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It was 16 years ago today, mathowie taught the band to play..

Sixteen years ago today, an unemployed 29-year old in Kendall, Florida followed a link from memepool and history was changed. or something. Both me and mefi are still around, course. After two job changes, four moves, a wedding or two, countless flamewars, tons of meetups, twitterstalkers, phantom cookie gifters, tons of members dropping in at my job, numerous kids, parties, gifts of beer, potato chips, harmonicas and drug paraphenalia, and of course tons of great people coming and going. In many ways, I'm still the same guy who wandered in here, but I'm also much changed as well. As a wise man once said, what a long strange trip it's been. Thanks to all.
posted to MetaTalk by jonmc at 11:07 AM on December 5, 2015 (93 comments)

Dream a little dream of me....

Last night,
posted to MetaTalk by jonmc at 9:09 AM on June 14, 2015 (53 comments)

His Majesty, the Duke of Earl..

Today I learned that my title at work is Resident Pop Culture Expert. What's Yours?
posted to MetaTalk by jonmc at 4:45 PM on June 25, 2013 (219 comments)

The mystery continues...

The Phantom Gifter strikes again.
posted to MetaTalk by jonmc at 12:09 PM on December 7, 2011 (44 comments)

Thanks and WTF?

Thank You Very Much.
posted to MetaTalk by jonmc at 7:30 PM on December 7, 2010 (42 comments)

Ve haf vays of making u talk...

Today at work my friend Trevor told me that on Sunday (my day off) afternoon, a man and a woman came up to him and asked for 'jonmc.' He said they had 'European accents.' He told them I was out and to come back. They haven't. Which one of you people is it? Fess up.
posted to MetaTalk by jonmc at 4:54 PM on August 12, 2010 (175 comments)

Fucking Wannabe.

This is NOT me.
posted to MetaTalk by jonmc at 7:23 AM on July 27, 2009 (246 comments)

Damned Papparazzi!

I Vant To be Alone!*
posted to MetaTalk by jonmc at 5:39 PM on August 30, 2008 (63 comments)

*cue spooky music*

posted to MetaTalk by jonmc at 5:07 PM on September 14, 2007 (63 comments)

Why the rash of penis questions?

What's with the triple dicking?
posted to MetaTalk by jonmc at 12:15 PM on November 28, 2006 (55 comments)

NYC Meetup Photos

Better Late Than Never, Pix from Saturday's NYC Meetup.
posted to MetaTalk by jonmc at 5:19 PM on October 16, 2006 (21 comments)

I call out myself.

Scuse the fuck outta me - (*)'s. Naw jon, you're just a bit of a douche. bardic, tell your mom I said thanks.. I submit that our experiment in civility and conversation is failing. And yeah, I'm part of the problem.
posted to MetaTalk by jonmc at 1:58 PM on May 9, 2006 (128 comments)

AskMe following on kidney stones

FollowUpFilter: A few weeks back, I mentioned in AskMe that I was diagnosed with a few rather large kidney stones, and many people in the thread gave me some very useful information, and mentioned that the first course of treatment would be lithotripsy, which it was. From there, the plot thickens. [MI]
posted to MetaTalk by jonmc at 6:31 PM on October 11, 2005 (61 comments)

Is someone using Mefi as his own private soapbox?

Is someone using Mefi as his own private soapbox?

He has his opinions and that's great (even though I strongly disagree with a lot of them), but I don't think providing a platform for the Gospel According To Cleardawn was what matt had in mind.
posted to MetaTalk by jonmc at 8:05 AM on September 5, 2005 (136 comments)

Somebody's cranky.

Somebody's cranky. I tried disciplining him myself, but he's made me take the unprecedented step of dragging him to the principal's office.
posted to MetaTalk by jonmc at 7:48 PM on January 25, 2005 (63 comments)

Is somebody feeling cranky?

Is somebody feeling cranky?. I recently handled a personal attack poorly, so this time I'll do the civilized thing and bring it in here.
posted to MetaTalk by jonmc at 1:33 PM on June 22, 2004 (77 comments)

Burying the hatchet.

This has gone on long enough. I'm going to take a radical step and drag myself into MetaTalk. Once upon a time skallas was a guy, whom while I disagreed with him often, I respected his intelligence and convictions. But somewhere things got weird and no we're at eachother's throats all the time. It's making this unpleasant for me, probably for him and probably for everybody reading too. So, it's gotta stop.

I could have taken it to e-mail, but I'm doing it publicly for a couple of reasons. One, I think if the both of us (two well known public fueders) can cool out and agree to disagree like gentlemen, we can set an example for the rest of the site. And also, because someone once said that I owed skallas an apology as public as the insult I made, so here it is.

So, skallas, I'm willing to bury the hatchet if you are. You with me?
posted to MetaTalk by jonmc at 5:51 PM on March 25, 2004 (82 comments)

NYC Meetup?

NYC Meetup? I guess we agreed on Aug 6th, but do we have a location yet? I realize that all the ones that suggested kinda sucked.
But I do wanna have another get together of the NYC MeFi MoFo Mafia and at this point, I don't care if we meet at Gray's Papaya, but let's pick someplace.
posted to MetaTalk by jonmc at 8:57 AM on July 26, 2002 (48 comments)

NYC meetup pics

I seem to be the first one back home and at a PC, so I guess this'll be the NYC mefi meet...please post links to pics and whatnot...Rob the EMT does exist and he says fire away with reports from the feild brothers and sisters...
posted to MetaTalk by jonmc at 12:00 AM on April 26, 2002 (59 comments)

Mefi Poll on User Weblog

She's to modest to self-link to it, but the iconatrix has a fun mefi-related poll going at her own weblog(scroll down). So far only 5 people have answered and you know that ain't enough brothers and sisters...
posted to MetaTalk by jonmc at 8:30 PM on April 20, 2002 (71 comments)

Shape Shifting Reptilians about to acheive Complete Control over the planet

This is going to sound like a bizarre joke, but did anyone else on the 'Filter get spam about "Shape Shifting Reptilians about to acheive Complete Control over the planet", with a link that leads to this guy's site. It was sitting in my inbox when I got home today, I can't think of where else on the 'Net I coulda picked this up, and if it's a prank it's a good one, but it's so weird that only a MeFite could've come up with it.

