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April 30

One Two Three FOUR Five, Six Seven Eight NINE Ten, Eleven Twelve ...

Pinball Number Count (comp. Walt Kraemer, arr. Ed Bogas): Pointer Sisters, DJ Food, Mars Retrieval Unit, Wicked Hemlocks, Postmarks, Chapter 6, Big Organ Trio, Brandon Williams, Janelle Monae, 32nd Street Jazz, Wynton Marsalis, Package, Jenni Rudolph, Maylee Todd, Joe Fiedler, Nathan Peck.
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You're going to need a bigger cat.

Consider yourself warned. Australia, right now, feels a little biblical. There was a terrible drought, then the worst bush fires ever recorded. A flood came next. Now it’s the turn of the mice.. [more inside]
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516 Arouca

World’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge Arouca 516 opens in Portugal. [more inside]
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It's All About the Traybakes, er, Regional Folklore

Alasdair Becket-King and James Shakeshaft are the Loremen! Every week they unearth some aspect of UK folklore and discourse on it in a very rambling fashion, then they rate the story according to absurdly arbitrary criteria. [more inside]
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Bespoke Rolls-Royce Phantom Draws Inspiration from Antique Japanese Art

Photographs (scroll down). Billionaire entrepreneur, art connoisseur, social innovator, lunar enthusiast (application link to join his 2023 SpaceX voyage), and author of the most re-tweeted tweet, Yusaku Maezawa collects 16th-century Oribe ware; the car he commissioned has a green and cream color scheme inspired by the Japanese pottery. Per R-R p.r.: The upper part is finished in Oribe Green, a fully Bespoke colour created exclusively for the client; in an unusual move, Rolls-Royce has made the paint available for use on the client’s private jet. [more inside]
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"My brain just gave up"

After working non-stop for months, a Dallas-based pen-tester/infosec guy suddenly... couldn't, anymore. And he's finally found out why. (SLTwitter, Threadreader version is here)
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Content About Creation Is Procrastination

"Meta-creators (creators who create about creating) say the answer is in their [product and/or service]" "If meta-creators were good, it would show in the long-term success of their followers. They could point to specific cases where followers increased their quantity and quality of work by applying what they learned. Their followers would credit the meta-creators as the source of their success. This rarely happens. Instead, meta-creators “prove” their success through the metrics of money, subscribers, followers, and attention, none of which help you create more." [more inside]
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“an orgasm can’t kill you, though.”

The addiction researcher [and heroin user] Carl Hart argues against the distinction between hard and soft drugs. He describes using heroin in carefully managed doses, with product he trusts, in the company of friends, at times when being in an altered state does not interfere with his life, and achieving “a dreamy light sedation, free of stress.” [more inside]
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Fuck you, Mr. Chips

Before he was Philip Roth’s biographer, Blake Bailey taught the eighth grade. His students say he made them feel special. They worshipped him. They trusted him. He used it all against them. [Content Warning: Mentions of rape, sexual manipulation]
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The past is a foreign country

For all his fancy education Boris Johnson is among those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. 30 years ago, 450km NW of London a sketchy politician got his home re-decorated as a nixxer. Sometime later [2005] when the story broke "The Taoiseach then insisted Mr Callely had opted not to exercise his right to make a personal statement to the house." And two years after that [2007], the same Taoiseach appointed Callely to the Senate after the latter was rejected by the electorate. Senator Callely continued to finagle his finances and [2014] was eventually jailed.
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5 signs your climate efforts might be doing more harm than good

Offsetting emissions is hot right now. The carbon capture market is expected to grow to $6bn by 2026. The industry’s fast-accelerating growth has attracted a number of new climate organisations to the field — but not all of them are in the business for the right reasons. In a recent expose, Disney, BlackRock and J.P. Morgan were all found to have invested in carbon offset projects that in reality had no additional positive impact on the climate. What these firms didn’t know was that one of their chosen offsetting climate organisations, Nature Conservancy Group, claimed to be preserving forests that were in fact never threatened to begin with.
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April 29

Gaetzgate Smoking Gun Uncovered

The Daily Beast has obtained a confession letter that Joel Greenberg wrote after asking Roger Stone to help him obtain a pardon.
“My lawyers that I fired, know the whole story about MG’s involvement,” Greenberg wrote to Stone on Dec. 21. “They know he paid me to pay the girls and that he and I both had sex with the girl who was underage.”
[more inside]
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We Should All Be Drinking More Lebanese Wine

How and why we talk about it, though, needs to change. The modern nation of Lebanon might be only 100 years old, but the wine trade here has been around for more than 5,000 years, thanks to a longitudinal coastline that runs the entire length of the country.
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STILL His Guitar Fiercely Weeps

In 2004, George Harrison was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - but Prince TOTALLY stole the show with an epic solo during a performance of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps". 17 years later, the original RRHOF broadcast director for that night has released a directors' cut of that performance, which puts the spotlight right smack on Prince, where it belongs. [more inside]
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I Can’t Promise You That I Have Found the True Origin of This Material

No, the beauty of the televised version is simple. It’s because you can pluck out that existing final punchline, endlessly used over the years, and give it to Bernard. What was just a bit of satire, becomes that same bit of satire… and something greater. That line reflects as much of Bernard as a character than any original line given to him ever did. The genius of Jay & Lynn is clearly evident, and that genius wasn’t in swiping a piece of material. It was swiping a piece of material… and using it in an extraordinarily precise way. From What The Papers Say by John Hoare
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18 years of Bruce Sterling blogging at Wired magazine

Beyond the Beyond was Bruce Sterling's blog at Wired Magazine. If you search for Wired + Bruce Sterling, you'll get an index of some of his traditional pieces for the magazine. But you have to dig around to find this stuff, which Sterling describes as "more of a novelist's "commonplace book," sometimes almost a designer mood board." The blog was discontinued in July, 2020, after eighteen years, or as BS put it, "old enough to vote." [more inside]
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Sexual Predator.

Actor Noel Clarke accused of groping, harassment and bullying by 20 women. Extremely uncomfortable and important reading. It's not for me to comment on anything in the article, the words of the victims speak for themselves.
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I Can't Believe Life's so Complex

This is Love (slyt) is one of just about every clip Miss PJ Harvey has made through her career, remastered (YT play). From Maria Mochnacz's Man-Size and 50 Foot Queenie to Sophie Muller's Stories from the City clips (all slyt). [more inside]
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Gossamer Network

The US Post was the underlying circuitry of western expansion. [more inside]
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one, two, three, four, I declare a #signwar

Businesses in Christiansburg, Virginia, are embroiled in a sign war. [Roanoake Times] [more inside]
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She's ingenuity personified!

Fastest PB&J winner? (SLTwitter) She saw a record to be broken, and she figured out how to break it.
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For now, among the sick and dying, there is a vestige of democracy.

Arundhati Roy reflects on India's COVID-19 catastrophe. About one year after her description of the pandemic as a portal. CW for suffering, death, disease. (SLGuardian) [more inside]
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I love you baby

Three years ago, John stole a monkey from Wellington Zoo. He did his time. And now, New Zealand Today follows up. John is out and doing ok. Warning: contains profanity, and strong New Zealand accents.
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The End of the Road: American Nomadism

A thoughtful discussion of American nomadism/vanlife in the context of the success of Nomadland.
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April 28

The Woman Who Made van Gogh

Neglected by art history for decades, Jo van Gogh-Bonger, the painter’s sister-in-law, is finally being recognized as the force who opened the world’s eyes to his genius. NYT (Paywall)/Archive.org
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Everything here happened following the rules of the game

Wellington-based graphic designer Tim Denee (previously) posted his play-through of Thousand Year Old Vampire (previously) [more inside]
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.."that noisy argument suddenly silenced."

Michael Collins, Apollo 11 Astronaut has died.
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I Understand This Was A Bad Decision. That Information Can't Help Me Now

Buying a PC with Dell: My Journey Into Hell by EyePatchWolf [ThreadReader]
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Pierre Delecto and Reinhold Niebuhr, meet jackmason529

JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon told BI he has an unfindable Instagram account.
This instantly summoned Ashley Feinberg, and the inevitable occurred.
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The Face of Solo Guitar Is Changing. It’s About Time.

Solo acoustic guitar is changing. It's about time. [more inside]
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How news publications put their legal risk on freelancers

“The fear of libel costs can have a chilling effect on freelancers with no legal protection." In the previous five years, between five hundred and one thousand public interest stories had failed to reach the public because of constraints on freelancers. In June 2020, Danielle Kurin, an archaeologist at the University of California, Santa Barbara, sued Michael Balter, a science journalist, for defamation after he published a series of blog posts about allegations of Title IX violations and sexual misconduct against her and her former husband, respectively. She’s asking for $18 million in damages. Balter has no libel insurance, despite the contentious nature of his work. This is not for lack of trying. His application for specialized media insurance through the Authors Guild was declined due to the controversial content of his reporting. Balter is being represented pro bono by lawyers and has the backing of the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press and the Committee to Protect Journalists. Still, at seventy-three years old, he stands to lose his home and savings.
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Dead Cities, Red Seas, and Force Ghosts

The joy on this TikToker's face after creating this mashup is matched only by the joy of the mashup itself. (SLTT)
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The Great Moose Migration

A live slow tv nature stream from the depths of the wilderness in northern Sweden. A 24/7 marathon live stream that runs from 18/4 - 9/5 [4/18 - 5/9]. Using 30 remote controlled cameras and nightvision we follow the Swedish moose as they try to cross the great Ångermanälven river. [more inside]
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I am not throwin' away my shot

How Pfizer makes its Covid-19 vaccine
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Why You Should Consider Second Dog

Daniel Lavery asks you to consider second dog. [more inside]
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"The martyrs go hand in hand into the arena; they are crucified alone."

Basecamp bars political talk at work. Today's social and political waters are especially choppy. Sensitivities are at 11, and every discussion remotely related to politics, advocacy, or society at large quickly spins away from pleasant. You shouldn't have to wonder if staying out of it means you're complicit, or wading into it means you're a target. These are difficult enough waters to navigate in life, but significantly more so at work. It's become too much. It's a major distraction. It saps our energy, and redirects our dialog towards dark places. It's not healthy, it hasn't served us well. And we're done with it on our company Basecamp's public announcement [more inside]
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"Your If is the Only Peacemaker"

How To Have Better Arguments Online. Low context vs high context cultures. One-down parties. What we can learn from hostage negotiators. The truth about social media users and "echo chambers". Identity stakes. The overdog error. What we can learn from de-escalators. Ocasio-Cortez on "golden gates". [more inside]
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Parking Achievement Unlocked

After six years, Gareth Wild of Bromley, England, has finally completed his quest to park in every single space in his local supermarket car park. [more inside]
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Mmm.. I'm going cra-zee

Jealous, the latest from SouthSider Mahalia and the inimitable Rico Nasty gets a little nuts as the pressures of life elevate and release. [more inside]
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ed balls

Today marks 10 years since the very first Ed Balls Day. Though some say the national celebration has become too commercialised, there are still opportunities to observe the many fine traditions associated with the day.
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if you don't know, now you know

How To Live In Wonder by Caitlin Johnstone "This fixation on mental constructs causes us to lead dull, habitual lives devoid of awe, devoid of wonder. The way interest and attention remains wrapped up in lifeless labels and predictable thought patterns keeps us from elevating our minds into the open space where inspiration, spontaneity and agility become possible. It makes us dull, unhappy, rigid, and stupid." [more inside]
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Liisa Vääriskoski is an artist, performer and filmmaker with an extraordinary, colourful and playful style, responsible for social media campaigns, music videos and adverts, largely in her native Finland. She has just made the glorious video for Your Fandango, the new record by Sparks and Todd Rundgren.
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Now on to negative probabilities :P

Physicists Prove That the Imaginary Part of Quantum Mechanics Really Exists! - "A Polish-Chinese-Canadian research team has proven that the imaginary part of quantum mechanics can be observed in action in the real world." [more inside]
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Where's the Beef?

