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Am I over reacting about my wife's job?
I was the second in line for calls when my old office's security system got tripped, which would happen as often as once a week. It's not that big a deal, and you're projecting all your other issues (which, frankly, are pretty sexist and condescending) into this one fairly minor responsibility.

Anyone responsible for a physical plant, whether that's a daycare facility, retail store, or regular office, is going to be the first line of response if there's a question about… [more]
posted to Ask MetaFilter by anildash at 8:17 AM on November 11, 2011 marked best answer
(Your response came as I was posting mine: On review, what a wonderful response you've written here!)
posted to Ask MetaFilter by anildash at 8:18 AM on November 11, 2011

what do you think organizers are looking for in volunteers to a large techy conference?
Which conference is it? For shows like Web 2.0, being slightly older (and having the presumable improvement in communication skills/resourcefulness which comes with that) might be a real advantage. But overall, all the conference organizers I know are looking to control chaos. Anyone who indicates they know how to keep guests docile, speakers happy, and organizers unstressed is automatically going to be a good candidate.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by anildash at 5:58 AM on October 30, 2011

Love AND a Startup?
Congrats! Founding a startup puts you in lots of situations where you'll necessarily meet new, interesting, motivated people. Seems like a good way to meet a match to me.
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information wants to be free but not in my class
In addition to documenting everything, have him either coverse with you over email or do an email verification after each conversation ("You said you could make things very difficult for me, correct?") in order to preserve a record of his actions. Encourage those who studied with you to capture & document their actions (and their recollections of your actions) ASAP as well.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by anildash at 5:32 AM on October 27, 2011

Is this "blessing" offensive and racist?
It's obviously racist, but perhaps most easily solved with "I love the kids hearing this song, because it shows them how ridiculous priests are!"
posted to Ask MetaFilter by anildash at 10:12 PM on October 24, 2011

Conversion Problems, Part 2
You're not ready to go back yet. That's okay: Don't go back. Take the time you need to feel comfortable in your own skin.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by anildash at 5:02 AM on October 12, 2011

I Still Get Carded at R-Rated Movies
Refer to projects you worked on "ten years agol early in the conversation, and if there's a contextual way to reference pop culture (such as Lady Gaga or something), add in a "...or whoever the kids like these days" to sound old without being out of touch.

Set the context with your words and it'll override a lot of your appearance.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by anildash at 7:57 PM on October 10, 2011 marked best answer

Did Monty Python get it right?
Jeb, as ever, nails it. If living a small life doesn't seem worth it, then live a big, wonderful life, knowing that has nothing to do with wealth or fame.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by anildash at 4:59 AM on October 2, 2011

Suggestions for eating alone in New York?
These are all great suggestions (particularly Veselka!) but also go to nice restaurants and eat alone, if you can afford it! I've done the solo-at-the-bar thing at Gramercy Tavern a bunch of times and Ssam Bar or Noodle Bar a few times, and never regretted it. Bring a smartphone or book if you want to have something to read, but otherwise just get out there and enjoy the money saved, while also being able to unrepentantly ask your server all about every aspect of your meal. I'd probably think… [more]
posted to Ask MetaFilter by anildash at 9:29 PM on September 27, 2011

Questions to ask of a CEO.
* "Who in our organization do you think would make a good mentor for me?"
* "What other companies do you think could be most disruptive to our business/industry?"
posted to Ask MetaFilter by anildash at 9:20 PM on September 27, 2011 marked best answer

Under WordPress(ure)
This question is framed incorrectly. Your company has a need for a maintainable CMS with some serious complexity. The question to start with is: What are the requirements for your new CMS system?

