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February 28

Attack it's weak point for massive damage.

Giant Crab, Enemy Crab
After a Sony exec gave gave a really bad demo at E3 for an upcoming PS3 game, mean gamers re-edited the embarrassing footage to segue into a cool dancefloor remix.
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the ability to write literate English has a market value about one-third as great as the ability to install Windows on a PC

"A language is a dialect with an army and navy":
A linguistic summery of African American Vernacular English also known as Ebonics. (Mostly framed through the lense of a Nationwide debate on the subject sparked 10 years ago by the Oakland School Board.) previously...
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On Wikipedia, no one knows you're a 24-year-old with no credentials

The New Yorker appends a correction (scroll to bottom)... It seems that Essjay, an inner-circle Wikipedian favored by Jimbo Wales, has been lying about his "credentials " to everyone for years, including to The New Yorker (covered previously prior to correction.)
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O'Reilly Interviews Marilyn Manson

Whu? Bill O'Reilly does a respectably good interview with... Marilyn Manson! This is surprising on so many levels. And the content, superb. Well worth the viewing. [video link] via Cyberdork via Reddit
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Daniel Tammet the savant

Daniel Tammet (60 Minutes clips) is a highly functioning autistic savant able to learn Icelandic in a single week and recite PI to 22,500 places. "Savants can't usually tell us how they do what they do. It just comes to them. Daniel can. He could be the ‘Rosetta Stone." Previously on MeFi, he has a new book and movie (Google Video, 48m).
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Extra space

This apartment is so cramped. I wish I could find a little extra space. (previously)
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NOT still in the running to become America's Next Top Model

Elyse Sewell (some language NSFW), the nerdy, smart-mouthed, pre-med athiest who lost the first season of Tyra Banks' America's Next Top Model ("ANTM") to Adrianne Curry, has since arguably achieved more success as a model than any actual ANTM winner. Her blog is the only internet site I'm aware of that provides mordant commentary on very strange modeling jobs, odd local food variants, ANTM, dating a Shin (bus, SNL, Christmas, album, tour), and the heretofore sadly underexplored existentialist moments of modeling. (ANTM previously.)
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Monstropedia: Exactly what it sounds like
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"What would appear to be a mere biological necessity creates a scandal"

You: a man with incredibly bad gas. Location: A busy street. Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Fart without the man next to you noticing. Because scatological humor is timeless.
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Ask a Biologist. "We think that kids don't always get the access to real scientific information (or real scientists!) outside of the classroom so we are here to do just that." One of the newest in a line of question-and-answer sites, this one is run by fifty professional scientists and directed toward school kids. Is is possible to clone dinosaurs? Why do I sneeze when I look at the sun? How many mutations do I have? How do polar bears keep their feet warm?
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Wellington Grey

Wellington Grey used to be an essayish personal blog, but lately Grey has taken to posting amusing graphics. Don't miss out on gems such as Bedtime Entropy, W.W.G.W.B.D., W.W.R.F.D., Why Go?, Roomba and Things I Teach At a Girls' School.
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Boston at Risk!

Boston: First Aqua Teen Hunger Force terrorizes these gentle souls, now traffic monitors are terrorizing the residents. Who are they going to get to compensate them this time?
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The Singular Image

The Singular Image recognizes outstanding individual photographs in color and black and white. Center, formerly known as the Santa Fe Center for Photography, was founded in 1994. Center is a nonprofit organization that honors, supports and provides opportunity for gifted and committed photographers. Our programs bring exposure to worthy photographic projects and series, and create fellowship among photographers and influential members of the photographic community. (some images NSFW)
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We should dig up Nixon and send him over again to fix this

The Great Firewall of China connects to a server within China, and lets you know if your site is blocked or not, per the government's internet censorship.
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Structure of Man

Single....err....232bleLinkYouTubeFilter Set of videos made by a user to teach drawing of the human form from head to toe without reference to a model. Very raw and unpolished, but an incredible (and, incredibly, free) resource. Also in blog form.
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O Superman!

"Inexplicably, a man in a Superman costume could be seen walking around the car, but he did not stop to help the driver or any of the victims."
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Free Moon Over Morocco Podcast!

Starting tomorrow The ZBS Foundation will be running a free podcast re-broadcast of Moon Over Morocco, a radio series from the 70s featuring the continuing strange adventures of Jack Flanders. Some of you may be familiar with the first Jack Flanders story, The Fourth Tower of Inverness, a mystical and hilarious little cult favorite that would occasionally pop up on independent radio stations. Moon Over Morocco is its sequel.
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... And if you do not like me so, To hell, my love, with you!

Dorothy Parker in her own words. Audio clips of Ms. Parker reading her own work in 1964, near the end of her life.
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Running The Numbers

Running The Numbers. This new series looks at contemporary American culture through the austere lens of statistics. Each image portrays a specific quantity of something: fifteen million sheets of office paper (five minutes of paper use); 106,000 aluminum cans (thirty seconds of can consumption) and so on. [via]
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Kids today

Vanity on the rise among young people today. Findings from a recent San Diego State University workshop shows that a couple decades worth of self-esteem parenting, may have engendered an entire generation of narcissists.
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Hit me with your rhythm sticks.

A one , a two, a one, two, three, four, five. Gene. Gene/Rich. Rich/Animal. Rich/Lewis. Wonder. Billy. Joe. Swiss cheese.
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"First to fall over when the atmosphere is less than perfect..."

Killered Bees. The NYTimes covers the mysterious collapse of commercial honeybee colonies over the last 5-months, covering dozens of states. The disease, Colony Collapse Disorder, does not have a determined cause. The Canary Database indicates that bees can serve as "canaries in a coalmine" for human diseases, as many other animals do. Some of the suspected causative agents (as reported [pdf] by Penn State) include a immunodeficiency, the hive consumption of high-fructose corn syrup, nutritional stress, parasites, infectious diseases, stress due to colony splitting and relocation, insecticides, and antibiotic use. The die-offs are likely to adversely impact both prices and crop yields.
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Idiocratic Design

Idiocratic Design. A look at the signs and logos that litter the world in Idiocracy.
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Somebody left me crying

Billy Thorpe died of heart failure this morning.
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Epicurean cats!

What a menu: White meat chicken florentine in a delicate sauce with garden greens. Shredded white meat chicken in a savory broth with garden greens. White meat chicken and whipped egg soufflé with garden greens. Sound tasty? It's the new "Elegant Medleys" line of cat food from Fancy Feast, being pimped by none other than Mr. Restaurant himself, Rocco DiSpirito. So: a new way to show those kids in fur coats how much you love them, or just a bunch of overpriced hooey?
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February 27

"We're here! We're queer! We welcome koala bears!"

Happy Mardi Gras! Originally a serious protest march, the annual Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras, to be held this Saturday, is now a riotously festive celebration of queer pride & probably Sydney's largest & most fabulous party all year. For the first time, this year the event will also be streamed across the web, for all those who cannot come down under.
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"Make Congress more transparent and encourage civic engagement"

OpenCongress.org is a site that aggregates data about the United States Senate and House. Keep track of your senators or representatives through rss feeds, read bills on topics that are important to you, and find out what industries are behind the scenes providing money to your politicians in Washington among many other uses of this new resource.
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South African National Anthem

Nkosi Sikelel'iAfrica
Sounds the call to come together,(youtube)
And united we shall stand,(audio)
Let us live and strive for freedom, (wmp)
In South Africa our land. (scroll down for writer Sol Plaatje performing the first recorded version of the song.)
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Fun, Fun, Secret Fun

Secret Fun Blog. A mixture of pop-culture artifacts, retro goodness and childhood nostalgia. Don't miss the audio and video offerings. [Secret Fun Blog is an auxiliary of Secret Fun Spot, which appeared on Metafilter in 2002 and is worth revisiting as it has been greatly expanded and updated since then.]
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Step Up to the Rad Monkey.

Need more cowbell?
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Repair your carbon credit, cheap

December 2006: carbon credit market to crash-land? One problem, most of the countries submitted emissions plans that allocated permits for more than is currently being emitted--in other words, instead of reductions, they proposed increases. Collectively, EU countries have allocated permits allowing emissions 15 percent higher than actual emissions. February 2007: Splat. The collapse in the price of a tonne of carbon dating back to May last year when it emerged that most countries in the scheme had set their carbon caps far too high, resulting in fewer firms than expected having to buy credits and causing the price of a tonne of carbon to plummet from over €30 to less than €10. SPLAT!: A year ago, CO2 was changing hands in the ETS at 30 euros (33 dollars) a tonne, triple that at the market's launch in January 2005. Today, a tonne of CO2 can be bought for little more than one euro. I'm a good greenie, I'm buying enough credits to offset my coal-fired barbie and my Bradley Shopping Vehicle for the rest of eternity. That should cost me about fiddy cents. (Buy yours here.)
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A new meaning to rainbow gradient.

Jen Stark creates sculptures from construction paper.
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Is Porn out of Control? As the internets exploded, Clinton didn't seem to care.. Should the government now focus on shutting down the industry? Some loudly think so.
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I'm sorry to do this to you.

I'm sorry to do this to you, but you must share my agony. Let me know if you get #41 (I have to skip it every time).
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Miles gets stuck in the cat door

Let's not do that again, okay? Little Miles gets hung up in a cat door. [Quicktime requiring ActiveX] via
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Napkin Fiction

Esquire sends out 250 napkins to writers across America - from prolific novelists to those finishing off first works. Nearly a hundred respond back - from sex to frustration, poetry to twisted liaisons, even a mini book and plans for murder.
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Indian Superhero Comics

Super Indian: Superhero comics from the culture that invented the genre. Check out Nagraj (and Nagrani?), Tiranga, and Shakti. The somewhat less muscular Chacha Chaudhary. And... whatever is happening here. Meanwhile fun British rich guy Richard Branson brings you Indian-themed comics Ramayan 3392 A.D., Snake Woman (another Naga), Devi and The Sadhu. previously. Dishoom!
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so hold me mom

Mach 20- O Superman- PSA- Soho 1982
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Happiness is a pill.

New Media from the future ... a look at infographics and commercials from 2027, courtesy of a the movie Children of Men. (qt, sound)
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Seuss via Zimmerman

Dylan Hears a Who! Bob, that is. Caution: autoplaying audio. (Via)
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Rosetta Mars Flyby Pics

ESA's Rosetta probe just flew by Mars en route to a deep space rendezvous with Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. During the 200 km close flyby, the Rosetta's Philae Lander camera got this lovely view of the craft's solar panel backdropped by the Martian arc, plus an animation of the moon Phobos' shadow on the Martian surface, and more lovely Mars imagery.
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Did you mean charwoman?

Google [sic] chairman pwned [sic] on business card.
Also, save $$money$$ with typos!!
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The Integrator is Mathematica's integration capabilities, available over the web. Other online resources from Wolfram include Tones, an automatic music generator, and the venerable Mathworld, an extensive collection of math terms and theorems. (which, yes, has been mentioned previously.)
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There's nothin' Nietzsche couldn't teach ya...

The Philosophy Podcast seems to be a podcast where great philosophical works are read aloud. Unfortunately you need to pay for the full works, but the bits are fun. For something a little more contemporary, check out Philosophy Talk, hosted by Ken Taylor and one of the funniest contemporary analytic philosophers: John Perry. In particular, check out Perry's light essays in which the power of procrastination can be harnessed (and apparently now put on t-shirts), an ideal desk is a giant lazy susan, and connections are drawn between golf and suffering.
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hermeneutic semicircle

The Hillary Show. For those that base their political ideas on poorly drawn caricatures.
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US: Secret CIA Prisoners Still Missing - Washington Should Reveal Fate of People ‘Disappeared’ by US

From Human Rights Watch:
...He had spent a year and a half in captivity without even a glimpse of natural light. One day the Americans opened up a skylight in his building. “They brought me a chair and let me sit under the skylight,” he remembered. “I was so happy. I joked with them, pretending to call outside, ‘Help! Someone help me! Let me out!’” ...One photo that surprised Jabour was of a boy named Talha, who appeared to be nine or ten years old. His father was said to be Hamza al-Jofi, a militant leader in Waziristan. When Jabour saw the photo of Talha, who was apparently in custody, he expressed amazement that the United States was holding someone so young.
The Case of Marwan Jabour
US: Secret CIA Prisoners Still Missing
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Illustrated Ise Monogatari

An illustrated edition of the Ise Monogatari (Wikipedia, review of translation). Yeah, yeah, it's in Japanese, but just keep hitting the forward button (the leftmost of the two on the right, red/brown rather than blue/green) and you'll find lots of pretty pictures. I can't improve on the descriptions by Matt of No-sword, where I found it, so I'll just quote him: "Behold our hero maxin' and relaxin' at his writing-desk, looking like he just got hired as a middle manager at his dad's lighter-flint concern! Thrill to the famous scene where he is visited by the Pineapple of Golden Week Past! Laugh as he is mistaken for a member of Aerosmith! Wonder why everyone is just sitting around smiling contentedly when the building is obviously on fire!"
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Holy Pimp My Ride Batman!

Batmobile Up for Auction today in the UK. A classic car from 1966.
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From cocaine to foie gras

"From the first day on pots and pans, I knew what I wanted. I was never cool with being small-time -- that's what got me locked up in the first place: I wanted to be the man."
In 1988 Jeff Henderson landed himself in a federal prison for dealing cocaine. In 2007 he's executive chef at Cafe Bellagio in Las Vegas. Cooked: From the Streets to the Stove, from Cocaine to Foie Gras is his story.
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Canine Weightlessness Research.

The effects of weightlessness are most associated with astronauts, but a more practical application can be seen in this dog.
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Holmes, James

The Complete Sherlock Holmes, featuring "the largest collection of Holmesian graphics online", a Scholars' Wing featuring essays and articles, pastiche and parodies. Arthur Conan Doyle's champion of logic and reason is the antithesis of the author's spiritualist beliefs. In his will (5.B), Doyle left sums of money to the Spiritualist Alliance of London and the Psychic College stating "...these institutions represent the most important religious movement that this world now holds". His belief in the occult and in particular fairies is surprising, yet somewhat understandable considering the era in which he lived.
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Cheney unharmed. (The closest he ever came to seeing action in battle though)
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February 26

Wealth of Nations

Was the Wealth of Nations Determined in 1000 B.C.? (pdf) We assemble a dataset on technology adoption in 1000 BC, 0 AD, and 1500 AD for the predecessors to today’s nation states. We find that this very old history of technology adoption is surprisingly significant for today’s national development outcomes. Although our strongest results are for 1500 A.D., we find that even technology as old as 1000 BC matters in some plausible specifications. (via)
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The Money Maker

The Money Maker :"On the 1000 guilder note, it became a “sport” for me to put things in the notes that nobody wanted there! I was very proud to have my fingerprint in this note – and it’s my middle finger!"
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Goodbye, free time.

Vox Imperium A pretty deep web based civilization game.
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Rach 3

Rachmaninov's Piano Concerto No.3, in D minor, with Martha Argerich on piano. Many know the Rach 3 from the movie Shine. [Via C&L.]
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put me down or i eatz yer fambly

You missed Caturday! but you'll be prepared for the next one. "It's lolcats pix with tags! Does also peoples call it cat macros? You may also find non-lolcat pictures -- this is a treasure for you." This makes some happy. This makes others cross. Not a cat person? How about a dog person? Me either. Yes I searcheds b4 I posteds. =P
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We already have a flat tax?

US TaxFilter: Your real tax rate: 40%.
"In a study for the National Bureau of Economic Research, Boston University economists Laurence J. Kotlikoff and David Rapson have found that our all-in marginal tax rate is 40%, give or take a bit. Yes, you read that right: 40%." The table at the end is telling.
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cohen on the telephne

"Cohen on the Telephone" (real audio) is "not politically correct by modern standards, due to its Yiddish stereotyping, but certainly popular in its time and rumored to be the first comedy record to sell a million copies. This bit primarily made fun of the crude telephone system in use during 1913, when Joe Hayman recorded it in London in July of that year for Regal/Zonophone (it was issued on Columbia here in the States the following year). Several other labels hastily released versions by other artists, and a series of sequels followed right up into the mid-20's." Such as "Cohen Exceeds the Speed Limit", "Cohen at the Pay-station", "Cohen Phones His Tailor", "Cohen Telephones the Health Department" and "Cohen's Recruiting Speech" (all mp3s from The Virtual Gramaphone). There was even a movie.
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IBM 1401, A User's Manual

"In 1964, a computer - the IBM 1401 Data Processing System - arrived in Iceland, one of the very first computers to be imported into the country… The chief maintenance engineer for this machine was Jóhann Gunnarsson, my father. A keen musician, he learned of an obscure method of making music on this computer - a purpose for which this business machine was not at all designed… When the IBM 1401 was taken out of service in 1971, it wasn't simply thrown away like an old refrigerator, but was given a little farewell ceremony, almost a funeral, when its melodies were played for one last time. This "performance" was documented on tape along with recordings of the sound of the machine in operation." The whole story with samples, pictures and video at Jóhann Jóhannsson's site. [via]
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Going green. Somewhat hypocritically.

Awesome: Gore "emphasizing the nonpartisan nature of the climate change threat," and his movie, An Inconvenient Truth netting a Best Documentary Oscar. Not so awesome.
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the strictest prison of the end of the ground

Abashiri prison of the present which became famous completely by the movie "Abashiri extra area" is in the modern building rebuilt in the 59th year of Showa. The old building which has been used since Meiji is preserved as a "museum Abashiri prison" at the foot of the Mt tentozan .
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Australia rocked by 'lesbian' koala revelation

Female koalas indulge in lesbian "sex sessions", rejecting male suitors and attempting to mate with each other, sometimes up to five at a time, according to researchers.
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Once you go plush you never regain your self-esteem.

Teddy Babes love dolls are available in a number of sexy characters. (NSFW)
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Primum non nocere

Rebecca Riley died of a drug overdose in December. The police charged her parents with murder, alleging that they poisoned her with an overdose of clonidine. What's clonidine? A drug used to treat hyperactivity. You see, Rebecca was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and was prescribed clonidine. She was also diagnosed with bipolar disorder and put on valproic acid and Seroquel. Rebecca was diagnosed with both disorders by a psychiatrist when she was 2 1/2 years old. She died when she was 4 years old. Some in the psychiatric community are outraged.
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Every cloud has a silver lining, and some sub-ice seas have orange starfish

After two big Antarctic ice shelves broke off several years ago, a world of new species was found underneath. Pictures and a press release came out yesterday, showing spindly orange starfish among other interesting creatures. Here is some more information on the expedition. The fact that the shelves melted when they did is most likely a result of global warming, but having them out of the way gave researchers a golden opportunity to study what lives beneath the ice. Other occassions where a disaster has simultaneously been a great research opportunity include radioactive fallouts: at Chernobyl the evacuated area has been monitored for the past decades to see which species move in and how they thrive (previously on Metafilter)
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Stop using my godly powers

David Copperfield is stealing my godly powers. Chris Roller believes himself to have godly powers and is suing Copperfield, and also David Blaine, for using them. What better way to protect godly powers than by filing a patent application? Oh, he's suing the Bush administration too.
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Steve Canyon strips online

Steve Canyon. Starting last month, the comic-strip site Humorous Maximus has been re-running (with his estate's permission) Milton Caniff's classic daily strip.
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Grow a world from network traffic

Packet Garden observes how you use the internet, then takes that info and generates a 3d world based on it. [via]
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Lost Cities

Lost Cities.
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Turkey Cinemascope

Turkey Cinemascope is a series of dramatic photographs from director Nuri Bilge Ceylan. Shot all across Turkey, he used them to record locations he was scouting for his films. Many are panoramic, some are epic, others intimate, and all are beautiful. (via and via)
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Not just child's play...

Regularly marred by casualties, the two-day Basant festival in Pakistan leaves 11 dead and more than 100 injured. Kite flyers often use strings made of wire or coated with ground glass to try to cross and cut a rival's string or damage the other kite, often after betting on the outcome. Previously mentioned on mefi, the practice was banned in 2005 because the sport has become increasingly deadly. The ban on kite running was temporarily lifted for this year's festival. In an obvious flip-side, the ban proved to be a huge loss to the kite-twine manufacturers.
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Bad Music Radio

Would you like to listen to some bad music? You know, just in case your good music gets boring. Opinions will vary of course. I kind of like the Temple City Kazoostra's version of Also sprach Zarathustra. The Museum of Bad Album Covers on the same site was discussed previously.
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Yes, a single link Youtube Post, now click damnit

Twelve Moons on Gichigami: (YT) ~1500 frames from a web camera in Canal Park Duluth Mn, A year's worth of time in just under 7 Mins, by Mark Ryan. (via)
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Borag Thungg Earthlets!

30 years of thrillpower! British weekly comic 2000ad celebrates it's 30th aniversary. Previously discussed here, current Tharg Matt Smith interviewed, special birthday Prog. Splundig vur thrigg!
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Domain name hell

Registerfly falls apart as ICANN watches As the registerfly fiasco continues, ICANN seems feckless and befuddled. Some people's anger seems to have spiraled out of control. Others take this opportunity to hone their movie making skills.
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A glossary of famous brands

A glossary of famous brands
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Beer! Now! Fire!

The Beer Launcher. From the starry eyed minds of the students of Duke University comes the next great innovation in humankind's continued struggle to stay sedentary.
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Theory of science communication

Belief and knowledge - a primer on science communication
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Haven't I heard this somewhere?

Good artists copy. Great artists steal. -- Pablo Picasso
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Remembering Taiwan’s “White Terror” of the 28th February 1947

60 years ago today, an incident took place in Taipei, which led to the massive slaughter of thousands of Taiwanese at the hands of Chiang Kai-shek's Chinese troops. Many were imprisoned for torture and execution on Green Island off Taiwan's eastern coast. More on Green Island here, and an interesting-ish flickr photo set here
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The Mozart of Mushrooms

Shrooming in Late Capitalism: The Way of the Truffle.
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Britain for Americans

Use this guide to help you become familar with the many complex, sometimes strange customs of the British People.
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February 25

What's The Lesbian Doing In My Pirate Movie?

The 100 Worst Porn Movie Titles ! (NSFW, masturbating cartoon chihuahua)
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The Indie Band Survival Guide

The Indie Band Survival Guide: A fantastic, free, 101 pages collection of useful information for musicians - covers topics such as recording, copyright, major label contracts, commercial radio, promoting your music, band websites, distribution, filesharing and live shows.
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let's go crazy

The 50 Craziest Pop Stars Ever - unsurprisingly, there is some crossover with the 50 Most Awesomely Dead Rock Stars.
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One Voice

When will Indians and Pakistanis release such a video on YouTube?
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Welcome to the world of ancient, eldritch creatures that will haunt your nightmares!

Welcome to the world of giant Cambrian predators! The anomalocaris is one of the ancient creatures found fossilized in the Burgess Shale in British Columbia, a particularly rich trove of fossils from the Cambrian period (543 to 490 million years ago), in which one finds not only the hard parts of animals, but also the soft, squishy bits. Some of the finds were so weird, that they got names like hallucigenia and odontogriphus ("toothed riddle"). Other sites for finding fossils of equal quality from that era are Chengjiang in China and the House Range in Utah.
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Silly Little Dance

PicTaps: Make Your Drawings Dance! Draw yourself a character, and then watch him dance to a silly song. The music will begin to get on your nerves, but you won't be able to leave the page, the dancing is so hypnotic! Warning, flash is involved! via
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Stranger than fiction.

Genealogists: Thurmond's family owned Sharpton's kin It seems like a poor joke or a REALLY bad idea for a TV movie but apparently it's quite real. Truth sometimes IS stranger than fiction.
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Look! It's the Sea-Unicorn, and a big one, too

The Jules Verne Collecting Resource. If you're a Verne fan or a book collector at all, this site is an absolute treasure. There are pictures of almost every single edition of his works, major and minor, as well as everything even slightly Verne-related, including: movie posters, matchbooks, autographs, playing cards, cards for stereoscopes, postcards he sent, board games, Jules Hetzel's excellent covers and posters for his work (more here, and this one is amazing), the man himself, and god knows what else - pretty much everything.
If it's not here, it's somewhere else, like the extraordinary maps which adorned some editions, or the virtual library with links to all of his works, the many, many incredible illustrations therein, and even one scanned manuscript (in French, obviously). Hope this makes somebody's day as much as it made mine.
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Delancey Street

In 1971 Delancey Street began with four residents, a thousand dollar loan, and a dream to develop a new model to turn around the lives of substance abusers, former felons, and others who have hit bottom by empowering the people with the problems to become their own solution. With no professionals, no government funding, and at no charge to the clients, Delancey Street Foundation has rehabilitated and provided job skills to thousands of former drug addicts and criminals. They have a successful moving company, a well loved (although not necessarily critically acclaimed) restaurant, a thriving Christmas tree business, and a partnership with the local state university. Founded in the heady radical days of the early 70s, they've had a few bumps along the way, (cofounder John Maher died of a drug overdose) but they are one of the most well respected models for rehabilitation in the world. In recent news, San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom has been spending a lot of time there.
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Time-Lapse Phonography

R. Luke Dubois' Billboard is a study in time-lapse phonography. Dubois digitally analyzed every #1 Billboard single from 1958 to 2005 and found a "spectral average" sound for each song. Every second of the piece represents one week in music history. The results are more interesting than you might think: compare the Beatles-dominated 1964 with the more processed, percussive sounds of 1997. Dubois has also created a time-lapse study of Oscar-winning movies. See also: "Chart Sweep" (scroll down to bottom of page). (via)
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"Every time an Oscar is given out, an agent gets his wings" ~ Kathy Bates

Oscar Lists: Records And Curiosities. A plethora of fun facts to keep you entertained while you wait for the start of the 79th annual Academy Awards ceremony today/tonight. It's part of Oscar Lists: The Index, which is filled with almost every Oscar fact you could possibly need.
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Tattoo Safari : Idolatry or Irony?

