Plus ten next level wicked zef style awesome.
posted to MetaFilter by eccnineten at 6:00 AM on October 8, 2010

"Geh raus nach deinem, deinem Haus..."
Laibach is a band from Slovenia, now located in the NSK. They recorded the 'Let It Be' album, some of which is sung in German. Recommended.
posted to MetaFilter by eccnineten at 2:51 AM on October 1, 2010

"Well, at least it'll keep me from being so self-involved!"
Did you read about the thousands of Muslims who attended the peaceful 'not in our name' protests around the world in support of free expression? Me neither. Not in the mainstream, not on blogs, not on Muslim news sites. I did and do read about thousands of Muslims protesting comics and murdering artists. Weekly. And that's just in English. Moderate Muslim world, now is time time to step up.
posted to MetaFilter by eccnineten at 3:05 PM on September 15, 2010

Radically authorless, furiously remixed and compulsively serious
Around 1987 I was at a performance art show in a major city on the East Coast. A heckler was in the audience, and the MC yelled "shut up, you art fag!" The audience booed, and the MC apologized. "Okay, sorry, you're right - it's an insult to fags to be associated with artists."
posted to MetaFilter by eccnineten at 7:00 AM on September 9, 2010

Not "It"
An aside: there are no he, no his, no him, no she, no hers and no her in American Sign Language. But there are wonderful pronouns that have no English equivalent. A single sign can mean 'you and you standing over there but not you standing between you and you and not anyone standing over there.' The 'you' of ASL is a handy thing, I wish it would spread to more languages. But living languages are well defended against any sort of tinkering. Here in Portland the word for a group of food carts is a… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by eccnineten at 4:03 AM on August 28, 2010

What a shame
Glass houses, first stone and motes in eyes. Anyone who has run as hard, fast and beautifully as those men and women have for as long as they have is welcome to gloat for each mis-step.

"We know enough of the sickness of the world, we should be careful not to add to it through our own physical and mental exhaustion and ill health. We have all failed and we have all succeeded. This is no tail between the leg ending, but a proud, albeit painful and confused,… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by eccnineten at 9:43 AM on August 22, 2010

Did what's-his-name get at you yesterday?
Flavor Flav's friend.
posted to MetaFilter by eccnineten at 2:20 AM on August 20, 2010

He has compelled her to submit to laws, in the formation of which she had no voice.
Native Americans in Utah got the vote in 1956 and people in US prisons don't have the vote in 2010. Work remains. My favorite proposal was to move tax time to just before election time.
posted to MetaFilter by eccnineten at 6:20 AM on August 19, 2010

How much is a species worth?
The same question has been asked about DDT.

Easy to ask and answer all sorts of questions after the fact.
posted to MetaFilter by eccnineten at 7:50 AM on July 19, 2010

Don't Rape
The following is additional information, not a one-upping in an algebra of rape.

Wikipedia, Prison rape in the United States: "Statistics indicate that there are more men raped in U.S. prisons than non-incarcerated women similarly assaulted. They estimate that young men are five times more likely to be attacked; and that the prison rape victims are ten times more likely to contract a deadly disease."

What is working and not working to… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by eccnineten at 9:41 AM on July 16, 2010

The Toronto 18
If there is a pattern to be found in the motives of these men, the article offers the following as the evidence. Here are the men described as having a motive for the act for which they were arrested and a quote about that motive from the original article.

Saad Khalid: "A former University of Toronto business management student, Khalid told a psychiatrist his actions were motivated by a religious obligation to change Western policies he felt were hurting Muslims.… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by eccnineten at 10:49 AM on July 9, 2010
"I read the article carefully but I have mistakenly not included a motive" should read "I read the article carefully but I may have mistakenly not included a motive."
posted to MetaFilter by eccnineten at 11:54 AM on July 9, 2010

Burger Flippin' Blues?
"Ralph America [home of The Residents] will be closing after 11 years on August 15, 2010. Changes in the music business have made it very difficult for small operations to exist as the world goes download. There are sites where you can download all RA titles for free (RSD ones too) so trying to stay in business no longer works very well. RSD will also be pulling back on issuing music due to the free download sites. EuroRalph faced a similar situation last year and also closed down [after 17… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by eccnineten at 7:47 AM on July 8, 2010

Missionary Position: Facing West
"Hello, yes, good evening. My name is Pope Benedict XVI. I'm the Pope. A previous Pope, Pope John XXIII, wrote the Crimen Sollicitationis on 16 March 1962. I endorsed it in 2001, back when I was just Cardinal Jozeph Ratzinger. The Crimen Sollicitationis [PDF] makes it the official policy of the Roman Catholic Church to shush up the boys and shelter the clergy who rape. It wasn't just some bad apples here and there, it was official policy from… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by eccnineten at 10:47 AM on July 1, 2010

1970s Public Service Announcements
I remember that PSA. I didn't know what VD was but I knew it was bad. I guess it was a success.

