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my idea 21

Quick song recorded this morning on Music Memo with (automatically added) bass and drums, and some synthesizers and (fair warning) voice-cracking singing.
posted to MeFi Music by Corduroy at 1:43 PM on April 28, 2017 (4 comments)

Parent's Pews

Although I was never the most supplicant Pastor's Kid, I'm still having some itinerant PK feels after missing my parents last service before retiring because I'm currently living in the Holy Land.
posted to MeFi Music by Corduroy at 8:13 AM on February 10, 2017 (6 comments)


Again, but with electric slide guitar.
posted to MeFi Music by Corduroy at 2:54 PM on July 26, 2016 (6 comments)


Another song recorded with Music Memo providing the drums and bass (NSFW).
posted to MeFi Music by Corduroy at 9:08 PM on July 2, 2016 (2 comments)

Appear Amid

Demo recorded with my iPhone's Garageband. Very rare recording of me playing enthusiastic but imperfect drums. Next recording will not feature me on drums.
posted to MeFi Music by Corduroy at 9:18 AM on June 20, 2016

New Echoes

Draft of a song recorded on the somewhat miraculous/blasphemous iPhone app "Music Memos" (which automatically recorded the bass and drums).
posted to MeFi Music by Corduroy at 10:16 PM on April 28, 2016 (4 comments)

I May Never

Rough draft, ambiguous Americana love song to the compromises of long term relationships. Electric piano and acoustic guitar in a Nick Drake tuning of some sort (gotta figure this out when I rerecord...).
posted to MeFi Music by Corduroy at 12:58 PM on April 8, 2016 (1 comment)

Jonathan's Guitar

Classical guitar, pump organ, harmonies, friends far away.
posted to MeFi Music by Corduroy at 9:35 PM on February 16, 2016 (7 comments)

Men's Retreat

New recording of an old song with the following Garageband synths: "hip hop kit", "pop flute" and "shimmering harpsichord" (IIRC). Song about good friends who have, by now, all moved away. I'd love any thoughts on this.
posted to MeFi Music by Corduroy at 12:54 PM on May 27, 2015 (5 comments)

The Lift

Not quite a song about a city, but about a specific room in this old mining village in the Cascades of Washington. Features baritone guitar, slide guitar, bowed guitar, pump organ. Also a rerecording of this song. (By the way, any advice on how to record electric guitar on the cheap would be appreciated. At the moment I am just putting my ZoomH2 microphone in front of an amp.)
posted to MeFi Music by Corduroy at 9:30 AM on May 9, 2015 (4 comments)

Gymnopédie No. 1

Alas, not a TMBG cover. But a droney, sometimes dissonant cover of Erik Satie's Gymnopédie No. 1 on pump organ.
posted to MeFi Music by Corduroy at 12:22 PM on January 16, 2015 (4 comments)

Heartbreak of Dawn

Written and recorded in Cairo, Egypt almost exactly two years ago during a time in my life when I was trying to tune and play an oud just like a guitar. Features strummed and bowed oud, more harmonies than normal, squeaky chair.
posted to MeFi Music by Corduroy at 10:19 AM on November 16, 2014 (10 comments)

Be Long

A little tune riffing melancholily and finger-snappingly on Tonight You Belong to Me
posted to MeFi Music by Corduroy at 1:10 PM on October 16, 2014 (2 comments)

Appear Amid

Song from 2010. I think this was the peak of my abilities in trying to make my whistling sound like some sort of saw/e-bow/loon combo. Identical guitar part to the end of my song Apfel Augen. Whistling with stairwell reverb, guitar, and a couple pulsing effects I added in a just-now-at-3am-we'll-see-what-it-sounds-like-in-the-morning fever.
posted to MeFi Music by Corduroy at 2:57 AM on January 11, 2013 (2 comments)

Taxi in Cairo

A return to lo-fi, less-than-a-minute songs as my laptop mic coughs up its last breaths. New songs played with Ouds and recorded on nicer microphones coming soon!
posted to MeFi Music by Corduroy at 2:05 AM on November 19, 2012 (4 comments)


A song from probably january 2010 about the huge windmill on my former college. If you haven't been up close to a windmill, you're missing out on the friendliest giants out there. I am currently without any instruments so I am experimenting with the synths on my computer so I pulled up this old guitar/voice song to play with.
posted to MeFi Music by Corduroy at 8:12 AM on August 17, 2012 (3 comments)

Beautiful Bidet

A short song about the positive and then the negative male relationships in my life. Features classical guitar, reverbed out bowed banjo, auto-tuning, synth, french doors slamming. This is the latest in a string of versions of this song, having trouble finishing it.
posted to MeFi Music by Corduroy at 4:10 AM on June 22, 2012