You've listed a formidable set of requirements already, and on top of that, we can presume that the system should be low-cost and easily maintainable by a broad community of consultants or developers for hire. Now, I used to work for a company that sold a CMS that competed with… [more]
posted to Ask MetaFilter by anildash at 9:03 PM on September 27, 2011 marked best answer

To tell or not tell employer I may be moving?
Circumstances can always make an employee move over a time scale as long as a year; those considerations shouldn't be relevant to your request.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by anildash at 7:16 PM on September 25, 2011

Great Ideas to Improve Australian Healthcare?
Checklists, as per Gawande's manifesto.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by anildash at 5:23 PM on September 22, 2011

Sandwiches should not be quite this damp. Eew.
Separate the parts. Recombine when you dine.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by anildash at 7:36 AM on September 20, 2011 marked best answer

Am I putting my children at excess risk with this crazy plan?
I was two, and my sister seven, the first time my parents took us both to extremely rural India from the U.S., in what must have been a superhuman effort, particularly for my mother. I have no recollection of this trip and only fleeting memories of the subsequent one when I was five.

Go if you must, but it's wrong to think it's for the kids' benefit. And please, it's India: There's always a big festival, a big feast, and some head shaving going on.… [more]
posted to Ask MetaFilter by anildash at 5:40 AM on September 20, 2011

Seeking understanding and tools I need to design a homepage that is a dynamic bar chart.
If you want to honor the visualization aspect of the event, *don't* do so by creating pretty bars that don't actually represent meaningful data. (No attendee is wondering "How many blog posts on the event's web site are in the events category versus the news category?")

Instead, honor great visualizations by featuring those visualizations. Focus on the quality of the content and have a site that is neat, clean and gets out of the way of the… [more]
posted to Ask MetaFilter by anildash at 12:58 PM on September 15, 2011

Oh god, not another 1.5 pounds of green beans to dice.
Get good knives, yes. Get a mandolin, yes. But most of all, take a knife skills class, and get good at the act of chopping.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by anildash at 5:19 PM on September 10, 2011

I'll bring you down to Chinatown.
fingersandtoes has got it, especially because your father-in-law was right.

But honestly? That doesn't even matter. Be an adult and don't put your wife in the position of being stuck between two stubborn jerks. Do what will make things simplest and happiest for her. And count your blessings: My sometimes exasperating father in law's certainly said things that annoyed me. But I'd still give anything to let my wife have a few more years with him, which unfortunately I can't make happen.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by anildash at 8:08 PM on September 2, 2011

Ron Suskind probably won't be calling
I have no real reason to suspect that they were, and I've got a history of worrying needlessly about environmental concerns (including asbestos)

There's your answer.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by anildash at 6:28 PM on September 1, 2011

Can some people only hear harmonies?
As a bad singer, I do harmonies a lot because my range sucks. thatdawnperson's got it.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by anildash at 6:34 AM on August 27, 2011

$1K Windows Gaming Computer
What about BootCamp? Much less than $1000 to buy a Windows license, if you only need to play games you could reboot one of the Macs.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by anildash at 3:51 AM on August 26, 2011

What's different about a corporate interview (if anything)?
I work in both environments, and one key spectre that will loom over a corporate environment is the owners, whether those be stockholders or family patrons of the business. If you imagine the focus that most non-profits have on fundraising/grants or that the public sector has in holding its breath waiting to find out about funding, then amplify that by the fact that the ownership of a corporation has an actual human manifestation, then you'll understand why it's a big part of company culture.… [more]
posted to Ask MetaFilter by anildash at 4:21 PM on August 23, 2011

Will the welcoming committee don white hoods and burn crosses?
I grew up as a brown person about 3 miles from Harrisburg. 20+ years ago, it was unpleasant, but I'm sure today that's much less the case.

Thing is, Lancaster isn't much smaller than Harrisburg, and is (by local standards) pretty far away with no proportionate reduction in cost of living. If you simply want to save some dollars and be outside what little downtown area there is in Harrisburg, there are lots of bedroom communities around Harrisburg and across the… [more]
posted to Ask MetaFilter by anildash at 7:21 PM on August 22, 2011
n.b. I'm being fairly positive, but the first black family that moved into our Harrisburg suburb (in the late 80s) actually did get a cross burned in their yard. I'm being optimistic by not being harshly critical of the area.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by anildash at 7:23 PM on August 22, 2011
All of that being said, the area is marked by remarkably little in the way of racial tensions.