In an effort to encourage more sustainable cooking, Epicurious is no longer publishing new beef recipes – in fact, they already pulled the plug on beef over a year ago. What about dairy, or pork, or chicken, or seafood? Answers to these questions and more, along with resources on sustainable cooking.
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25 years of Australian gun control since Port Arthur

The tragedy at Port Arthur 25 years ago today prompted the National Firearms Program Implementation Act. Statistics compiled by the University of Sydney show the results. School of Public Health panel discussion.
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April 27

The Zero Copula

"[Z]ero copula refers to the absence of an explicit auxiliary verb (usually a form of the verb be) in certain constructions where it is customarily found in standard English [... it] is one of the most 'distinctive and identity-affirming' characteristics of ​African-American Vernacular English (AAVE)."
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World's Greatest Jailbreak Artist

The secrets of the world's greatest jailbreak artist. Master criminal Rédoine Faïd loved the movies, and his greatest crimes were laced with tributes: to Point Break, Heat, and Reservoir Dogs. When he landed in a maximum-security prison, cinema provided inspiration once again.
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Long time till spring

A seedbank-testing experiment that started in 1879 has decades to run. It's a simple experiment, but the simple things are hard: neither losing the seeds nor digging them up too early. From the point of view of the *seeds* the simple thing -- don't germinate until you can grow -- is also getting pretty hard. [more inside]
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Pentagon spokesman gets asked about Polish strippers and geopolitics

When the Pentagon spokesman gets asked about Polish strippers and geopolitics: "Bravo Zulu to Pentagon spokesman John Kirby, a retired admiral, who calmly and professionally responded to the most bizarre question posed to a defense official in recent memory." [more inside]
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Prancer, "a chucky doll in a dog's body"

or maybe "not a real dog, but more like a vessel for a traumatized Victorian child that now haunts our home", needed a very specific type of adopter. His desperate foster mother took to the internet with an adoption post that went viral on Twitter and, soon, everywhere. But could anyone provide a home for such a demonic creature? [more inside]
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Voices From The Dawn

Voices From The Dawn I was looking at places to visit this summer and came across this fantastic collection of Ireland's prehistoric monuments.
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Daycare worker, waitress, mountain guide, paramedic

A few short fantasy stories about serving other people during times of death and peril. A daycare worker at the end of the world, and a restaurant server at a different end. A mountain guide who always finds what is lost. And the funniest one: a necromancer who doesn't realize they're a necromancer, and thinks they're just a really good paramedic.
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Diamond Geezer helpfully summarises the London Fire Brigade's animal rescues.
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The most miserable wage slave

Vladislav Ivanov, a 27-year-old man from Vladivostok, was working as a Russian translator for the Chinese reality/talent show Produce Camp, in which a cast of young contestants are selected to form a boy band, when the directors invited him to sign up. He regretted doing so pretty much immediately, and attempted to sabotage his chances at winning by performing half-heartedly and pleading with the audience to vote him out, but to no avail, as he became a firm fan favourite, his miserable demeanour appealing to a generation of young people sympathetic to the ironic, defeatist Sang culture. [more inside]
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April 26

How Safe Are You From Covid When You Fly?

To understand how risky it may be to board a flight now, start with how air circulates in a plane...
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Queerantine & Lesbian TikTok

“Once I was in quarantine, I was just stuck in my own head with my own thoughts and I had to face it.” [more inside]
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Our Fine Four-Fendered Fiend

Neil Cicierega - Shitty Shitty Bang Bang (SLYT) (the many, many previouslies)
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It’s Time to Knock the Toilet Off Its Pedestal

The flush toilet may be the world’s gold standard for sanitation, but the sewer infrastructure it demands is inefficient, costly and outdated. [more inside]
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“I felt hurt. And I felt alone – as a woman and as a European. Because it is not about seating arrangements or protocol,” Von der Leyen said. “This goes to the core of who we are. This is what our union stands for. And this shows how far we still have to go before women are treated as equals, always and everywhere.” ‘Sofagate’ snub would not have happened to a man [Grauniad] [more inside]
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You might want to check your cabinets for old tapes.

“I mean, I didn’t try to deceive anyone over Samantha the Teenage Witch. I swear.” Felony embezzlement charges for 20-year-old overdue VHS tape rental. And you thought libraries were harsh.
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The Search for a Ranger Who Was Lost and Never Found

Investigators, family, and friends are still trying to close the case of Paul Fugate, a naturalist at Arizona’s Chiricahua National Monument who vanished without a trace in 1980. In the garage sat a Ford pickup, the tires flat, which Dody and her husband, Paul, had driven home from the dealership in 1971. No pictures of Paul were anywhere that I could see, but his presence was all around. There was the old nameplate from his desk: “Paul B. Fugate, Park Ranger.” And pinned to the wall was a bumper sticker, white letters on a forest green background. “Where is Paul Fugate,” it read. The absence of a question mark suggested less an inquiry than a demand. [more inside]
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Tamago music for chill out and study

Somewhere in Japan, in a dimly-lit, sparsely-furnished efficiency apartment, an egg lies sleeping under a slice of bacon. You watch through the eye of a camera wandering aimlessly around the room. It takes in in the old-fashioned portable TV, balanced atop a cardboard box, showing a popularity ranking show being watched by nobody. And the empty bed, empty kitchenette, and empty sofa. And the boombox on the floor playing a mixtape of the sort of 'luuded-out lofi being streamed by hundreds of channels on Youtube. This is the Gudetama LiveCam & Chill Out BGM Radio stream and Sanrio wants you to suggest (in Japanese) what to furnish the apartment with next. [more inside]
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Mefi's own Corduroy made a record!

Here is the gorgeous video to his song Again. After 89 song posts, longtime mefi music contributor Seth Thomas aka Corduroy has a legit record out, and posted to mefi projects this video, which is a collaboration with Jon David Russell featuring impeccably rendered puppets and miniatures. [more inside]
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Maslow Got It Wrong

Maslow borrowed and misrepresented Siksika (Blackfeet Nation) teachings without providing due credit for their influence on his developmental model.
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The adventures of the vine bots are just beginning

Delightful vine robots are happy to explore tight, pointy, unstable, and otherwise challenging spaces, and you can build your own simple version! [more inside]
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Weird Podcasts for a Weird Year

It’s Spring 2021, and here’s another roundup of weird audio dramas! They may help you spend time while self-isolating, waiting for vaccination, or doing chores to take you away from the endless online meetings. Notably, we can all take a moment to admire the completion of The Magnus Archives, the 200-episode horror extravaganza. Or, if you prefer, Alasdair Beckett-King’s not entirely unfair take down of the genre. As usual, I am focusing on paranormal ongoing stories as opposed to Science Fiction or Fantasy dramas or series of short stories, with or without framing elements. [more inside]
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[Aesthetics Wiki] is a comprehensive encyclopedia of online and offline aesthetics! We are an online community dedicated to the identification, observation, and documentation of visual schema. … Enjoy your stay!
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Won’t Pay Glazer, Or Work for Sky

At the time, O’Neill writes, it was ‘impossible to imagine’ just how unrealisable the idea of a dissident, fan-owned club sounded. Brady, a bricklayer and editor of the socialist United fanzine A Fine Lung, had no illusions about the graft required, writing that ‘the work ahead was going to break up marriages… Form a football club? Form a fucking football club? How? By going to the magic wand shop and wishing one?’
Even if you can't stand Manchester United, you have to love FC United of Manchester, as Marcus Barnett explains for The Tribune.
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In England it'd be a Gramgram

How do you better communicate with your Yaya? It's easy - you build a Yayagram.
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April 25

Is the presidency a license to kill?

San Francisco journalist Paul W. Lovinger takes a hard look at the general failure of American presidents, since World War II, to get Congressional approval for military adventures including but not limited to Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Lebanon, Grenada, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Colombia, Haiti, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan and Syria. "While not king, [the President] has become a ruler with more war power than George III had." The power to declare war, Constitutionally vested solely in Congress, has effectively lost all meaning. "Do we elect a chief executive—or a chief executioner? No president is likely to maliciously shoot someone to death point-blank. That’s murder. But no president seems to mind ordering many people shot or bombed in a distant land. That’s war."
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This isn't going to work out, Ryan

New Aviation Spokesperson. LeVar Burton's new gig, almost. [YT 0:48] [more inside]
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“Should we just fend?”: A vernacular for eating whatever

“Fending” is our household’s word for picking around the kitchen, seeing what’s there, and making a meal of it… I might have leftover chicken fried rice, some lox and cream cheese on Triscuits, and the end of a jar of pickles. He might use up the chicken salad, Tuesday’s chili, and the last of the roasted cauliflower, which, by the way, is still good.
Writing in The New Yorker, cartoonist Roz Chast describes how she asked around on Instagram about what other people call this practice and collected a moderately long list of vernacular.
Since people might not want to burn their clicks on this tiny li’l article, a list of many of the entries is inside. [more inside]
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The Girl in the Kent State Photo

The Girl in the Kent State PhotoIn 1970, an image of a dead protester immediately became iconic. But what happened to the 14-year-old kneeling next to him? (alternate links: 1, 2, 3) [more inside]
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Astronomia I: The Fall Of Saturn

Duran Duran keyboardist Nick Rhodes and artist/singer/violinist Wendy Bevin are releasing their Lockdown Project across the next year. [Variety] Astronomia [YT overview video with artists, ~9m] is a 52-song, 4-volume project being released as 4 albums. Astronomia I: The Fall Of Saturn [YT audio playlist] came out on March 20, 2021. It can be heard (or purchased) on these online services. [more inside]
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This is just a tribute

Meet Aerospace Engineer Judith Love Cohen | Judith was, at various times in her fascinating life, an engineer who worked on the Pioneer, Apollo, and Hubble missions, an author & publisher of books about women in STEM and environmentalism in the 90s, a ballet dancer with the New York Metropolitan Opera Ballet Company, an advocate for better treatment of women in the workplace, and actor Jack Black’s mother. [more inside]
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April 24

"Not every woman is offended by this name, but enough people are..."

After being called out for having problematic names for many years, and a change.org petition, Gearslutz -- named "to poke fun at some people’s pro audio shopping habits" -- changed its name to Gearspace at the beginning of April. Followed 3 weeks later by modular synth forum Muffwiggler -- named by its late founder as a combination of the names of two Electro-Harmonix guitar pedals, the "Big Muff Pi" and "The Wiggler" -- changing its name to Modwiggler.
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Josh v Josh v Josh v Josh

The meme appeared a year ago, when Josh sent a Facebook group message to Josh, Josh, Josh, Josh.... and a lot more Joshes. Josh provided coordinates and a date. The purpose? To combat to see who gets to be Josh, with all losers having to change their name. The coordinates? Some place in Nebraska. The date? April 24, 2021. And now, after a year of anticipation, it's finally happened: The Josh Fight. [more inside]
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"Five out of Four People Have Trouble with Fractions" - S. Wright

How to calculate fractions. Tanya Zakowich runs TikTok channel pinkpencilmath offering quick math tips!
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Welcome to 39, Eglantine Crescent

The gentlemen Foxe and Boxe welcome you to their new home. [more inside]
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This Grandma in Bolton Cooked & Sold Me Breakfast from her HOUSE

Man drives to pick up food and eats it SLYT [more inside]
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Lost in Thought

As work subsumes leisure time, worldwide anxieties mount, and a pandemic reshapes comfort and togetherness, meditation has been touted as a panacea. There has been little mention of potential negative side effects, but a report in Harpers investigates the possible psychological risks. [more inside]
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Poster Boy for the Roaring '20s?