Tattoos of Celebrities. "You really have to wonder how this person is gonna feel a few years down the road." [flash]
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Children losing sleep over global warming

Children losing sleep over global warming, with comments from The Scotsman readers.
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The Redirection

The Redirection. "Is the Administration’s new policy aiding our enemies in the war on terrorism?" New article by Seymour Hersh in the New Yorker.
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Francis Scott Off-Key

Oh say can you see... (YT) the sound of Auto-Tune gone berserk?
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Strings Attached!!

Four Men And A Cello Some Bolero, to go with your Sunday morning coffee...

More Here:
Stringfever - History Of Music
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Brazil and torture

What Brazil tells us about torture today. A thoughtful discussion by Clive James of torture in the context of the movies in general and Terry Gilliam's Brazil in particular. Warning: occasional descriptions of awful behavior, and the reader may have his opinion of humanity lowered. "The historical evidence suggests that on the rare occasions when a state begins again in what a fond humanitarian might think of as a condition of innocence, a supply of young torturers is the first thing it produces... In the Nazi and Soviet cellars and camps, people were regularly tortured for information they did not possess: i.e., they were tortured just for the hell of it."
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Sasquatch!, the indie music festival, returns to The Gorge with an impressive line-up headlined by Bjork and the Beastie Boys. As usual, KEXP has a veritable cornucopia of live performances from the artists. If you're wondering what might be in store, check out select songs from The Arcade Fire, M.I.A., Citizen Cope, Neko Case, The Thermals, Viva Voce, Interpol, Michael Franti & Spearhead, Spoon, Ozomatli, Bad Brains, The Dandy Warhols, Jesse Sykes & The Sweet Hereafter, Common Market, Smoosh, and Minus The Bear. Bring sunscreen and an umbrella on your short drive from Seattle to George, Washington
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The Constitution goes to the brig.

The Navy's detention facility at Hanrahan has a created a secret prison-within-a-prison and, per the article, developed elaborate plans to dodge public scrutiny of its operations to detain enemy combatants. "In detaining American citizens, full constitutional rights are afforded except where curtailed by higher guidance or accepted prison practice," the report said.
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Tedfest Controversy:

Father Ted Festival: 9 years after Father Ted aka Dermot Morgan suddenly died, a weekend festival, based on the Father Ted series is taking place (will include such events as the Father Jack cocktail evening, Buckaroo speed dating, a cleaning fluid drinks reception, the Inis Mór lovely girls competition, and the drafting of the island’s Eurovision entry). Two Aran Islands, Mór and Oirr, are at loggerheads over the right to host it. This will culminate in a five-a-side football match, and Paddy Power is taking more bets on this than on yesterday’s England Ireland six-nations championship game (which Ireland won, just saying).
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Raphael Aloysius "Ray" Lafferty, the self-described "cranky old man from Tulsa, Oklahoma"

A thoughtful man named Maxwell Mouser had just produced a work of actinic philosophy. It took him seven minutes to write it. To write works of philosophy one used the flexible outlines and the idea indexes; one set the activator for such a wordage in each subsection; an adept would use the paradox feed-in, and the striking analogy blender; one calibrated the particular-slant and the personality-signature. It had to come out a good work, for excellence had become the automatic minimum for such productions. "I will scatter a few nuts on the frosting," said Maxwell, and he pushed the lever for that. This sifted handfuls of words like chthonic and heuristic and prozymeides through the thing so that nobody could doubt it was a work of philosophy.
Slow Tuesday Night by one Rafael Aloyius Lafferty (more within)
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February 24

"I'll die young, but it's like kissing God"

Lenny Bruce -Swear to Tell the Truth 1995 documentary of the rise and fall of the patron saint of samizdat 1:40 nsfw language nudity via
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A tippy-tappy-toe

The Karbis of Assam, and their sprightly dance.
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Who's killing Putin's enemies?

A dozen of Putin's critics have been assassinated and Russia's vast natural resources are in the pockets of a chosen few. A 2 part article in The Guardian.
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Gems of 19th and early 20th century penmanship

Gems of Penmanship, Penman's Leisure Hour, Ninety-five Lessons in Ornamental Penmanship, The Champion Method of Practical Business Writing and other Rare Books on Calligraphy and Penmanship from the 19th and early 20th centuries. Lots of neat tidbits. [via mlarson.org]
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The Destruction of that Horrible, Annoying, Egotistical, Asinine, Off-Key and Exceedingly STUPID Ring, and the Return of Whatshisname

The Stupid Ring is 'Earth's largest Tolkien parody.' Given a taste of The Lord of the Rings on the big screen [warning: sound], some wacky Tolkien fans craved more. So they rewrote the entire book as a movie script. All sixty-plus chapters. Every scene, every song. And then some. Possibly while drunk.
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Im gonna send you back to schoolin'

The World Lecture Hall is a compedium of links to open university materials. Some include lecture notes, text books and even video. The OCW at MIT is probably the most well known but there are many universities that provide online access to course materials. Want to learn about medicine? John Hopkin's kindly provides some popular courses (Cadaver not included). Notre Dame provides a number of courses focused on the liberal arts. The University of Washington provides Computer Science and Engineering courses. Tufts provides a potpourri of courses, including dentistry.
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revisionist history?

"In a new documentary, Producer Cameron and his director, Simcha Jacobovici, make the starting claim that Jesus wasn't resurrected --the cornerstone of Christian faith-- and that his burial cave was discovered near Jerusalem. And, get this, Jesus sired a son with Mary Magdelene."
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Yes, have some.

The Ecstasy of Influence, A Plagiarism
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Sorority Discrimination?

Sorority Evictions Raise Issue of Looks and Bias
"Delta Zeta’s national officers....judged 23 of the [DePauw University] women insufficiently committed and later told them to vacate the sorority house. The 23 members included every woman who was overweight. They also included the only black, Korean and Vietnamese members. The dozen students allowed to stay were slender and popular with fraternity men — conventionally pretty women the sorority hoped could attract new recruits. Six of the 12 were so infuriated they quit."
Many at the university are not happy.
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Everybody &heart;s Something Sometime

So, what do you &heart;? Shoes? Languages? Coffee? Sandwiches? America? Purple? Asta? Israel? Librarians? Vodka? Spam? Philosophy? Peanut Butter? Karl Rove? Rock & Roll? God? To love? Gardens? Egg? My way? Your mac? Calculus? Trista? Mullets? Porgy? Jet noise? LA? Drums? Pickles? Little girls? Being loved by black people? Monkeys? Speech? A good mystery? Lemon tea? Celebrity-owned restaurants? Crossdressing? Alpacas? The Pixies? Belly buttons? Your homies? Latin ladies? Santa? Marmite? Kenisha? Gay? Tehran? Lamp? Fonts? The ol' ball & chain? Zombies? Binary, Primes & Factors? Boys? Jazz? Diet soda? Zoos? A clean San Diego? Pez? Satisfied women? Hondas? Dixie? The Devil? Neil Diamond? Please, do tell!
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Cluster Bombs, landmines and bombhunters

While the world debates the use of cluster bombs due to their impact on civilians in post conflict areas, today is also Landmine Awareness Day in Cambodia. Some ignore the warnings and seek out the landmines to defuse and sell... while others seek a much larger quarry (Youtube)
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Bombing Iran - motive, opportunity and means

Bombing Iran - motive, opportunity, means (and thuggish accomplice).
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Please put down your hands, cause I see you.

A View In Your Mirror: Painter Jan Verhulst compiles self portraits made by artists in their preferred medium.
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Presumed Lost

The major label machine sucks in and churns out young bands all the time, leaving plenty of good music unheard by the public. Boston's trip-hoppy Splashdown were one of the acts brought low by this process, disbanding two years after Capitol decided not to release their major label debut LP. The late 90's were a commercially bad time for female-fronted electro-pop, of course, but the band found an outlet for their material by releasing it for free online -- their whole catalog, including three LP's, two EP's and some double-secret-unreleased tracks, is available with the band's blessing. Members have since joined other bands -- Freezepop, Universal Hall Pass -- which hopefully will avoid the trouble Splashdown had.
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Mounting the Flour

"When you squeeze it, its golden brown crust should crackle and even sing. Its aroma should be a little bit sweet, a little bit toasty. There should be a good marriage between its crust and its interior crumb. When the crumb is pressed, it should spring back rapidly. Its color should be off-white and its cavities widely distributed and uneven in size. Its nutty, buttery taste should be both sweet and savory - like a good chardonnay.” Bread expert and Cornell prof Steven Kaplan talks with Conan, to pretty hilarious effect, about his latest book. You may have to snoop around the NBC site - I couldn't find a direct link. The man is really into baguettes. He's given a few entertaining radio interviews as well, and a New York magazine profile of him features a list of his six favorite NYC baguettes. If you don't have a great bakery nearby, you can try your hand at home. Bonus Game: Balance the Baguette! (from a previous post)
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Try to play just one round...

Speedcluster , a frentic combination of Speed, Solitaire, and Tapper, is an extremely compelling virtual card game which is sucking up a lot of my casual time, so I might as well pass along the obsession.
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Illustration by Sara Fanelli

The truth is rarely pure and never simple starts the website of Magic Pencil award winning illustrator Sara Fanelli
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a modernist allegory that goes "boing boing"

Robert "Bobe" Cannon's 1951 Oscar-winning animated short "Gerald McBoing Boing" (u2b), is an early example of a modernist animation style (previously) experimented by UPA studios in an attempt to counteract the mounting realism of Disney cartoons. (The 2005 series it inspired is currently re-running on Boomerang.)

On another note entirely, Theodor "Seuss" Geisel's character Gerald is considered one of a number of celebrities with autism.
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February 23

Baby You Can Drive My Car

Drive Thru Church Service? Check. Drive Thru Wedding? Check. Drive Thru Funeral? Check. Drive Thru Strip Club? Huh? If you're too lazy or too tired to get out of your car, Fogonazos has a list of convenient drive-thrus for you.
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South of the clouds

In the 1920s Joseph Rock, an Austrian-born botanist went to live in Lijiang, in Yunnan province. During expeditions over the next three decades he photographed shamans, trulku, petty kings, nomads, astounding scenery and flora and fauna across much of southwest China. He also studied the language and culture of the Nakhi people previouslywhose homeleand centred around Lijiang. A contemporary blogger is now posting some then-and-now images of the places and people Rock recorded.
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In this world, nothing is certain but death and taxgirl

Taxgirl is a tax lawyer who invites you to ask her offbeat and unique questions about federal taxation in the United States, as well as Philadelphia-specific tax questions. She also covers the fun side of taxation and the not-so-fun side of tax evasion, usually the domain of Posse Comitatus and white supremacist groups, but lately extending in bizarre ways to celebrities like Wesley Snipes and Ron Isley.
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You shall be the enjoy.

Some Friday night entertainment:
• Baby Got Back - Gilbert and Sullivan Style (mp3) (youtube) (wmv) (via)
• George W Bush Role Playing: Screw America (youtube) NSFW
• Cancer Has Become the Number One Killer Disease (pdf) (youtube) (flash) (via)
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NASA's Earth Observatory

Sunset on Mars. Crop Circles in Kansas. Total Eclipse. Tenerife. Meteor Crater, AZ. European Superstorm. Lake Effect Clouds. Where on Earth...?
Find these and other images, as well as a learning lab and data animations, online courtesy NASA. If you are patient, also see Visible Earth (previously . . ).
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A sneak peak of the upcoming Showtime edition ofThis American Life

A sneak peak of the upcoming Showtime edition of This American Life (direct QT link).
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persecution complex? prosecution complex?

The First Freedom Project --new from the Dept of Justice, announced at the Southern Baptist Convention along with a call for their help---specifically and only to protect the religious from discrimination against them. Many are not impressed: The administration has often ignored the importance of the no establishment principle by supporting attempts of governments to endorse a religious message, using tax dollars to fund pervasively religious organizations, allowing religious discrimination in hiring for federally funded projects, ... Legal strategies and actions from groups like the Alliance Defense Fund and ACLJ are now official DOJ policy, it appears. ...In his statement, Gonzales mentioned several cases litigated by ADF and its allies ...
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Nuclear Weapons Transparency

Video: Nuclear Weapons: Who's Got 'Em?
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Grandpa had become a mean thing

I Am Babycakes , created by Creased Comics' Brad Neely (who did that "Washington" video seen some time ago), is the good-natured, incredibly dark musings of a man-child who lives with his dad/wizard, roleplays ("I had described to my friends the most beautiful demon"), writes songs, and fills both his diary, and his days, with emptiness. Alternating funny, then sad, then cool as one turns it over in the mind. Or I think so anyway. Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 (All links NSFW due to language.)
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fact checkers out there in the factosphere

"Tired of the LIBERAL BIAS every time you search on Google and a Wikipedia page appears?" At Conservapedia, a "conservative encyclopedia you can trust," you can learn that "faith" is a concept "exclusive to Christianity," and about how Wikipedia is biased in matters such as its description of the Bell Trade Act of 1946, its gossipy treatment of the private life of NPR reporter Nina Totenberg, and its seeming acceptance of evolution. The Wikipedia bias entry also complains of a "rant" against the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, a group for which Conservapedia founder (and son of conservative gadfly Phyllis Schafly) Andrew Schlafly has worked. Signups are here; its take on evolution is criticized here.
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Samurai slash Cooking flash game

Foolyoo is a flash game where you fight masked eyeball monsters, avoid disrobing village idiots, slice vegetables according to the ever-changing edicts of a mad old monk and learn how to count in kanji.
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I want to buy my own food critic, mommy

Restaurant crybaby lashes out at NYT's Frank Bruni (pdf). Jeffrey Chodorow's new restaurant (where each diner is constantly threatened with impalement by samurai sword, apparently) got a (funny and) decidedly lukewarm review in the Times. So he took out a full-page ad to complain about it (pdf linked above), price tag: at least $30k. He also whines about it on his new blog. The word "critic" is deployed in scare quotes.
[via this Slate piece by a former NYT food critic; interesting in itself]
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De-DUCT-ive Reasoning

How do you subdue a crazed astronaut? Duct Tape! By now we've all heard of astronaut Lisa Nowak's diaper-clad race to kidnap/kill her competition for fellow astronaut Bill Oefelein, but today we learned how NASA plans to deal with such trouble-makers in space: duct tape them into submission. NASA's idea isn't very original - restraining people with duct tape has been well documented in the movies, for use on airplanes, by bad parents, and for unruly patients. So, it appears this miracle adhesive can not only save us from terrorists, it can save us from ourselves. Bless you duct tape.
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I (Y)am The Genius

Yoshiro Nakamatsu aka Dr. NakaMats has invented everything, other than all the other stuff that the rest of us have invented. He has 3218 patents to his name. (Edison had 1093.) Among his many inventions? The compact disc, the compact disc player ('natch), the digital watch, a unique golf putter, the floppy disk (!), and a water-powered engine. Besides being the founder of the World Genius Convention (where the world first learned of ingenuity of ADR ceramic disks, for instance), Dr. NakaMats was voted by the US Science Academic Society as one of five greatest scientists in history - in the company of Archimedes, Michael Faraday, Marie Curie, and Nikola Tesla - and he plans to live until 144!
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Flash Friday Tutorials

Kirupa.com is a resource for designers who want to become better developers. Whether you want a tutorial to help you make a Flash zoom motion blur, some help with php and html, learn object oriented programming, or use photoshop well, kirupa might be of assistance to you.
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pinky up please

Tea Birds Nothing but pictures of cute girls at tea. A tea blog like no other. [nsfw]
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Chomsky on Iran, Iraq, and the Rest of the World

Chomsky on Iran, Iraq, and the Rest of the World.
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Renewable Energy Incentives

Want to increase your energy efficiency and use more renewable energy? Want to install solar panels on your roof, buy a hybrid car, put in new storm windows, or make any number of other green improvements to your home or business? Want to save money doing it? DSIRE is a comprehensive source of information on state, local, utility, and federal incentives that promote renewable energy and energy efficiency. Just click on your state and take it from there.
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Meet Yuri

Yuri Kochiyama: held in an internment camp during WWII, cradled Malcolm X as he took his last breaths, raised six children, and has spent her life working towards radical social change. Last year she was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. Read an interview or listen to one, watch footage of her, or if you want more, there are two books and a couple documentaries about her life.
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And half of Iraq, the western, northern portion of Iraq, is going to be called…. the Iraq State of Islam, something like that.

Bachmann on Iran: “There’s already an agreement made. [Iran is] going to get half of Iraq and that is going to be a terrorist safe haven zone.” Claims made by Minnesota's freshman 6th district representative Michelle Bachmann during a taped interview. Bachmann is previously known for her compelling arguments in favor of intelligent design (YouTube), getting attacked in a Scanida bathroom, opposing same sex marriage, and, perhaps most famously, catching President Bush in an awesome death squeeze.
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Born to War

Born to War is a series of paintings of American women killed in Iraq. The combination of the increasing role of women in the American military and the blurring of lines between combat and non-combat roles in Iraq have made this the first war in which female US soldiers have died in direct combat. The focus on a smaller number of women provides a more approachable view of casualties than more general sites like Iraq Body Count and raises some interesting questions about the role of women in the US military.
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Newspaper Blackout Poems

Newspaper Blackout Poems "So much thrives on facsimile that when you see the real deal, it has none of the passion and feels like a desperate pose."
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Pink fix !

Chile Pepper's Lonely Endorphins Club Cinema: I, II, III

Can all this be explained by Dr. Paul Rozin's Benign Masochism / Constrained Risk theory? I, for one, am not buying it, but any way you slice it, hot cock sauce is here to stay.
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What Does Marsellus Wallace Look Like?

Say What Again [audio NSFW] Pulp Fiction dialogue done with motion typography. [via]
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Life Illustrated

The Illustration Portfolio of Lauren Simkin Burke. See also the Drawing of the Day.
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The Twilight Years

Indian Government proposes bill to penalize children for neglecting their aged parents.
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Cheney moves into the crosshairs

Resolved, that Richard B. Cheney, vice president of the United States, should be impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors and that these articles of impeachment be submitted to the American people. If the evidence presented at the Scooter Libby trial was not already enough of an indictment of Real Journalism in the U.S. mainstream media (when it falls to New Yorker magazine to break the really big stories) it takes a magazine with the political prowess of GQ (and bloggers) to make a cohesive case for action against most unconstitutionally powerful Vice President in U.S. history. Those following the Libby case closely are beginning to realize that the Plame leak prosecution is anything but over. With a guilty verdict for Perjury and Obstruction of Justice, Libby would effectively be removed from being a defense witness in any forthcoming charges against Cheney. Fitzgerald still has Sealed v Sealed in his back pocket and it is now beginning to dawn on some that it indicts not Rove, but Cheney. Hat's off to Emptywheel for seeing this as far back as Oct. 30th, 2005: Tricky Fitzgerald!! He's been hiding Dick right in the middle of his Libby indictment. Now with a job approval rating in the teens the Curse of Dick Cheney continues. (Interesting to note that both New Yorker and GQ are owned by Conté Nast)
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When even Dave Sim finds you weird...

Dave Sim gets a book proposal from a furry.
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Havidol® (avafynetyme HCl, 20mg tablets & suppositories) When more is not enough.
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Qui custodiet ipsos custodes?

"I think that the appetite for me is to make a movie that feels more like Taxi Driver than like Fantastic Four."
Zack Snyder talks about his upcoming Watchmen adaptation, which may start filming this summer.
But some fans couldn't wait: 1, 2, 3 (youtube)
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Best openings of essays/academic works

Best opening (or closing) paragraphs of academic works, a discussion at Crooked Timber. (This is of course different from first lines of novels, as discussed here, there, and elsewhere.
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February 22

Night at the Museum

Cartoon and classic painting mash-ups. The beginners' entries.
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Blowing up the universe.

How to blow up the Earth (with a coffee can), and why we should, along with some discussion of how it is done in fiction. Blowing up the moon (and how the US nearly did in 1958, with the help of Carl Sagan), and lots of reasons why, including one in song [YouTube]. How to blow up a star. How we might accidentally blow up the universe in November. [prev. discussion of Earth destruction]
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New blog by emusic employees.

17 Dots is a new blog by employees of emusic. Not much there yet but for MeFites who use the service, this looks like it could prove handy for keeping on top of what's worth checking out.
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Hot Summer Days and Cosmic Rays: Skyfish Revealed

Skyfish have been well documented on the interweb. Want to capture your own as a pet? Lure them into your home by replicating their natural environment. Warning: three Youtube links and only the third is really cool, but at least they're all pretty short. Related.
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Schmiss and make up

A modern eyewitness account of secretive ritualized duelling known as "academic fencing". Its stylized format has changed little since Mark Twain observed it. Despite dubious legality it is alive and well in German universities. The raison d'être of this swordplay is the creation of a schmiss or duelling scar. These scars are considered by the bearers as a mark of courage and nobility, and by outsiders as an indication of semi-latent Nazi tendencies. In March a medical conference is beng held for the first time in Freiburg, for doctors who tend to duelling injuries.
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The decline of rape aka feel free to walk on my lawn

The three-decade decline in teenage and young-adult rape accompanies huge drops in all crimes -- murder, assault, drug abuse and property -- committed by youth... Women's rapidly rising status and economic independence in the larger society fostered new attitudes and laws that rejected violence against women. That younger people growing up in this environment of greater gender equality should show the biggest decreases in rape, while older generations lag behind, is consistent with this explanation... Over the last 30 years, rape arrest rates have fallen by 80% among Californians under age 15, much larger than the 25% drop among residents age 40 and older.
The decline of rape
So, kids today are different.
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The Iraq Effect: The War in Iraq and its Impact on the War on Terrorism. "The war has inspired a wave of terrorism around the world. Excluding Iraq and Afghanistan, the number of jihadist attacks has jumped 35 percent in the past four years. A Mother Jones exclusive study by Peter Bergen and Paul Cruickshank."
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No, not Britney; the pointy kind

Chimpanzees have Learned to Hunt with Spears. While it may not quite be on the level of Dolphins Evolve Opposable Thumbs, it's probably at least a half-step on the "we-are-so-screwed" ladder.
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Subscriptions for Disaster

“We’re selling magazines to earn points in a contest to win a trip abroad,” begins the standard spiel. At any given moment there are roughly 2,500 of these fresh-faced teens travelling across the USA hawking subscriptions for periodicals door to door. Welcome to the violent exploitative world of the Magazine Crews. via
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Mo Rocca

Mo Rocca: Mo Rocca, former Daily Show correspondent and wandering funnyman, has begun blogging and vlogging for AOL News.
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The scholarship on whether Pythagoras wrote "Beans, Beans, the Musical Fruit" remains inconclusive.

Everything you know about Pythagoras is wrong (except the bit about the beans). Less the golden-thighed Einstein of the Ancient World and more the L. Ron Hubbard of Magna Graecia. [Last link has some rude words]
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Hamid Dabashi shows how the cover of 'Reading Lolita in Tehran' symbolises the way anti-Iranian propaganda is formed in the U.S. works

The cover of 'Reading Lolita in Tehran' symbolises the way anti-Iranian propaganda in the U.S. works:
The original picture from which this cover is excised is lifted off a news report during the parliamentary election of February 2000 in Iran. In the original picture, the two young women are in fact reading the leading reformist newspaper Mosharekat. Azar Nafisi and her publisher may have thought that the world is not looking, and that they can distort the history of a people any way they wish. But the original picture from which this cover steals its idea speaks to the fact of this falsehood.

The cover of Reading Lolita in Tehran is an iconic burglary from the press, distorted and staged in a frame for an entirely different purpose than when it was taken. In its distorted form and framing, the picture is cropped so we no longer see the newspaper that the two young female students are holding in their hands, thus creating the illusion that they are "Reading Lolita"--with the scarves of the two teenagers doing the task of "in Tehran." In the original picture the two young students are obviously on a college campus, reading a newspaper that is reporting the latest results of a major parliamentary election in their country. Cropping the newspaper, their classmates behind them, and a perfectly visible photograph of President Khatami--the iconic representation of the reformist movement--out of the picture and suggesting that the two young women are reading "Lolita" strips them of their moral intelligence and their participation in the democratic aspirations of their homeland, ushering them into a colonial harem.
Read Hamid Dabashi's full essay 'Native informers and the making of the American empire.'
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What goes around comes around

Krazy... Katheists? We see plenty of stories about religion in schools crossing the line. For good reason -- it's pretty topical. This time, though, it's an atheist teacher who crosses the line.
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The Wisdom of Solomon

Wake County, NC: Solomon Kamil invited to speak at a public school in Raleigh tells the students to shun Muslims "You may be excited that you found the 'tall, dark, and handsome man' you have been looking for. His sweet words and attention may blind you regarding the power, importance, and influence of his culture and Islamic faith."
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The darkest thing about Africa has always been our ignorance of it.

I'd like you to meet Africa. It's a continent. You probably don't hear about it a lot in the news. That's because there's only like a billion people who live there. Global Voices has some further background on one news organization's quest to inform the masses about this little-known land.
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Conan O'Brien HD Bumpers!