So Anyone else or just me?
posted to MetaTalk by jonmc at 5:32 PM on April 16, 2002 (16 comments)

How much weight to attach to the "community" in "online community?"

I saw this thread over at kuro5hin about the recent suicide of an Everquest fanatic and the surrounding issues. This thread was about online games but the poll in the sidebar lists "blogs" as the #2 "online addiction." Rusty and his crew have given the topic a good going-over, but I'm interested in what the MeFiosi have to say on these. Firstly, just how much weight should we attach to the "community" in "online community?" Second, if we are all members of a community, just what responsibilities do we have to our fellow citizens? I'm not taking any position yet, I just found it a thought-provoking set of questions.
posted to MetaTalk by jonmc at 7:52 PM on April 5, 2002 (17 comments)

MeFites do awesome things - why am I sitting here reading MeFi?

I'm having a mid-life crisis and it's all Metafilter's fault! This is especially upsetting as I'm only 31 and this means I'll be dead by 62. Honestly, though, the more I read about what others here are creating and persuing, the more I find myself wondering what the hell I'm doing with my life. Perhaps this is good, in that maybe this will motivate me to get off my ass and contribute something to the world. I'm just wondering, am I the only one who fells like this reading the 'filter? Is this actually a mid-life crisis or am I just going crazy?
posted to MetaTalk by jonmc at 7:12 PM on March 20, 2002 (154 comments)

the thin line between a little laugh and thoughtless cruelty

The unintentional revelations in this thread have got me thinking. Like many other people, I've poked fun at "bizarre" sites. In fact several online venues exist expressly for this purpose.
When the sites are merely stupid or silly, I suppose joking is harmless enough. But rcade's research shows us that some "odd" sites can be related to circumstances like those in today's thread. I've enjoyed sites like the one's above and wouldn't want them muzzled; I suppose what I'm asking is where is the line between harmless mockery and thoughtless cruelty and how much discretion should we exercise before linking to sites like this one?
posted to MetaTalk by jonmc at 11:07 AM on March 1, 2002 (4 comments)

Mefi themed winamp skin requested

Last night I was wandering around DeviantArt
downloading a few Winamp skins, when I realized that noone had ever made
a MeFi themed Winamp skin. With all the programmers and graphic designers
among the MeFaithful, I woulda thought someone would've thrown something
together. I'd do it myself, if my complete lack of artistic talent wasn't
an issue. so who'll rise to the occasion?

posted to MetaTalk by jonmc at 4:32 PM on February 10, 2002 (25 comments)

Cliques in MeFi

I've been reading everyone's MeTa post's about "What's wrong with MeFi," and thinking on it had for awhile. I've decided that it's not right vs. left, old-timer vs. newbie, or even dumb wacky-news items or pancakes.
Basically, as the community has grown larger, everyone's broken off into little cliques. Now there's nothing intrinsically wrong with that, birds of a feather and all; however, back in high school I used to love introducing mebers of the various cliques to eachother and(somtimes) watching the cultural exchange(for lack of a better term) that happened when they realized the other clique was cool, too. Unfortunately, most of the time the cliques just snarked at eachother.
In my early days at MeFi, the various subgroups resisted this temptation, but not lately. Hopefully we can turn back the clock.
posted to MetaTalk by jonmc at 6:47 PM on February 7, 2002 (62 comments)

Should I show customers MeFi?

As some of you might know, I sell PC's for a living. Often in the course of my sales presentation, if the customer seems the type who would be interested, I'll show them Metafilter. I try to give them a good run-down of what the site is about and the general tone of the place. I don't know if any of them have visited or joined up as of yet, but if they did I hope they enjoyed it. I just wondered if this was cool with Matt, or if any of you had requests for things I should tell these prospective MeFi newbies?
posted to MetaTalk by jonmc at 9:49 AM on January 30, 2002 (17 comments)

Apology for Actions (Jonmc, JakeExtreme): DreamFilter

Two-Part Post. One, I'd like to pre-emptively apologize for me and JakeExtreme's excessive silliness is yesterday's Al Qaeada thread. Nobody's said anything and I suppose no harm was done, but reading the posts this morning, I feel kinda stupid. Jake is gonna be in SLC on Guard duty for the olympics for a month, so it was kind of a farewell party. But we hijacked a good thread. So, sorry.
Two, last night I was staring at a blurry blue and white computer screen, dying to type, but my hands wouldn't move, I struggled then...I woke up. I actually dreamed I was reading Metafilter! Has this happened to anyone else? And what does it all mean?
posted to MetaTalk by jonmc at 11:31 AM on January 16, 2002 (80 comments)

how many MeFites visit fark?

I've noticed in a lot of recent threads a rather severe animosity towards our neighbors over at Now obviously FARK is not exactly Mensa grade material, but I've found it is good for laugh and for entertaining bar-brawl style arguments. As someone who visits both MeFi and Fark daily I find they both provide nourishment for the opposing sides of my psyche, MeFi for my thoughtful, intellectual side and Fark for the mook within. Now I can't believe I'm alone in this. I'm just curious, just how many MeFites are also regular(or at least closet) Farkians?
posted to MetaTalk by jonmc at 4:24 PM on January 1, 2002 (26 comments)

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