Billionaire Took Psychedelics, Got Bitcoin and Is Now Into SPACs [Bloomberg, archive version] [more inside]
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Imagining a post-pandemic... New Yorker magazine cover

Tomer Hanuka asked his 3rd year illustration students at the School Of Visual Arts to come up with a post-pandemic New Yorker magazine cover. Here is what they sent in [Twitter thread with images]
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I chose you / You chose me

Rina Sawayama: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert
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Vada a bordo, cazzo!

”When she premiered, the tradional bottle of champagne bounced right off the side instead of smashing. A bad omen, but... Nothing could go wrong on Friday the 13th of January 2012, on the 100th year anniversary of The Titanic, on a ship that is also only safety rated for two-compartment flooding. Especially when you have a five-star, max-level-rated captain like Francesco Schettino, a man who mysteriously rose from Head of Security to the position of Captain in just a couple of years... He knows exactly what to do in an emergency.”
The Cost of Concordia (SLYT)
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Gauche, Audrey, Goose and Branches (among other things)

Jersey Girl Homemade Guitars have been making hand-crafted guitars for thirty years and are based in Hokkaido in Japan. A collaboration between the luthier Kaz Goto, his wife Eiko and Akiko Oda, each guitar is unique, with elaborate and beautiful wood inlays, and comes with a matching strap and (often) a matching pedal, each designed along with the guitar. Here is an interview with Kaz Goto. Here is a direct link to a gallery of JGHG's archive of guitars. [more inside]
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If you live in a glass house....

This listing has my emotions in a shamble. Long private drive leads to this unparalleled modern riverfront glass barn designed & engineered on skyscraper principles. Newly renovated top to bottom in 2018 with no detail overlooked
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Idealist v. Loyalist, Constructed v. Felt, Internal v. External

Sorting Hat Chats, a character taxonomy by writers Emily and Kat: podcast, blog, Tumblr, and the guided tour of the system via quiz.
Primary Houses are about moralities and motivations... it's important to understand all characters have the capacity to feel compelled by any and all of these motivations: their gut, logic, their community, the protection of their loved ones; the distinction rests on which of these sources of morality is prioritized.... Mal of Firefly is a Hufflepuff Primary, while Simon is a Slytherin Primary deeply (and, initially, solely) loyal to his baby sister, River. While the two men begin the show at odds, when Mal fully adopts River into his Hufflepuff loyalties and Simon becomes loyal to more members of Mal’s crew, he and Simon suddenly have very parallel priorities. [more inside]
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Bad software sent UK postal workers to jail

For the past 20 years, UK Post Office employees have been dealing with a software called Horizon, which had a fatal flaw: bugs that made it look like employees stole tens of thousands of British pounds. This led to some local postmasters being convicted of crimes, even being sent to prison, because the Post Office doggedly insisted the software could be trusted. After fighting for decades, 39 people are having their convictions overturned. More than 2,400 claims for damages have been filed so far. [more inside]
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See No REvil

Apple’s Ransomware Mess Is the Future of Online Extortion — This week, hackers stole confidential schematics from a third-party supplier and demanded $50 million not to release them. WIRED, 4/23/2021 [alternate Ars Technica link]: After years of refining their mass data encryption techniques to lock victims out of their own systems, criminal gangs are increasingly focusing on data theft and extortion as the centerpiece of their attacks — and making eye-popping demands in the process. “Our team is negotiating the sale of large quantities of confidential drawings and gigabytes of personal data with several major brands,” REvil [WP] wrote in its post of the stolen data. “We recommend that Apple buy back the available data by May 1.” Related: DOJ Forms Ransomware Task Force as REvil Demands $50M, SDX Central, 4/22/2021.
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a few short happy-ending sf/f stories

Short, optimistic scifi/fantasy fiction stories: "It’s not a bad boarding house, as these things go." "If your suit watch is correct, you should have ran out of air… three weeks ago?" "The first time the humans told us they sang their way through subspace, we thought it a translation error." "A human. On Captain Diii’s ship." "'May you have a life of safety and peace', said the witch, cursing the bloodthirsty warrior." "What is the harm in one more lie?" All self-published by the authors on Tumblr.
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Caring for Chernobyl's abandoned dogs

Back in 2017, Johnny Wallflower posted a story about the radioactive puppies of Chernobyl. Now, there's an update of sorts. "The descendants of pets abandoned by those fleeing the Chernobyl disaster are now striking up a curious relationship with humans charged with guarding the contaminated area." By Chris Baraniuk writing for BBC Future.
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April 23

“We leave a stain, we leave a trail, we leave our imprint"

Philip Roth and the sympathetic biographer: This is how misogyny gets cemented in our culture This is how a misogynistic culture is conceptualized, created, cultivated and codified. It doesn’t happen because one dude does a bad thing. It happens when like-minded dudes are allowed to be one another’s gatekeepers, and the gatekeepers of broader culture, when faults are allowed to go unexamined, and so they instead spread: Harvey Weinstein dictated the content of movie theaters for decades; it turns out he was abusing women all along. Roger Ailes, Charlie Rose and Matt Lauer shaped coverage and discussion of sexual misconduct scandals throughout the 1990s and 2000s; they were later accused of sexual misconduct themselves.
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It’s Going to Be Weird, but We Need to Learn to Live With Germs Again

From the NYTimes: Scientists "say that excessive hygiene practices, inappropriate antibiotic use and lifestyle changes such as distancing may weaken those communities going forward in ways that promote sickness and imperil our immune systems. By sterilizing our bodies and spaces, they argue, we may be doing more harm than good."
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High-speed bike tour of the Paris catacombs, via a helmet-mounted go-pro. Featuring: a lot of graffiti. Not for the claustrophobic.
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99% Less Ambitious than Sherwin Williams

Researchers at Purdue University have developed a new ultra-white paint that reflects 98.1 percent of sunlight and can keep surfaces up to 19 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than their ambient surroundings. This new paint, which may become available for purchase in the next year or two, could someday help combat global warming and reduce our reliance on air conditioners. [more inside]
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Pants on Fire

The Truth about Lying. "Police thought that 17-year-old Marty Tankleff seemed too calm after finding his mother stabbed to death and his father mortally bludgeoned in the family’s sprawling Long Island home. Authorities didn’t believe his claims of innocence, and he spent 17 years in prison for the murders. Yet in another case, detectives thought that 16-year-old Jeffrey Deskovic seemed too distraught and too eager to help detectives after his high school classmate was found strangled. He, too, was judged to be lying and served nearly 16 years for the crime. One man was not upset enough. The other was too upset. How can such opposite feelings both be telltale clues of hidden guilt?" [more inside]
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The Endless Acid Banger is a website that will generate an endless and surprisingly-danceable 1990s PC game soundtrack.
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a scrub is a guy who thinks he’s fly

It’s Friday. Take a break with an excellent vid for Pygmalion (1938) set to a cover of “No Scrubs” by Bastille ft. Ella Eyre. (SLYT)
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“Does your cat’s butthole really touch all the surfaces in your home?”

A 6th-grader tackles the age-old question. With lipstick.
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RIP Humpty Hump

Greg “Shock G” Jacobs, founder of 90s rap group Digital Underground, passed away aged 57 in a hotel room in Tampa, Florida. Digital Underground started in the late 80s; their sound leaned heavily on P-Funk, while their lyrics often dealt with fanciful themes, such as Sex Packets, a concept album about a drug that induces sexual hallucinations. [more inside]
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Our Bodies, Ourselves turns 50

“I walked into this lounge full of women,” she remembers, “and someone up in the front of the room was talking about the clitoris, orgasm and masturbation, and I was just so embarrassed. I just sank down to the floor and listened really hard. This was stuff that I had never heard said out loud before.” At one point, Sanford remembers, the speaker held up a lifesize picture of a woman, with legs apart, to show the location of the clitoris, and to explain how, contrary to Freudian thinking, it is the major organ of female sexual pleasure. “Who knew this before?” she asked the group, who sat largely blank-faced. “That’s my point,” she told them. “We should know these things. These are our bodies.” The clitoris, pain and pap smears: how Our Bodies, Ourselves redefined women’s health, a long read from The Guardian. [more inside]
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April 22

Emotional Labor is not bad

Autism and Emotional Labour
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Unearthing the Forgotten Design History of the Recent Past

From Frutiger Aero to Global Village Coffeehouse to Wacky Pomo, the Consumer Aesthetics Research Institute is committed to cataloging the design trends of turn of the century, referred to broadly as Y2K.
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Text Adventures: Past, Semiconditionally Modified Past, and Present

Aaron Reed's 50 Years of Text Games (intro) so far covers 1971-1986, e.g. Oregon Trail, ROCKET, Hunt the Wumpus, Super Star Trek, dnd, Adventure, Zork, Pirate Adventure, CYOA novels, MUDs, and HHGTTG. But dissertations by Carra Glatt on "... Counterfactual Plotting in the Victorian Novel" [PDF], Alex Solomon on "The Rhetoric of Probability" [PDF] in 17th-18th C. lit (including proto-science fiction by Kepler and Godwin), Jessica Saxon on "... Paratexts, Narrative Interventions, and the Queering of Possible Worlds ..." [PDF] in "illicit" 19th C. narratives, and Peter Sorrell on "Narrative Worlds and Fictional Worlds" [PDF] in novels by Queneau, Simon, and Robbe-Grillet take up Meinong's Jungle, "Truth in Fiction" [PDF], and especially "Possible Worlds" narratological theory to reconsider texts from the further past in similar terms: "machine[s] for producing possible worlds" [PDF]. Incidentally, Reed's uniquely-generated horror novel Subcutanean is a current finalist for a Lambda Literary Award.
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You think I own Ikea?