Late Night with Conan O'Brien Bumper Art Site, mostly from HD TV screencaps. [Personal faves: 1, 2, 3.]
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The Computer Generated Song Hye Kyo

The making of the Korean Actress "Song Hye Kyo" by Max Edwin Wahyudi. Computer graphics have come a hell of a long way.
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World's Largest Hockey Rink

A set of ideal conditions earlier this week -- cold weather, little wind and snow -- created a large skating rink. On Lake Superior. Beautifully clear (YouTube - minor swearing if you're at work). Ever skate for a mile? Cracks on the ice. With sound (YouTube). And of course, hockey (YouTube). Or maybe just some skating and kite flying (YouTube). Duluth News Tribune's story. (With annoying registration but nice photo gallery)
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A very public breakup

The break up on Valentine's Day, with a crowd of hundreds and an a capella Dixie Chicks song thrown in for good measure.
A University of North Carolina student, in front of an invited audience, splits up with his girlfriend (who goes to NC State) in the "pit". All of this recorded and YouTubed for your entertainment.
Bonus feature: View a different angle and an interview with the breaker upper.
News item found via the London Metro of all places.
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Why is this man screaming?

Why is this man screaming? Maybe because it's a Mad World.
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The punk from Novobrisk

Yanka (Янка) Dyagileva (1966-1991) was one of the foremost members of the former USSR's magnitizdat circuit. Albeit overshadowed in time by the likes of Vysotsky, she (along with longtime collaborators Grazhdanskaya Oborona [Civil Defence]) played a mixture of folk and punk: raw, unrelenting and angry. Sadly, the greatest memorial to her on the web is entirely in Russian, but offers interest to even those that do not speak the language: her complete discography is available for download, a bevy of photographs providing an inside look into the late 80's underground music scene in the USSR (...and the penalties for participating in it), and some tablatures if you ever just want to play along. She's even got a Myspace profile.
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Climate Change

Scientists claim that cosmic rays from outer space play a far greater role in changing the Earth's climate than global warming experts previously thought. For a demonstration of how cosmic rays affect cloud formation, you can build a Cloud Chamber.
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February 21

Lots and lots of books

The digital book index
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Virus, a flash based tile game

Virus is a very simple, addictive flash game; using the colors available to you at the bottom of the screen, convert all the tiles on the board into a single color. Similar colored connecting tiles become part of the viral mass. Via.
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Planetary Maintenance Engineer

Planetary Maintenance Engineer
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Imaginary Homelands

Imaginary places in detail: Start with a wonderful overview of megastructures in science fiction and examine a dictionary of 76 locations from recent fantasy novels. Then move on to the interactive maps: Mordor, Narnia, the Simpson's Springfield, England as seen in many stories, New York in fiction, Lovecraft's New England, maps from almost any video game, Star Trek, the Marvel Universe, and the DC Universe.
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Quel Pays

Nazi collaborator buried in France with his Légion d'honneur medals.
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Recent Kitchen Comments

Recent comments about the food. Oklahoma University has turned their complaints about campus dining into one of the most hilarious blogs on the internets! IT WASN"T COOKED! Awesome.
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Free music files and notes

music files is a neat site I found while looking for information on a classical piece I'm learning on guitar. It seems to predominantly cover classical music but also covers other genres. It has biographies, mp3s, sheet music and so on.
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Impressive, Hoopz. Your dribbling has gotten much better in the past few weeks.

Tales of Game's Studios Presents Chef Boyardee's Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden, Chapter 1 of the Hoopz Barkley SaGa. [youtube trailer] disclaimer: I haven't actually played it. The title & idea alone seemed amusing enough for it to be worthwhile posting.
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Beware Young People

A CNN scare piece on the rise of teen "sport killings" lead off with the story of a group of teenagers who brutally murdered a homeless man and then blamed it on violent video games. Penny Arcade's Gabe responded with an equally inflammatory, though tongue-in-cheek, post blaming the parents.

It seemed like just another case of the media rushing to blame video games while the truth lay somewhere else. It turns out that the stepmother of one of the murderers is an avid reader of Penny Arcade and she emailed them with the real, unreported story. (you'll need to scroll down for both Penny Arcade posts)
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‘Embarrassment before dishonor!’

Man thinks the screams from neighbors porn is rape, breaks down door armed with a cavalry saber.
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Climate change policy

Everyone complains about the weather, but nobody does anything about it. What are the climate change policy options? Paul Krugman on tax-shifting. William Nordhaus on carbon taxes vs. cap-and-trade (PDF). Mark Jaccard, Nic Rivers, and Matt Horne note that in Canada, voluntary measures and subsidies haven't worked, and propose a detailed policy package (PDF). [more inside]
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That's going straight to the pool room

What should we get Erich for his birthday? How about a desk set with a radio, a thermometer disguised as a TV mast, a clock topped with a tank, a calendar, and four ballpoint pens disguised as missiles. Iconographia socialistica from the GDR.
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Mohammed Riaz, 49, found it abhorrent that his eldest daughter wanted to be a fashion designer, and that she and her sisters were likely to reject the Muslim tradition of arranged marriages.

So he sprayed petrol throughout their terraced British home in Accrington, Lancashire, and set it alight, killing his wife and four daughters while they slept in an honor killing for being "too Western."
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"We're an American Bund"

"That is an American salute?" "It will be." n July 1935 Heinz Spanknobel's Friends of New Germany (FONG) established Camp Siegfried in "Yip Yip" Yaphank, Long Island (postcard). The Camp Siegfried Special left Penn Station every Sunday at 8:00; tens of thousands of summer campers enjoyed Nazi salutes, Nazi rallies, and Nazi swimming. [more inside]
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"It was just six years of my life."

WANTED: The Limping Lady. The Gestapo's poster read "She is one of the most valuable Allied agents in France and we must find and destroy her" but Virginia Hall, who used a prosthetic limb after losing a leg years before in a hunting accident, eluded them and saved countless Allied lives while working as a spy during WWII. Additional biographical information, as well as the biographies of other famous female spies, at WWII Female Spies (which has many outgoing links to other great informational resources about female spies in WWII).
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The Red Army Choir vs The Mormon Tabernacle Choir. (hypothetical) Battle of the Century.
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Good Luck.

Craig Ferguson of The Late Late Show gives Britney Spears some advice. (12:30m YouTube. It's a monologue. And it's not really about Britney all that much.)
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Coming soon to dirt near you.

Soon you may find yourself in the company of mushrooms. If you're curious about them, Mykoweb, Tom Volk's Fungi (especially his FOTM section), Fungal Jungal, David Fischer's American Mushrooms, MushroomExpert.com, BCERN's Matchmaker and the recently mentioned Roger's Mushrooms are remarkably handy, replete with descriptions and keys for reading up and identifying whether something growing in your yard is heavenly or hellish. The North American Mycological Association maintains a list of affiliated clubs, too, if you want to enlist help in identifying something.
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Web Something.0

iLike "provides a buddy-list for your iTunes - it helps you discover new artists based on what you're already listening to, and it helps you browse your friends' music libraries and share music suggestions with each other." Basically, there's an iTunes plugin (OSX only) that automatically sends your iTunes metadata to the iLike site to be shared with the community.
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You'll put your eye out

Before the repeating rifle, there was the repeating airgun. While most people consider the airgun a toy, it has an interesting history as a serious weapon. Now large bore airguns are seeing new interest amongst discerning gun collectors and hunters of big game.
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You think about sex. We do the rest.

Never mind the monkey! Wait til the open-dildonics community implements it. Some links NSFW, duh.
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“To me, clowns aren't funny. In fact, they're kind of scary. I've wondered where this started and I think it goes back to the time I went to the circus, and a clown killed my dad.”

Clown death.
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You had to live -- did live, from the habit that became instinct and the assumption that every sound you made was overheard.

For Your Eyes Only? Allegations that the government is reading your e-mails, with the help of AT&T. The latest episode of NOW did a good piece on the NSA's domestic surveillance program (previously discussed here.) It can be viewed on their website. Meanwhile, Canadian human rights attorney Maureen Webb has written a new book on the scope of government surveillance, and found that the use of sophisticated methods to search for terrorists is not identifying the right suspects.
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February 20

His gift survived it all

Today is the centenary of W.H. Auden, one of the greatest poets of the twentieth century. Why not commemorate it by attending one of the many events honoring the man and marking the day? Auden wrote about anything and everything; his poems addressed such topics as the advent of World War II ("September 1, 1939", which gained new resonance after 9/11), grief ("Funeral Blues", used to great effect in Four Weddings and a Funeral), physics ("After Reading a Child's Guide to Modern Physics"), commencement addresses ("Under Which Lyre: A Reactionary Tract for the Times") unrequited love ("The More Loving One"), and the way life goes on ("Musée des Beaux Arts"). [more inside]
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You think Aqua Teen Hunger Force are Terrists? Wait'll you see THIS!

You think these were bad? Wait till the terrists get these!
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That is to say there are things that we now know we don't know.

Donald Rumsfeld, Revealed - Parts 1 and 2. A nice, brief historical roundup of the man who - in the words of John McCain - is "one of the worst secretaries of defense in history."
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Claws and Combinatorics in the Ancient World

We've talked about the Archimedes death ray, but it is not the only mysterious ancient war machine the Greek scientist constructed. A contemporary Greek historian describes a wide number of clever devices developed by Archimedes during the siege of Syracuse by Roman forces - most notably a mysterious "Claw" that destroyed invading ships. You can see animations and scale models that attempt to reconstruct the Claw. Other, less-warlike, Archimedes secrets are being revealed as the Archimedes Palimpset, an overwritten text of some of the scientist's mathematical writings, has been gradually recovered using new techniques. Among the suprises is the Stomachion, a mathematical puzzle (tangrams, anyone?) and early discussion of combanitorics.
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Sex Toys are Just Like Prostitution

Sex Toys are Just Like Prostitution
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Ship in a Bottle

Got a few hundred hours to kill? (pdf) A Ship in a Bottle is a type of impossible bottle. No, not this Ship in a Bottle. Have you ever wondered how it gets in there? Or thought about building one yourself? Here's some tips and tricks. If you are not mechanically inclined, how about making a PSP version? Or, heck, just go buy one.
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Reliability vs. the Status Quo

In an attempt to address reliability problems with the M-16/M4 rifles currently employed by the US military, German arms manufacturer Heckler & Koch developed the H&K 416. Considered by many who have used it to be vastly more reliable than the current weapon systems, it seems like the Army would be interested in giving it a try. Unfortunately they aren't.
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Free music - SXSW 2007 artists

Tons of bands playing at this year's SXSW. Not going or going and don't know what to check out? They've put up a torrent of 739 MP3s by 739 artists. The organization also has plans for an upcoming torrent of trailers for scheduled films. {via waxy}
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I think it might be time to get my own cow - or goat.

What's in your milk? Estradiol, testoerone, and growth hormones (IGF-1) IGF-1 is what Fox News doesn't want you to know is in your milk.
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I LOVE sweaty basketball players!

George Takei responds to Tim Hardaway's recent comments.
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Bill Richardson forms exploratory committee, nobody cares

Matthew Yglesias: Bill Richardson--former ambassador to the UN, former Energy Secretary, and current governor of New Mexico--is "clearly more qualified for the White House than anyone else in the race," so why isn't anyone paying attention to his candidacy? Includes link to a recent speech by Richardson on foreign policy at CSIS.
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Who's boning your mother?

Greenpeace doesn't know it has a new ad campaign that asks "Who's f***ing Mother Earth," but their logo is on it. The copywriter admits he hasn't told the organization yet about the ads he's designed in their name. "It's probably not legal, but there's too much paperwork, meetings and phone calls involved to get the campaign approved in time for Earth Day," he explains. "I figure Greenpeace is too busy getting sued by conglomerates to bother suing a few people who are trying to promote the cause. They can always officially deny the vulgarity."
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An Unlimited Supplyyyyyyyyyyyy

The Big Four Become to Become the Big Three? EMI confirms Warner Music takeover offer.
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All about our six- (and eight-, and no-) legged friends.

Circus of the Spineless [more inside].
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Drew Marshall

Drew Marshall hosts Canada's "most listened to" spiritual radio program. As a former pastor who is fed up with phony church culture, he does an interesting job of critiquing North American Christianity from the inside. This fair-minded interview with Richard James, the high priest of the Wiccan Church of Canada, is worth a listen, as is the longest interview ever recorded with the late James Brown. Those unfamiliar with Marshall can get a feel for his style by watching his interview on 100 Huntley Street, a Canadian Christian talk show. It aired only once and was then pulled due to the ensuing controversy.
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The Cave Castle

The Castle in Front of the Cave is, unsurprisingly, a castle in Slovenia fully integrated with a cave system; built in several stages beginning in the 13th century, the castle serves as the front to a large network of caves in the side of a mountain. This excellent flickr photoset has plenty more detail about the castle's history, defense systems & more. For those who want more detail, a series of QTVR panoramic images of the insides of the castle available on this Slovenian site. Via.
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Contemporary Art and the End of Japanese Whaling

The Nisshin Maru is on fire. After being rammed by the Greenpeace Ship Sunrise, chased and harassed by anti-whaling activist Captain Paul Watson, and playing set to contemporary artist Matthew Barney's film Drawing Restraint 9 (which co-starred Barney's wife Bjork), the Nisshin Maru, flagship of Japan's whaling fleet has been crippled by an onboard fire fueled by whale oil, spelling a possible end to whaling in Japan.
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Trippy Dogs

Looking Rather Unworldly, the pharaoh hound, believed by some to have originated in Egypt, is the National Hound of Malta and is claimed by the Maltese. This love of hunting is used to advantage in lure coursing, which seems like a blast, for the dogs. They are the only breed in the sighthound group never to place at the Westminster Kennel Club's dog show.
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One link youtube post

Youtube stars NSFW MC Mack, Little ***king Kev and Ginger Joe getting more fame then they could have possibly imagined. More inside...
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Crime doesn't pay.

Tighter restrictions on damage awards. The two questions presented to the U.S. Supreme Court centered on whether or not the highly reprehensible conduct of a defendant is analogous to a crime and can "override" the constitutional requirement that punitive damages be reasonably related to the plaintiffs harm. The answer is no. (21 page pdf) Held: 1. A punitive damages award based in part on a jury’s desire to punish a defendant for harming nonparties amounts to a taking of property from the defendant without due process. The majority: Roberts, Alito, Kennedy, Souter, and Breyer. Dissenting: Ginsburg, Scalia, Stevens, and Thomas.
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Ben and Nate do Asia...

Ben and Nate do Asia...or does Asia do them? Ben and Nate are a couple of food and wine freaks on a mission from God: to find the best bowl of noodles in Asia...if they survive to tell about it.
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Ahh, the Chocolate Chip Cookie

Ahh, the quest for the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe. The classic stands as the benchmark: but are there better? Many think so: Sherry Yard, David Lebovitz, the folks at Cooking Illustrated, Martha Stewart, Hillary Clinton, beloved New York bakeries, intrepid webloggers. Alton Brown in an episode of Good Eats shows how to get them thin, puffy, or chewy. Cookbook after cookbook and competition after competition try to ferret out the best of this american icon. Web recipe sites have their own favorites. Some people swear by secret ingredients: cornstarch, pudding (which has cornstarch in it), oats, great chocolate. Two thirds of Americans prefer their chocolate chip cookies "nutless." Others find technique of greatest importance. Is there any end to this quest for one of baking's holy grails?
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"You get what you pay for." - Mercedes-Benz S-Class ad.

Jet Blue Unveils its Image Revival/Damage Control Plan. The low-fare airline rolled out a customer bill of rights Tuesday that promises vouchers to fliers who experience delays in a move it hopes will win back passengers after an operational meltdown damaged its brand and stock price.
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The Train of Reconciliation

The Samjhauta Express was fire-bombed yesterday night, killing 68 people as of now, of which 17 have been identified. Two of the suspectsfaces have been released to the media, and the governments of the two countries (India and Pakistan) have vowed to work together, for the time being at least. Further fears of attacks have increased security at Railway stations, and the Bus service from Delhi to Lahore.
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Whatever you call it, it goes best with free pancakes!

Happy National Pancake Day! Shrove Tuesday, Fat Tuesday (or Mardi Gras), Paczki Day, Sprengidagur (Bursting Day)... Whatever you call it, today is the liturgical equivalent of a foodie free-for-all. Today is the last day before the season of Lent so Christians are supposed to only eat the plainest of foods for the next forty days. To celebrate it's time to use up all the eggs and milk and flour. What better way than to make a steamy stack of pancakes, or Paczkis or doughnuts? Better yet, head to IHOP tonight for a free stack of their pancakes.
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Not just for weight loss any more!

The fascinating world of the tapeworm. Everyone has heard of these parasites, but what do you really know? Not much, if you get your medical information from House. They are a menace to pets as well as humans, but they may have some hidden benefits. They have even been discussed on MeFI before! Is there anything they can't do?
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"I am very glad I live where I do, so I don't have to run for my life like this man probably was doing."

These are links I found a long time ago, and they're all sorta old, but it's nice to know they're available whenever I want a refresher on the physiological implications of travel in an airplane wheelwell, generally because yet another poor dead stowaway has made the news. That first Slate link is short and sweet and sums it up pretty well, but, for those of you who want more details, here is a PDF of an FAA report on the subject.
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Ashbourne Royal Shrovetide Football

Royal Shrovetide Football is a traditional ball game played each year in Ashbourne, Derbyshire on a 'pitch' three miles long, lasting the two days of Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday. It's been going since at least 1683 and likely much earlier.

After a ceremonial rendition of Auld Lang Syne and God Save The Queen, the cork-filled ball is thrown from the starting plinth into the crowd, and then it's the Up'ards versus the Down'ards, forming giant scrums (or 'hugs') of people moving up and down the River Henmore, with the aim of 'goaling the ball' at their respective goal post.
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Johnny Storm: Revealed.

Flame wars as psychopathology. What's behind those flaming hot e-mails or UseNet flame wars or MetaFilter comments?. Perhaps, as John Suler suggested, there are a number of factors, including dissociative anonymity, invisibility, asynchronicity, solipsistic introjection (altered self-boundaries), dissociative imagination, and minimzation of authority, as he discussed in his fascinating 2004 paper (note: .pdf). Is there, as the NY Times piece asks, "a design flaw inherent in the interface between the brain’s social circuitry and the online world"? Flaming previously covered by MeFi here, here, here, and of course, here.
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February 19

For gardeners, by gardeners

Dave's Garden is a website where roughly a quarter of a million gardeners and farmers exchange plants and seeds, horticultural tips, photos of produce, and garden diaries. It also offers PlantFiles (an online plant database), Garden Watchdog (a merchant list that aggregates site members' ratings), Garden Bookworm (members rate books), BugFiles (about bugs) and PlantScout (helps you find a nursery that has the plant you want). Dave apparently likes to coin words, as there's also a Gardenology (glossary) and a Botanary.
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Second City is still second...

Politcal cartoons... not quite ready for prime time.
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Is there anybody out there...

Bridging the digital divide - The ubiquitious cellphone has been recognized as a key tool for the social and economic development for many at the bottom of the pyramid - Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr Yunus' GrameenPhone received an award in a category that didn't exist last year - "Best Use of Mobile for Social & Economic Development" for their Healthline project at the recently concluded 3GSM Congress in Barcelona last week. Another winner was the ultra low cost Motofone which was designed after two years of research into the needs of the rural and urban poor in India. We need many more such applications available for the "other 4 billion" if this bridge is to be built across the divide.
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Falling out of the sky.

A somber video with music purporting to show the downing of a US helicopter surfaces on the New York Times and YouTube. Some background here.
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BBC's documentary: Iran, the most understood country, by Rageh Omaar

Watch BBC's documentary: Iran, the least understood country (Google video | Torrent) Rageh Omaar discovers that Iran is a country that bans women from riding motorcycles but where 60 per cent of the student population is female. There are stories of taxi drivers, wrestlers, business women, people working with drug addicts and the country's leading pop star and his manager - the 'Simon Cowell' of Iran. Read his article in the Sunday Times.
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Be the hamster ball

Hamster-ific! If you're tired of blowing up aliens or your roommates in Unreal Tournament 2004, you can switch gears and play a game in which you're the hamster, complete with your very own hamster ball.
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A behind-the-music style look at the people behind embarrassing internet video memes

The Prisoners of YouTube is a pretty good longish article on all the reluctant internet video celebs, including Star Wars Kid, Afroninja, the Numa Numa Kid, and more. It's an interesting look at the downside of unwarranted attention and how a few people have turned these embarrassing moments in the sun to their advantage.
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What does it all mean?

This site is very strange and very lovely.
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"This is a congregation of Antichrists"

Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda believes he is the Apostle Paul. Or Jesus. Or maybe the antichrist. Many disagree, but he and his purported thousands of followers continue to present their case.
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And I don't even like rugby that much...

Haka is a type of ritual performance native to Aotearoa. Occurring before battles or peacetime ceremonies, it is less of a "war chant" than a way of fiercely asserting group solidarity while referring to a specific ancestry or significant event. The best known haka are probably the versions practiced by the New Zealand All Blacks: Ka Mate and, more recently, Kapa O Pango. More than just a traditional dance, haka has been an important element of the Maori Renaissance- the revival of language, culture and arts that has occurred since the re-affirmation of the Treaty of Waitangi (and has recently come under attack). For the All Blacks, haka now connects both Maori and Pakeha (outsider) players through a shared history and physical discipline, although this was not always the case. Nevertheless, the haka can make a powerful impression, particularly when someone answers in kind.
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Chasing the Virtual Carrot

The Hamster Ball for Gamers
The VirtuSphere is a fully immersive virtual reality sphere that enables free movement in any direction for military and first-responder training (gaming), tourism (gaming), education (gaming), real estate walk-throughs (gaming), the possibilities are only limited by your imagination (gaming). You can run, jump, walk or otherwise locomote (i.e. roll a wheelchair) through an endless virtual world. And look like a total dork doing it but who cares? The videos make it look totally badass and fun and great exercise too! Though I do wonder what happens if/when you trip and biff.
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We all have some Hitler in us, too

An Estimate of the Number of Shakespeare's Atoms in a Living Human Being
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Location Location Location

Fat MRI shows the difference between subcutaneous and deep body fat, and makes some distinctions beyond just apple/pear. Here's another article, same site. I originally found this strange image searching for info on health effects of fat/red meat depending on whether it's mainly pastured as frequently discussed here or mainly unnaturally fed (as per Omnivore's Dilemma.)
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Call Marcel! Call Marcel! Call before the school bell... ring?

New York's Quiet Library Sketch Comedy Group calls UCB Theatre their home, and they offer their videos online as well as a podcast - my favorite clips are Marcel the French Rapper, Perfectly Aligned and Roofie Roulette. [last link NSFW]
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Proof that guys think with their...?

Researchers have discovered men with an unusual form of dementia have a higher rate of vasectomy than men the same age who are cognitively normal. Okay, so maybe it should be that men think with their cojones? But will this be enough of a risk to outweigh the declared benefits of this procedure?
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On the seventh day He... umm... enjoyed a puppet show, maybe?

The Hands of God. Alyson Levy visited a Christian puppetry camp and made a short documentary out of it (direct links to parts 1, 2, 3, and 4).
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J.J. Grandville

Very odd illustrations from caricaturist J.J. Grandville's 1868 book L'Exposition de l'Avenir. More oddities from 1829's Les Métamorphoses Du Jour (some in color here), and lots of delightful garden scenes from his 1847 classic Les Fleurs Animees (vol 1, vol 2). Some consider Grandville one of the earliest proto-surrealists. [more Grandville links in this great post at BibliOdyssey]
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See a nova in Scorpius

"A Naked-Eye Nova in Scorpius" - Scorpius, the constellation home to M4, has a nova visible to the naked eye. Skytonight.com has a cool javascript almanac for you to see when it will be most visible for where you live.
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Stuffed Meat.

Sweet Meats are the perfect stuffed meat to decorate your home.
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Next Up: Nuclear waste reefs

Artificial reef off Fort Lauderdale coast now an ecological disaster. Then: A 1972 Goodyear news release proclaimed the reef would "provide a haven for fish and other aquatic species,' and noted the "excellent properties of scrap tires as reef material.' Now: "They're a constantly killing coral destruction machine."
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The deadliest weapon on earth!!1!

Beware of the flying guillotine! supposedly created for the emperor Yung Cheng of the Qing dynasty, the flying guillotine was featured in some of the strangest martial arts movies of the 70s and even challenged the not-so-legendary one armed boxer (not to be confused with the really legendary one armed swordsman).
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interest = hotness x camwhore factor x craziness

A beginner's guide to faking your death on the internet - a post without an omg is a post incomplete. (YouTube alert - via Borklog)
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Solar technology roadmap

Cheap solar power poised to undercut oil and gas. The "tipping point" will arrive when the capital cost of solar power falls below $1 per watt, roughly the cost of carbon power.
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Then and Now

McCain: I would not support repeal of Roe vs. Wade, Back then our hero said keep abortiion rights. Now, though, with the gift of a more mature perspective (and a hankering for power), he says: McCain: Roe V. Wade Should Be Overturned
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Jazztube.com has hundreds of great jazz performances in one place
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Space 199NOW

We could wait for NASA to build that permanent moon base they keep promising. Or we could just turn our apartments on earth into our own moon bases, space ships, or spy pads.
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You got to slide down slow in the middle, and rock from side to side.