Now... who remembers this? A 1960s-1970s animated US-televised PSA against 'hate.' Angry man approaches viewer, head swells and three-pronged arrows whirl in his heart. Head swells and turns red and bursts as narrator says '[when you] hate, you only hurt yourself.' Possibly American Heart Association? I asked in ask three years ago and still no luck.
posted to MetaFilter by eccnineten at 9:19 AM on June 24, 2010

Things Fall Apart
What criteria will Oakland use to determine which police officers to lay off? No answer to this question in the two fpp links.
posted to MetaFilter by eccnineten at 7:01 AM on June 23, 2010

I'm livin' in a dreamland.
Neal Young & DEVO:
Human Highway
Hey Hey My My
Recent interview with Mark Mothersbaugh mentioning Neal Young.
Heard that Boojie Boy climbs down a rope in the NY film but can't find a video. Point being: NY is weird, long time running.
posted to MetaFilter by eccnineten at 7:10 PM on June 20, 2010

Hitler Goes Bollywood!

1. Wikipedia: "Savitri Devi Mukherji (September 30, 1905 — October 22, 1982) was the pseudonym of the French writer Maximiani Portas. She was a proponent of Hinduism and Nazism, synthesizing the two, proclaiming Adolf Hitler an avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu."

2. "The Savitri Devi Archive is a repository for writings and documents related to the philosopher and religious thinker Savitri Devi, born Maximine Portaz… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by eccnineten at 8:53 AM on June 18, 2010

Worst. Divorce. Ever.
My theory: part of the objection some have to same sex marriage is sublimated discontent with how hetero marriage has gone in the USA. Rather than be active or angry about how things are in the majority, they are active or angry about how some want things to be in the minority. This atheist says let he who is without sin cast the first stone.
posted to MetaFilter by eccnineten at 8:34 AM on June 10, 2010

Care for some beef, old chap?
I would that they sally in the court of Lord Whimsy to settle said dandy donnybrook.
posted to MetaFilter by eccnineten at 5:33 AM on May 28, 2010

"Whoever created the Bean Pie, may Allah bless that person."
The one time this devil was offered a bran pie on the streets of Portland Oregon he took it. Went back for more the next day, the gentleman selling then was gone, and I have wept myself to sleep since. Glad to have a recipe. A little mothership for your mouth.
posted to MetaFilter by eccnineten at 6:32 AM on May 22, 2010

Child trafficking in Portland, Oregon
This resident of Portland Oregon and former social worker for at-risk teens tips his hat to metafilter writers who are checking sources, applying logic and calling foul on these mainstream media reports. Problems exist, but not as the mainstream reports. False reporting of problems can lead to false solutions. Factchecking as occurring here is what saves lives.
posted to MetaFilter by eccnineten at 6:38 AM on May 20, 2010

Think global, burn local
Mutantfest in Oregon, X-Day in New York, St. Stupids day in California. Of a kind but not buds from the Burning Man flower.
posted to MetaFilter by eccnineten at 8:57 AM on May 16, 2010

The colors out of space.
posted to MetaFilter by eccnineten at 9:04 PM on May 10, 2010

I pick the Motorcycle.
Riffing on a post by valkyrin: 'The basic Christian position on ethics, which flows naturally from the Christian understanding of man's relationship to God, is that man cannot choose for himself what is right and wrong. If you accept that, it's impossible to read Scripture in such a way which condemns slavery. But if you don't, you're disagreeing with such a fundamental Christian doctrine that there's no way of incorporating you within the bounds of any conservative tradition.… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by eccnineten at 6:56 AM on April 28, 2010
I have made an error, and I thank a particular metafilter contributor for pointing it out to me. There's no hope for me not making mistakes but I do try to learn from them and admit them when I make them.

I offer this correction (edit in bold): "Specific slaves are freed (or made), masters are encouraged to treat their slaves well, but you will search in vain for a single verse in scripture that says slavery is controversial or maybe even wrong. The ten… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by eccnineten at 11:29 AM on April 28, 2010

Come visit the big bigot
How Tom Ellard earned his crabbing license... ran a bbs before the web; put his entire body of work online for free; remembered experimental electronic music is a goal / process, not a style; recorded plenty of fine music; reissued rare Australian / NZ experimental music; used hand made video effects procesors now in the Australian televison museum; recorded in his bedroom, then had a dance hit on multiple continents, then pushed overboard that which got in the way of continuing to learn. Oh my… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by eccnineten at 3:17 AM on April 18, 2010

Water, fire, air and dirt - Fucking magnets, how do they work?
Enjoyed the song, thanks. Some day I will see avideo about miracles that was made by miracles and not by people and technology. Then this video will make sense more. Some day I will see God pull miners out of a collapsed mine instead of people and technology. Then thanks to God will make sense more. Some day God will grow a new limb for an amputee. Some day. We're all waiting. But I liked the song.
posted to MetaFilter by eccnineten at 7:27 AM on April 13, 2010

Cross my palm with silver and your future I shall see
Many fine memories of palm And pluckr. Being able to do a few things well is an accomplishment. I often imagine a new palm that has the old limited functions but costs $10.
posted to MetaFilter by eccnineten at 3:14 PM on April 12, 2010

Islamic hardliners force closure of LGBT conference in Indonesia.
There are religious groups with closed memberships. A cental authority states who is a member, and only those members may claim they are members.