I'm a part time employee halfway through a two week notice [SLTwitter video]
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How to get your University banned in 1 easy step

Linux kernel maintainer Greg Kroah-Hartman reacted to the discovery that researchers at the University of Minnesota had been submitting bogus patches by banning all code submissions from UMN. The University's CS&E has since put a halt to the research. [more inside]
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Things that fall off trucks: Cellebrite bags, Apple software

You may have heard that one should be very careful about opening files from untrusted sources; there’s always the possibility that they could pose a risk to the integrity of your computer. When you’re in the business of providing your law-enforcement customers with software whose whole point it is to handle data from extremely untrusted sources, you might think that this is particularly salient advice. If you don’t heed it, your customers might have to immediately stop scanning mobile phones of suspects who may be using the popular Signal instant-messaging app. Indeed you would be giving them, and defenders and courts, very good reasons to doubt this kind of evidence altogether. Moxie Marlinspike (previously) first broke the news about the hack of Cellebrite’s digital forensics software in an entertaining post on the Signal blog.
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How Many Plants

A clear, attractive guide to caring for all your many plants. via Laura Olin
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Bloody; bowed

Post-kill, two thirsty lions encounter a brazen turtle. (SLYT). [more inside]
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Every field recording by Alan Lomax

Alan Lomax's field recordings are available on a newly-redesigned site. Alan Lomax started making recordings for the Library of Congress in 1933, with his father John, and recorded folk music and interviews from around the United States and the world on reel-to-reel tape between 1946 and 1991. These field recordings are the source material that sparked the American folk revival in the 1950s and 1960s. [more inside]
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The Antikythera Cosmos

The Antikythera Cosmos "The UCL Antikythera Research Team struggle to solve the front of the Antikythera Mechanism—a fragmentary ancient Greek astronomical calculator—revealing a dazzling display of the ancient Greek Cosmos" [previously]
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Defund the Police? An Abolition Curriculum from the Mennonite Church USA

Defund the Police? An Abolition Curriculum. "In the wake of continued high profile police shootings across the United States, many people in the [Mennonite] church pushed for an Anabaptist-oriented response and resources that helped us to move as a church into solidarity with the pain and brutality being felt and witnessed on Black, brown and Indigenous people. This curriculum is our response...This curriculum is an initial guide for congregations who are desiring to begin or continue their reflection on what it means to engage the forces of state, their commitments to non-violence and how to act to end policing and police brutality." [more inside]
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DIY, Cameras edition

“The history of photography is based on the experiments of amateurs,” Samuel Trachsel, photographer. The wheel has never been reinvented because the design is simple enough to preclude it. Not so the camera. Here are 15 photographers/tinkerers who do just that.
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Mortal Kombat 2021

The opening seven minutes of the new Mortal Kombat.
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Mads Mikkelsen, In Conversation

Known for playing villains in the U.S. and more nuanced roles in Denmark, he takes everything and nothing seriously. [Vulture] Bonus: Mads Mikkelsen being himself for 3 straight minutes
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April 21

Do not say that calling him Austin is your preference and your right

How to Name Your Black Son in a Racist Country, an essay by Tyrone Fleurizard, from Roxane Gay's emerging writer series. [more inside]
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what serious developer would use a pink imac?

sailor mercury is a software engineer but eschews the grim dark computers and peripherals that so many coders use. They created the froggy computer for fun, cute computing. They also created ComputeCuter.com, a single serving site to inspire you to make your workspace cuter with software and hardware. via Lobsters, sailorhg previously
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I scream, you scream, we all scream for the right to repair

Secret codes. Legal threats. Betrayal. How one couple built a device to fix McDonald’s notoriously broken soft-serve machines—and how the fast-food giant froze them out. [more inside]
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‘The system has collapsed’: India’s descent into Covid hell
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That's what it's all about.

After the street sweeper comes and goes, who comes by to pick up what's left over? The hokey. [more inside]
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Neck and Neck

Most of the rising generation of classic-Tetris players have already watched hours of the best performances, hard-wiring beautiful stacking strategies. As they begin practicing, they often join one of many classic-Tetris servers on Discord, where hundreds of people are online all the time, ready to discuss any aspect of the game. It’s there that they often learn the most common hyper-tapping grip—holding the controller sideways, with the directional pad facing up—and how to properly tense the right arm so that it shakes quickly and consistently. They study the principles of developing a relatively even stack with a built-out left side, and discuss how dropping a pair of tetrominoes in a complementary orientation can reduce the need for a timely T-piece. From The Revolution in Classic Tetris [The New Yorker; archived version] [more inside]
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Keith Burgun's 4 Interactive Forms

"Within 'interactive entertainment', there actually exist a number of forms – patterns of design that work in a certain way. Only by understanding these forms can we proceed with guidelines for better interactive system design." MeFi's own Keith Burgun, a game designer and game design instructor, discusses mapping, solving, evaluation, and understanding in four categories of interactive entertainment.
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Kindness is making a comeback.

Ted Lasso. Season 2. July 23.
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April 20


Derek Chauvin is found guilty on all charges. [NYT] Chauvin, a white former Minneapolis police officer, was convicted of killing George Floyd, a Black man, by kneeling on Floyd’s neck. [more inside]
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RIP Jim Steinman

Jim Steinman has died at the age of 73. He's best known for writing and producing a string of hits for artists including Meatloaf (Albums "Bat Out of Hell" and "Bat Out of Hell II"), Bonnie Tyler ("Total Eclipse of the Heart" and "Holding Out for a Hero"), Air Supply (Making Love out of Nothing at All), among many others. [more inside]
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That means the showrunner is Miranda Priestly, you dick

The time for Hollywood’s "White Male Genius" is over. "Well, ma’am, I wanted to say, he’s a grown-ass man in his 40s who puts more salad on the floor than in his mouth. And me, a woman half his age, getting paid less hourly than what she made as an intern out of college, shouldn’t have to be living proof of how society silently bends around white men with no protest."
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Look at Curry Man

Stephen Curry, point guard for the Golden State Warriors, along with his wife Ayesha, have helped serve 16,000,000 meals to Oakland kids this year. In November he bought a new food truck for Homies Empowerment, after theirs was stolen and trashed. In early April, he worked with the Bruce Lee Foundation to raise money to show solidarity with the Asian community. He's also found time to set the record for the most 3 point buckets in any 11 game stretch in NBA history for players 33 and older. [more inside]
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You Are Not Your Thoughts

That anxiety you're feeling, it's a habit you can unlearn. An interview with researcher/psychiatrist Jud Brewer on anxiety as an addiction. Transcript. "...we like to think that our thinking mind is in control. But if you look at how behavior is driven, thinking really doesn’t hold a candle to the feeling body. The feeling body — those urges are much stronger. And in the same way we can’t stop our thoughts. I often get people coming to me in a seminar or if I’m teaching a class where they say, oh, how do I just turn off my mind? How do I just stop my thoughts?" [more inside]
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Languishing is a sense of stagnation and emptiness. It feels as if you’re muddling through your days, looking at your life through a foggy windshield. And it might be the dominant emotion of 2021. (SLNYT)
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Trading Heimat for Fremdes Land

"It’s hard for people who have never experienced it to truly grasp what it means to lack proper documents." --From On Being an Outsider: Words by Charles Simic, Photos by Romeo Alaeff [excerpted by LitHub from the book In Der Fremde]
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Another consummate revenge film from Korea, you say?

Night in Paradise is recent to Netflix, and if you like your revenge flicks served in the Korean style this one is pretty great. I am definitely in the shallow end of the pool when it comes to Korean cinema, but so much of what I have seen has been so great.. "Space Sweepers" would have been a groaner if produced in Hollywood, but somehow it was just darn entertaining.. and put Kang-Ho Song in any film and it cannot be a bad film.. Exhibit A: The Drug King. I imagine some of you have additional recommendations? Please share. And no, I am not a Netflix shill but what is up with their Korean content? I am not complaining!
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minimal cells

Scientists Create Simple Synthetic Cell That Grows and Divides Normally - "New findings shed light on mechanisms controlling the most basic processes of life."[1] [more inside]
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Nicola Griffith on her writing, genre, kittens, ableism, and more

"To me, honestly, genre is just a vehicle I use to cross the story terrain. So depending on what story I want to tell, I use the appropriate genre." Author Nicola Griffith, author of scifi, historical fiction, detective fiction, nonfiction, and more, discusses her books and writing journey in an interview from late 2020. She learned more about how her own fiction works while writing a PhD thesis a few years ago. Griffith's blog has tons of interesting musings, on topics including the phenomenon of marginalized readers feeling "momentarily flummoxed by fiction that doesn't push us down" and identity and science fiction. "Reading SF, the over-riding value of which is the new, keeps our reticular activating systems primed: we expect everything and anything."
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April 19

A young woman with a Harmony ukelele opened with a traditional folk song

Earliest known recording of Joni Mitchell, thought lost forever, found in B.C. basement. Summer 1963. Joni Mitchell. The House Of The Rising Sun.
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The world is Bad Bunny's; El Mundo es Suyo

Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, aka "Bad Bunny" the Puerto Rican singer, has been taking the world by storm. Featured on Cardi B's I like it (Like that), Bad Bunny has been grinding and climbing sin parar.. [more inside]
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Walter ‘Fritz’ Mondale, 1928-2021

“We told the truth. We obeyed the law. We kept the peace.” Former Vice President Walter F. Mondale was remembered Monday as a towering figure in Minnesota's public life and a leading influence on Democratic politics in the final decades of the last century. Tributes poured in on social media and in press releases from politicians of both parties in the hours following the announcement from Mondale's family that he had died at age 93.
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Hood Internet and DJ Earworm = Jets vs. Sharks

DJ Earworm: Decade of Pop - The 2000s: 10 years, 100 songs (source playlist: Spotify, YT).
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You can still askme

Today is the last day to ask or answer a question on Yahoo! Answers. Tomorrow (April 20), it will be in read-only mode, and on May 4 it will be shut down by its parent company Verizon. Users will have until June 30 to request access to copies of their data. [more inside]
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Several Nights in Yekaterinburg and the World's Your Oyster

The FIDE Candidates Tournament resumed today in Yekaterinburg, Russia after a 1 year pause(previously). Chess.com has good background article for those needing a rundown on the players and the event. Watch the event live on various twitch channels such as: chess24, chess.com, and FIDE channels. [more inside]
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~> how about a nice game of chess

How to use OpenAI's API to turn task descriptions into command-line instructions [more inside]
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"Who ARE you?"

We now have an idea of what a kung fu movie in the MCU looks like, as Marvel has premiered the first trailer for Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.
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Move over, Nijinsky

The Teletubbies, set to "The Rite of Spring". That is all.
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Deffrwch Cymry cysgld gwlad y gan

Deffrwch Cymry cysgld gwlad y gan (Wake up, sleepy Wales, land of song!) The Welsh music scene is so vibrant and full of talent. Croeso! Come in and listen to some new (and new-ish) Welsh music. [more inside]
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What's the Unit of Interestingness?

Vitalik Buterin in conversation with Julia Galef (Rationally Speaking podcast). Julia and guest Vitalik Buterin (creator of Ethereum) explore a wide range of topics, including: Vitalik's intellectually honest approach to leadership, why prediction markets appeared to be biased in favor of Trump, whether it was rational to invest in Bitcoin ten years ago, the ethics of life extension, convex vs concave thinking, effective altruism and so on. (2hr interview, transcript). [more inside]
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But this time she brought visitors all the way from the US

It was a phone call from an acquaintance in Tokyo who often travels to Oregon for business that started it all. He told me there were two people from Oregon roaming around the northeast with what sounded like an impossible mission: they were in possession of what appeared to be parts of Torii gates that had washed up in their state in 2013, presumably the result of the tsunami two years earlier, and they wanted to find out where the wreckage came from. "Can you help?" he asked.
For NHK Ebara Miki tells the story of how parts of Torii gates washed away with the 2011 tsunami were found in Oregon in 2013 and returned to their rightful place.
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"No one will read what a normal middle-aged man posts on his account"

Japanese biker uses FaceApp to trick internet into thinking he is a young woman A TV show revealed the star of popular 19,000-follower motorbike enthusiast Twitter user @azusagakuyuki was actually a 50-year-old man named Soya. Fans seem more supportive than betrayed. Biker fans educated on the fluidity of sexual attraction. A new acronym describing this phenomenon: UNBGBBIIVCHIDCTIICBG. This also illustrates how patriarchy picks winners and losers. TV program Getsuyou Kara Yofukashi unmasking segment. Originally reported on the BBC.
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Ready Player One Was Wrong: The First Easter Eggs In Video Games

While it may have been the first to be described as such, the well-known "easter egg" hidden in Atari's Adventure is not only not the first example of hidden content in a game, but is also not the first time a programmer hid their name in a game. Video game historian “Critical Kate” Willært of A Critical Hit hunts down the earliest examples in her Hardboiled History essay and video. [more inside]
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Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie: The oral history

"Looking beyond the narrative of creative difficulties and studio interference, the story of Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie is also one of resilience, creativity, dedication, and, of course, humor. To celebrate the film’s 25th anniversary, several of those involved in the creation of this beloved TV-show-turned-movie were interviewed—Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy, Trace Beaulieu, Jim Mallon, Bridget Nelson, Mary Jo Pehl, Frank Conniff, and Joel Hodgson—and current host Jonah Ray also discussed the film’s legacy and influence." -- Adam Carston @ AVClub
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"We can say human beings have flown a rotorcraft on another planet." On April 19th the Ingenuity copter, part of the Perseverance rover mission, took off from the Martian surface, hovered, took a photo of its shadow, then safely landed. It is the first time a human-built craft has flown on another world. [more inside]
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Your Burnout Is Unique. Your Recovery Will Be, Too.