Hailed as the first major development in bicycle design for 150 years, ladies and gentlemen, it's the Sideways Bike.
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Iris scam. Iris scan

Iridology may be bogus science, but it appears that the eyes really could windows to the soul as Swedish researchers reveal it may be possible to read a person's personality from their irises.
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This is just nuts.

The word “scrotum” does not often appear in polite conversation. Yet there it is on the first page of “The Higher Power of Lucky,” by Susan Patron, this year’s winner of the Newbery Medal, the most prestigious award in children’s literature. Apparently this is a problem for some librarians and parents.
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the war you don't see

Iraq: The Hidden Story is a very interesting 48 minute Channel 4 report on the news you see and the news you don't. Not for the squeamish. via
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Turn and cough

The Vija Celmins of scrotal art (NSFW).
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February 18

Cannibal Holocaust.

Gang rape. Animal cruelty. Exploitation. Cannibalism. Put these elements together and you have Cannibal Holocaust, arguably one of the most well known exploitation films ever made. [Some of the following links are arguably NSFW]. Released in 1980, Cannibal Holocaust was a film so shockingly violent that it saw director Ruggero Deodato arrested by Italian authorities on the mistaken belief that he had made a snuff film and saw it being banned in almost every western country in the world for the actual deaths of several animals in the film. Although Deodato now regrets the introduction of the animals and although this ban has now been lifted in many of the countries that originally censored it, the horror of this landmark film is still as powerful as it ever was, a point evidenced by the often visceral reviews the film has garnered in its time. Whilst an official sequel has never been made (there have been at least two unofficial sequels), following his cameo appearance in Grindhouse movie Hostel II, Deodato has said an official sequel is in the works with an expected release date of 2009.
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The Design Disease

The Design Disease "People with the disease will always choose books by their covers."
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Oh Word!

The 50 most underplayed and under-appreciated rap tracks according to ohword.com, all in one download. Some of my favorite hip-hop music blogs. For those who aren't hip-hop fans, an exhaustive list of MP3 blogs.
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Caffiene with a conscience

Just Coffee is a vertically-integrated coffee cooperative with a mission to provide the training and resources to create a sustainable small-scale international coffee company fully owned and controlled by the coffee growers. Could they also provide a model solution for the immigration problem?
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From the Subway to Noggin

Jack's Big Music Show features Nuttin' But Stringz , an extremely talented duo featuring Damien and Tourie Escobar, Julliard-school violinists and brothers who kick out some amazing Hip-hop/R&B tracks. They're most recently featured as an interstitial musical performance on Jack's Big Music Show, my daughter's favorite show on Noggin, a cable channel from Nickelodeon aimed specifically at preschoolers. N.B.S joins other Jack's favorites like Laurie Berkner and the Flaming Lips (who tear up the dance floor with guest singer-songwriter Steve Burns, who you may or may not remember as Steve from Blue's Clues). You don't have to be a preschooler to enjoy the show or the music. N.B.S., in particular, were recently featured on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, the Ellen Show, as well as making an appearance at the Apollo Theater. Amazon has some listen links if you want to check them out. The track featured on Noggin is "Thunder".
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Look into my Lies

Everybody loves Zombies. Everybody loves killing Zombies. Nobody wants to suddenly wake up surrounded by Zombies. Not when you thought you were just playing a video game.
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Huge classic car find in barn in Portugal

Imagine you live in Portugal and you're moving into a lovely farm house on a large swath of land. The place has been empty for 15 years! While exploring your new property you find a large barn in the trees. The door is padlocked shut and its all rusted solid. so you grind the padlock open... [more inside]
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The strangest election ever

There's about to be an election (pdf) in the British Parliament's second chamber, the House of Lords. Not an election where the public can choose their lawmakers: that's still a matter of debate. No, one of the 92 hereditary Lords has died, and those of his party colleagues that remain get to choose another hereditary peer to take his place. So the election, in which only hereditary peers registered as Conservatives can stand, will be decided by the votes of the 47 Conservative hereditary peers still clinging to the twig. And just to make sure it's properly democratic - the vote is by proportional representation.
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Dylan was a poseur

Nueva Cañcion: Starting in Chile in the 50's and spreading through Latin America through the 60's and 70's, Nueva Cañcion celebrated liberation movements, and took inspiration from indigenous folk music traditions as well as the international folk revival of the time. Listen to some audio examples and watch a few videos on youtube.
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"Awful Poo Lady" herself full of crap

Gillian McKeith banned from calling herself 'Dr'. Gillian McKeith, a "nutritionist" who has had several UK TV series, endless adverts for health supplements and sex pills, has for years used her title of Doctor to persuade people that she actually knows what she's talking about. Except now, thanks to the Advertising Standards Authority, she's no longer allowed to call herself a Doctor. I guess non-accredited correspondence-course PhDs and the membership of the American Association of Nutritional Consultants, something that a dead cat can be a member of for the princely sum of $60, doesn't actually mean much after all.
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Veterans' Health Care

Soldiers Face Neglect, Frustration At Army's Top Medical Facility. The Iraq war has transformed Walter Reed into "a holding ground for physically and psychologically damaged outpatients." Meanwhile, despite predictions that the cost of medical care for veterans will skyrocket, the Bush administration apparently plans to cut funding for veterans' health care. Tired of waiting for the government, more people are taking the initiative in developing alternative facilities to help veterans.
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"Would it be possible to translate Finnegan's Wake or Moby Dick entirely into dingbats, whim-whams and clip art?"

White-o-glyphics. The idea: "If we took all the common graphic symbols floating around nowadays, would we have enough to make a viable hieroglyphic language? Would it be possible to translate Finnegan's Wake or Moby Dick entirely into dingbats, whim-whams and clip art?" Matthew White makes the effort to find out.
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I believe I will, I believe I will

Waffle House Family and other classics are now available for listening in the comfort of your own home via online jukebox. No longer must you drive the darkness of the American Highway seeking that 24-hour beacon of yellow squares; no longer suck your sweet tea from the straw as you seek out original Waffle House tunes while waiting for your hash browns (scattered, smothered, and covered, of course) to arrive. Mary Welch Rogers, wife of House founder Joe Rogers, is one of several artists who recorded Waffle House-themed songs for the fast-food chain's jukeboxes. Most were penned by Buckner and Garcia of Pac Man Fever. While you're at it, visit the shrine, and enjoy David Wilcox's song about feel the peace that's cooked in grease.
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But wait for Lou...

Mr. Deity!
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Hark upon the gale

It's been a rough first two years for new William and Mary president Gene Nichol. First, he reluctantly let go of a beloved logo. Then, he removed a cross from a chapel in America's oldest academic building. Some students and alumni revolted. One threatened to sue, others withheld donations. Nichol backtracked slightly, but to no avail. Outsiders weighed in. Dinesh D'Souza (previously on MeFi) came to campus to debate. Some students support Nichol and are tired of outside attacks. Maybe it wasn't the best timing for W&M to host the Sex Workers Art Show: conservatives are pissed.
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Baztab, Tehran-based news website in English

Baztab, an alternative Iranian news wesbite from Tehran, (feed) was launched last month. But last week, it defied Ahmadinejad's government's order to shut down its service.
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"Keep the tip"

"Up to about age 2, people can consistently regrow fingertips...." If you're older, try extract of pig-bladder. Or, if you don't mind the lupus, a Heber-Katz's Murphy Roths Large.
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Give the devil two black eyes!

Marjoe Gortner, world's youngest preacher kicked off his religious career by performing a marriage at the age of four and a half. Although he eventually left the evangelism gig and became a hippie, lack of cash led him to take it up again part time as an adult. That is, until a crisis of conscience precipitated a documentary where he exposed the business of evangelical ministry. "Marjoe" won the 1972 Oscar for "Best Documentary" and has been recently re-released. An interview with Marjoe. You tubery inside.
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Caramel Crème Latte Like Me

Are Africans Black? The population of African immigrants in the United States is rapidly growing. Since 1990, about 50,000 Africans have come to the United States annually, more than in any of the peak years of the international slave trade, which was abolished in 1807. They add to the steady influx of black immigrants from other continents and the Caribbean, and those who have been in the United States for generations but who don't racially and culturally define themselves as African American. These blacks feel cramped by the narrowness of American racial politics, in which "blackness" has not just defined one's skin color but has served as a code word for African American.
Maybe Not. After all, Obama's mother is of white U.S. stock. His father is a black Kenyan. Other than color, Obama did not - does not - share a heritage with the majority of black Americans, who are descendants of plantation slaves.... when black Americans refer to Obama as "one of us," I do not know what they are talking about. In his new book, "The Audacity of Hope," Obama makes it clear that, while he has experienced some light versions of typical racial stereotypes, he cannot claim those problems as his own - nor has he lived the life of a black American.
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helpdesks in history...

Introducing.... the Book.
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Foie Gras Ban

Hot dog joint hit with foie gras fine. The City of Chicago Health Department has issued a citation to a Northwest Side eatery (Hot Doug's, all all places!) for serving foie gras in voilation of the city ban. “People are actually dying from the cold, and I’m getting hassled because of some sausage,” owner Doug Sohn said Friday afternoon...
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Going with the flow...

Luigi Colani, Biomorphic Designer — This prolific master of plastic has been creating organically streamlined planes, trains, automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, ships, cities, homes, computers, cameras, televisions, furniture, pianos, ceramics, shoes, eyewearPDF, pens, airbrushes, and other wonderful stuff (including the kitchen sink) for some 60 years. Wherever you need to go, you can reach your final destination in Colani style. More designs here, here, here, and here. [Brits and touristas take note: London's Design Museum will host a Colani exhibition, Translating Nature, from March 3 to June 17, 2007. Bibliophiles can check out the book Colani: The Art of Shaping the Future.]
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February 17


AutismTown? Autism is a puzzling and disastrous disorder which has recently spread to affect 1 in 150, according to new government data; now there is a new non-profit "pixel-based" site to organize the community and fund research and services. A bit of a "who's who" in the field...
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This Is An Ex-Parrot!!! (And Maybe, Just Maybe, An Ex-Scammer)

Monty Python's Dead Parrot Sketch, Scammer-Style. (YouTube, approx. 7 mins.) The video was created by a Nigerian email scammer who thought he was producing a video for a victim he tried to scam. The victim fought back. Read the whole story (it's a long story, with many tangents, but fascinating) in two parts from 419 Eater: Part 1, Part 2. For reference, here's the original Monty Python Dead Parrot Sketch.
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Surrealish sites

If you enjoy strange art, you may like these artists' sites: Courtesy Max Szoc.
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Follow the links!

The Authoritarians - Robert Altemeyer's book on authoritarianism is freely available online [via]
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Re-release the Beast

Sampled by Daft Punk. They've been mentioned here before, sometimes disparagingly. Here, gathered and laid bare for all to see, are a collection of samples (primarily from their album Discovery) the House music duo have used. Depending on your view of them, this may shock or delight you.
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Open Source Dramatics!

Simplicity v. Complexity Torvalds strikes. López Godwins. Torvalds submits patches!
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In the Air Tonight

In The Air Tonight. Acapella R&B group Naturally 7 perform their version of the Phil Collins classic on a Paris Metro.
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Kids, the Internet, and the End of Privacy: The Greatest Generation Gap Since Rock and Roll

Kids today. They have no sense of shame. They have no sense of privacy. They are show-offs, fame whores, pornographic little loons who post their diaries, their phone numbers, their stupid poetry—for God’s sake, their dirty photos!—online. They have virtual friends instead of real ones. They talk in illiterate instant messages. They are interested only in attention—and yet they have zero attention span, flitting like hummingbirds from one virtual stage to another.
So goes the common wisdom but things in fact are more complex.
Say Everything
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Online Piracy: Both sides of the coin

One creative cartoonist claims that micropayments would virtually eliminate the problem of piracy. On the other hand, programmer Sean Barrett disagrees.
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...at the end of the day, we're specimens to be dissected, examined and studied so that you may teach a "lesson" that you view as important. ...

We Are Not Freaks --from Silber's Power of Narrative--and applicable to all who fall outside the norms.
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RIP Larkin.

Ryan Larkin [1943-2007]
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Is this why Britney shaved her head?

Edward 40hands. No, not Edward Scissorhands, Edward 40hands. That's right, I said Edward 40hands. An interview with Edward 40hands. (you tube, NSFW, swearing) One difficulty in becoming Edward 40hands. (you tube, NSFW, bathroom humor) The Edwina 40hands Beauty Contest.(you tube) A Modest Proposal. Certainly, the future of our civilization is in sure and (sort of) steady hands. I have to pee.(google video)(pee humor)
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working together

How can you have a normal life when you have to share your body with a conjoined twin? Some do remarkably well
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Talkin' dictionaries at Google.

I know you people like words and language, and I know you like Google, so when I found a clip of Erin McKean giving a talk about dictionaries at Google, I thought "Normally, I wouldn't watch a 54-minute video of someone giving a talk, but this one was really interesting, and maybe my fellow MeFites will think the same thing." (Be sure and stick around for the Q&A session at the end; Google people, as you might expect, ask really interesting questions.) Erin McKean is not only the editor of The New Oxford American Dictionary, she's got a dressmaking blog. And if you don't feel like watching a video right now, here's a transcript of an hour-long online chat at Wordsmith.Org from a couple years ago. (Video link via Taccuino di traduzione.)
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Converting Garbage into Energy

Mr Fusion - coming soon. Startech Environmental Corporation's "Plasma Converter" works like "the big bang in reverse," creating nothing out of something. With the ability to break down any type of material (other than nuclear waste) into component molecules and and actually generate energy in the process, we may be at the twilight of the landfill industry. Via.
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Peeking opera

With apologies to the European masters [ARTY NUDITY] Beijing photographer 潘鉞 (Pan Yue) recreates some famous European paintings in a Beijing Opera style. Other series by yer man: Farmers in Opera costume, Secret Opera Main link via.
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The dolphin with the artificial fin

An artificial fin has given a bottlenose dolphin a new lease on life. Fuji, a dolphin at Okinawa's Churaumi Aquarium, lost 75 percent of her flukes to an unknown disease. But a prosthetic fin developed by Bridgestone Corporation engineers has enabled Fuji to swim again in the aquarium's dolphin lagoon. Watch the BBC video report here. Read the aquarium's notes on the project and see photos of Fuji both during and after the disease's onset here.
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Does that make him the murderer, or do the homemade curtains reduce him to the level of the child molester?

The Way We Are: David Sedaris makes coffee with tea while ruminating on identity
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February 16

Just Chill Out, Alright?

How about a pleasant diversion? Warning, flash and mellow sound.
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Heritage 2.0

Feed Me Bubbe
Why doesn't everyone do this with their grandmother? Avrom and his bubbe in a charming series about her great looking food. Learn a little yiddish while you're at it. O, yeah, there's videos here people...
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Ecce Eduardus ursus scalis nunc tump-tump-tump occipite gradus pulsante post Christophorum Robinum descendens!

"Oh bother" said the Disney corporation. "It seems we've lost Pooh."
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The Hatto Hoax

The Hatto Hoax. Joyce Hatto has been described as "the greatest living pianist that almost no one has ever heard of." Her performances of piano works by Liszt, Schubert, and Rachmaninov were praised by classical afficionados for their "addictively beautiful sonority, cultured musicianship, and total instrumental mastery." Since she died in June 2006, however, Hatto has been at the center of one of the stranger scandals to hit classical music in years. It's starting to look like some or all of her treasured, hard-to-find recordings made since 1990 are not her playing at all. [Via]
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Holding out for a hero

The world is never as perfect as we wish it was. When injustice strikes, everyone wishes they had a hero to turn to... so some people take the direct route and become a superhero themselves. Meet Captain Ozone, Angle Grinder Man, Super Hero Monkey, Zora the Wonder Woman, Superbarrio, Polarman, Terrifica The Anti-Cupid, and the team of Tothian, Squeegee Man and Dark Guardian.

What superhero would you be? What would you fight against? What would your superpowers be? Can't decide? Well, here's a quiz.
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I'm both impressed and disturbed.

It skateboards, it rollerskates it DESTROYS ALL HUMANS! Meet the Plen Robot
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Mr. Wordpress Won't You Please Come Home

Remember today as the day that Blogging jumped into the shark's mouth.
Spam blogs, fake blogs, celeblogs, fake celeblogs, moblogs, miliblogs, lawblogs, catblogs, dogblogs*, everybody's got a blog and if they use WordPress, it came with a prepackaged post and comment from "Mr. WordPress". Well, the inevitable has happened. Mrs. WordPress has a blog.**
*because on the internet, no one knows you're a dog unless you tell them
**and based on the picture on the front page, Mr. WP's first name may be Waldo

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Merkel to fire German conference organiser over Iranian envoy's criticism of the U.S

Angela Merkel to fire organiser of Munich security conference over Iranian envoy's criticism of the U.S. policies in the Middle East, Der Spiegel reports. (Translated English version) Read the full speech of Ali Larijani, Iran's top nuclear negotioator at the conference.
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Uproar and Disgust in Japan over "Foreigner Crime File"

Full of slurs and racist depictions of foreigners, the "Foreigner Underground Crime File" has been causing a stir in Japan. Under threat of boycott, many convenience store chains and online retailers have apologized and withdrawn the magazine. However, author Shigeki Sakai has not. Activist and naturalized Japanese citizen Arudou Debito and website Japan Probe respond. Though now out of stock, you can read the publication for yourself.
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Super Mario Brothers Beatbox Flute.

Super Mario Brothers.

Super Mario Brothers Beatbox Flute.

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Something she said to me last night, something she said to me...

This is NSFW. It's crass, crude, cheap, rude, nasty and vulgar. This is a one link 10 minute YouTube video that shows cannibalism, fire, nudity, nerds, fried sperm, rednecks, and perversion aplenty. It is certainly not to everyone's taste, but that's because it's the Butthole Surfers' BBQ.
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The last thing I remember it was dark, I could hear lightning all around me

Paraglider survives 32,000ft fall. A German paragliding champion named Ewa Wisnierska was "sucked into a storm that pulled her higher than Mount Everest." She "soared skywards," and was soon "covered in ice" as she "battled hailstones the size of oranges," becoming one with the weather. "I could see the Earth coming," she later said, "wow, like Apollo 13 – I can see the Earth."
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US Energy Flows

Lawrence Livermore National Lab produces fascinating charts of energy flow in the US (more). More energy use statisitics can be found at the Energy Information Administration.
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Black Holes Resonate (in B-Flat) Baby

What do Black Holes and Electric Razors (American) have in Common?
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20 questions for 20 politicians.

Let's play 20 questions. 20 candidates for President, 20 personalized questions.
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"I'd like a coke." "What kind?" "Huh?" "Dr Pepper, Coke or Sprite." "I'll take Dr Pepper Coke"

Pop Vs Soda
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Happy "leaving a bad situation" day?

When you care enough to send the very best. Has your friend lost their hair to chemotherapy? Suffered a miscarriage? Admitted their powerlessness over cocaine? Come out of the closet? Why waste time crafting your own words to express yourself. Send one of the new Hallmark greeting cards for the low, low price of $2.29 - $2.99.
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What Would Grandma Do?

Miss Abigail's Time Warp Advice. Miss Abigail dispenses wisdom from her collection of vintage advice books (published from 1822 to 1978). Topics include Minding Your Manners, Looking And Feeling Good, Around The House, Frank Talk About Petting, and much more. The advice ranges from the very useful to the hilariously quaint, with some unenlightened shockers thrown in for good measure.
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Now Ashlee Simpson... she's real.

Before the Music Dies Documentary of the current state of the music industry now on DVD. Perhaps not much we don't know, but certainly some insight and perspective by those entrenched. And it's got a nice marketing technique to it. Reminds me of the Wilco doc screenings I attended in Brooklyn warehouses.
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Theme Magazine

Theme Magazine I'm not even going to try and flesh this out with my favorite sub-links. Just dive in.
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Random Friday! pictures, confessions, quotes, wiki, word, kittens, livejournal, family circus, flickr groups, essay, comic strip, idea, haiku, howto, bullshit, inspiration
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Flat-Earthers? No. Fixed-Earthers.

Rep. Ben Bridges (R-Cleveland, GA) is in trouble. A recent memo from his office -- one circulated this week by Warren Chisum, a ranking member of the Texas state legislature -- has caught the attention of the Anti-Defamation League. They are not pleased. And they're not alone. Why? Because in his memo, Rep. Bridges -- sponsor of a perennial anti-evolution education bill in the Georgia State House -- claims that "so-called ’secular evolution science’ is the Big Bang, 15-billion-year, alternate ‘creation scenario’ of the Pharisee Religion." And that's not all. It would appear that Rep. Bridges is getting his information (and templates for his legislation) from www.fixedearth.com -- a website dedicated not only to the removal of pro-evolution education from schools, but to the idea that "[t]he Earth is not rotating...nor is it going around the sun." Because you see, it's all part of the Copernican Deception, a massive conspiracy propagated by Christian Zionists, NASA and ... Madonna?
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Competition. Integrity. True grit. Performance enhancing drugs.

Cheating at the Daytona 500. Blood doping in cycling. Rampant use of steroids in professional baseball. Don't even bother with the Olympics. Is the idea of professional and amateur competition doomed, is looking at this as a symbol of something larger about our culture(s) valid, or what?
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Films from the Homefront

'Films from the Homefront' is a (new) collection of amateur documentaries, newsreels, government films, and home movies documenting life for the ordinary people in Britain during World War II, with background text descriptions/explication. Browse the themes. The films are QT and wmv format. I found it both poignant and funny, for instance, seeing kids don gasmasks during air raid drills then attempt to continue writing in their lessons. [via Glasgow School of Art Library]
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This, no ballad of innocence

Carla Bruni puts poems by Emily Dickinson, W.B. Yeats, Dorothy Parker, Walter de la Mare, W.H. Auden, and Christina Rossetti to music. Listen. (via)
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Under the Hood

Resonance FM gives you an interview with writer Alan Moore in three parts. I,II & III [.mp3]
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KKK: You must be THIS bigoted to ride this ferris wheel

Somehow the Canon City, Colorado branch of the KKK was not quite as fear-inspiring as their brethren to the South. Home page.
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Unmarked planes and Hidden Geographies

An interesting project from the latest Vectors Journal. "Legend has it that Paglen, who has been called the Fox Mulder of cultural geography, was personally instrumental in provoking the military to extend the perimeter around Area 51 by several miles in an attempt to thwart one of his counter-surveillance efforts" [via]
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IntraText Digital Library

IntraText Digital Library - a few thousand texts in English and many other languages in a heavily hyperlinked concordance format.
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better luck tomorrow

In Setback for New Orleans, Fed-Up Residents Give Up. After nearly a decade in the city of their dreams, Kasandra Larsen and her fiancé, Dylan Langlois, climbed into a rented moving truck on Marais Street last Sunday, pointed it toward New Hampshire, and said goodbye.

Not because of some great betrayal but a series of escalating indignities: the attempted carjacking of a pregnant friend; the human feces deposited on their roof; the two burglaries in the space of a week; and the overnight wait for the police to respond.
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A Happy Maha Shivratri to you all!
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February 15

Standing on the rooftop, casting your gifts

Bob Dylan recites "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" Dylan reads the Christmas classic from his radio show.
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Topless Ladies in NYC

A Gallery of Topless Women on the Streets of New York (nsfw) - Jordan Matter's photographs are alternately stunning, striking, inspiring, and provocative.
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"All families in OECD countries today are aware that childhood is being reshaped by forces whose mainspring is not necessarily the best interests of the child."

How does your country measure up as a place to raise kids? It turns out that growing up in the UK is a bleaker experience than in any other wealthy country. UNICEF studied all the wealthiest nations (full report PDF here), and the US and UK came in at the bottom on almost all indicators (material wellbeing, health and safety, education, family and peer relationships, behaviours and risks, and the subjective feelings of kids and teens themselves ). Doing best for kids were the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. It turns out that GDP and material wealth alone does not ensure healthier or happier or more well-educated kids--the Czech Republic scored very well despite being one of the poorest nations surveyed.
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Sex slaves demand apology

Jan Ruff-O'Herne's idyllic childhood in Indonesia came to an abrupt end in 1942 when the Japanese invaded and forced her into sexual slavery. In this transcript she reveals her story; how she hid the secret from her children until she finally broke her silence in 1992 to demand an apology from the Japanese government. This week Ruff-O'Herne joins other former sex slaves in testimony before the US Congress as part of a resolution urging Japan to apologize. Japanese politicians are working to stop the resolution from passing.
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A sad loss

RIP Heather MacAllister. "Any time there is a fat person onstage as anything besides the butt of a joke, it’s political. Add physical movement, then dance, then sexuality and you have a revolutionary act.”  Founder of Big Burlesque and Venus Group, she died Feb 13 after a long fight with ovarian cancer. She was notably photographed by Leonard Nimoy. Multiple memorial services are planned for her birthday, Feb 25. [some links may be NSFW]
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Alas, A Darwin Award Eludes Him.

Man attacks Shark with his bare hands; blames vodka.
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Well I've lost my equilibrium, my car keys and my pride

The One that Got Away - Tom Waits
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Terminator vs. Robocop

Alien vs. Predator? *Yawn* Freddy vs. Jason? *Puh-leeze* For true ass-kicking video mashup fun, I'll take Terminator vs. Robocop. [Part 2]
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Pandora Podcasts on music composition and performance

The Pandora Podcast Series: "The idea behind them is to provide some interesting, and hopefully entertaining segments on various aspects of music theory. Kind of like a peek under the hood of music composition and performance using lots of musical examples." So far they've covered vocal harmony, drumming, electric guitar effects, recording vocals and elements of salsa. Schedule for rest of 2007.
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One key to rule them all

One key to rule them all - As if the previous crack wasn't enough, now it's been discovered that there's a single key that can crack all HD-DVD and Blu-ray DVDs.
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A rack? You mean titties? Like a really big rack?