Many relgions do nt operate that way. A person is a member if they say they are. For this reason, I call people the name they call themselves. If a good or ill deed is done by that relgious person then I still call them the name they call themselves.

I've never seen anyone call themselves an Islamist.
posted to MetaFilter by eccnineten at 6:46 AM on March 29, 2010

An Open and Shud Case
A reminder about how one's entire life can leave no trace save a body. Reminded of the remarkable story of the missing man who fought Ali, which I also learned of via metafilter. It is a good daily practice to plant cryptic evidence on onesself, for just such an outcome as this.
posted to MetaFilter by eccnineten at 10:38 AM on March 17, 2010

The quiet woman of Surrealist Paris
You are reading this comment. I wrote this comment. I know a man who met Nusch Éluard. Nusch Éluard is Nusch Éluard. That is your minimum linkage to Nusch Éluard.
posted to MetaFilter by eccnineten at 5:46 PM on March 16, 2010

Catholic Church child sex abuse scandal reaches the top
Thanks all for many links and personal accounts. Peace upon those who have suffered.
posted to MetaFilter by eccnineten at 12:52 PM on March 13, 2010

And they say there's nothing good on TV...
It's like "The Obvious" available from Flash Video but thirty years later. No links provided because searching for the title and the publisher bring up a bazillion hits and I can't figure out how to chip away all the wrong ones. "The Obvious" was a low-budget video collage circulated on videotapes in the 1980s, made up only of... well, exactly the sort of thing that Concrete TV just did.

I offer this for those who want more of the same, not to say… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by eccnineten at 9:13 AM on March 6, 2010

She's 69 years old and she is a fuckin' great DJ.
No comment on the DJ described above. But see Pilots Hate You by Tom Ellard for mockery of arm-waving DJs. Ellard was once doing video backdrops for a DJ. He thought the arm waving was silly, so he turned the camera on the DJ with a trails effect to make the arm waving even sillier. The DJ thought it was great stuff, so waved his arms all the more. Thus even more arm waving feedback. I am an isolationist on the subject of arm waving: let them wave arms or not, just leave me out of it.
posted to MetaFilter by eccnineten at 7:13 PM on March 4, 2010

Prezi, the Zooming Presentation Tool
This is a means of making comic books. Quote end quote. Field of vision moving around on a single surface? Just like the Sunday funnies.
posted to MetaFilter by eccnineten at 7:55 PM on February 24, 2010

Heavy Metal Curling, FTW!
Compare and contrast with another music video including curling... Kein Liebeslied by Andreas Dorau.
posted to MetaFilter by eccnineten at 4:21 PM on February 24, 2010

MPs call for end to NHS funding of homeopathy
I read just one letter from one word from one senence from one paragraph from one article against homeopathy and it made me an expert.
posted to MetaFilter by eccnineten at 6:19 PM on February 23, 2010

Cruise Elroy
"You should never run out of people to be." - Genesis P-Orridge.

These clips reminded me to not hold on to old grudges or old loves too long.
posted to MetaFilter by eccnineten at 6:37 AM on February 21, 2010

the truth is.. hovering over skegness
According to a MoD worker employed in their closed UFO department, this is the fifth release of such information.
posted to MetaFilter by eccnineten at 6:51 AM on February 18, 2010

Press On Regardless
Stories like that and the Shackleton expedition help me get perspective when I experience minor inconveniences.
posted to MetaFilter by eccnineten at 8:35 AM on February 13, 2010

The Big Picture: Olympic Torch Relay — Goofy Canadian Style
I notice they didn't run the photos from when the torch went through Sunnyvale. But I'm sure some mefistos can fill us in on how that went.
posted to MetaFilter by eccnineten at 6:51 AM on February 12, 2010

The horror!
Sometimes I imagine a peace and reconciliation series for all those who said certain kinds of music, or role playing games, or movies, or comic books would cause a person harm. For me it was just kind of stupid and crummy to be told that growing up (and then see nothing be done when it turned out they were wrong). For so many there were 'interventions,' reform schools, 'therapy,' lost friendships, lost relationships and worse.

All those busybodies who made bank in the… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by eccnineten at 9:54 PM on February 11, 2010

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