Recent research suggests that when you’re feeling burned out, the best person to help you recover may be yourself. Burnout is not a monolithic phenomenon, but rather, it can present as any combination of three distinct symptoms: exhaustion (a depletion of mental or physical resources), cynical detachment (a depletion of social connectedness), and a reduced sense of efficacy (a depletion of value for oneself). To recover from burnout, you must identify which of these resources has been depleted and take action to replenish those resources.
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So it's treason, then

Twelve European football clubs have announced the formation of a new European Super League. Founding members include Milan, Arsenal, Atlético Madrid, Chelsea, Barcelona, Inter, Juventus, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Real Madrid and Tottenham, with three more members expected to be announced and a further five teams qualifying annually. Commentators are not happy; supporters are even unhappier. FIFA, UEFA, the English Premier League, and other organisations have all promised to do what they can to stop the new league.
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Toward arcology: making ourselves scarce

The City as a Survival Mechanism: Kim Stanley Robinson - "A future with far more cities, and cities that are asked to do far more." (Bloomberg) [more inside]
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April 18


Cas Van Der Pol: Sim-bah. Lilo & Stitch. Finding Nemo. Star Wars. Incredibles. Super Mario 64. LOTR. Totoro. It's all breathtaking.
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"New alphabet dropped!"

One person reminisced about, as a child, writing capital letter Es with several redundant horizontal lines so that it looked like a ladder. Other Tumblr users yes-anded with sentiments like "All capital letters should have a leveled-up form" and "Please add your own unsettling godtier capitals!" as well as calligraphy and a font (.otf) file for an "Anxiety" font.
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The High Cost of Clearing Tent Cities

A first-ever study of homeless encampments finds that cities are paying millions in clearance costs — only to shuffle unhoused people from one camp to another.
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Theatre Kid at 11 PM at Denny's Energy

YouTuber Sarah Z has posted A Brief History of Homestuck, clocking in at a bit over 2 hours. The official version of the webcomic is here, although you may want to use the unofficial version with Flash support if you intend to read back through it. The sequel is here. Previously on MeFi.
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Enthusiastic netizen to the rescue

“I’ve got a very weird hobby, which is I love taking a look at photos and figuring out where they’re taken,” Mr. Kuo said. (NYT link) [more inside]
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Stupid LIttle Octopus Girl

Bakamonotako Like all stupid little girls who believe they can best become themselves by becoming unlike themselves, she eventually came to miss her lost limbs. At times, fully tattooed people feel so about their lost original skin. But B’s sense of regret ran deeper. [more inside]
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April 17

“[U]n sandwich diététiquement incorrect.”

“[T]hrough some mistranslation or misapprehension of its Mexican namesake, the French tacos is always plural, even when there’s only one, pronounced with a voiced ‘S.’ … [A] flour tortilla, slathered with condiments, piled with meat (usually halal) and other things (usually French fries), doused in cheese sauce, folded into a rectangular packet, and then toasted on a grill.”
In The New Yorker, Lauren Collins tells a complicated story of “France’s own junk food”: “The Unlikely Rise of the French Tacos”
Still hungry? Try the documentary Tacos Origins: Phénomène; Révolution; Génération
Want to see them in action? See this French YouTuber eat two five pound gigatacos from O’Tacos.
Previously, in 2019
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Meow-si Blue

Meow meow meow meow. One of the best known songs ever has gotten updated for the Now with Meow ReMix, an LP of 5 songs from feline artists such as Lupa [Meow], Gatocito [Meow], Sweet Teddy Pepperpaw [Meow], Hearts & Paws [Meow], and Endless Hiss [Meow]. [more inside]
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On the strategic importance of shipping chokepoints

"Ships so big they get stuck in the Suez Canal literally define 'chokepoint' but other waterways will play much more serious roles as the rivalry between China and the U.S. heats up." A Twitter thread by David Fickling of Bloomberg on the strategic importance of ocean straits throughout history, including the Trojan War, the British Empire, and China's Belt and Road Initiative. Article by Fickling and Anjani Trivedi. [more inside]
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We're a Problem

Abir Haronni, newcomer to the international scene has since 2018 made, quietly, nine great clips (YT playlist). Her latest, Yacht (YT) is an auto-fetishist fantasy. She was signed to Atlantic in '18 and is just getting started in what seems to be a very promising music career, if you count youtube statistics (all slyt).
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Democracy’s indigenous origins in the Americas

"One could make a case that some of the very earliest Enlightenment salons were held not in Europe but in Montreal, during the 1690s. It was there that an indigenous statesman called Kandiaronk, acting as liaison between the Wendat (“Huron”) confederation and the regime of Louis XIV, sat down regularly with the French governor-general, the comte de Frontenac et de Palluau, and his deputies—including a certain Baron de Lahontan—to debate issues such as economic morality, law, sexual mores, and revealed religion." [more inside]
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Being a farmer means every day is the same

Kiran Sidhu talks to Wilf Davies, a Welsh farmer who’s had the same supper for 10 years and only left Wales to visit a farm in England 30 years ago (The Guardian). “People might think I’m not experiencing new things, but I think the secret to a good life is to enjoy your work. I could never stay indoors and watch TV. I hear London is a place best avoided. I think living in a city would be terrible – people living on top of one another in great tower blocks. I could never do it. Walking around the farm fills me with wonder.”
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Amazon's 'The Lord of the Rings' to Cost $465M for Just One Season

"What I can tell you is Amazon is going to spend about $650 million in season one alone," Stuart Nash, New Zealand minister for economic development and tourism, told Morning Report. Amazon's spending will trigger a tax rebate of NZ$160 million ($114 million U.S). This is somewhat controversial in New Zealand as the government could end up on the hook for hundreds of millions of dollars to help subsidize Amazon's elves-and-hobbits drama series. Stuff reported that the country's treasury has labeled the show a "significant fiscal risk" given there is no capped upside to how much Amazon — and therefore the government — might spend. But others point out that the boost in local spending by the production plus the potential tourism surge from Lord of the Rings fans far outweighs the taxpayer-funded kickbacks.
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April 16


Hathi: a token gift from India of a baby elephant for the Kabul Zoo "It was the latest expression of the centuries-old cultural and historical ties between the two nations... The diplomatic relationship was built on a bedrock of shared culture, and the gift of Hathi was an act in which history, regional bonhomie, pop culture and diplomacy merrily coalesced."
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At eye-level with the surface of the sea....

How Cold Water Swimming Cured my Broken Heart. "When I am in the sea I am a mystery to myself. I have no idea how I got here, or why or what I am doing. I am only swimming and I am amazed." After a breakup and the death of her father a writer ended up living on the coast of Brittany in winter where she went for a daily swim in the icy sea.
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Biden keeps Trump’s record-low cap on refugeesPresident Joe Biden on Friday stuck with his predecessor’s historically low cap of 15,000 refugees for this year and instead moved to accelerate admissions, triggering an outcry from resettlement agencies and even Biden allies that he was backpedaling on a key promise. [more inside]
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Jesus is a Jew

Conservative commentator David Brooks is the latest to make this declaration. He was proceeded in recent times by people like Howard Jacobson and Schmuley Boteach. Amy-Jill Levine and Marc Zvi Brettler have even published The Jewish Annotated New Testament. The roots of this discussion are, however, fraught. [more inside]
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Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas on Orcinus Orca SKAAnaa

Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas is a contemporary visual artist that bridges Haida, Asian, and Canadian cultures and identities with his art. In this video interview [YT] he discusses his mural, Orcinus Orca SKAAnaa. The mural is part of a new exhibition from the Royal BC Museum called Orcas: Our Shared Future. [more inside]
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Mind the Gap, Handbook of Clinical Signs in Black and Brown Skin, Update

Mind the Gap, a handbook of clinical signs and symptoms in black and brown skin, is available to be downloaded online at no cost. [more inside]
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The “Red Ibérica en Defensa del Patrimonio Gráfico” is a Spanish/Portuguese collective that collects images of commercial signs as well as physical examples. Their site has a treasure trove of links to related Instagram accounts. [more inside]
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Blue Lava Alert

Just posting some blue on the blue, as you do "That's the surreal hue of Indonesia's Kawah Ijen Volcano, which glows with an otherworldly 'blue lava' at night. The mountain contains large amounts of pure sulfur, which emits an icy violet color as it burns, turning the rocky slopes into a hot (at least 239 degrees Fahrenheit), highly toxic environment." Some pretty stunning photos here!
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Two debugging puzzles (and more to come?)

Julia Evans (previously) is making interactive in-browser text puzzles to help people learn how to debug computer networking issues, and asking for feedback as she tries stuff out. "The Case of the Slow Websites" and "The Case of the Connection Timeout" are already up (source code using Twine), and she's thinking of making several more. "I'd love to know what folks think of this approach to learning debugging! One of my favourite ways to learn is by debugging weird problems, so my idea with this style of game is to sort of share the experience of past bugs I've run into so that other people can learn from them too." [more inside]
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Yet Another Imperialist Occupation of Afghanistan Ends in Disaster

Craig Murray ex British Ambassador to Uzbekistan 2002 - 2004 : The real story of the occupation of Afghanistan has hardly been aired in the mainstream media.
Caitlin Johnstone: US Intelligence Warns Withdrawal Could Lead To Afghanistan Being Controlled By Afghans.
Juan Cole: No, Biden ending the Afghanistan War isn’t a Disaster: The disaster was Dropping 7,400 Bombs on the Country Annually and Biden: ''Our reasons for remaining in Afghanistan have become increasingly unclear.'' As the US plans its Afghan troop withdrawal, what was it all for?
A view from the India and from Pakistan.
The withdrawal is only the solution to America's problem. The Taliban have different ideas.
With 18,000 contractors currently in the country is this just moving from Endless War to Endless Operations?
China sees an opportunity. Afghanistan previously on Metafilter.
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"We are looking more closely - poor guy has no legs or head."