Emily, a history major at Princeton University, took a seat. “I am upset by the Iraq War, but I don’t focus on it, because it’s a negative energy,” she said. “I think we are overanalyzing the situation. I mean, here we are at Bungalow 8!Via Wonkette, natch.
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"It's like Mother Nature: It's going to find a way to express itself."

Philip Martin Chavez is paralyzed, so he creates art using DragonDictate and Paint.
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But is it jazz?

Jazz '71-'89 Dave Douglas posed the challenge: “Is there a writer who can take on the project of an unbiased overview of music since the end of the Vietnam War?” The Bad Plus answered (though not unbiased). The Guardian and NY Times weighed in. Suck it, haters. And ultimately, Behearer used a wiki to answer the call.
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Compact Histories of 48 First Nations

First Nations Histories is a site with compact histories of 48 first nations, from the Abenaki to the Winnebago, written by Lee Sultzman. They are primarily focused on nations in the Northeast, Midwest, with a smattering in the Plains and the Southeast. It also hosts two articles that aren't part of the project, Manifest Destiny and Western Canada and The Coree are Not Extinct.
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BoxHead - An entirly addictive zombie shot 'em upper. (via digg)
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Hey, I can see my... wait, what's Waldo doing on my sofa!?

Everyone loves pixel art.
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TechDawg's I Ride the Lines has the best Line Rider movies I've ever seen. Van Halen is nuts, as is this awesome video with an atrocious soundtrack. (Previously)
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Artworks produced under Islamic Republic of Iran

These artworks are produced under the Islamic Republic of Iran , by young artists educated in Iran's current numerous art schools. (Click on each to see a set of photos.) Do they need to be liberated by Bush and Cheney?
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Who's got my bore snake?

Kit Up! is a site where current and former soldiers report the one thing they absolutely could not have done without in their military life. Whether hitchhiking the galaxy or fighting the enemy, don't forget your towel. And don't even think about going door kicking without your Silly String.
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Behind Iron Bars

Behind Iron Bars. A short comic of the Spanish Civil War. From the latest, international comics, edition of Words Without Borders.
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Peter Doig's White Canoe - the most expensive work by a living European painter

Peter Doig's White Canoe just sold at auction for £5.7M making it the most expensive work by a living European painter. Gallery 1, 2.
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possum living

POSSUM LIVING: How To Live Well Without a Job ..building a $100 Log Cabin, a geodesic dome out of cardboard.. handbook for cob building.. cheap solar power system.. stocking up on food.. some more
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Top Secret Polo Step - Iraq War Plan Assumed Only 5,000 U.S. Troops Still There by December 2006

"It's quite frustrating the way this works, but the way we do things nowadays is combatant commanders brief their products in PowerPoint up in Washington to OSD and Secretary of Defense... In lieu of an order, or a frag [fragmentary] order, or plan, you get a set of PowerPoint slides... [T]hat is frustrating, because nobody wants to plan against PowerPoint slides." Lt. Gen. McKiernan
Top Secret Polo Step: CentCom PowerPoint Slides Briefed to White House and Rumsfeld in 2002, Obtained by National Security Archive through Freedom of Information Act.
"Desert Crossing" 1999 Assumed 400,000 Troops and Still a Mess
See also A Prewar Slide Show Cast Iraq in Rosy Hues
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How the Cube was found.

At last, the Receda Cube is found. Perplex City season one is at an end. The winner explains how he found the cube.
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I'm a Putin

Paper Putin Build your own paper toys craze is sweeping the globe. Some examples include flying pigs, sushi classes, and discovering photography. But my favorite is the Glue Yourself a Putin.
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No Right Turn

NASCAR as an example of a meritocracy with equal opportunity for all. While frequently maligned for it's relatively primitive technology (excluding safety ), the total lack of mechanical resemblance (other than appearance) of the "stock" cars to the brand they represent, soap-opera-slash-professional wrestling story lines, and being ripe political target for both the right and the left as well as marketers, it is a strong cultural force. The entrance of Toyota (likely to surpass GM as #2 US automaker in the near-future) into NASCAR (with the hopes of "winning on Sunday and selling on Monday" in the heartland) and the cheating scandal currently unravelling highlight an important concept woven into NASCAR's culture. [more]
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Seb Przd's mind-bending photos

Seb Przd's photos specialising in delightful and mind-bending spherical panoramas and conformal mappings.
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Agent ZigZag

James Bond eat your heart out - the name's Chapman, Eddie Chapman. A German spy who was awarded the Iron Cross and a yacht. A British spy who probably saved vast chunks of London from bombs. But above all, a conman with a penchant for "prostitutes, cognac, gambling, Savile Row tailoring and fast cars" according to his spymasters (warning - PDF). Read the book. Or the other book. Or see the biopic he reportedly didn't like. He died aged 83, in case you're wondering.
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Jim Flora: artist, illustrator, lover of boats

Jim Flora is best-known for his wild jazz and classical album covers of the 1940's and 1950's. He authored and illustrated children's books and flourished for decades as a magazine illustrator. Flora was also a prolific fine artist with a devilish sense of humor and a flair for juxtaposing playfulness, absurdity and violence. And it's not widely known, but he also liked painting ships.
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Exploring Space

The Quest for Life. And while you're at it, play out the life of an astronaut on this simulated mission. Do you have the right stuff to succeed and survive?
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"Take the gun. Leave the cannoli."

Famous Fat Dave is an NYC cabbie. Try his Famous Fat Dave's Five Borough Eating Tour on the Wheels of Steel (myspace, embedded theme song). (via)
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February 14

Tentative agreement with North Korea

Tentative agreement reached with North Korea. The six-party talks in Beijing finally succeeded: under the agreement, North Korea will close its main nuclear reactor within 60 days, in exchange for food, fuel aid, and steps towards normal relations with the US and Japan. The deal still has to be approved by the six governments. Analysis from the New York Times. Background from Richard Bernstein in the New York Review of Books, and from the International Crisis Group. Previously.
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swedish cow-calling songs

Kulning: "Kulning is an archaic style of singing/cattle call, traditionally employed outdoors in the grazing pastures of Scandinavia from the Middle Ages to this day. It consists of shepherdess's tunes, calls and tones of enticement, mainly used to keep contact with, and to call the cattle, but also to communicate with other people over long distances". Examples: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. (related MeFi post)
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Paglia, all y'all

Paglia's back. "I had certainly assumed the Web was surfeited with more than enough material, but evidently many others beside myself find the partisan polarization of the blogosphere numbingly predictable and its prose too often slapdash, fragmentary or drearily prolix." If you like that sentence, you'll love the return of Camille Paglia to Salon.com.
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The "Mind" of Mencia

Joe Rogan vs. Ned Holness What do you do when a famous comedian is stealing jokes? If you're Joe Rogan, you climb onstage, embarrass him in front of his audience and post the entire exchange to your MySpace page.
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Second Aid?

Beyond First Aid: How to handle being pepper sprayed, How to help a woman who is giving birth, How to suture, How to survive a gunshot wound, etc.
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Jesus Blood Never Failed Me Yet

Jesus Blood Never Failed Me Yet ...Scroll down and play the audio clip..."The door of the recording room opened on to one of the large painting studios and I left the tape copying, with the door open, while I went to have a cup of coffee. When I came back I found the normally lively room unnaturally subdued. People were moving about much more slowly than usual and a few were sitting alone, quietly weeping." Sez Wikipedia: Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet is a piece of music composed by Gavin Bryars in 1971. It is based around a recorded loop of an un-named tramp improvising a hymn. The track was rerecorded with Tom Waits in the 80's, and can be bought on Amazon. Originally heard on CBC's (soon to end) Northern Lights.
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Like a lime to a lemon...or something like that

I've seen sampled rap videos, old school rap videos, new school rap videos, materialistic rap videos and geek rap videos but then there are just odd rap videos.
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Love or Money

Do love experts work? It's a year round profession for pick up artists and professional bad boys. Well, folks, I've tried them all and I have had fewer girlfriends than Hitler.
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ETV music video

Fantastic dancing and singing.
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Valentines Day is like herpes...

Be my Anti Valentine. A little late in the day, but you can't beat stuff like "One Day in February isn't special...you are. Happy VD everyone!
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And I looked and behold: a pale horse. And his name, that sat on him, was Death.

You knew it was coming. Fox News's "Daily Show for conservatives", The 1/2 Hour News Hour.
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LA homicide

The Homicide Report, by Jill Leovy: An L.A. Times blog built on the list of homicide victims reported to the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office each week.
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Forgotten Media

Forgotten Media. Rediscovered technology of the past. (For those that don't read Boing Boing).
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Trying to bite my way out of it

Fear and Loathing in Gonzovision 1978 BBC Omnibus documentary (Google Video)
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Georg Gerster aerial photography

Georg Gerster's aerial photography (main site). At a store I saw a book of travel posters he shot for swissair, took it home and got lost in the details for hours. A gallery with larger images. He also released a book, in 2005, of aerial photographs documenting archaelogical sites. His process.
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A Man of Many Talents

Sammy Davis Jr—entertainer, photographer... camwhore?
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So far from God . . . .

"Police in Mexico are investigating claims that rival drug gangs are using the internet as a new battle ground."
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Happy Valentine's Day!

Love is in the air on Valentine's Day.
Dead Kennedys "Too Drunk to F***"
Holy Moses vs. Doro "Too Drunk to F***"
Purple Sex Heads "Too Drunk to F***"
Nouvelle Vague "Too Drunk to F***"
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Opposites attract

Science says opposites may attract.* So does this cat. *Or, opposites may be less likely to cheat.
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Love, Bollywood style

It seems apropos today to post about Bollywood and its style of romance and love. Songs are often the equivalent of a bedroom scene, a fact I didn't believe until it was pointed out to me that there were numerous instances of extremely suggestive songs followed by pregnancy. Bollywood also uses songs to arouse patriotic fervour, a trait that master music director A.R. Rahman takes to new heights with his release of the classics Vande Mataram [Motherland, I salute thee] and Jana Gana Mana [India's national anthem]. But even before him, there were classics of public service advertising such as "Mile sur tera hamara..." a fuzzy video but inspiring nonetheless of the myriads of voices and languages spoken in India. Other loves that hindi cinema celebrates through its songs is that of a mother for a child, god, love across cultural boundaries and what is politely termed as "conjugal love".
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Be Sure... To Drink... Your Ovaltine?

Hacking The Superbowl. John Hargrave spends $40,000 for an elaborate Superbowl prank -- duping the feds, cops, and stadium security in order to pass out thousands of lights to fans, who were told they would spell out "Prince" during the halftime show. Instead, they spell out, uh... well, something. Just what they spell is unclear (though some are having fun "guessing") and Hargrave hasn't said yet (his write-up is up to part 5, hopefully of 6). Can you tell? And was it worth the effort, or is this just an expensive dud?
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Charity-by-Numbers. Re-Paint-By-Number. Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles is holding an exhibition & charity auction for The Alliance for Childrens Rights. The show features old paint-by-numbers art work that has been altered by many contemporary artists. You can find Before and After images of all the artwork in their ebay listings as well as many on the gallery's site. (Sorry, no direct link to the embedded feature.) Many larger views are on the Juxtapoz blog. Some are subtle, while others bury the original almost entirely.
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Pinsky sings songs of love

For each of the last three years, Robert Pinsky has collected a small set of Valentine's Day poems (and insightful analysis) around a particular theme - poems about love, poems against love, and poems about lust.
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Dickens' London

An Interactive Map of Charles Dickens' London. After you have had a chance to peruse the map, see then and now pictures or take a quiz about Dickens' London. If you want to see it with your own eyes, take a walking tour. Or if you are daring enough, you can try to virtually survive Dickens' London.
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Viral, as in it makes you ill

The bastard offspring of Borat and Inspector Clouseau shares his insights on internet marketing, the time to take action, the correct use of videos (!!) and plenty more. Warning: his website crashed my browser.
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Free Non-LED Goodness From Adult Swim

Chrome Children, Volume 2. From the unlikely entertainment coalition of Stones Throw Records and Adult Swim ... the fine folks that brought you DangerDoom and Chrome Children, Volume 1 ... come sixteen glorious and eclectic tracks, each proving that hip-hop is alive, well and evolving. And you can have all sixteen for the low, low price of absolutely nothing.
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Dusty desert breakdown

The Penitent Yanks are a team of Americans driving a school bus 3, 600 miles from Plymouth, England to the Gambia. They're part of the 2007 Plymouth-Banjul Challenge, an annual road rally to benefit charities in Gambia. Their bus has broken down in the Sahara, and they need help.
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Sign Up Online To Donate Bone Marrow

Sign Up To Be A Bone Marrow Donor Without Leaving Your House On this day of love, do something great for the human race and sign up to to be a bone marrow donor. For a small fee, Gift of Life will send a registration kit to your house, so you don't even have to leave your chair.
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Oil Rig Disasters

Oil Rig Disasters--Deadliest, most expensive, blowouts, sinkings. Building a rig. Barrels of rig pictures. NOAA's archive of spill pictures. ROVs, rigs, vessels. All kind of Canadian rig (and related) pictures. More.
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harder, better, faster, stronger.

Daft Punk, a capella. That is all.
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Labor, Inc.: SEIU president says unions should serve corporations.

SEIU President Andy Stern says unions should be less like unions. He recently teamed up with Wal-Mart to call for incremental healthcare reform, and has said that unions should assist employers in outsourcing their employees. His union once teamed up with CA nursing home operators to limit the rights of abused patients. This is the same union that promoted this insipid PR campaign.
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February 13

Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places? Just Shut Up And Date.

Shut Up And Date. Are you lonely this Valentine's Day? "Dating Expert Jean Singer" wants you to Shut Up And Date. Watch clips of her seminar, Internet Dating: Oh, The Mistakes Men Make! Check out her Ten Commandments Of A First Date. But, before you start, make sure you're worthy by taking the self-assessment quiz. Shut Up And Date offers helpful advice and affirmations for all the relationship-challenged men out there.
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only twenty-five? oh, it's the most corrupt. I get it.

Criminals and Scoundrels: The Top 25 Most Corrupt Officials of the Bush Administration. Maybe we could make playing cards for them? (found via del.ici.ous)
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SF cinema sans CGI

The Fountain "No matter how good CGI looks at first, it dates quickly...So I set the ridiculous goal of making a film that would reinvent space without using CGI." Director Aronofsky tapped into the microphotography work of Parks and Parks to bring a new look to special effects in science fiction cinema.
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dinettes, we got it

Worst Commercial Ever? ..Worst Weatherman? Sports Announcer? Goalie? Worst Woman driver? Author? Burgular? Bag Piper? 80s Music video? Singing in a Stadium? Oh, how we enjoy other people's misfortunes
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Warning: contains those guitars that are like, double guitars

Mahavishnu Orchestra - One Word
Weather Report - Seventh Arrow/Umbrellas
Squarepusher's 8-track [1] [2 + Buddy Rich]
Jaco Pastorius - Portrait of Tracy
Cannibal Ox - Pigeon
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One of the men said that it was the most delicious dish he had ever eaten.

Russian fisherman catch squeaking alien and eat it. Footage of the 100kg monster was also caught on camera phone (possibly nsfw page).
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Robot Jazz

Robot plays Coltrane (via)
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Please don't let it be cloudy, please, please

Lunar Eclipse The first lunar eclipse of 2007. Can you see it? Pretty... but also previously. Put your thinking caps on.
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Let's Dance

Dancers caught in midair. Dancers as seen through a kaleidoscope. Dancers jumping in stuff.
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You can swim, but you can't hide.

Rogue nations? Nah, that's old stuff. What we're looking for now is rogue swimmers. Well, actually, it's the dolphins and sea lions that are looking for them. Of course, there's always the possibility that the animals will become the rogues and terrorists themselves.
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Now for some actual Bruce Schneier facts

You know Bruce Schneier the polymath security genius. Now meet Bruce Schneier the kind-hearted reviewer of local Minnesota restaurants. (He doesn't like to give bad reviews -- sounds like "security through obscurity" to me!)
[previously, also]
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Drowning and waving.

Two men go skydiving with cameras on their helmets. For one of them, everything goes well. For the other... not so well: neither chute functions and he hits the ground at 80mph. Video footage and post jump interview here. {via waxy}
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Betty Crocker in Hollywoodland

The history of cake has been long and varied, and many have interesting histories. Some are misleadingly named. However, few have had as mysterious and interesting a history as one of the 20th century's most famous cakes, the Chiffon.
From the always wonderful Rake Magazine.
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Helping you because you can't help yourself

Cheatneutral. "When you cheat on your partner you add to the heartbreak, pain and jealousy in the atmosphere. Cheatneutral offsets your cheating by funding someone else to be faithful and NOT cheat. This neutralises the pain and unhappy emotion and leaves you with a clear conscience." [Via Gristmill.]
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I Am Trying to Believe. Well, maybe not. (Previously: Best, shortest review of a NIN cd, ever.)
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The Last Jews of Cairo

The Last Jews of Cairo As soon as we saw the guns, we knew we’d arrived at the synagogue. Egyptian policemen thronged behind barricades, white uniforms in the dusk, handguns at their hips. Above them, on stairs, Special Forces soldiers in black with red armbands held machine guns as easily as we did point-and-shoot cameras.
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It's Our Money, Too

The one dollar bill: 2.61 inches wide, 6.14 inches long, 0.0043 inches thick. Wait - that's all of them. What happens if you just can't see the bill? Some 180 other countries have non-visual ways to determine what denomination a bill is, but the USA does not. The ACB has twice tried to introduce resolutions to fix this, with no results. A recent lawsuit, however, may finally make the change happen. After all, It's Our Money, Too.
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how much would michael scott cost in legal fees?

Steve Carell may be hilarious in the office, but how much would his jackass behavior cost in real-life? clips (youtube)
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We bring you pen pals looking for love -- that just happen to be incarcerated.

Are You Lonesome Tonight?
Maybe your dream mate just hasn't gotten out of prison yet? Find them now and they'll be yours when they do get paroled in five to ten years. (somewhat NSFW). The bonus early 90's flaming gif and site design is just icing!
Be sure to read the disclaimer. Here, I'll summarize, use a PO Box to correspond with the inmates, don't give your phone number unless you want to accept collect calls and don't sue the site if your dream man gets out and chops you into little pieces. Seems reasonable enough.
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You're so smart you probably think this post is about you

"You're really smart!" Psychologist Carol Dweck says that praising a child for being smart only teaches the kid to avoid any effort that might fail. "When we praise children for their intelligence, we tell them that this is the name of the game: Look smart, don't risk making mistakes." Malcolm Gladwell chimes in with his thoughts on the importance of being a smart kid, "What a gifted child is, in many ways, is a gifted learner. And what a gifted adult is, is a gifted doer. And those are quite separate domains of achievement."
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trace your route in red

Murder Map Mashup: New York, Boston, Baltimore, and New Orleans have all mapped Google to murder.
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What if Euclid had been Japanese? There are traditionally stated and proved theorems about origami. And MetaFilter has previously explored modular origami (as well as the boring old artistic kind), which has a geometric foundation. However, origami itself is a powerful mathematical framework that allows one to, for instance, solve the famously insoluable problem of trisecting an angle. More generally: Traditional geometry solves quadratic equations, origami solves cubic ones. (Many more mathematical items about and using origami can be found in the excellent mathematics teachers' book: Project Origami: Activities for Exploring Mathematics, most of which are unfortunately not findable online).
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Semi-submersible heavy transport carriers

Float-on, Float-off cargo ships. They're huge. One carried the USS Cole. One class is called the Mighty Servants. There are also the Marlins, or the elegant honesty of the "Transshelf". Big ships need big dock cranes. For maximum impact, compare these monsters to the common penny. Previously, "Where do Supertankers go to die?"
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Display your typing and editing

dlog is a new document visualization system that attempts to show writing not as a static document but a progression of frames over time. I find the suspense of the process mesmerising/delightful. I'm surprised it hasn't been trashed.
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February 12

Please pass the syrup...

"A Ninja Pays Half My Rent" (YouTube 5:23) A short film directed by Steven K. Tsuchida.
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Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt Puzzle I've been nutting my way through some of these puzzles with some difficulty but with a great deal of fun. Thought I would share...
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Iran in Iraq?

How to use MS PowerPoint to exploit the U.S. Oh, the humanity...
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what people like

What's attractive? Averaged female faces from Hot or Not "These women do not exist.They are a composite of about 30 faces that I created to find out the current standard of good looks on the Internet." also by age and origin
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Oh Yeah?!? You Son Of A Motherless Goat!

The Twelve Commandments Of Flaming. Andrew Heenan's Guide To Flaming also features sections on Winning and Strategy, as well as Word Skills , Psychology of Flaming, Definitions Of Flaming, Profiling Flamers and more. "I get the occasional accusation that this site, while claiming to be about resisting and surviving flaming, is actually intended as a training course for would-be flamers," he says... Maybe it's both?
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Heil Honey, I'm Home!

Heil Honey, I'm Home! Somewhere in suburbia, Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun live next door to a Jewish couple in this curious artifact from the BBC. The curiosity was canceled after one episode, for reasons somewhere between quality and taste, but now you can see it for yourself.
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The End of the Internet

Coach vs Borges This is the one link posts to end one link posts.
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How hackers make money.

How the underground hacker economy works. Black hat hackers and other scammers make money through methods ranging from pumping penny stocks to re-shipping rings. Meet the four most wanted cybercriminals.
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Pass the Future, please.

Tales of Future Past* — It's been a looong Monday. Do you want to get off the planet and out of the city to a place where you can really live? Well, here's some food for thought on the way home down life's highways. First, take a break from all this depressing war talk. Then empower yourself by giving yourself some space and maybe taking off for a few days. Drive just a bit slower, turn up the volume and imagine that your mechanic will say the tranny's OK after all. Once you're in the front door, take time to get slightly wired and forget all about politics. Get recharged for tomorrow: have a nice long bath, put your mind at ease, watch Ur Fave shOw, and listen to some soothing music. Now, don't things look a lot better? [*Note the 'Start the Tour' links at the bottom of each page.]
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Gerrymandering v. Progressives

Gerrymandering v. Progressives Al Gore's former Chief of Staff argues that, even if liberals are drawing voting lines to benefit Democrats, gerrymandering always hurts progressives.
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Avatars for the masses

Gizmoz : for those of you who want your own video blog but don't want to mess with the intricacies of a webcam.
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odds of dying

Odds of dying This might not be all that useful in Vegas, but still not bad to know.
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Spank While You Sell

Corporal Punishment Imagery in Print Advertising. Only NSFW if your coworkers like to jump to conclusions.

Unfortunately, it's probably a different Colin Farrell.
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Band of Developers

A hacker breaks into the forums of the guild Band of Brothers on the MMORPG Eve, where he discovers an Eve devolper, called t20, is not only a high-ranking member of the alliance, but has been feeding BoB expensive and rare in-game items. CCP, the company who runs EVE, denies any wrong doing, before it is revealed that CCP knew about t20's abuses for over six months. Players are not happy.
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Much better than knot-tying

ORDER OF THE SCIENCE SCOUTS OF EXEMPLARY REPUTE AND ABOVE AVERAGE PHYSIQUE Many people are probably eligible for the talking science badge; hopefully less are due the knows how to collect semen from more than one species one.
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That's what I call a rude awakening!

What do with... Your Dead Hooker . For more (fake) educational extravaganza: Is it time to swap?
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Number 1 for torture

Sixty-seven scenes of torture in five seasons. Is 24 responsible for an increase in real-life torture? They at least feel guilty enough to meet up with some actual interrogators encouraging them to make their torture scenes more authentic. But it's not just 24 - torture is becoming more prevalent on all American television.
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Two lip-sticked seal-panda babes swimming through the seas of dried noodles while having a drink...

Japanese packaging design: snack characters. From the awesome Pingmag (previously 1, 2, 3). Via AT Chicago. Also recently in Pingmag: First Generation Graffiti in Iran.
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"Mere production of these videos or pictures may also result in psychological trauma to the teenagers involved."

Teens convicted of producing and possessing child pornography for taking pictures of themselves. [via]
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good things are brewing

Tea has had its tour on MeFi before, but have you gone on a Tea Tour of New York? As tea continues to become the hot beverage (although Americans seem to prefer it iced), the number of tea blogs can only continue to rise. Want to get closer to the source? Try this blog in Bejing.
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We're going on a shopping trip back in time...

Discount Stores of the 1960's
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Missing Parts...

Bader Meinhof Gang Member To Be Released And we thought that death and taxes were the final arbiters of human existence, there is always more, and I guess if you don't go with the flow, there are alternative funeral planning options. Self immolation is sounding better all the time. If you want to be sure of your final destination. You can go home again. Apparently enough can't be said about having a living will, as long as your will hasn't been surgically removed.
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Is this a portrait of young Abraham Lincoln?