Time to Get Up

I don't know why I keep going back to this song I wrote when I was 17, but here's new version of Time to Get Up that I recorded yesterday. Starts slow, but includes lots of organ, a little cardboard box banging percussion and Leah Wilmoth's reverb'd out harmonies. Recorded on a Zoom H2. Wear headphones.
posted to MeFi Music by Corduroy at 1:15 PM on February 28, 2012 (6 comments)

True love will find you in the end

Cover of the oft-covered song by the un-coverable Daniel Johnston. Main track recorded in my dorm bathroom in the winter of 2009 by drumming a banjolele with a pencil.
posted to MeFi Music by Corduroy at 12:39 AM on January 17, 2012 (3 comments)

Beach House

An instrumental on an electric guitar tuned BABBBB. Features bowed electric guitar, as well. Was listening to a lot of the band Beach House at the time.
posted to MeFi Music by Corduroy at 2:14 PM on January 5, 2012 (4 comments)

Cold Dip

New recording of my song Cold Dip. Many thanks to MonsieurBon, who recorded it and played drums. And here is a music video I made for it out of footage recorded a few years ago for something else. Features bowed banjo. As always, thanks for listening!
posted to MeFi Music by Corduroy at 12:13 AM on December 20, 2011 (2 comments)

Take On Me REMIX

Remix of Aha's Take On Me made by intricately, expertly, and precisely scratching a burned CD and playing it in my car's stereo and then recording that from my car speakers into GarageBand and adding "Club reverb". So turn it up!
posted to MeFi Music by Corduroy at 7:42 PM on October 23, 2011 (7 comments)

Long Trail

Here's a sparse, new version of one of the first songs I uploaded here, The Long Trail.
posted to MeFi Music by Corduroy at 9:21 PM on July 18, 2011

Higher (the slam poetry version)

Inspired by vampire deer and DaDaDaDave and their covers of Creed, I couldn't help myself. This is a self-serious slam poem version of Higher, with a bit of my dad's Lutheran minister preaching style mixed in.
posted to MeFi Music by Corduroy at 10:27 AM on May 20, 2011 (8 comments)

Fix You

Here's a quickie for this months challenge to record a song you hate. Fix You, by Coldplay recorded as a really slow, lo-fi, slightly out-of-tune and very out-of-rhythm bedroom song. A tiny preview of my new pump organ makes it's way into this recording (which you can check out here)
posted to MeFi Music by Corduroy at 3:31 PM on May 12, 2011 (12 comments)

(Tumble) in the Wind [cover]

Here is a cover of the song (Tumble) in the Wind by Jackson C. Frank. I was drawn to this song by the way he is ostensibly singing to someone, but it feels distinctly like there really isn't anyone he is singing to. Piano, reversed piano, attempt at falsetto, ramshackle percussion.
posted to MeFi Music by Corduroy at 11:13 AM on February 21, 2011 (7 comments)

Steam Stove

This is a song from the batch I recorded when I recorded Cold Dip and It Could Always Be Early. It has an absolutely ludicrous number of tracks for a song that has nothing but guitars and harmony, and I feel the need to just release it and see how others react to it.
posted to MeFi Music by Corduroy at 2:32 PM on February 8, 2011 (2 comments)


Hard to believe, but I've been here 3 years and 3 days. So, I just got a bunch of my earliest recordings from my dad's computer so I thought I'd post this one from when I was 17 to mark the occasion. Creatively titled "Piano" because of the extended use various E keys on my mom's piano. Definitely wear headphones, secret bonus track at the end.
posted to MeFi Music by Corduroy at 1:58 PM on December 27, 2010 (1 comment)

Grand Canyon (Magnetic Fields Cover)

I received a violin bow this weekend it's been really exciting and fun using it to play the electric guitar, so I thought I'd post a quick and dirty new cover of the Magnetic Fields song "Grand Canyon". Here's a video of me playing the song with the bow. Also, those loud bangs you hear that sound like regular worker crew replacing the roof? Wrong, they are actually hella underground, lo-fi authenticity booster superheros.
posted to MeFi Music by Corduroy at 2:15 AM on December 7, 2010 (6 comments)

My Roots are Strong and Deep (the Microphones cover)

This is a cover (gah, feels like all I can do lately) of "My Roots are Strong and Deep" by the Microphones. Features my friend Taylor Bridges on heavily distorted banjo, and recorded in this wonderful, cement stairwell back at the school I used to attend. Anyone know of good, secluded, reverby spots in Portland, OR? The sort where people generally won't walk by, but if they do they won't snicker?
posted to MeFi Music by Corduroy at 2:55 AM on August 30, 2010 (3 comments)

Cold Dip

I realized the last three songs I've posted have been covers, so it's about time for an original. This is from the same project that this and this is from.
posted to MeFi Music by Corduroy at 1:15 AM on June 29, 2010 (7 comments)

We are gonna be friends (White Stripes Cover)

I was just having fun playing that cute White Stripes classic while messing around with Garageband effects I didn't realize existed, but I enjoyed what came out so I thought I'd post it.
posted to MeFi Music by Corduroy at 8:25 PM on June 15, 2010 (4 comments)