Mystery tree beast turns out to be croissant. BBC News has the story from the Krakow Animal Welfare Society: "People aren't opening their windows because they're afraid it will go into their house," the woman reportedly said. [more inside]
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My Month of Doing 100 Wheelies a Day

In her quest to master a quintessential cool-kid trick, Outside contributor Kim Cross found the sweet spot at the crossroads of work and play. A wheelie is the bicycling equivalent of hanging ten on a surfboard or spinning a basketball on your finger—a skill as profoundly cool as it is functionally irrelevant. [Outside Online]
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How Did a Self-Taught Linguist Come to Own an Indigenous Language?

The Penobscot language was spoken by almost no one when Frank Siebert set about trying to preserve it. The people of Indian Island are still reckoning with his legacy (Alice Gregory, The New Yorker)
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The epidemics of police brutality and gun violence rage in America.

The violence is occurring daily while Derek Chauvin’s trial tries to convince us that we did not see what we saw. Veterans of color say video of police pepper-spraying a Black Army officer shows that not even a military uniform is protection from police violence. Meanwhile, mass shootings are happening as frequently as ever. [more inside]
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April 15

How Green is My Valley

Sentinel Playground - a massive resource for anyone interested in Earth’s changing surface, natural or manmade
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"I am not a real celebrity!"

A few weeks ago, Lindsay Ellis got canceled for making a tweet comparing two similar movies. Here's her very long response to pissing people off on this level. Brief recaps of the topics covered in it (after I watched the whole thing) are below. There's also a discussion of the video over here. [more inside]
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Every aspect of human existence is running on semiconductors

The NYT reports on the current global semiconductor shortage.
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Big Lurch - Normal Lurch - The Marriage Obliterator

Horn Honk Depot: these honks will change your life.
One of 21 absurd comedy sketches by Joe Kwaczala, formerly of Clickhole and the Onion, posted to Youtube in a single day to raise money for East Hollywood Mutual Aid. (general strong-language cw for the sketches) [more inside]
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The "Dark Triad" of Personality

The 2002 publication of The Dark Triad of Personality: Narcissism, Machiavellianism, and Psychopathy introduced a new, definitive taxonomy of "socially aversive" or "dark" personality traits common to all people. The idea of a "Dark Triad" was well-met and provocative, spawning hundreds of research papers in the ensuing decade, as summarized in The Dark Triad of Personality: A 10 Year Review. See for yourself how you measure up when it comes to narcissism, machiavellianism, and psychopathy via the Dark Triad Personality Test as well as The Dirty Dozen: A Concise Measure of the Dark Triad
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Big Tech’s guide to talking about AI ethics

50-ish words you can use to show that you care without incriminating yourself. AI researchers often say good machine learning is really more art than science. The same could be said for effective public relations. Selecting the right words to strike a positive tone or reframe the conversation about AI is a delicate task: done well, it can strengthen one’s brand image, but done poorly, it can trigger an even greater backlash.
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Atop Transylvanian peaks a lone synth lets cry...

Vosto is a Romanian musician making excellent synthwave. [more inside]
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Thank you for your cooperation in this matter

A Forgotten Chapter in U.S. History: When Women Had To Choose Between Mortgages and Motherhood By Clare Trapasso for Realtor.com
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Before The Beginning Was The End There Was Devo

On April 23rd, 1974, DEVO performed their second ever concert at the 2nd Kent State Creative Arts festival. DEVO Co-Founder Bob Lewis has uploaded the (almost) complete audio recording to YouTube. [more inside]
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Fix the lead pipes

Fix the lead pipes. Matthew Yglesias on Biden's $45 billion plan to replace all the lead pipes in the United States.
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Cannonball Vaccine Run

Tarik Khan has 10 vials of leftover COVID vaccine and six hours before they expire. Can he get them all to his list of homebound residents while crisscrossing Philadelphia, dodging rush hour traffic, and observing them for 15 minutes each before returning home to his cat Theodore? Text, photo, and video from the Philadelphia Inquirer.
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It's Hard to Argue the Other Side and Not Sound Like You're Stealing

This body of songwriters will not give publishing or songwriting credit to anyone who did not create or change the lyric or melody or otherwise contribute to the composition without a reasonably equivalent/meaningful exchange for all the writers on the song. Meet the songwriters who told pop stars: 'Don't steal from us' [BBC] [more inside]
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White Nationalists Gleefully Embrace Tucker Carlson

White nationalists sure don't think Tucker Carlson's "replacement" segment is about voting rights. Nick Fuentes, a Holocaust denier and popular media personality among young white extremists, responded to Carlson’s Monday night segment by tweeting, “This week Tucker redpilled 4 million people and there is nothing liberals can do about it.” He then listed the white nationalist talking points he believes Carlson got right: “Demographic replacement, ADL, Israel, it’s all there... a full redpill. On primetime Fox News for 4 million mainstream conservatives,” he wrote. “Can you feel it? We are inevitable.” CW: ugly hate speech, anti-semitism, stupidity [more inside]
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teams that feel like bands

Hisham H. Muhammad writes "A love letter to bands, in music and code", reminiscing on the feeling of being in a team that is, or feels like, a band: "work done in a collective yields results of a different nature....When I’m in a collective environment — and by that I mean any setting where my work is presented to and discussed by others as it is developed — even when I’m doing work completely on my own, even before I’ve had my first piece of feedback, I feel a sort of mind game playing in my head where I 'play the part' of my peers and imagine what their feedback would be, be it consciously or subconsciously. I’m doing the work not only for myself, but for others too, whose opinions I care about."
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Spooky dick jokes

Charles and Christopher are friends who review horror movies through a gay lens. [more inside]
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Spaghetti Sucks

It started with a dream and ended with a brand new pasta shape. Follow Dan Pashman of The Sporkful on his three-year journey documented in a five-part series, "Mission: ImPASTAble", as he tries to develop the perfect pasta. [more inside]
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Great lockdown art

Jonathan Jones reviews artist Rachel Whiteread's show Internal Objects in The Guardian. "This has been the strangest year for art. We have been physically closed off from it – and now have the ludicrous situation of such commercial galleries as the Gagosian reopening, while public museums must wait until at least 17 May. In the absence of art, we have argued about it, over public statues and what museums were left by previous generations. But what’s got lost is any sense of art as mystery, as poetry, as the inexplicable. Here it is. ...This, finally, is great lockdown art." [more inside]
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The Universal Translator (Star Trek Explained)

An true and accurate analysis of one of Star Trek's most important pieces of technology.
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"A live experiment gone fantastically awry"

The Behind-the-Scenes Story of the James Franco–Anne Hathaway Oscars Debacle
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Oh, the Lindy Hoppery: Vernacular Jazz Dance

Best known of late by its TikTok remix -- upon further examination, research and algorithms lead to 2015 Jazz Roots - the Teachers Battle outro -- and thence to Vernacular Jazz Dance. Which was a wonder: who knew the span of the art form's complexity or the amount of scholarship devoted to its technique? Or that it has become so international a phenomenom? Not me. [more inside]
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April 14

Let Glasgow Flourish

Glasgow Subway expansion animated 1896-2021
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Yamauchi No. 10 Family Office

In 1889, Fusajiro Yamauchi started printing playing cards in Kyoto and founded the company that would become Nintendo. This is the website for the Yamauchi No. 10 Family Office.
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Les Claquettes (tap dancing)

Modern urban jazz + tap dance = RB Dance Company (France): Human (Rag’n’Bone Man); Don’t Stop Me Now (Queen); *I Will Survive (Gloria Gaynor); *Papaoutai (Stromae). RB Dance Company were *finalists on La France a un Incroyable Talent in 2018 and again in the show’s 2020 *battle of the judges. (Warning, videos with * feature flashing lights/flickering)
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"I haven't felt like myself for years now."

"Good ol' Charlie B" is a sad-and-sweet, talky comic by Marina Kittaka taking place years after the events of Peanuts: "half essay, half tribute to visiting old friends". A text-only version is available. "Yeah. I've been having a hard time, just. Figuring out where to go from here. Trying to piece something together that actually... feels like a life." Kittaka has also written about art and community and co-option, noting, "to practice my philosophy I must learn to be okay with people not getting it, to stop fighting to stay legible and correct-feeling in everybody's mind."
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'Political Misdirection and Rebranding Exercises'

Top Republicans Want to Rebrand GOP as Party of Working Class (slNPR, includes link to six-page memo from Rep. Jim Banks* (R-IN)) [more inside]
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"Will history blame me…or the bees?"

A highlights reel from the 1978 disaster movie The Swarm.
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Happy Ruination Day

In the summer of 2001, before the ruination of modern times had become apparent to most of us, Gillian Welch released her album Time (the Revelator). In addition to her breakout song "Everything is Free," it included two tracks about April 14. [more inside]
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Selected Aphex Twin covers, vol. 1

'Avril 14th' arranged for harp; for banjo; for pedal steel; for two vibraphones {MLYT}. [more inside]
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April 13

wishing kissinger a good health and long life

Kissinger Death TontineOnce you’ve been to Cambodia, you’ll never stop wanting to beat Henry Kissinger to death with your bare hands. You will never again be able to open a newspaper and read about that treacherous, prevaricating, murderous scumbag sitting down for a nice chat with Charlie Rose or attending some black-tie affair for a new glossy magazine without choking. Witness what Henry did in Cambodia – the fruits of his genius for statesmanship – and you will never understand why he’s not sitting in the dock at The Hague next to Milošević.” — Anthony Bourdain [previous]
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ZIP 48222

The J. W. Westcott II is the only boat contracted by the US Postal service to deliver mail and packages to Great Lakes freighters and others as they navigate the Detroit River. [more inside]
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China’s White House (中国白宫 zhōngguó báigōng)

Documenting China’s U.S. Capitol-inspired buildings - a time capsule photography series by Hubei native Wú Guóyǒng. Extract: Although “the West” comprises many countries, for people of Wu’s generation, the artist believes the word implied one country above all else: Měiguó 美国 — the Beautiful Country, as the U.S.A. is known in Chinese. “We all thought about the U.S. Everything from the movies to music was feeding our collective imaginations.”
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quadtree quarterpounders

Low Poly Videogame Foods is a twitter account that aggregates images of low polygon-count food objects in videogames.
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Werner Herzog on Skateboarding

Jenkem: On behalf of us skaters, we consider you a skateboarder.
Herzog: I accept
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Metal Gods

September 1990. Judas Priest, the world's biggest heavy metal band, had released some patchy albums since their peak years of 1976-84, with a turn to pop metal and a follow-up anchored by a drum machine. The previous month, they'd been embroiled in a trial claiming that subliminal messages on an old album had driven two youths to suicide. A week after the judge threw out that case, the band released one of their finest albums, and in its title track, arguably their finest song: Painkiller. Now, thirty years later, it's the subject of a delightful YouTube reaction video by vocal coach and opera singer Elizabeth Zharoff, who says, "This will be my very first time hearing Judas Priest and Rob Halford, so I'm quite excited." If you haven't heard either yet, why not make it yours? [more inside]
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Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo: The Locations

Jared Cowan is a photographer and cameraman who also writes and podcasts specifically about film locations for a variety of publications. His latest traces how East L.A. became the unheralded star of the classic hip-hop movie Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo. Previously Cowan has covered the locations of: Falling Down, The Big Lebowski, Heat, Jackie Brown, L.A. Story, and many more. [more inside]
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Seeing in the Dark

Activist and author Breai Michele Mason-Campbell writes a long (5,000+ word) secular sermon on race, grief, accountability, and change in the inaugural issue of Pipe Wrench Magazine. Content warning for acknowledgment of the abuse and murder of Black people, primarily women. [more inside]
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“If a sheep could, it’d die twice.”