Is this a portrait of young Abraham Lincoln?
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The 150 Greatest Buildings According to You

The AIA 150 The blue has been filled over the years with "greatest" posts We all have seen the American Film Institute's 100 Greatest Movies. The 100 Greatest British Albums, the 50 Greatest Commercials of the 1980's, you name it, they've all appeared on MeFi. The American Institute of Architects has taken a different tack. Instead of relying on a "blue ribbon panel", like the AFI, and despite being the experts, the AIA took a public poll to find out what the people actually think are the Greatest American Buildings. The results are the AIA 150. The whole thing is being turned into a website and a museum exhibition which will tour the country.
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Thor. More Thor. Yet more Thor. More and more Thor. Thor Store. Thor of yore.
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Intentional Communities

Intentional Communities Once thought to be a relic of the sixties, the communal living movement is enjoying renewed interest. There are now hundreds of "intentional communities" spread throughout North America, ranging from small to large. Some have received media attention.
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Driving a pick-up truck with "Man Love Rules OK" across Alabama

Would you drive a pick-up truck with "Man Love Rules OK" across Alabama? (YouTube video) The presenters behind UK motoring/male-entertainment show Top Gear did. See what happens when they pulled into a "gas" station. More information here. Do you think the footage was manipulated?
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Mark of the Beast, Again

On January 1, 2007, the book industry began using 13 digits to identify books in global trade. There's a 10 to 13 digit converter and of course the ISBN 13 For Dummy's.
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A Webzine of Astonishing Tales

Flurb! Issue 2 of the Webzine of Astonishing Tales -- edited by Rudy Rucker, featuring 'demented and counter-cultural' stories from luminaries of the cyberypunkery like Charles Stross, John Shirley, Mark Laidlaw (who also wrote the story for Half Life 2), Richard Kadrey, one of MeFi's favorite snark-targets, Cory Doctorow and others besides -- is out. [found via the RU SIRIUS podcast] [Previously: Issue #1]
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February 11

Fluffy motorcycle.

Fluffy motorcycle. From the excellent EnglishRussia blog.
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Wireless Net Neutrality

A Call to Free the Cell Phones. Law professor and Net Neutrality activist Tim Wu throws down the gauntlet to wireless industry. Building on the Carterphone ruling, he makes the argument for Wireless Net Neutrality: that consumers, not wireless carriers, should choose how they connect to the wireless networks, what devices they use, and what they do with the bandwidth.
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Gasy Gangsta

Malagasy Gangsta
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Prison Rape

Human Rights Watch indepth report on male rape in US prisons. "I've been sentenced for a D.U.I. offense. My 3rd one. When I first came to prison, I had no idea what to expect. Certainly none of this. I'm a tall white male, who unfortunately has a small amount of feminine characteristics. And very shy. These characteristics have got me raped so many times I have no more feelings physically. "
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Bubbles Aren't Just Child's Play

Bubble Artist: Science and entertainment combined. "With every performance my goal is to leave [the] audience with a tingling sense that they've just encountered something mysterious and wonderful." ~ Keith Johnson
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Tiny lives

Detailed images of a complete miniature city
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The Strange Museum Llonovoy

Travelling Exhibition of Broken Toys. [flash] A whimsical distraction.
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Teach a Man to Fish...

Dude gives a homeless friend a camera. Months later, dude receives prints in the mail.
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Long un-updated, but still chalk full of anarchist theory, The Spunk Library (catalog indexes on upper right). Of possible interest to metafilter users: Maybe a "group" discussion dominated by two or three people ISN'T.
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Having your mobile content and eating it too!

The mobile content market is big but the mobile service companies control the bottleneck of data to your phone and may well be holding the industry back. A NZ site has launched offering a platform for mobile content producers to sell direct to mobile content consumers globally: Voeveo.
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How to crash an airplane by cheating at Tetris

This simple hack actually only crashes the in-flight entertainment system (perhaps this one?), but that's already enough to cause concern with the kind of people who comment anonymously on a blog for "security executives."

I'm certain that this vulnerability (like this vulnerability) will be taken seriously.
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For all your lawsuit needs!

rideaccidents.com -- "is the world's single most comprehensive, detailed, updated, accurate, and complete source of amusement ride accident reports and related news." Includes sections on ride fatalities going back to 1972. (Man, what a bunch of spoilsports!)
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Fool me once...

One more time? It looks like the case against Iran has begun publicly. Unfortunately, this seems eerily familiar. Unnamed officials with unverified claims are holding press conferences - on a Sunday, no less. Is this an attempt to explain our difficulties in Iraq or a prelude to retaliation with Iran? Worrisome, or not?
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Haaaaah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! The Laughing Policeman!

When I was a kid, my dad, who grew up in London, during the Blitz, used to play this old record: a song called "The Laughing Policeman." It always put a smile on my face. According to Wikipedia, it was written in 1922 by Charles Jolly, who wrote "numerous other laughing songs (The Laughing Major, Curate, Steeplechaser, Typist, Lover, etc)." If you want to hear the happiest policeman ever, here's the mp3. The song has inspired cartoonists, mystery novelists (great series, by the way!), filmmakers, a more-recent recording (mp3), and, inevitably, some scary people on youtube. Speaking of youtube, this is how I remember the song.
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Meet the Raven

Meet the Raven. Robert "Raven" Kraft has run barefoot in the sand at least three miles a day everyday since 1/1/75. He may seem a little obsessive, but he's only number 10 on the list. 1-9 are far more obsessive.
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Cap'n Crunch is a gateway drug!

Breakfast of the Gods: The Last Good Morning. A serialized webcomic featuring the sugary, crunchy stars of your childhood - destroying your childhood dreams one after another. Via Monkeyfilter.
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We have some planes

Track aircraft visually or listen to live air traffic control.
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"The Uncontainable Kurds"

"The Uncontainable Kurds" (NYRB). Nice summary of recent Kurdish politics in Iraq, Iran and Turkey.
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Sunday fun

Sunday sillibiz: Snackimals, really fancy fashions for dogs, RubikCubism, hairstyle names from 1970s Ebony ad, burquas for men, fetish dollies [nsfw], Art Car Museum, the hideaway cosy, baby tiger cub sleeps and plays. [via]
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Ian Richardson Dies

On Friday, Ian Richardson died in his sleep. He was probably best known in the UK for the BBC "House of Cards" trilogy starring as the scheming politician Francis Urquhart with his now infamous "You might think that, but I couldn't possibly comment." Busy until his death, he recently featured in the TV series "Midsomer Murders" and played Death in the Sky One adaptation of Terry Pratchett's "Hogfather". Sadly, to many he was just the guy who asked for Grey Poupon mustard.
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Art imitates Life imitates Cosmos

Super-sized cosmic double helix For all the many different (sometimes ignominious) ways in which we imitate nature, sometimes it is nice to see the dynamic change a bit - this time, in the guise of something at the heart of our essence found at the heart of our local island miniverse.
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Shouldn't he have eaten a placenta by now?

The Beginner's Guide to L Ron Hubbard. A surprisingly sympathetic look at the cultists everyone loves to hate. Or more specifically their slightly less crazy splinter church.
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February 10

a place to watch

Horses eat a lot / prances in the lovely field / They are beautiful.
Pandas eat bamboo / All pandas live in Japan / Pandas are harmless.
CAT'S sit and lay down / CAT's are big and fluffy / My cat is a Maine coon / I'm chasing my cat.

The assorted haiku of Bloomfield Elementary School in Skowhegan, Maine.
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Miniature Hogwarts

Sally Wallace creates highly detailed miniature dollhouses, including several from the Harry Potter films (Olivander's wand shop & Honeydukes, Hogwarts, The Stairs). Via. Warning, every single annoying web 0.9 trick in the book is employed somewhere on this site, including but not limited to: embedded midi files, that java fake reflecting water deal, virtual exploding fireworks, etc. ugh.
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I'm a girl watcher...

Modest, yet fashionable. It may be February, but you'd best get an early start finding the perfect modest swimwear. Onesies are probably best left the domain of christian harlots. A two-piece is right out. How about a four-piece? The fine folks at Haşema and Ahiida can hook you up with the hottest styles this season. After a refreshing swim, why not go for a jog?
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Bad Kitty

Naughty Kitties love their spankings! [YouTube]
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Why did the press as a whole fail to question sufficiently the administration’s case for war?

As the war in Iraq nears its fourth anniversary, and with no end in sight, Americans are owed explanations. The Senate Intelligence Committee has promised a report on whether the Bush administration misrepresented intelligence to justify the war against Iraq. An explanation is due also for how the U.S. press helped pave the way for war. An independent and thorough inquiry of pre-war press coverage would be a public service. Not least of the beneficiaries would be the press itself, which could be helped to understand its behavior and avoid a replay.
Cranberg wants a serious probe of why the press failed in its pre-war reporting
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Perverted Justice & Dateline NBC: Repsonsbile for Conradt's death? Yea/Nay/Otherwise.

The Shame Game. Perverted Justice (prev.) and Dateline NBC's series of To Catch A Predator specials are of questionable-at-best morality and have received much flak, particularly on the part of the former party. At the Columbia Journalism review, Douglas McCollum shares the case of Louis Conradt Jr., who killed himself upon being pounced upon by police and Dateline's cameras. McCollum also takes issue with NBC's paying of Perverted Justice for their services. And, for the other side, PJ's rebuttal.
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American Writers on America

Writers on America is a collection of essays by various American authors on different aspects of America. It was conceived in the direct aftermath of 9/11 as a way to introduce readers to a United States that is not prominent in American pop culture. It is published by the US State Department and distributed by embassies. Michael Chabon writes about growing up in the utopian planned city of Columbia, Maryland. Bharati Mukherjee writes On Being an American Writer rather than an Indo-American one. Charles Johnson writes about a great uncle who started a milk company, and after that went belly-up in the Great Depression, founded a construction business. The other authors with essays in the volume are Elmaz Abinader, Julia Alvarez, Sven Birkerts, Robert Olen Butler, Billy Collins, Robert Creeley, David Herbert Donald, Richard Ford, Linda Hogan, Mark Jacobs, Naomi Shihab Nye and Robert Pinsky. On Voice of America Eric Felten interviewed Mark Jacobs, George Clack, executive editor of the publication and Joseph Bottum, books and arts editor of the Weekly Standard. NPR interviewed Clack and Elmaz Abinader [RealAudio] about the project and On the Media interviewed Clack by himself.
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A Good Year for the Roses

Your husband left you? It could be worse. Divorcing couple builds a wall through the family home neither will leave. Apparently breaking up, but not moving out, is not uncommon, it is even recommended. Even among us.
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Guide to the Danish Golden Age

Guide to the Danish Golden Age
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Save Boston!

Save Boston from the Mooninites! Be sure to play this with the sound on. via
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"Coined the term 'weblog', never made a dime"

jorn's been somewhat under the radar of late. looks like he might need a helping hand (again?).
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Putin's harsh criticism of U.S.

The United States has overstepped its borders in all spheres - economic, political and humanitarian, and has imposed itself on other states . That was a remark by Russian President Vladimir Putin at Munich Security Conference.
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Badges, Strippers, and Handjobs

Police officer ejaculates on motorist, escapes liability.
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Not everybody is an expert on everything

Don't Buy this Book! Seth Godin, author and marketing guru, has his book, Everyone is an Expert, for purchase on Amazon. The problem? He wrote it as an ebook in 2005, and it is downloadable for free. And it isn't even illegal, as it was licensed under a Creative Commons license that allows for for profit reproduction.
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Anyone know Alanis's email address?

'Americans don't do irony' : an essay by Simon Pegg
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Blood, sweat and tears

Is blood plasma salinity the same as seawater? No, but that proves evolution. "The answer is most definitely NOT that oceans were 1/3 as salty back then. It most definitely IS that the earliest vertebrates did evolve in salt water and then moved into fresh water....They have devised an extremely clever trick in kidney structure to allow salt transport pumps which really take salt back INTO the body from the urine but still manage to use them to produce urine much more concentrated that their body fluids and so excrete salt FROM the body."
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Great White Sharks feeding on a whale carcass

Great White Sharks feeding on a whale carcass. Ever wanted to see what a dead whale looks like? Find it here. How about multiple great white sharks feeding on said carcass? Find it here. How about a mad scientist who climbs on said carcass? And films said sharks with fricken' lazer beams feeding on stinking whale carcass?
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Barack Obama Announces Presidential Bid

Barack Obama is running for president. [Previously: 1, 2]
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The moving finger writes, and having writ moves on

Watada case mistrial declared A new trial has been scheduled, but the attorney for the defense says they will invoke double jeopardy if it goes forward. The army has apparently tried to compel reporters to testify in the case. Plenty of people weighing in on the case lauding him or calling him a caudillo. (previously and oblig. NYT link)
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30 years of stellar photojournalism

Contact Press Images - 30 Years of Excellence - Digital Journalist highlights three decades of photojournalism from this premier independent agency dedicated to producing "in-depth photographic essays of pressing global concern." [more]
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Felis silvestris interneticus

Fifteen hundred cat pictures. (56k, no way.)
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Origami Deluxe

Satoshi Kamiya makes some pretty incredible origami.
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United's Flying Object

"I know that what I saw and what a lot of other people saw stood out very clearly, and it definitely was not an [Earth] aircraft." A United Airlines mechanic and other witnesses see a disc-shaped object over Concourse C at O'Hare Airport for nearly 20 minutes in afternoon daylight. At least one purported photo of the object has surfaced. NPR interviews the Chicago Tribune reporter who first wrote about the object. The FAA (which claimed to have no information on the incident before a FOIA request forced them to acknowlege it) theorizes the object was a "weather phenomenon" and is conducting no further investigation.
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February 9

Big Ass Ships for Big Ass Loads

They are capable of loading lifts from approximately 50 to as much as 45,000 tons.
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You will probably not get abducted by aliens if you wear this hat

I am so tired of being abducted by aliens. Only two people have been abducted while using this new anti-alien abduction technology. Only two!
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Excuse me sir, might I have some poridge?

Children for Hire.
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Eagles are so free

Can't you see? There's one in a tree, and he's looking at me. A St. Louis TV station took a bunch of footage of bald eagles for a segment, but half of the interview footage was lost due to microphone problems, so they improvised. What resulted is a sweet-ass-sweet musical montage on the awesomeness of eagles. [YouTube filter, by the way, via the boing.]
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Is the 21st century making you miserable?

Is the 21st century making you miserable? This young fellow may know why. Is he right, folks?
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"The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa."

Singer-songwriter Margo Guryan takes the 16 words from George W. Bush's 2003 State Of The Union address and set them to music. Comes with great video, directed by James Reitano (iFilm, youtube). [more inside]
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Is your crazy contagious?

Elie Wiesel was attacked in a San Francisco hotel today by a Holocaust denier, intenton forcing the Nobel Prize winner confess that his book Night was a fictionalized account of his survival of Dachau. Incredibly, someone is taking credit for the attack.
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Streaming Food Porn

America's Test Kitchen, On Demand | Chowhound Cooking Videos | FOOD Network, Videos on Demand
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Qix and Sticks, Tempest and Twigs

Rosmarie Fiore is doing some fascinating and beautiful things with long exposures and 80's arcade games.

In the meanwhile, Patrick Dougherty is doing some fascinating and beautiful things with sticks and twigs. [more inside]
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Blandlands. Videoblogger Aaron Valdez (previously) has entered his minimalist phase. These short, wordless scenes of suburban landscapes are quiet meditations on beauty and decay. Great for people who don't have windows in their offices. Other Valdez offerings include The Life and Times of Robert Kennedy Starring Gary Cooper, America's Way, and Subterranean Homesick 41 Frame Delay Blues.
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How to remember stuff (or not)

How to remember stuff Or not: part I, II, and III.
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What do I want to do when I grow up

When I grow up I want to be an environmental engineer. I want to work on projects that can provide potable water for people. I want to clean the polluted Mother Ganga [Ganges] who provides life giving water from the Himalayas to the Bay of Bengal. Or the Nile, both blue and white, spilling fertility from her bunds on a regular cycle. I want to design products that use the least amount of energy and fuel, from recycled materials and are biodegradable. I want to seek alternative sources of energy, such as using biofuel to power cellphones. I want to design with maximum constraints. Call her mother earth, gaia, demeter, ceres or inanna, our planet is on the brink of no return. Or is it all just a matter of perspective?
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Domestic Violence in Chimps

Boy chimp meets Girl chimp boy chimp beats girl chimp to keep her from having sex with his buddies. New scientific study.
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An Interrogator's Lament

"I failed to disobey a meritless order, I failed to protect a prisoner in my custody, and I failed to uphold the standards of human decency. Instead, I intimidated, degraded and humiliated a man who could not defend himself. I compromised my values. I will never forgive myself."
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Observations on film art and Film Art

Kristin Thompson and David Bordwell's blog Observations on film art and Film Art is never less than engaging. These are the writers I turned to during the writing of my dissertation through their many books, particularly Film Art and it's exactly that kind of academic yet accessible style that can be found here, in their discussions of the vagueries of shot length and scene blocking methods as well as comment on other recent film related subjects.
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Iraq Victims

For Saddam Hussein, he is an oppressor, but the solution is not to kill every oppressor to smash a whole people, destroy civilizations, and kill children and women and deceit.
Signature: Iraq Victims Team
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Oscar the Grouch

AMPAS ankles Oscarwatch skein The Academy has brought the banhammer down on the Oscarwatch blog, issuing a demand that blogger Sasha Stone cease and desist from using the Oscar trademark in her domain name. Why now after 7 1/2 years of blogging under that name? Maybe because they found out about her whopping $20k yearly ad revenue.
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Mirin Dajo, the human pincushion.

Mirin Dajo (1912-1948, born Arnold Henske) was pierced thru the torso (YouTube) with fencing foils and skewers many times, without bleeding or showing any sign of injury. Warning: some links contain graphic content.
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A wedding portrait

A remarkable wedding portrait. Portraits: First Prize, Singles from the 2007 World Press Photo Winners Gallery by Nina Berman.
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I extend this warm invite / to the
We're gonna do it every single night
And you know it'll be alright / cuz when we
it's always outta sight! dynomite! BASSFIGHT!!!!11!!!!!!
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Coffee Pot Meth

Coffee Pot Meth. "I know enough now that whenever I go to a hotel, regardless of how nice it is, I'll never use a coffee pot."
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What good are flying fingers if they're wrapped around a duck?

Put Down the Duckie! A silly, jazzy song from the Muppets, featuring an all-star cast. Careful: it may change your life? [First Link = YouTube, Awesome]
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ComicsFilter- Civil War Is Over (If You Want It)

The premise of Marvel Comic's Civil War storyline is that after a hero-related disaster, the government decides to force all superheroes to register, causing a split in the hero community. While heroes debate and decide which side to join, fans debate whether or not the cross-over series is actually any good. Clearly, Christopher Bird falls squarely on one side and has attempted to "improve" the story by starting a project to edit the dialogue of the series. (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)
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You Move Smoothly!

Cute five-year old breaks out moves, kicks out jams, etc. (Warning: Fun streaming video links.)
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Seriously cool lighting

The steampunky lighting designs of Frank Buchwald. Courtesy of the ever-delightful Tinkergirl at Brass Goggles (alerted by Mr Pfeifer, Mr Lemieux and Mr Hildebrandt), prepared to be awed by Frank Buchwald's skill and imagination. Release your inner mad scientist. See how he makes them from steel and brass and glass. My favourite may well be this one. (It's all in German, but that's no problem, right? Just look at the pictures like I did.)
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If Rocks Could Speak

Das Rad ("The Wheel") google video Apparently rocks speak to one another. They just do it very, very slowly. An stop-motion short from Germany with English subtitles. Creators' website.flash
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Disney's Private Government

The Reedy Creek Improvement District's goal "is to provide effective and efficient services to the public and our taxpayers." The taxpayer is Disney, and the taxes are used to provide services for Disney by contracting the services to Disney. The RCID is a county-like entity in Florida, composed of the cities of Lake Buena Vista and Bay Lake, which are also controlled by Disney. The government of the RCID is elected by the landowners - Disney executives who own five-acre plots, the only non-corporate and non-government landowners. The governments of the cities are elected by the residents - about 40 Disney employees split between Bay Lake and Lake Buena Vista. The Rotten Library (SFW article on a NSFW site) discusses the district, which is administered from a SimCity 2000 construction site.
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Google Maps to include NYC subway stops and building outlines

a Google Maps view of NYC, centered on Central Park Google Maps has started displaying subway stops (with the names of the lines that serve each each stop) in New York City. Clearly this is a work in progress (full building outlines are available only in some parts of Manhattan and Brooklyn, and some subway stops currently list only one of the multiple trains that serve the stop). Still, this is excellent news not only for natives but also for tourists (whose only subway-map reference may be the significantly, sometimes radically "not to scale" version put out by the MTA).
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Quantum ain't just for leaping

So.. who's ready for Quantum Computing?

British Colombia-based D-Wave says they've got one and they're going to demo that sucker in Mountain View, CA on Feb 13th and then at the Telus World of Science in Vancouver, Canada on February 15th.

Quoting from TechWorld :
"Multiple quantum states exist at the same time, so every quantum bit or "qubit" in such a machine is simultaneously 0 and 1. D-Wave's prototype has only 16 qubits, but systems with hundreds of qubits would be able to process more inputs than there are atoms in the universe."
Naturally, the tech-savvy blogosphere is skeptical. But what do you think? (previously, previously)
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February 8

Physics for Old People

In 1999, at the age of 93, legendary theoretical physicist Hans Bethe delivered three lectures on quantum theory to his neighbors at the Kendal of Ithaca retirement community (near Cornell University).
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As You Sow, So Shall You Reap

Norway unveils "Doomsday Vault" design. The Svalbard International Seed Vault, administered by the Global Crop Diversity Trust, aims to safeguard the world's agriculture from future catastrophies.
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Poonanie Monologues

Hoohaw? Florida comedy club changes marquee advertising a performance of "The Vagina Monologues" after a resident complains. The local news video (embedded windows media) had me laughing out loud. What's your favorite euphamism? And don't forget Woody's list.
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Tastespotting is a wonderful visual blog for food enthusiasts, by the makers of notcot.
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Gallery of artwork by Tom Bagley. There is something manically amusing about this stuff. #2 and #3
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How many condoms can you wear at once?

Do not attempt this experiment with an actual penis. (possibly NSFW)
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The Christmas Island Red Crabs

Christmas Island sits just northwest of Australia, and is the perfect place to go if you're trying to get over a fear of being surrounded by small animals. Every November/December about 120 million Red Crabs make their annual migration to the ocean to mate and spawn. The masses of crabs cover some routes so densely that they can be seen from the air.
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CBS Survivor Means Work, Work, Work

Road Closed for Tribal Council: Vunivutu Villagers Latest Beneficiaries of the Survivor Boomtown Effect
The hit "reality" TV show, Survivor, premieres tonight on CBS in the United States. Over the past year, a sleepy village on Vanua Levu, the second largest island of Fiji has been hosting the production crew—and reaping the benefits. 150 villagers have been employed by the crew to work about 10 hours a day, seven days a week, for USD 5.00 per hour (and double time on Sundays and holidays). For some it was their first experience in any form of paid employment. This article from the Fiji Post, reposted by a Vanua Levu blogger, gives some behind the scene details. Meanwhile the island's new eco-resort village is putting finishing touches on their community hall. Globe-trotting gap year students and reality TV junkies, look north. Vanua Levu is for lovers. [Survivor Maps, Vorovoro, the eco-resort with a difference, Vorovoro's new bure (community hall), Google's hires satellite image of the area]
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What time is it? Adventure Time!

Adventure Time is an awesome animated short by Pendleton Ward, who also has a site with some cartoons, animation, comics, and a blog.
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Psychology of Security

The Psychology of Security. An essay by Bruce Schneier on the difference between the feeling of security and the reality of security. [Via MindHacks.]
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Anna Nicole Smith is Dead

News Filter Anna Nicole Smith collapses and dies suddenly.
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Can a Bunny be your friend? Move over Tamagotchi, Move over Elmo. He can talk, smell and has a bellybutton. Strange, but kind of cool...unless they turn into this.
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Bourdain VS the Food Network

Bourdain VS the Food Network Tony in his most snarky, but oh man, is he right. His take on Alton, Mario and the ewok.
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Boom! One day your car goes boom!

Toutes les autos de Tintin Including pictures of the original models where available.
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From the Wonderful Folks Who Brought You Iraq

..."Shifting to StratCom indicates that they are talking about a really punishing air-force and naval air attack [on Iran]," says Lang. ..."If they write a plan like that and the president issues an execute order, the forces will execute it. He's got the power to do that as commander-in-chief. We set that up during the Cold War. It may, after the fact, be considered illegal, or an impeachable offense, but if he orders them to do it, they will do it." ...by the end of February the United States will have enough forces in place to mount an assault on Iran. That, in the words of former national-security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski, would be "an act of political folly" so severe that "the era of American preponderance could come to a premature end."
From the Wonderful Folks Who Brought You Iraq
Stepped up US preparations for war against Iran
The United States and Iran: the logic of war
How the press can prevent another Iraq
What to Ask Before the Next War
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Eric Schaeffer wants to marry you
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Can you hear me now?

LA6NCA's WW2 German Radio Collection Pictures and a little history on many WW2 German radios including a cute as a button spy radio and the Lichtsprechgerät 80, an incoherent light audio transceiver. Also featured are a few photo essays of the equipment in use (Enigma, Luftwaffe Signals unit redeploying). [dorian
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Black Light Theatre

The Black Light Theatre of Prague ("Černé Divadlo" or simply Black Theatre) is a Czech performance style characterised by the use of black box theatre augmented by black light trickery. Although this performance style can be found in many places around the world, nowhere is it more prolific or specialized than in Prague. Some sample images: 1 2 3 4. YouTube: 1 2 3.
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Can photographers be plagarists?