I'm gonna assume you're white, by that statement? I certainly got a lot of hard looks as a person of color, especially if i was hand-in-hand with a white girl. Though they'd be more discreet about it today, there's no way that's completely gone away. I concur that explicit racism is out of favor, but the grinding, stressful everyday unaware racism that is… [more]
posted to Ask MetaFilter by anildash at 4:08 PM on August 23, 2011

That bright light hurts my eyes!
Best analogy here is the air bag requirement: The Gov't said car makers had to meet passive restraint requirements; all the auto makers settled on airbags to do the job.

Now the Gov't is saying bulb makers have to meet an efficiency requirement; they've settled on CFLs to do so. She should be mad at lazy bulb makers who haven't found a way for incandescents to meet the regulations. Doesn't she care that Anericans don't try to invent that kind of high tech anymore? Does… [more]
posted to Ask MetaFilter by anildash at 7:47 PM on August 13, 2011

Actually, it doesn't feel like the best form of flattery.
Get good at social media and self-promotion.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by anildash at 5:22 PM on August 12, 2011

Songwriting variety
Prince and Björk.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by anildash at 6:37 AM on August 12, 2011

Father of the electric guitar never learned to play!
Eric Schmidt apparently uses a Blackberry phone.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by anildash at 9:22 PM on August 10, 2011

$xx to Create a PDF??
In the unlikely chance you're on a recent version of MS office, Microsoft offers a free plugin for printing PDFs in Office 2007, and the capability is built in for Office 2010. If you have a spade Mac around, any Mac can print any file as PDF.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by anildash at 9:04 PM on August 10, 2011

Please help me survive a flight without panic
One key thing you can do to address many of these issues is to communicate. As mentioned above, get a doctor's letter explaining your proclivity for panic. Also, tell the flight crews on your flights of the issue; they've undoubtedly seen far, far worse and will try to check in on you. In short, ask for help, especially if you feel comfortable telling people *why* you're traveling. They'll be sympathetic and want to help you.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by anildash at 10:36 AM on August 7, 2011

I want to go back to college after a 15 year hiatus!
I'm sorry for what you've been through. I want to ask, though: Why are you going back?

Do you have a satisfying, productive career and a good life now? Because if so, then it's a lot faster and cheaper to get over your (completely unnecessary) shame over dropping out than it is to go back to college.

I quit school because of a combination of depression and displeasure with it. I, too, found a tech-related career that I was able to teach myself to… [more]
posted to Ask MetaFilter by anildash at 10:13 AM on August 7, 2011

This "health company" sells salt water in a bottle.
Do not focus on debunking the validity of the pseudoscientific claims about the water: You can not argue against emotions with logic, or against logic with emotions. Simply be consistent and strong in referring to the water as a "scam" or other similar term, and don't dwell on it, just refer matter-of-factly to the truth that he is being misled.

What you should talk to him about is whatever emotional drivers are causing him to seek a… [more]
posted to Ask MetaFilter by anildash at 9:15 PM on July 29, 2011
Oh, and since you're being the responsible adult in this situation, don't be afraid to assign consequences. If he's betting a significant amount of money, tell him that pursuing this course of action will force you to assign a penalty; You refusing to talk to him or see him or return for holidays for two years may be a serious enough threat to jolt him to reason.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by anildash at 9:18 PM on July 29, 2011

Why does Mucinex smell like millipedes?
At least part of this may be psychological priming based on the bug-like characters Mucinex uses in their advertising, too.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by anildash at 5:22 AM on July 25, 2011

Looking for a durable little video camera
Only camera that matters is the one you have with you, and you won't be up for toting lots of extra crap with a newborn. Switch your phone to an iPhone 4, since it has the best video quality of the major smartphones, and get a good case for it to make it a little more waterproof. Every good video of my 5-month-old was taken on an iPhone or Nexus S; the "real" cameras are never handy.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by anildash at 2:05 PM on July 22, 2011

Look at My Professional White Background. Now Look at Your Site. Now Back to Mine. Now....
Mathowie was over at my house right after I wrote the post, and I was gonna tell him, "the assholes who mention 'plain white background' are your fault, buddy!"