The knackerman - an affecting portrait of a man and his job of removing the farm animals who didn't make it. (Trigger warning: animal death)
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LAMBDA: The ultimate Excel worksheet function

A longer blog post from Microsoft Research announcing the availability of =LAMBDA in Excel. [more inside]
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April 12

412 is the new 420

New Mexico becomes the 16th state to legalize pot. [more inside]
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Excessive Drinking Rose During the Pandemic. Here Are Ways to Cut Back.

Many Americans increased their alcohol intake during the pandemic, with women and parents of young children disproportionately affected. [slNYT]
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He has not rehabilitated himself

After 50+ years of touring, Arlo Guthrie has gone fishing.
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"The ceiling would have to be SO high, and the light SO bright."

The Corridor Crew is a (very) popular visual effects-centered YouTube channel, and among their many projects is the series VFX Artists React, where they watch famous and obscure clips from movies and TV, breaking down how they were done. Their April Fools video had their reaction to the footage of the Apollo moon landings.
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From mental health to minecraft and WTF, plus two more islands.

"This website shows a map of reddit. Each dot is a subreddit." A web page presents a map (Github) of part of the internet. There is, appropriately, a subreddit. [more inside]
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Orthodox Jewish women find a voice and audience on Instagram.

"An ancient prohibition has kept Orthodox Jewish women from pursuing careers in music. Thanks to YouTube and Instagram, some are finding an audience. "
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Listening with the Eyes

Making Music Visible: Singing in Sign "...that when you do hear, not hearing may seem to separate us. But what is your relationship to music, to dance, to beauty? What do you see that I may learn from? These are conversations people need to get accustomed to having.” The article begins with Brandon Kazen-Maddox's 10-song series of American Sign Language covers of seminal works by Black female artists. And then examines other signing music projects from around the world. [more inside]
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Create wonderful things, be good, have fun.

Klutz Press (link to wikipedia page) published the most informative books I ever read as a child. A December 1996 Stanford Magazine article about one of the founders of Klutz contains gems like this.. [more inside]
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Found a good outfit.

On the Twitter account @foundgoodoutfit, Brady O'Callahan shows how you can dress like classic characters from TV, movies, books, video games, and (sure, why not) consumer products.
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that carver boy be spitting

A couple years ago, after a long time of pretending to have read Raymond Carver, I decided that I probably should actually read him. Writer Brandon Taylor, the author of Real Life and a new collection of short stories, Filthy Animals, writes about reading Raymond Carver for the first time. I looked up from having read my first Carver stories and felt the whole world changed. [more inside]
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Remote accountability, body doubling, cafe/church sounds, & camaraderie

MeFi's own The Wrong Kind of Cheese covers five methods for getting accountability, including partners, groups, professionals, apps/gadgets, and events, then discusses flow and distractibility and and links to several ambient noise and faux sounds-of-colleagues websites. Also, the BBC covers Focusmate, Caveday, RemoteWorkmates, and the general phenomenon of sites to facilitate remote videocalls with strangers. Author Courtney Milan has been finding Focusmate extremely useful -- and it reconnected her with an old friend!
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State-sponsored non-existent coffee shops

The Guardian describes how you can manipulate the conversation on Facebook by commenting from Page accounts, courtesy of former employee Sophie Zhang who describes how this technique is used to distort political discourse around the world.
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What exactly was the point of [ “x$var” = “xval” ]?

Shellcheck developer Vidar Holen asks and answers a question about arcane command-line syntax in about 1000 words.
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A man called Modi: some call him a murderer, others a messiah

Introducing the Prime Minister of India… most westerners probably wouldn't have known of the man if they hadn't heard about him on John Oliver (his snafu being hinted at in the show, here); others might have picked up the latest edition of Time magazine, a year or so back, where once he had been hailed as a hero, almost, and now was being put into a different box; and yet, there was more-to-come... [more inside]
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April 11

We are Americans, after all; our national myth is Footloose.

The Strange Undeath of Middlebrow [more inside]
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Teaching a Robot Dog to Pee Beer

Michael Reeves teaches his Spot Mini to serve beer.
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The Untold Story of The Iroquois Influence On Early Feminists

"I had been haunted by a question to the past, a mystery of feminist history: How did the radical suffragists come to their vision, a vision not of Band-Aid reform but of a reconstituted world completely transformed?" [more inside]
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Please close your eyes

Sam Green’s intimate portrait of composer Annea Lockwood shares with us a glimpse into the enthralling world of sound that she has been exploring and creating for many years. It is a touching and personal story of imagination and love. [more inside]
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It's Sunday. During a Pandemic. What else you got planned?!

Learn to Juggle 3 Balls.
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No success like failure

a natural history of the film maudit.
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Stunt Cars and Reality TV Ain't Real, but tells us a lot about people

This is an old one, about even older stuff (2006-2008 ish?), but here's John Ficarra talking about providing stunt cars for TV and other productions, and one of them was for the TV Show "What Would You Do?". The results are pretty interesting. [more inside]
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April 10

"'Is this everything you will be trading in?' I ask. "

"Retriever" by Stephen Kearse is a short science fiction story about an employee of the United States Federal Gun Retrieval Agency: "I’m an agent of the 28th Amendment, the abolition of the 2nd." Published October 2020.
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Never Demolish

Anne Lacaton and Jean-Philippe Vassal have been named as the recipients of the 2021 Pritzker Architecture Prize [more inside]
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Touch and consent

I Spent My Life Consenting to Touch I Didn’t Want SLNYT, by Melissa Febos. Content warning: sexual assault. "A year of isolation made me consider all the casual, unwanted touch women endure — and why it’s so hard to refuse it."
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billion laughs attack

Behold: the Iceberg of Cursed Computer Facts.
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Advanced training for the dance your PhD contest

Professor André K. Isaacs' lab members spend most of their time solving problems in organic chemistry. They also make short dance videos and sometimes make other short films. There's also a recent short text interview.
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Inside the dark, biohacked heart of silicon valley

I think this is all a result of a complete detachment from authenticity by these tech founders. They present a version of themselves that isn’t real, and then, when they look in the mirror, they see how inauthentic they really are, and the only way they can handle the illusion they’ve created is through drugs,” said one Silicon Valley insider who often spends time with the biohacking-obsessed ultrarich. “It’s all synthetic and it’s all an illusion.” The pandemic only heightened this, with people slipping into more extreme activities in their quest for control. [more inside]
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It just makes sense

LeVar Burton steps up his Jeopardy! campaign.
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Victory Over Pandemic Day, but it's just...Thursday again

"Everything feels so close that I fear I’ll miss the instant when this is over...one day I’ll look around and find the moment of catharsis never happened because life isn’t a movie and it just chugs along with its assortment of thrills and sorrows and longueurs and I’ll have to wrest that big moment from looking at lines on a graph, lines I yearn for with all my soul but can’t actually feel in my body. What if the pandemic ends and I’m just my same little garbage self?" (Lydia Kiesling, The Cut; part of the Wild Speculation series.)
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"I became a total Republican playing this game" - Larry Borowsky (1992)

City simulators like SimCity are serious games — the kind that gets coverage well beyond the video game press. The kind of game that appears in school curriculums. The kind of game your non-gaming uncle has probably spent hundreds of hours in. On the surface, they appear to be exactly what they say: a simulation of a city. But any simulation is only as good as the model it’s built on, and the model underpinning SimCity has quite the history. In the video above, I unboxed the secret ideology hiding in the formula that built SimCity, and how that’s reflected in one of the most popular gaming series of all time.
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Gene flow with Neanderthals exists in all modern humans

That thing you heard about Africans not having Neanderthal DNA wasn't the conclusion of any studies. It was an assumption used in studies to calculate how much Neanderthal DNA was in European genomes. Now that researchers have directly compared Neanderthal and African DNA, they've found that Africans carry surprising amount of Neanderthal DNA. [more inside]
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Words failed me in Finnish, so I came out in English

In 2010, the language still hadn’t caught up. “Homo,” the term in popular usage, was the same word bullies used. “Gay,” although foreign and new to me, felt more welcoming and safe. After I came out, I moved to London and then New York and lived in English. I discovered that “gay” also means “happy”; that “queerness” denotes so much more than just sexual orientation. The vagueness is there by design: These words encompass all forms of queer life and recast them in a more positive light. In English, I found more room to breathe, to evolve. Part of the reason for this has to do with history: The gay rights movement originated in the United States; English is the movement’s de facto mother tongue. Unlike elsewhere in the world, where silence has done a lot of the talking for gay people, in the Anglo-American world, queer life has been vocal for a long time.
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April 9

God's Poet

Earl Simmons, better known by his stage name DMX, has died at the age of 50. The Yonkers rapper's trademark growl dominated the turn-of-the-millenium scene with hits including Get At Me Dog, X Gon' Give It To Ya, Party Up (Up In Here), Ruff Ryder's Anthem and Where The Hood At? His gruff delivery and tough persona emphasized street authenticity and he leaves a catalog of great club bangers, but he was also in turns candid, vulnerable and spiritual. [more inside]
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A new concept of understanding the sea as a garden.

A Spanish chef is cultivating a grain that needs neither irrigation nor fertilizer to grow: It comes from the sea.
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Pepsi Bluescreen

You would think that nowadays, this charming Japanese ad for bottled water would make extensive use of CG effects, but you would be wrong (via @cabel)
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Stop meatposting

Meatposting is word I made up just now. It refers to the practice of posting pictures of meat on social media with captions that glorify its consumption. ... meat is basically fossil fuels, except more delicious. It is a thing society uses every day but that is fueling a climate crisis causing massive human suffering, particularly among vulnerable populations. Climate-concerned meatposters forget this because meat culture is powerful. Independent climate journalist Emily Atkin writes about the damage done by memes and social media images that promote meat. [more inside]
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What if seeing devices looked like us?

The human eye webcam. [SLYP]
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The Weight of Breasts that Aren't There

"The demands of the trans community have advanced from medical transition, to depathologization, to the institutional recognition of the possibility of trans happiness. But the question of what dysphoria actually is—a market preference, a neuroanatomical difference, an ontological mismatch between soul and body, a structure of desire—still lacks a satisfying answer. " [more inside]
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"They asked for a tiny desk concert. They got a tiny desk concert."

Tiny Desk Meets SXSW: Clipping "Leave it to clipping. to innovate around the central notion of the Tiny Desk; to take the series' emphasis on close-up intimacy and transport it to new heights of, well, tininess. This is, after all, a band that contains multitudes. Producers William Hutson and Jonathan Snipes craft a bed of hip-hop, industrial music and noisy experimentalism, then set loose rapper Daveed Diggs, whose violent imagery summons '90s horrorcore and a thousand bloody movies." [more inside]
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"A Discredited Balkan Prince of No Particular Merit or Distinction”

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, dies aged 99 [Grauniad] [more inside]
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April 8

Safety of an asocial society

Safety is fatal: dynamics of social trust in human cultures
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After Working at Google, I’ll Never Let Myself Love a Job Again

Writing in an editorial for the New York Times software engineer and former Google employee Emi Nietfeld recounts how she bought into the sense of community espoused by Google - and how that wound up harming her when she was sexually harassed by her technical lead. (SLNYT) [more inside]
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This is your mother. Are you coming home?