Can photographers be plagarists?
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The most expensive television disaster ever?

Supertrain. A show about a supertrain that costs an assload of money and has no real direction or over arching story? why the hell not? link clips(youtube)
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We're Not Gonna Take It.

Turn it off: The Society for Ethnomusicology issues a position statement against the use of music as an instrument of torture.
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2000 light years away

"I did not evolve from Turkana Boy or anything like it" says Bishop Boniface Adoyo of Nairobi Pentecostal Church, who is championing the 'hide-the-fossils' campaign to force the National Museums of Kenya to not discredit the Christian belief of a universe that is only a few thousand years old.
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322 pages, 1603 label scans, 954 details, 111 sleeves

Jamaican Label Art. J.L.A. is a website for those people who are obsessed with Caribbean music and the artwork and design of the labels on the vinyl reproductions of that music. It doesn't matter if those labels are on recordings of Jamaican music released in the U.S.A., or indeed Trini Calypso released in the U.K. It's all the same to us!
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Glassy works of art

How marbles are made. Video showing colored marbles being hand-crafted, layer upon layer, into miniature works of art.
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February 7

"The crazy notion that design not only was important but could also change the world"

Clip/Stamp/Fold. The current show at the Storefront for Art and Architecture in New York City explores an era when architecture was actually interesting. We go from "an elephant attacking the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in Manhattan to a skyscraper made of Swiss cheese." On the way, we visit astronauts, bunkers, walking cities, and robots fucking – and it's all waiting for you inside these little magazines.
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Pipes: Rewire the web

The internet is a series of Pipes. Create your own feed mashups with a visual programming environment.
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A Soldier's Thoughts.

While there have been many posts on Mefi of blogs written by those affected by the Iraq War, I have not seen this one posted. No matter your stance on the war, your opinion of American soldiers, or the amount of other Iraq war blogs you've read, all I ask is that you at least read these few entries. I've used too many words already, when the journal does more than enough to speak for itself. A Soldier's Thoughts. (via) [more inside]
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World Wildlife Fund

Professional wrestling. Insanity. Apparently, The world loves this strange tradition.
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Catenaries and dirigibles

Joanna Newsom "a special treat from your friends at Moistworks: Three bootlegs from Joanna Newsom's performance in Greensboro, North Carolina, last November, unavailable anywhere else. You won't be disappointed (unless, to steal the best thing Dave Eggers ever said, you are the sort of person who is usually disappointed, in which case this will be yet another disappointment)."
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The other Bob Livingston

Cowboys & Indians. Literally.
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Gummy Bears on Flickr

The Gummy Bears pool on Flickr is more compelling than I first expected it to be.
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Kumbh Mela

Kumbh Mela. Currently under way in Allahabad, India, the three-yearly Kumbh Mela festival is the largest gathering of people on the planet, as up to 70 million Hindus converge to wash away their sins where droplets of the nectar of immortality are said to have been spilt when the gods & demons struggled over it. Of perennial interest to foreigners are the hordes of sadhus (often naked, ascetic holy men) who attend, not always without incident. Recently, however, an Australian historian has cast doubt on the supposedly ancient nature of the mass gathering, suggesting that it was largely invented as a way of circumventing British control following the unsuccessful Indian Mutiny of 1857. [reg for final link: mefi / mefi]
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I'm holding out for the Tauren

Kotaku interviews Dez , the producer of Whores of Warcraft (NSFW)(previously), as well as Mia Rose and Hannah Harper, 2 porn stars recently added to the rolls of addicted World of Warcraft players. Apparently, Dez has at least 2 level 70 characters, and plays in a guild with Hannah's husband, where she's taken her Blood Elf Priest to level 26 already. Talking about Phat Lewt not getting you hot? How about some Bare Maidens? (gee, NSFW, you think?). Dez also has a fascinating MySpace page, mostly for his ...interesting mix of friends.
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Pazz & Jop 2006.

The 2006 Village Voice Pazz and Jop critics poll is now online: 494 music critics picked their favorite albums and singles from the past year. It's the first poll since Robert Christgau was unceremoniously let go from the paper. How did they do? Is this thing even relevant anymore? See for yourself: here's the lists and "xgau's" essays since it started.
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Knight Science Journalism Tracker is a new-ish blog (project of a program at MIT and Charles Petit) that follows science writing and reporting in a very wide range of publications. It's a good way to learn about how science news is reported, and an efficient way to keep up with the news itself. [some recent examples]
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The real KFC: Korean Fried Chicken

A good write-up on a different kind of fried chicken. [via nytimes.com] Registration-free link here.
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BC cabinet minister flames out

BC cabinet minister flames out.
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Don't Ask Don't Tell

US Army clears itself of abuse in Gitmo An Army officer who investigated possible abuse at Guantanamo Bay after some guards purportedly bragged about beating detainees found no evidence they mistreated the prisoners — although he did not interview any of the alleged victims.
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Make a quick trick brick stack

Bricks, tiles, and other textures.
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Dead Sodas

Pepsi Blue, et al. Dead soda visited by X-Entertainment, purveyors of much 80s-90s nostalgia. Previously.
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Aftermath of another war

Effects of Agent Orange Following Jonson's Hiroshima post, a (prob. NSFW) collection of images of Vietnamese children born to parents exposed to Agent Orange. Via a Matt Taibbi article on Joe Klein.
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Da-Doo Ron RONJA

RONJA is an optical networking device that can be built by nearly everyone, using readily available components and using only free software.
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On this day (February 7) in 1964, the Beatles arrived in America for the first time.. Two days later they made their first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show (YouTube, approx. 9 mins.). Read a transcript of their first American press conference, snippets from other 1964 interviews, and a fictional 1963-64 blog written from the point of view of a 15-year-old fan in New York.
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Bullet The Blue Sky

Venezuelan State TV aired a show yesterday in which they complained about a certain videogame, in which the goal is to overthrow the "power-hungry tyrant who messes with Venezuela's oil supply." In Venezuela, people are a bit offended by the images of Caracas being destroyed in the game, outside, some people are offended because one of the owners of the controversial company that created the game is Bono, The Defender of the Poor, Bono, and they are trying to stop it.
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Missed Connections

13 Malamutes for sale
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February 6

A Lasting Committment

[ImageFilter] The Neolithic embrace. Happy pre-Valentine's Day.
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The hyper-real sculpture of Ron Mueck

Day late and a dollar short filter: We all just missed a great show at the Brooklyn Museum, namely the hyper-realistic works by sculptor Ron Mueck. Mueck specializes in life-like castings of people in non-life-sized dimensions ranging from the huge to the very small. (Some links NSFW) (More inside)
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all dolled up

Surreal Barbie and Ken jewelry art by Margaux Lange. Previously (but her work and site have evolved since then). While in China, voodoo dolls have been banned and immediately became a jewelry/accessory craze.
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Spotted dick will never stop being funny.

No spotted dick until you finish your bubble and squeak! An American girl eats her way through the UK, detailing her adventures tasting such traditional delicacies such as haggis and scotch eggs.
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Photos from Hiroshima

Photos from Hiroshima in August of 1945. Long supressed by the occupying U.S. forces, a highly unsettling (and decidedly NSFW) collection of photos from the days immediately after August 6th. Via.
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Roses are not always red

Asininity? Not just for poets, asininepoetry.com, just in time for St. Valentine's Day. A great place to waste a lot of time. You may want to wax poetic yourownself.
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Make lemons into lemonade

An exotic West African berry, known as miracle fruit, has gained a cult following by radically changing the way things taste: it eliminates sourness, making lemons taste like lemonade and limes like candy. Despite a long history of cultivation, the FDA has not approved the fruit or miraculin, the protein that causes its odd effects. In Japan, where it has been intensely studied, the fruit is served at cafes to help dieters.
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Troy is hurting now

Be your own video game hero! Troy Hurtubise, the undisputed master of the bear-proof suit (among other things) has failed to find a buyer for its latest incarnation, and is selling the prototype on eBay.
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BASE! How low can you go? Four and a half minutes of base jumping goodness. Google vid.
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miistation.com for your mii needs

If you're lucky enough to own the Nintendo Wii and are of the left brain variety, have a look at MiiStation.com, where you can submit a photo and have an artist create your Mii - you know, Mr. Potato Head for the console generation. This is real people (in Japan!) sittin' in front of the tube (probably LCDs or plasmas, maybe even OLEDs?), lookin' at your photos and wavin' that Wii wand.
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Deep Listening

Pauline Oliveros, pioneer of electronic and new music, and Deep Listening. Inspired by Valerie Solanas, utilizes just intonation, plays accordion. Hear her . Watch her .
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Ride 'em slowly, cowboy

The iJoy Ride™ is a "unique and exciting way to work out." It is not to be confused with the Sybian sex toy. (Please press "Play" for the embedded video and enjoy the smiles.)
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What? There were two black coaches in the Super Bowl?

Why having two African-American coaches in the Super Bowl is important. A postgame analysis of an over-analyzed subject.
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A Tranquil Star

A Tranquil Star ...for a discussion of stars our language is inadequate and seems laughable, as if someone were trying to plow with a feather. (via)
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This is a post about comics, so I should be able to come up with a funny title, right?

The Belfry WebComics Index is a site that lists just about every webcomic in existence, and a few that no longer are. You can add any that it's missing. Even better, if you tell it which ones you like, it'll compare that to other users' picks and make suggestions. The top ten are Better Days, Sabrina Online, Faux Pas, Jack (NSFW), Freefall, VG Cats, Kevin & Kell, Peter is the Wolf (NSFW), Ozy & Millie, and Dan & Mab's Furry Adventures. If you dislike talking animals, you can set the furry-bit to off, to highlight such webcomics as Penny Arcade, Girl Genius, Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire, Sluggy Freelance, PvP, MegaTokyo, Misfile, Schlock Mercenary, Something Positive, The Wotch and many more.
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It appears...that the people of the United States prefer the Roman approach

Chalmers Johnson whose Nemesis: The Last Days of the American Republic is out today, provides something the CIA won't: a National Intelligence Estimate for the United States.
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Thank you! I'll be here all week! Try the veal!

Apparently it's time for conservatives to take humour seriously. Warning: may cause your ass to bleed with sadness.
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Steve Jobs' Thoughts on Music

Thoughts on Music "...in a heartbeat. If the big four music companies would license Apple their music without the requirement that it be protected with a DRM, we would switch to selling only DRM-free music on our iTunes store." — Steve Jobs
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BYOB - build your own bike

Custom motorcycles aren't just for cruising. The art of small-run or one-off custom motorcycle construction isn't limited to choppers and cruisers. Racers and constructors like Dr. Rob Tuluie and Michael Czysz are a different breed. On or off-road, they keep the tradition of constructors like Vincent alive. Want to build your own? With a little help and some information, anything is possible.
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June Porter Speaks

Interview with Lee Harvey Oswald's daughter, June. (not recent, but fascinating)
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Useless Account

Useless Account is the newest, hippest web 2.0 site, with gradient blends, large text, and bright colors. And right now, they're offering free accounts with unlimited account editing. Sign up quick before your username is taken!
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White House reverses stance on existence of global warming

Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman has endorsed the recent IPCC report, reversing the White House stance on the existence of global warming. Bodman claims that the Bush administration has always accepted scientific studies pointing to man-made climate change, even as Henry Waxman, House oversight committee chair, has been holding hearings on the White House's misleading the public on global warming for the last six years; hearing documents. Bodman also rejects caps on CO2 emissions, claiming that the US is "a small contributor when you look at the rest of the world," when in fact it's the largest contributor worldwide (and has an even greater share of cumulative CO2 emissions). Previously: IPCC, Waxman.
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Deus Ex Machina, an experimental online comic

"Deus is an experimental, serialized online comic about myth, consciousness, death, and tomfoolery. Following a set of quasi-mythical gods and a poor fool named Cam, the styles and themes of Deus are constantly evolving." From the utterly talented Gareth Hinds, whose fully painted interpretation of Beowulf is about to be issued in hardcover by Candlewick Press.
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Creating the framework for a consumer-oriented society

Unintelligent Design. The History Images of Sze Tsung Leong. "Then there's the other type of history that is recorded in the fabric of cities. This includes the houses that are being destroyed; it has to do with the history of quotidian things, really, the layers of history that have slowly accumulated. The loss of this fabric the spaces and histories particular to different cities means that the particular cultural value and artistic qualities they contain, are lost." also here and here.
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The music of things.

If you've ever thought that music can be an extremely intuitive and effective way to communicate things, then Stanford Professor Jonathan Berger (samples of his music) is doing some research that might interest you. (via)
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In a future time, children will work together to build a giant...

Two industrial robots spin records.
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Church Official: Straight christian men can still suck a _little_ c*ck.

Haggard and his church have been taking Dan's advice. Except for the discreet thing .
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Treasure trove of 50's and 60's sports racing photos

A crufty but invaluable resource for anyone interested in the classic era of sports car racing.
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Superbowl in three minutes

Superbowl in three minutes. (I love you Dallas Clark and Bobby Sanders.)
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Early Zionist propaganda posters

Beautiful early Zionist propaganda posters, courtesy of the Swann Galleries. The first 73 items in this large batch of vintage posters up for auction are related to Israel, Jews or anti-Semitism. [via Paperholic]
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City Poems

On walls and pavements in cities around the world you may encounter poetry.
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The Indian Patang (pdf). Kite flying in India. Kite flying across the world. A link to the history of Kites resources. And India’s Kite flying effects on birds.
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Bella, detesta matribus

Footage of the 'friendly fire' incident [Embedded wmv 15m20s] in which Lance Corporal of Horse Matty Hull was killed is obtained by The Sun. The inquest into L/Cpl Hull's death, earlier suspended in part because of failure to release the video, will now go ahead. Direct link to video stream Discussion on UK forces' message board
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The case of Irène Némirovsky

French Jewish writer Irène Némirovsky's claim to fame rests on Suite Française, a novel that she wrote about the German occupation of France while awaiting death in Auschwitz but which was not published until 2004. Irène may also provoke interest because her early fiction was steeped in anti-semitic stereotypes and serialized in right-wing newspapers. [More Inside]
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February 5

I Don't Care What You Do With Them, I Just Want One Without A Rickety Wheel!

The utilitarian shopping cart has an interesting history. February is "Return Shopping Carts To The Supermarket Month" in America (yes, it really is). Apparently shopping cart loss is such a problem that there is an industry of shopping cart bounty hunters. Some cities seek to make it a crime for homeless people to possess shopping carts. Some people would rather make art and sculpture out of them. Previously on Metafilter: Shopping Cart Abuse and The Stray Shopping Cart Project.
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Oui, c'est du Raï!!

Raï is North African music. Cheb Khaled goes from pop to more traditional. Cheb Mami does sexy and more sexy and Sting! Recently, young and handsome Faudel tops the charts in France and son pays. And all together with Abdel Khader!!
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When the weather outside is frightful

The Science of fudge.
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MONSTERS. While Cthulhu enjoys frequent attention, Monster Brain does not discriminate in its collection of fine monster illustrations. Monster Brain likes awesome monsters. Monster Brain likes scary monsters. Monster Brain likes cute monsters. Monster Brain likes abstract monsters. I don't know what kind of monster this is.
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Spyders, Spyders EVERYWHERE

There's a new motorcyle-like thingie called a Spyder... However, it's got three wheels, and looks WAY hot. Oh, did I mention that two of the wheels are in front? Here's the manufacturer's website (warning: some flash stuffs). I want one.
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Graffitti Archaeology and the Best Homework Ever

Cassidy Curtis is responsible for the best overnight homework any teacher has ever received in any course at any level at any place in any subject at any time, ever, ever, ever. If being able to hand-draw Torus in 3-Space renderings isn't enough for you (on skin too) then would you believe a Flash based Graffitti Archaeology application or a Telestereoscope and even a pretty normal blog. (couldn't find his myspace page though...)
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Astronaut charged with kidnap attempt

Astronaut charged with kidnap attempt. It's current, it's for real, and each paragraph is weirder than the last.
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God spelled backwards is doG.

I want a labradoodle , but a goldendoodle would be OK if it could talk. Then there’s Sam.
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Mind Games.

Mind Games. "She speaks about her situation calmly, occasionally laughing at her own predicament and her struggle with what she originally thought was mental illness....Like Girard, Naylor describes what she calls "street theater" -- incidents that might be dismissed by others as coincidental, but which Naylor believes were set up. She noticed suspicious cars driving by her isolated vacation home. On an airplane, fellow passengers mimicked her every movement -- like mimes on a street." Link goes to a Washington Post story - reg. may be required.
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How to Shower.

How to shower. (myspace video)
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my eyes! my eyes! (flash)

Catch 33 Flash game
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The Art and Fashion of Aitor Throup

Aitor Throup is a fashion designer from Argentina. But I wish he drew graphic novels.
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Restore reality-based government

How Congress can safeguard science from distortion, something of which both parties are historically guilty. An op-ed on politics and science by author Chris Mooney and physics professor Alan Sokal, the man behind the infamous Sokal Hoax.
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Shock TV?

Fox News is expanding their channel tonight with a new late night show. Red Eye will be hosted by Greg Gutfeld, famous for joining HuffPo as a blogger and using every post to bait the readers [1][2]and Ariana [1]. Also joining him is Rachel Marsden who herself is a controversal figure... Fox News is also about to air shows by conservative shock jock Mancow and a right-wing Daily Show clone ... does conservative humor work?
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Meanwhile in Africa...

You will be thoroughly beaten. Zimbabwe, in economic decline for years, may be accelerating towards collapse. Its inflation rate recently hit 1281%, the highest in the world, and a strike by public doctors that began six weeks ago has now spread to nurses, electrical workers and (today) teachers. Those that aren't allowed to strike, like police, are quitting. Last month, Zimbabwe's top judge warned that underfunding had (possibly intentionally) left its judiciary largely unable to function, the nation's electricity provider recently announced that it's broke, its sewage plants started breaking down and polluting urban water supplies, and international observers warned (based on satellite photos, since the government won't allow them in) that famine is looming. In the past, President Robert Mugabe's response to the growing destitution has been to forcibly evict poor urban slum residents into the countryside and bulldoze their homes, to prevent them from organizing politically and to make it difficult for rights organizations to monitor them. Now, he's canceling the 2008 presidential elections (for now, saying that they'll be held in 2010, in conjunction with parliamentary elections, to save money) and ordering security forces to jail and torture political activists. The situation may be approaching a breaking point.
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small poems in small booklets

POEMS-FOR-ALL "Small poems in small booklets half the size of a business card. A project of the 24th street irregular press, which cranks them out to be taken by the handful and scattered like seeds by those who want to see poetry grow in a barren cultural landscape." (via Ward 6)
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Youtubefilter Schmyoutubefilter

Did Somebody Drop His Mouse? is an unreleased documentary that tracks Harry Nilsson during the recording sessions for Son of Schmilsson. It is currently available on YouTube in (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) parts.
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Exposing the architects of power that’s changing our world

Right Web , founded in 2003, is a program of the International Relations Center (IRC) that tracks the work of those, in and outside of government, who have been instrumental in shaping or supporting U.S. policies in the global war on terror, also has the archives of Group watch (1985-1991), which profiled more than 125 private, quasi-governmental, and religious organizations that were closely associated with the implementation of U.S. foreign policy, especially in Central America. Profiles of Right wing individuals, organisations, corporate, and government.
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The new UK Mac ads

Charlie Brooker hates Macs. They are computers for people who earnestly believe in feng shui.
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You down with BYP?

The Black Youth Project, "will examine the attitudes, resources, and culture of African American youth ages 15 to 25, exploring how these factors and others influence their decision-making, norms, and behavior in critical domains such as sex, health, and politics." The project is run by University of Chicago professor Cathy J. Cohen. The sitemap may help you get a handle on what is a tremendous amount of information. Or you could read the press release for a succint summary and links to mentions in the media.
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Today's Astronomy Picture of the Day is simply amazing.
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In Defense Of Our Country

Randy Newman has "A Few Words To Say In Defense Of Our Country" Lyrics here
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I Still Work at a Bar

Christopher Michael Langan is a bouncer by trade, a genius in his spare time (.pdf). Errol Morris documents the essence of a working class hero.
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February 4

1657 Ralamb Costume Book

The Rålamb Costume Book. Illustrations of Turkish officials, various important occupations and just plain folks, obtained by Claes Rålamb, Swedish ambassador to the Ottoman Court, in 1657. More about Rålamb and Sultan Mehmet IV.
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Are you experienced?

It's border-smuggling re-packaged as a tourist experience. According to the New York Times, this is "one of Mexico’s more bizarre tourist attractions: a make-believe trip illegally crossing the Rio Grande from Mexico into the United States." Perhaps your fully-paid border simulation will soon include being shot at...
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2007 Super Bowl ads

2007 Super Bowl ads (note the multiple pages). And be sure to post your fav (mine = the Coke GTA spot).
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Any violent rearrangement of feline matter is impermanent.

Cartoon Laws of Physics (27 years old?)
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Makes me wish I had time and money for another hobby

Bricklink: Random images of Lego creations Go to Brickshelf and hit the Random link. You never know what you might find: A Lego Steven Colbert, brandishing a lightsaber; a nifty AFV; a cool-looking Lego wargame from Hong Kong (alas, the rules aren't public); some great character designs; a nifty little satirical comic about saving the future by defeating the Rethuglicans in the past; some things that are just very cute; some that are kinda disturbing; nifty creatures; and of course some really interesting and cool-looking, beautifully-detailed starships (and some pretty nifty water-going ships, too). Really makes you want some bricks, doesn't it? (Previously.)
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Dick Cheney's quiet coup d'etat

TPM's David Kurtz: I've gone from being open to the idea of an Imperial Vice Presidency to being convinced that historians will debate whether something approaching a Cheney-led coup d'etat has occurred, in which some of the powers of the Executive were extra-constitutionally usurped by the Office of the Vice President. More about the Vice President, Richard "Dick" Cheney.
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Old News

Sadly, the good professor is putting his project on hold for a while, but he's keeping the old stuff around. Well, there's always Latin. The Finns have been mentioned before, the Bremens not. But for sheer opulence, this site takes the prize.
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Breasts:2 Pigs:1

Government vs. Blogger A woman who has a breastfeeding blog tries to raise some money for the Mothers' Milk Bank of Ohio by selling a t-shirt containing a slogan that the National Pork Board finds to be an infringement of their trademark . Chaos ensues.
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The problem with music, redux.

While Courtney pulled an Albini, Jeff handed out the bread. Are the peasants acting like emperors, or do they still want something shiny, aluminum, plastic, and digital? Debacle or cage, something's got to give (pdf). Alternatively, you can just roll your own.
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Haun's Mill Massacre

The Haun's Mill Massacre: Outbursts of violence led Governor Lilburn W. Boggs on October 27 to issue an "Extermination Order," demanding that the Latter-day Saints leave the state or be exterminated. Here is a dramatic reenactment from the LDS financed propaganda film, Legacy.
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So This Dog Walks into a Bar

Washington State Legislature to Allow Dogs in Bars. And some people are just not happy about it. Dogs in bars. What's the big deal? Is it a health issue? In more civilized places, like Paris, they have been doing it for years - plague free.
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Death of italian soccer

After the death of the policeman Filippo Raciti during the fights happened during and after the soccer match between Catania and Palermo, Italy is trying to decide what to do against violent ultras.
The Heysel and Hillsborough tragedies had a big impact on the english soccer. Is Italy going to start an effective crackdown against football violence?
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Roman descendants found in China?

Roman descendants found in China? DNA tests will be done in a remote Gobi village to see if the blond-haired Chinese residents are related to Crassus' lost legion of c. 53 BC, as suggested by historian Homer Dubbs in 1957 and debated since.
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Stand by for crime!

Stand By For Crime! Archive.org presents the astonishing adventures of Chuck Morgan, intrepid radio muckracker and crimefighter, as he battles The Communist Menace, investigates The Wetback Murders, and solves The Marijuana Mystery. Circa 1953; twenty-six half-hour episodes in mp3 format, each approximately 9 MB.
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Three feet high and rising...

... "All the Shiites have to do is tell everyone to lay low, wait for the Americans to leave, then when they leave you have a target list and within a day they'll kill every Sunni leader in the country. It'll be called the `Day of Death' or something like that," said 1st Lt. Alain Etienne, 34, of Brooklyn, N.Y. "They say, `Wait, and we will be victorious.' That's what they preach. And it will be their victory." Quinn agreed. "Honestly, within six months of us leaving, the way Iranian clerics run the country behind the scenes, it'll be the same way here with Sadr," said Quinn, 25, of Cleveland. "He already runs our side of the river."
Mahdi Army gains strength through unwitting aid of U.S.
Iraqi Interior Ministry estimates 1000 killed in one week
Northern Iraq seen as next front in war
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Web 2.0 ... The Machine is Us/ing Us

Web 2.0 (2nd draft) A short film by Kansas State Cultural Anthropology Professor Mike Welsh. Find out what happens when content and structure finally break-up and structure gets a place of its own.
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... add the phrase, “who are capable of having children with one another” to the legal definition of marriage...