Joking aside, always happy to point to MeFi for its truly exemplary moderation. Will have to revisit the "what design choices would best encourage valuable new members to join the community?" conversation some other time. :)
posted to MetaFilter by anildash at 12:48 PM on July 21, 2011
twsf, brundlefly, Chrome developer builds seem to crash on my site, though I didn't change anything. I reported the bug, but dunno if there's anything I can do but ask you to use lesser browsers. Sorry! FWIW, affects me too.
posted to MetaFilter by anildash at 1:13 PM on July 21, 2011

adamrice: " Also, not sure why Anil says he permits commenting on his blog when AFAICT he does not."

I don't understand? There are 71 comments currently at the linked article.

Is this something I would have to have Facebook to know about? *rolls eyes*
posted to MetaFilter by anildash at 1:50 PM on July 21, 2011
jeffburdges, I'd say that's overly simplistic. If we look at, say, the rise of lolcats in popular culture, then I'd argue there's a clear origin at 4Chan and a clear mainstream presence in ICanHasCheeseburger, but that MeFi was an indispensable amplification platform. If we're looking at how culture's made, you need all of those elements working in concert. MeFi is often how things graduate from the obscure web to the mainstream one, at least it was when those were more meaningful distinctions.
posted to MetaFilter by anildash at 1:52 PM on July 21, 2011
MetaFilter reaches an incredibly influential subsection of the media world, which Reddit really did not until recently, so it's had a disproportionately strong impact on the rise of memes into broader culture, as Jahaza demonstrates.

My guess is that the movers and shakers of our society have never even heard of Reddit nor would they care.

Depends how you define "movers and shakers". I've had conversations with people at places ranging… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by anildash at 3:18 PM on July 21, 2011
I got a ginger slush with mint.

Back on topic, I have a lot of misgivings about using Facebook for my comments, but (especially with allowing Yahoo signins) it was the best tradeoff that I could use to encourage good conversations. Would love to have a better option.
posted to MetaFilter by anildash at 7:40 PM on July 21, 2011
Aye Anil, just you go and get your head patted and waggle your wee tail for them.

sgt.serenity, some people think they can change huge institutions without ever engaging with them, simply by lots of wishful thinking. I think I can help right some of their wrongs by trying to talk to them and persuade them with a different perspective. I can understand if you disagree with that, but certainly don't know that I've earned that degree of condescension.
posted to MetaFilter by anildash at 7:38 AM on July 22, 2011

How to handle tardiness?
Travel. Spend some time (weeks!) in south Asia or southern Europe. Realize how much of this desire of your is cultural and a bit privileged. Remember how fortunate you are to have the company of people you love, because someday you'll wish you only had to wait a few minutes to see them again.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by anildash at 3:50 PM on June 22, 2011

What do men want?
Confidence, communication and enthusiasm.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by anildash at 3:37 PM on June 22, 2011

I came out to my parents. It isn't going well.
Palomar's got it. Be the adult they're both incapable of being. if they get more insistent, explain that you forgive them their immaturity, but won't discuss it any further.

Get out of there as soon as you can. Be in a healthy place. And congrats on your strength.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by anildash at 10:03 PM on June 16, 2011

Help me get rid of battling Adobe to make graphs, please
If you're on a Mac, Numbers is a good complement to Excel. At the very least, you should start with one of these apps and then maybe finish in Illustrator.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by anildash at 4:13 PM on June 10, 2011

How to deal with a parent who won't acknowledge my relationship?
"Then it's a shame we'll have to tell our kids someday why you didn't want to be part of their life. Don't contact me again until you have a schedule for meeting me and my future husband."
posted to Ask MetaFilter by anildash at 3:58 PM on June 6, 2011

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