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Looking at Witches

I am re-posting this at the suggestion of another user, this time with lyrics included. This and others are available here. Looking at Wiches Some say they're having a pretty good time And they're working on quitting this town. Everything's working out fine for me. You should see the way I get around. Like a dry drunk Down at the mall. Looking at watches, He feels something crawl Out of a memory He has of a girl. Looking at witches, Down at the mall. And ain't we got friends that are long ago gone and that's all that we want them to be? Nothing but nothing And nothing alone Could make them mean nothing to me. Sometimes in winter you get to go home. You get to dress darkly. You hang up the phone. You walk home from Pittsburgh With one thing in mind. Sometimes in winter, you leave things behind. And we miss when you sing Those old country songs. We get them for free around here, but we don't keep them long. Because we can't keep them long.
posted to MeFi Music by Jawbones at 8:50 AM on October 12, 2009 (2 comments)

Looking at Witches

Like a dry drunk Down at the mall
posted to MeFi Music by Jawbones at 11:14 AM on April 30, 2009 (6 comments)

Devil's X-Ray

A song about a Devil's X-Ray.
posted to MeFi Music by Jawbones at 7:47 AM on February 5, 2009 (4 comments)

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