Washington Initiative Requires Proof of Procreation From Married Couples -- in response to a ruling made by the Washington Supreme Court last year stating gay and lesbian couples could be prevented from marrying by the state because Washington has a legitimate interest in preserving marriage for couples who can procreate. It's been accepted by their Secy of State, and only needs signatures now to get on the ballot. Press release here, which adds: The time has come for these conservatives to be dosed with their own medicine. If same-sex couples should be barred from marriage because they can not have children together, it follows that all couples who can not or will not have children together should equally be barred from marriage.
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Render unto Bono

Ethically in my opinion, Bono’s tax arrangements are entirely inconsistent with his calls upon government to support anti-poverty drives,” said Richard Murphy, one of three co-authors of the SOMO report (.pdf) on Dutch tax shelters. “You cannot be demanding that resources be allocated to anti-poverty drives and then deny those resources to government.”
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Kliban, Tooth and Claw

As a teenager, Bernard "Hap" Kliban joked about wanting to join the Air Force to strafe civilians. Instead, he became a fabulously successful cartoonist best known for his Cats. But his non-cat work was perhaps more influential, and certainly funnier. Gallery 1, gallery 2, gallery 3. (many NSFW)
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giant creepy things want to eat you

giant creepy things want to eat you
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Samuel Huntington

Samuel Huntington is interviewed by NPQ
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February 3

General Gau meet Chairman Mao

The true history of General Tso/Gau/Zuo's Chicken involves Henry Kissinger and the food of Hunan province, which was the home of two opposing eaters: Chairman Mao and the nationalist Chef Peng who invented the dish, along with other now-classics of Hunanese cuisine, after fleeing the Revolution. Thus ends a long search for the origins of the dish, as covered previously.
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But onstage they aint got no roots rock rebel. And soon they won't have anything at all.

Hammersmith Palais, legendary venue immortalised in song, faces demolition. More at NME and BBC.
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Armstrong Williams redux

Here's $10,000! All you have to do is pick it up and it is yours. There it is, just staring at you. You are a global climate scientist or economist and the American Enterprise Institute, "an ExxonMobil-funded thinktank with close links to the Bush administration" wants you to lend them some of your legitimacy, for which they will pay you ten grand.
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The End Of The World Is Coming. No, Really. It Is.

The end of the world has been foretold so many times we have come to dismiss it. But it's fun to think of how it will all happen.
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Gov. Eliot Spitzer, steamroller

"I am a fucking steamroller and I'll roll over you or anybody else."
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Guns! Guns! Guns! Guns!

Loaded, an essay that originally appeared in Harper's, argues pro-gun rights from a liberal point of view. Rob Williams the original Negro with Guns, (and who probably won't be appearing in any feel-good Black History Month presentations, might agree.
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Bring out your dead [disks]!

The end of the world is nigh! For 3.5" floppy disks anyway, as one of the UK's biggest computer retailers announces its decision to stop selling floppy disks. But then again, perhaps there never was such a thing as a 3.5" floppy disk to begin with. Oh dear... I'm so confused. In that case I guess now, at the end of all things, it's probably a good idea to find out how floppy disks work.
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"We're Not Good."

Robert Krulwich tells the tale of Dr. Alan Rabinowitz and his friend... "Dawi told Alan the terrible secret that explained why there were so few Taron (left in the world). And then Alan told Dawi a secret of his own..." (includes audio link)
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Corporate Rock Still Sucks?

The 120 Minute Archive -- an attempt to gather all of the playlists of MTV's now-defunct late-night alternative rock program which ran from 1986 to 2003. Along with the videos were loads of live performances. Sure, it went down in quality in its second half. But where else in the pre-Internet days of 1992 could small-town kids discover Tom Waits, Morrissey and Sonic Youth in a single sitting?
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Arnold Newman, Environmental Portraits

Since I was only a child, Arnold Newman (gallery; another gallery) (obituary) has been my favorite photographer. He specialized in "environmental portraiture," carefully posing his subjects in surroundings that spoke to their personalities. He usually spent hours or days meticulously planning every aspect of the shot, and not always to make the subject look good. Many of his photos became the definitive photograph of the person. I hope one day to make even one photograph that comes close to what he was able to do.
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Mexican wrestlers

Striking photographs of the masked wrestlers of Mexico, Lucha Loco by Malcolm Venville. [via the amazing everlasting blort] [more inside]
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How Lenses Are Made

Ever wonder how camera lenses are made? *Almost* justifies the cost of some of these behemoths. via.
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'To an Eastern man this city is full of surprises. '

Ghost Cowboy :: True Tales of Adventure in the American West
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Good Luck Convincing the Rest of the Universe

The RIAA Says CD's Should Have Cost $33.86 in 1996 however, this news article says and shows how their math (and logic) is more than a little skewed.
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The Coolest Train Wreck You'll See This Summer

"Once Were Kings" Some call them 1980's pop icons, others the Kings of Heavy Metal. Regardless, Van Halen has announced a 2007 tour with David Lee Roth. But without Michael Anthony, will it be worth paying to see? While Dave's current fan base is huge, others feel he has not aged gracefully. Well, it could be worse.....(youtube, ytmnd, and bad 80's haircuts warning)
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Botique Ultrasonograpy

"Souvenir prenatal ultrasounds worry experts." Parent's desire for early snapshots in the womb have led to a rise in commercial companies offering what it describes as "boutique ultrasonography." This site, preciousbabyimaging.com, is just one example.
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Washington’s Farewell Address Translated into Everyday Speech

I’ve been president twice now, and I didn’t want to do it either time.
From the "blag" of the wonderful webcomic xkcd.
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Physics simulators. Lots of physics simulators.

PhET - Physics Education Technology offers this astoundingly large library of online physics simulations. Play orbital billiards. Land on a cheesy moon. Experiment with sound. Or try more advanced quantum physics simulators. Still bored? Try the "cutting edge" catagory. Here's the complete index. (Warnings: Frames, Flash, Javascript, Java applets, graphics, sound, quantum timesuck.)
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John Smith's Ephemera

"John Smith, Youngest, of Crutherland, was given the honorary degree of LL.D in 1840. In 1842 he announced the bequest to the University [of Glasgow] of his runs of publications from learned societies, and his volumes of ephemeral items. These came to the library on Smith’s death in 1849." Some examples: Playbill, Theatre Royal, York Street. Broadsheet account of an attempted prison break. Radical Party election ballad. See also: Glasgow Broadside Ballads: cheap print and popular song culture in nineteenth-century Scotland and Glasgow Broadside Ballads: The Murray Collection
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Mountain Meadow Massacre

Mountain Meadow Massacre When I left Los Angeles, the 23rd ultimo, General Clarke, commanding the Department of California, directed me to bury the bones of the victims of that terrible massacre which took place on this ground in September, 1857. The fact of this massacre of (in my opinion) at least 120 men, women and children, who were on their way from the State of Arkansas to California, has long been well known. I have endeavored to learn the circumstances attending it, and have the honor to submit the following as the result of my inquiries on this point:
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This is not your grandmother's uterus

Educational films about puberty... Then, and now.
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Strangers with Googly Eyes

The Amy Sedaris Craft Challenge! There's still time to enter! Just post a picture of food made cute with googly eyes to the flickr pool. Amy will pick the winner live on WNYC's Leonard Lopate Show on February 9th. The winner receives a copy of Amy's new book, as well as one of her fake cakes.
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"This is a baby. This is a blessing from God. It is not a political statement."

Tell, but don't ask. Dick's lesbian daughter is pregnant. Mary Cheney and her partner Heather Poe are having a baby. But she'd rather not talk about it. The future grandparents think any mention of their daughter's sexual preference is out of line. Dan Savage thinks otherwise.
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I wonder if it's in NP?

Blood, guts, and glory in no holds barred MIT number fight.
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Murders in Baltimore City/Washington D.C., displayed on Google's map of the area: 2005, 2006, 2007.
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Ce n'est pas une cigarette

Ce n'est pas une cigarette France is the latest to ban smoking in public, joining Spain, Italy, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, the Ukraine, and the U.S. among others. This short article from The Atlantic shows the long history of countries attempting to ban smoking, from Pope Urban VIII to Hitler. Somehow I think these bans are here to stay.
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Patti Smith "You Light Up My Life"

Patti Smith sings You Light Up My Life. Seriously.
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The intern

A parody [video] of The Office first earned a high school student a visit to the set of the show and then an internship.
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Happy amputee

I won't be happy until I lose my legs "I was six when I first became aware of my desire to lose my legs. I don't remember what started it - there was no specific trigger. Most people want to change something about themselves, and the image I have of myself has always been one without legs" This woman has Apotemnophilia. She wants both her legs cut off, in fact she already had one. It's victimless - would YOU be willing to amputate a perfectly healthy limb?
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February 2

In Soviet Russia, Snow Pees On You.

Don't Eat (or Drink) The Yellow Snow!

note: it is our surmise that that this snow is probably not toxic. trust us. we're russia.
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Zombie Preparedness Initiative

Welcome to the Zombie Preparedness Initiative.
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Dark Side of the Moon

Stanley Kubrick's involvement in the space program. Did we go to the moon? Donald Rumsfeld,Alexander Haig and Henry Kissinger tell all. via
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A melody is silenced

Gian Carlo Menotti was, until his death at 95, the most often-performed contemporary opera composer. Among his works is the first opera composed for radio, the most popular Christmas opera, possibly the first opera in which a telephone plays a principal role (Poulenc's came more than a decade later), an opera about aliens, and a masterpiece about life under totalitarian rule (which was also the first time that suicide by gas oven made it to the stage). He ignored the fashion of atonality that held academia in thrall, and never veered from his lyrical style. He wrote his own libretti, which showed a mastery and love of language as deep as his musical talents. Some of his works were Broadway successes. And he created one of the finest music festivals [includes embedded music video]. He will be remembered.
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Jim Gray is missing

"Urgent . . . Jim Gray" Jim Gray is a well-respected researcher at Microsoft, and has been called "THE SQL Guru and Architecht." Last Sunday night he went out on his boat, and has yet to return. Read the touching story about how Silicon Valley's "best and brightest" are using all their technological savvy to find their colleague and friend. Godspeed. (previous post on Jim Gray here)
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Tod Dockstader

Tod Dockstader.
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Woo hoo!

Tim Fort's Kinetic Art
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...a book fraught with the romance and colour of human lives which, if not always of the most exalted, are certainly among the most vivid.

The Newgate Calendar. "THE deeds of ancient robber outlaws and of highway-men -- what a treasure-house pierced with windows for the imagination!" Read about the lives of notorious criminals of days past, such as Sawyney Beane, murderer and cannibal; Daniel Dawson, race-horse poisoner; John Tayler and Thomas Martin, body snatchers; or the infamous Mary Frith, also known as Moll Cutpurse, a cross-dressing, pistol-wearing, tobacco-smoking rogue and the real life inspiration for Daniel Defoe's Moll Flanders.
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Time to Play Dress-Up

Do you have too much money? Does your small dog still have some dignity? Solve both problems at once. And of course you'll want to match.
If the evening gowns are a bit much, there are more casual options.
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Unlike the Oscars, this nomination means squat

Nobel Peace Prize nomination database 1901-1955: In general the Nobel Peace Prize Committee does not reveal the nominations for the prize, and they ask the nominators not to do so as well. However, Rush Limbaugh continues the illustrious nomination of people with questionable merit, including Benito Mussolini(1935), Stalin (1945, '48), and you know who else was nominated? Yeah, that's right, Hitler (1945).
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Flash Friday Tutorials

Flash Friday tutorials. Want to know how to make a pre-loader? A cool image gallery, or sound driven animation? Learn how to do so here with some nice tutorials by Lee Brimelow, or visit his flash blog.
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Geeks gone wild!

Geeks gone wild! The ten most embarrassing silicon valley, according to Valleywag. Totally NSFW.
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Let's Play!

The Let's Play archive. Ever wanted to play a particular video game, but never got around to it? Let's Play features extensive walkthroughs of classic games like Silent Hill and Flashback complete with screenshots, videos, and commentary. Other games such as Darkseed and The Immortal are coming soon.
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That's a lot to pay for a fish dinner

The Bissagos Islands are off the coast of Guinea-Bisseau in Africa. One of them, Orango, has a rather unique social custom. There, women are the ones who propose marriage.
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The DEW Line

Tales from the DEW Line. In the mid-50's, the Distant Early Warning, or DEW Line, a series of radar stations along the 69th paralell, began scanning the arctic skies for signs of soviet bombers. Though cut off from direct contact with civilization, and often hoping that nothing would happen, staffers of these remote outposts still found plenty worth writing about or photographing (1, 2, 3).
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In Soviet Russia, sponge soaks you

Dr. Jeannine Mosely finishes building a level-3 Menger sponge from business cards. You can also build your own, though Dr. Mosely warns, "[a] level 4 sponge would require almost a million cards and weigh over a ton. I do not believe it could support its own weight — so a level 3 is the biggest sponge we can hope to build." (related)
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Hardest. Game. Ever.

Peacmaker - a new Israeli/Palestinian RPG: "The goal of the player as the leader is to establish a stable resolution to the conflict and win the Nobel Prize before his or her term in office ends."

Oh. Is that all?
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But how does it taste?

Michelle Wibowo makes fantasy cakes and cake toppers. Watch her in action.
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"We're space explorers, and we need space!"

Where did you want to live when you grew up? If you're like me, you read Clarke's SF classic, Rendezvous with Rama (soon to be a major motion picture?). Donald E. Davis took what we dreamed about and illustrated it, for NASA. His depictions of O'Neill Cylinders, Stanford Tori, and Bernal Spheres are in the public domain (and make excellent desktop wallpaper).
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IPCC 4th AR Summary now avaiable

IPCC's 4th Assesment Report Summary for Policymakers [PDF] is now avaiable online, offering a necessarily simplified view of the scientific finding supporting the idea that global warming isn't just the theory of some lone scientist. Certain think-thanks are now allegedly attempting to finance disconfirming opinion. Previously on Meta.
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Everybody wants to be a WiiJ

The art of DJing with a Wiimote
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Going nuclear: choosing Miss Atom. Ilya Platonov, who runs the website said: “There are a lot of beautiful women in the Russian nuclear sector." Glowing. Radiant. Meltdown.
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Nashville, Don't Touch My Country Music

Dim Lights, Thick Smoke, and Loud, Loud Music Photgrapher Henry Horenstein's Honky-Tonk: Portraits of Country Music, 1972-1981 captures a sound in transition. This evocative collection of informal, black-and-white portraits of country musicians and fans in bars, backstage, and on the road illustrate a decade when smoky roadhouses and venerated venues began to give way to the more mainstream Countrypolitan or "Nashville" sound. Seminal artists like Mother Maybelle Carter and Bill Monroe mingled backstage with shinier newcomers like Dolly Parton and Anne Murray. But even as the commercial sound was dominating, youngsters mixing with old-timers sparked the first wave of old-time/bluegrass revival, and some of the artists who got started then still carry the torch for a non-Nashville sound today. In this online exhibit you can watch it all unfold.
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Sabbath Filter

War Pigs : An unofficial video for Cake's cover of War Pigs, previously covered by Faith No More.. Originals by Black Sabbath.
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National Counterterrorism Tracking Center

Worldwide Incident Tracking System. There were sixteen incidents in the U.S. since February 2, 2004 with zero fatalities, injuries or hostages=zero victims. Lebanon, on the other hand...
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Get it while it's hot!

Everyone’s got one. From the boys and girls who go to school, to the working women and men of India, who depend on the Dabba Wallahs to bring them their meals. The margin of error for these tiffin carriers has been clocked at an astonishing 99.9999999%, which has earned them the Sigma 6 rating, and has made them popular in other parts of the world.
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February 1

"It's like cancelling John Peel": R.I.P. Brave New Waves, 1984-2007.

Buried in code within a CBC press release regarding the revamp of CBC Radio is the death of the late-night radio show called Brave New Waves. Long rumoured, deeply cherished, widely chronicled, rerunned since May 2006, gone this March.
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pitch 'n putt - it's bitch 'n slut

Pitch 'n' Putt with Joyce 'n' Beckett - (alerts: YouTube & nsfw language. via Exploding Aardvark)
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Are you HOSTILE yet??

Get Hostile! - Inspired by the well-beloved Avalon Hill board game Acquire, Get Hostile! is a free, web-based board game that has already sucked up hours of my time. Check out the quick tutorial to get up to speed, then play against live opponents or AI's, forming corporations, buying stock, and doing hostile takeovers!
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The old and the new Japan in one frame. The delicate relationship of Oyako, parent and child. In 1982 American photographer Bruce Osborn began what has become his lifelong work. For the last 25 years he took pictures of one parent with one child in a white studio setting.
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The Up Series.

Back in 1964, a documentary was commissioned by Granada Television called Seven Up!, which aimed to test the old Jesuit maxim “Give me the child until he is seven and I will give you the man” by studying the lives of a group of children from various backgrounds to see how their lives would develop. Every seven years thereafter, director Michael Apted has returned to see where their lives have taken them, in a series of films known as The Up Series. You can read a great overview of the series here. Some have followed the path expected of them. Others have moved halfway across the world. Some have even set up their own webpage! And others still, like Neil, have found that getting to what may be your calling in life often requires you to take a signifcant detour, as this video from the latest edition, 49 Up, shows.
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Detroit can be a hairy place...

Hair? We got it. We fix it. We flaunt it. We film it. We report it.
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The Cost of Monoculture

In Korea, you use Windows and IE, or you're out of luck. MeFi's own Gen Kanai writes about the Microsoft lock-in in South Korea. It is also a monoculture in other ways, of course, but in a country of 48 million where internet usage has risen from 9 million in 1999 to 35 million today, that leads the world in broadband penetration, some lessons for the rest of the world about the dangers of monopoly might be learned.
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Beating the Rap

The Reid Technique In Homicide, David Simon writes of the homicide detective: "He becomes a salesman, a huckster as thieving and silver-tongued as any man who ever moved used cars or aluminum siding---more so, in fact, when you consider that he's selling long prison terms to customers who have no genuine need for the product." But how does that detective do it? How can someone get you to willingly confess to something you did--or didn't--do? The Reid Technique. Developed by John Reid, (who kindly shares with us the tricks detectives use) the technique lets an interviewer look at every aspect of a suspect's behavior, sometimes giving them enough rope to hang themselves. Forewarned, however, is forearmed. Can you beat the rap if you know what's facing you, once you get in the box? (Hint: Watch your eyeballs!)
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You can check my underwear.

"I'm bleeding. You can check my underwear. I want to go to the hospital." "How is that my problem?" [MoralOutrageFilter] Despite Sofia Silva's telling the officers that she was having a miscarriage [links to video], she was refused medical attention and arrested on traffic violations and outstanding warrants (mistreatment of children and trespassing). The next day, the baby died after being born prematurely. Sofia is now suing the Kansas City Police Department.
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Wanna be a writer?

"A Million Penguins is an experiment in creative writing and community. Anyone can join in. Anyone can write. Anyone can edit. Let’s see if the crowds are not only wise, but creative. Or will too many cooks spoil the broth?"
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Open source classics

You've heard of ScummVM and MAME, but harvest time is approaching in the field of reverse-engineered open source re-implementations of other classic games too:
OpenTTD (Transport Tycoon), LinCity (Sim City), Advanced Strategic Command (Battle Isle), Freeciv (Civilization), Enigma (Oxyd), Widelands (Settlers), OpenArena (Quake 3), Spring (Total Annihilation), JJFFE (Frontier First Encounters), Vega Strike and Oolite (Elite), FreeOrion (Master of Orion), Pingus (Lemmings), Stratagus (Warcraft II et al.), CloneKeen (Commander Keen), Exult (Ultima VII), FreeCNC (Command & Conquer), REminiscence (Flashback), LGeneral (Panzer General), Pioneers (Settlers of Catan), and Freedoom (Doom).
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Now that's service!

...no one here has any intentions of helping you with anything. I am the manager of all of Customer Service. There is no one higher than me that you will speak with.
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Mystery glows in the rose bed and the secret is hidden in the rose

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That Wasn't the Song I meant...

Cory McAbee's Site: Best known (if known he be) as the dynamic front man of The Billy Nayer Show, this relatively new site features McAbee's art and some clips from his films, including the complete handpainted short Billy Nayer (14.3 MB QT direct download, lower quality Youtube here, some NSFW language).
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Unhappy with her hair style, a bride flips out just hours before her wedding. Sobbing and screaming, she goes into the hotel washroom, rips apart her coiffure, and cuts her own hair. The episode is caught on video, posted to YouTube, and Farkalarity ensues. But the plot thickens. It turns out the bride is 22 year-old aspiring actress Jodi Behan, and the film was made by Toronto-based Ryerson University grad Ingrid Hass. It's a hoax, designed to put a lock on their film careers. We'll see more from these girls. Thursday on the Tonight Show, for a start.
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In Mission Control, while the loss of signal was a cause for concern, there was no sign of any serious problem

Four years ago today the Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrated shortly upon reentry. Here is a sad, but, fascinating real time video recreation of the final moments, compiled from various sources including Nasa radio transmissions.
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Vanilla Ice hates himself.

In 1999, MTV aired 25 Lame, a show where retired 25 of their worst and most overplayed videos. Rob Van Winkle (aka Vanilla Ice) showed up to help them retire the video for "Ice Ice Baby." The result - violence, hilarity, and broken mannequins (video, 30-second ad shows before video). Apparently unplanned, nobody knows for sure if this outburst was the product of genuine anger, or if he was just playing around. An unedited version (YouTube, lower quality) leads me to think that it was the former.
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Cyber Gearheads Prevail

Motor City Online was a MMOG created by Electronic Arts. It was probably the coolest. racing game. ever. Until EA pulled the plug because they wanted to focus their servers on The Sims, even after making people pay a monthly fee to play. People were not happy. Petitions were started. After a few years, the love for the game is still apparent. So what happens? A bunch of players decide to develop some open source code to create Motor World Online. You have to admit, the gearheads are cool even online.......
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Don't speak / I know just what you're saying

Speak n Spell your way into remote control of a Vista box.
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Liveblogging at Scooter Libby Trial

Liveblogging the Scooter Libby (Plame-outing) Trial. Get your popcorn. This is compelling (and potentially historic) stuff. Firedoglake.com is highly recommended. There is also a lot of knowledge to be found in the comments. Feel somewhat behind and want to catch-up quickly? Some are wondering why this isn't getting more play in the evening news. Perhaps the public isn't clamoring for it? ABCnews, CBS News, NBC/MSNBC News (does this page even work?), FoxNews, and CNN.
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Steampunk Silhouette Animation

The Mysterious Geographical Explorations of Jasper Morello is a series of four gorgeous steampunk victorian silhouette animated shorts from Australia. The first link goes to a trailer for the films, all four full animations are available on a DVD via the official site (which is loads of fun to explore play around on), and the (Academy Award Nominated) first of the four shorts has been released on YouTube.
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UK TV idents

Remember this? British people of a certain age will know about sitting in a school hall or classroom watching this clock waiting for 'Middle English' or 'How We Used To Live' to begin. This website recreates old tv clocks and idents in flash and it's like watching decades of anticipation pass you by -- and very cleverly, they tell the correct time. Many are available as screensavers.
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Find out when your fave bands are playing your town.

iConcertCal - The most awesomest iTunes plugin ever--tells you when bands you have MP3s for are playing your town. {via an email from this dude.}
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Cold Art

Cold art. Photos, sculpture and carvings done in ice and/or snow. Some real, some not.
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Allegations of rape-as-torture at Abu Ghraib surface on YouTube.

Last week a video was posted to YouTube and linked to by the Iraqslogger site. The YouTube account ("Deathlyillington") is now defunct but the video survives and purports to show a former guard from Abu Ghraib talking about torture techniques employed at the American-run prison. The man recounts the gang rape of a female teenage detainee, in which one guard "pimped" the girl to others for $50 each. As he recalls, "I think at the end of the day he'd made like 500 bucks before she hung herself." The US Army's Criminal Investigation Department has now launched an investigation, but the question remains, is the video real, or is it a hoax along the lines of Jesse Macbeth, the Daily Mirror fake torture photos or the fake beheading video. The video contains few clues to the identity of the alleged soldier, who is shown in silhouette but seems potentially recognizable. A transcript is available.
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A survey of British taxidermic polar bears 2001-04

A survey of British taxidermic polar bears 2001-04.
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Free online photo editor: Picnik.com

Picnik. Free, online photo editing tools.
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I Just Want to Make Love to You

Eel Pie Island: the early 1960s incubator and catalyst of the burgeoning R & B scene in Twickenham and Richmond, The young musicians who played there included members of The Rolling Stones, The Who, Jeff Beck, Rod Stewart, Long John Baldry, the Small Faces, to name but a few. BBC Radio documentary on Radio 4 (30 minutes). Plus, from about 1964 (?): pre-Wheels on Fire Brian Augur and the Trinity with three-quarters of Steampacket (Long John Baldry, the delicious Julie Driscoll, and Rod "the Mod" Stewart) I guess what with Augur on keyboard, the Steampacket didn't need their pianist, Elton John. youtuber
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Flight deck simulators and airplane cutaways

Ever wonder what all those instruments and controls on the Boeing 777's flight deck do? How about all the stuff on the rest of the plane? Photographer and former United Airlines employee Jerome Meriweather brings you flight deck simulations, aircraft cutaways, and random technical information for a handful of civilian and military planes.
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Hooray For Hollywood!

120 year ago today, on February 1, 1887, Harvey Wilcox, originally a prohibitionist from Kansas, filed a grid map of Hollywood with the Los Angeles County recorder's office, carved from a nondescript plot of land he owned in Southern California. The rest, as they say, is history. Hooray For Hollywood!
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Child migrants

A moving, four-part audio documentary tells the story of as many as 150,000 children of the British poor, sent to populate Australia, Canada, and other colonies with "good, white stock".
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