Dead Man's Will (Iron & Wine cover)

A cover, but unfortunately not a cover of Vogue by Madonna for the monthly challenge. This is the result of me trying to really know what I am doing with a song before I record, instead of just recording with a "I'll fix that later" approach and piling on more and more tracks. So this is one track, recorded on a USB mic in a pretty stairwell on my college's campus. I'm still stuck on the BbGCFABb tuning. I'd absolutely love any thoughts.
posted to MeFi Music by Corduroy at 10:52 PM on May 16, 2010 (2 comments)

Grand Canyon (The Magnetic Fields)

A cover of the great song by The Magnetic Fields, recorded by myself but for a cover band that is beginning to form called the Magnetic Feel-'er-uppers. Features Bb stairwell guitar, whistling, and harmonica/harmony.
posted to MeFi Music by Corduroy at 3:22 PM on March 21, 2010 (8 comments)

Time To Get Up

This is the first song I've ever recorded using real mics instead of my laptops internal mics. Also, first time I've played a bass.
posted to MeFi Music by Corduroy at 1:42 AM on February 8, 2010 (12 comments)

It Could Always Be Early

A song for a little project I've been working on, which is a batch of songs all in the tuning BbGCFABb mostly recorded in my parents sauna.
posted to MeFi Music by Corduroy at 1:01 PM on December 31, 2009 (8 comments)

Walkabout (Atlas Sound cover)

In which I decide to stop candy butt-ing around it, and attempt to join the reverb drenched, echo cave sound of today. This doesn't really sound like anything I've done before, so I'd love to hear a couple reactions.
posted to MeFi Music by Corduroy at 11:55 PM on November 8, 2009 (1 comment)

Sauvie Island

A short, two chord song that is a true story.
posted to MeFi Music by Corduroy at 6:37 PM on October 18, 2009 (8 comments)

Headless Horseman (the Microphones Cover)

Here's a cover of the Microphones song "Headless Horseman". Here's the original. Here's a song with guitar, piano, banjolele and lots of harmony (by my standards)!
posted to MeFi Music by Corduroy at 6:33 AM on September 23, 2009 (3 comments)

Burn Me All Away (Feat. Sleepy Pete)

With all the Sleepy Pete/Melissa May nostalgia going around, I thought it was probably time to post this little tune Sleepy Pete and I collaborated on long ago.
posted to MeFi Music by Corduroy at 3:46 PM on August 3, 2009 (4 comments)

The Lift

Another Sauna Song. Recorded at 4 this morning, and actually sounds more like it was recorded outside than my last song, even though this one wasn't at all. In drop D, but tuned down a whole step.
posted to MeFi Music by Corduroy at 2:17 PM on May 7, 2009 (9 comments)

Burning December

A song I recorded outside today, except for the vocals which I will explain inside. This is another one I would especially appreciate thoughts on.
posted to MeFi Music by Corduroy at 5:06 PM on May 2, 2009 (9 comments)

This Much

A two chord challenge song that EXPLODES!
posted to MeFi Music by Corduroy at 2:47 PM on April 4, 2009 (11 comments)

We'll Walk Far

A love song to my girlfriend and hiking. Banjolele, percussion, and whistling.
posted to MeFi Music by Corduroy at 2:46 AM on February 21, 2009 (4 comments)

Candy House

This is a rerecording of an old song, done for the February RPM Challenge. Features geetar plucking, good ol' reliable double tracked lo-fi vocals, and singing saw imitation whistling.
posted to MeFi Music by Corduroy at 9:55 PM on February 6, 2009 (6 comments)

Bad Eggs

It smells, it smells!
posted to MeFi Music by Corduroy at 7:58 AM on January 11, 2009 (6 comments)

All I Want Is You

Pretty straight forward cover of that Juno song (but not that Juno song). Features Grover the banjolele, the geetar, me trying to sing high, lots of timing issues, and way too much going on in general.
posted to MeFi Music by Corduroy at 5:09 PM on January 6, 2009 (5 comments)


When I'm yours for the taking. Would very much love thoughts on this one.
posted to MeFi Music by Corduroy at 11:30 PM on December 17, 2008 (8 comments)

Little Bird

This is an a capella cover Leah Wilmoth (heard here and here) recorded on my laptop. It's a cover of a traditional folk song, as performed by Jewel.
posted to MeFi Music by Corduroy at 10:39 PM on December 14, 2008 (2 comments)

Whoop Heet

Here's a song that is stylistically similar to Apfel Augen, but with (half stolen) lyrics, and some percussion that I'm quite fond of. The guitar is tuned C#G#C#F#A#C#. It features some cool whistling, which I was trying to make sound like slide electirc guitar.
posted to MeFi Music by Corduroy at 2:49 PM on December 1, 2008 (7 comments)

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