Margaret Atwood reflects on hearing Laurie Anderson for the first time.
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Othering Heights

Bringing more data and analysis to the question of "is it economics or race," University of Chicago political scientist Robert Pape, director of the Chicago Project on Security and Terrorism, analyzed the demographics and home county characteristics of the 377 Americans arrested or charged in the Capitol insurrection. He found that counties with the most significant declines in the non-Hispanic White population are the most likely to produce insurrectionists who now face charges. "Put another way, the people alleged by authorities to have taken the law into their hands on Jan. 6 typically hail from places where non-White populations are growing fastest." [more inside]
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what is 70 meters long and has 93 penises

Its existence has been marked by turbulent periods when it was in danger or at serious risk of being damaged. After being rescued many times, the Tapestry has survived and continues to reveal its secrets today. The full Bayeux Tapestry is now accessible on every computer screen and tablet. For the first time, you will be able to freely explore the entire Tapestry with a never seen quality of images. [more inside]
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WIRED offering non-journalists a residency program

"Between a pandemic, climate change, and advances in technology that continue to reshape almost every way of life, the past year has been a bellwether for work in the US. At WIRED, we believe some of the people best situated to cover this rapid evolution—from growing pains to genius pivots and everything in between—are the people who know those industries from the inside. That’s why we’re launching a new program called the WIRED Resilience Residency." Last month Wired magazine announced that it is "looking for new voices to provide an insider perspective on rapidly changing industries." [more inside]
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"Are you doing good?" "No. Irreparable damage has been done."

What would happen if I tried to explain what's happening now to the January 2020 version of myself? Julie Nolke is back, doing "one year later." Most recent video discussion here.
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US tech company hiring and decarceration

"What I learned going from prison to Python" by Shadeed "Sha" Wallace-Stepter: "Total strangers with a very different background and life from my own had connected the dots in a way that led to me learning to code." One of those strangers was engineering leader Jessica McKellar, who speaks at tech conferences to ask: "Mass Decarceration: If We Don’t Hire People With Felony Convictions, Who Will?" [more inside]
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Hypogene speleogenesis: hydrogeological and morphogenetic perspective

Want other scientists to cite you? Drop the jargon. [more inside]
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“Every time I heard ‘(Don’t Fear) The Reaper’ by Blue Öyster Cult, I would hear the faint cowbell in the background and wonder, ‘What’s THAT guy’s life like??’” — Will Ferrell

Twenty-one years ago today, "More Cowbell" aired on SNL.
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April 7

stagnant waters made us uneasy with their silence

A geologist summarizes the legends and science of bottomless pits, bogs, and lakes at Spooky Geology. [more inside]
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The Coen Bros. knew, so did Denzel and everybody else.

"Everyone Just Knows He's an Absolute Monster" Scott Rudin's ex-staffers speak out on abusive behavior. [more inside]
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Photo ID

Remi Wolf's new clip (yt) has all the makings of a summer hit. This is the track's second vid (yt) though, and is probably worth your time.
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"It is, by far, the easiest way to write a tune as you can clearly see"

Exuberant composer Guy Michelmore demonstrates how to write a tune using dogs, how to use inversions to improve your chord progressions (featuring an impressively impractical visual aid), how to write music while trapped in the boot of a VW Polo. Or if you you're in a hurry, how about music theory in 16 minutes? Bonus: Guy introduces the people of Britain to Cabbage Patch dolls in 1983. [more inside]
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The Lives of Others

When Clar told her his age, Tracey’s next words came tumbling out: “Where were you born?” “Come By Chance Cottage Hospital,” Clar said. Tracey stood stock still for a second, her mouth agape. Then she ran, leaving her mop and cart behind. Clar shivered. In that moment, a secret began to worm its way into the light.
Two women gave birth on the same day in a place called Come By Chance. They didn’t know each other, and never would. Half a century later, their children made a shocking discovery. A long read about serial baby mixups, "Nurse Tiger", and mid-century life in rural Newfoundland, written by Lindsay Jones.
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The Tamagotchi in its many forms has never shied away from death

A Very 90s Death: The Tamagotchi Cemetery (Burials And Beyond): While many parents bought their offspring Tamagotchis as toys, others thought that a child taking responsibility for a digital creature would be an ideal pre-pet investment, to see if they were mature enough to understand the needs of another living thing. While this is an ideal moralistic exercise, what occurred in reality was a pocket of brief generational trauma where young children woke up to find that, after sleeping though muted midi cries of hunger at 3am, their new toy had perished overnight. You killed your first pet. This culpability for death is one of the strangest qualities in toy history; even the death of shoals of Sea Monkeys failed to elicit such a primal reaction of grief and blame from the very young. In the new world of portable digital pets, they were expected to entertain, but not truly die. [more inside]
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April 6

This is not who I am.

A Christian “purity” movement in the 90s promoted a biblical view of abstinence before marriage. But two decades later, followers are grappling with unforeseen aftershocks. RetroReport has the story.
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Fotomat's Greatest Hits

The Internet K-Hole is back: A vast amount of very amateur snapshots taken from the mid-1970s to mid-1990s, with absolutely no other context provided or needed. Mostly a whole bunch of people I've never seen before... but if I scroll long enough—hours maybe—I will see an image of myself somewhere, I am sure of it. NSFW warning: a minute amount of lite smut compared to the gargantuan size of the collection; however, the second picture in the latest post happens to be of a butt. The one after that it is Lemmy in a hotel room. Then comes the panopoly of randos. [ previously | via ]
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OMG, why is #DionneWarwick trending on twitter?

Dionne Warwick asked twitter earlier today, "Do you have an unusual pet? Send me a picture with my hash tag #dionnewarwick. I want to see how strange this can get." Twitter responded, which is why she's trending. The replies are full of ALL kinds of pets!
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Eternal Sunshine of the Monetized Ghost Life

"I want a chisel, not a sledgehammer, with which to delete what I no longer need. I don’t want to have to empty my photo albums just because tech companies decided to make them “smart” and create an infinite loop of grief." I Called Off My Wedding. The Internet Will Never Forget (Lauren Goode, Wired). [more inside]
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... dooby dooby ...

Parry Gripp (of Nerf Herder "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" fame) – Dump Truck (SLYT). (If you need something to have running through your head for 10 years.)
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It’s kind of long but full of suspense

The trailer for Zola was released recently. If you’re missing some context, check out MetaFilter’s previous coverage on the original viral tweetstorm.
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16,000 kilometres on a 50-cc pedal-start moped

In the summer of 2018, Austrian Stephan Regensburger went on a 13,000-kilometre journey from Ulaanbataar - where he had shipped his Puch Maxi a few months earlier - back home to Innsbruck. This journey, documented in this 14-video YouTube playlist, took 92 days across Mongolia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Poland and Slovakia. The next year, Stephan's wanderlust took him on a 3000-km trip from Austria to Tunisia on the same valiant little bike. Read more about his adventures on his blog here.
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For ye have the rich always with you

Forbes’ 35th Annual World’s Billionaires List: Facts And Figures 2021 — Despite the pandemic, it was a record-setting year for the world’s wealthiest with a $5 trillion surge in wealth and an unprecedented number of new billionaires. The number of billionaires on Forbes’ 35th annual list of the world’s wealthiest exploded to an unprecedented 2,755 (660 more than a year ago). Altogether they are worth $13.1 trillion, up from $8 trillion on the 2020 list. Forbes, April 6, 2021.
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This should not happen more than once

"I keep coming back to the detail in CNN’s report that this wasn’t something Matt Gaetz did a single time, but repeatedly. Because if it happened more than once — if it happened twice, even — that is because the first time went better than it should have." Metafilter fave Alexandra Petri turns down the humor and sharpens her scalpel for a column on Matt Gaetz and, more importantly, his enablers. (SL Washington Post)
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They're good Muppets, Brent

NPR Ranks the top 25 Muppets. Who will win, the answer may surprise you! [more inside]
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Go with the Flow

Even a pandemic couldn't hold them back: it's time to honor the 2021 Minnesota State High School All Hockey Hair Team. [more inside]
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Paths to Nazism

44 self-reported journeys to neo-Nazism, mapped.
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Talent is equally distributed but opportunity is not

Academia is often a family business.
A new study quantifies how underrepresented people like Flake are in academia, at least in the United States, finding that tenure-track faculty come from homes wealthier than the average population and are 25 times more likely than the general population to have a parent with a Ph.D. Compared with the wider population of their Ph.D.-holding peers, tenure-track faculty are also nearly twice as likely to have Ph.D.-holding parents.
[more inside]
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American Genocide: wiping out The Native Americans, one child at a time.

Described as the greatest Holocaust in History, the systematic slaughter of the Indigenous People of the Americas, over centuries, finally culminating in the eradication of their youth. (pdf 1, 2)
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April 5

Grieving, loss, futility, diaspora, and broken connections

Two melancholy short scifi and fantasy stories, new this year, about grieving the loss of parents. "Comments on Your Provisional Patent Application for an Eternal Spirit Core" is by Wole Talabi: "So you’ve been using the money they left us to develop this thing?" "All Worlds Left Behind" is by Iona Datt Sharma: "I, uh, used to come here with my dad? I don't speak the language as well as he did."
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Guardian: Soviet TV version of Lord of the Rings rediscovered after 30 years. Parts one and two of the 1991 TV movie are now available on Youtube. Although there are no English subtitles, the visuals are not to be missed. [more inside]
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Heavy Meadow

Heavy Metal Parking Lot (1986), the infamous classic short underground documentary by Jeff Krulik and John Heyn, has an hour-long prequel! Shot in 1985 in the woods somewhere in Maryland, released in 2010, and free on youtube since August 2020—HEAVY METAL PICNIC! Trailer | Full Documentary | Krulik documentaries previously on MeFi
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A super complicated automatic solution that doesn’t work that well

But what if I’m yelling and I want to show the proper regard for your humanity by capitalizing the first letter of your name? Then I want the [first letter of your name] to be upper-er case, even more upper case than before. Similarly, I might want to be super casual and disregard your humanity with a lower-er case letter. So that’s what this video is about… Now I’m definitely not going to blow you away with the results here, but they’re kind of interesting - and I think some of the story of we get there is fun and interesting as well. But this will be an example of derp (sic) learning.
tom7 previously
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Market index funds are... "worse than Marxism"?

Money manager bigwigs are ironically complaining that government may need to rein in passive, low-fee or no-fee index funds. [more inside]
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How Is Babby Deplatformed?

Yahoo Answers, [previously], is shutting down on May 4.
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Lost Tapes of the 27 Club

An AI writes songs by musicians who died at 27 to raise awareness of mental health in the music industry "As long as there’s been popular music, musicians and crews have struggled with mental health at a rate far exceeding the general adult population. And this issue hasn’t just been ignored. It’s been romanticized, by things like the 27 Club—a group of musicians whose lives were all lost at just 27 years old." New? Tracks from Amy Winehouse, Nirvana, Jimi Hendrix, and Jim Morrison written by an AI.
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A radical notion born

A recent article examines the use of advertising tactics in Sesame Street. (Via Daniel Willingham).
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Mastery of blaseball is in the blood. And the peanuts.

Love the *idea* of Blaseball, but can't quite be arsed to actually follow the mutant-surreal fantasy baseball process in real time? Quinns from Shut Up and Sit Down has you covered! A quick and jaunty recap of the last 14 seasons, with illustrations. Part 1 (The Discipline Era) and Part 2 (Peace and Prosperity) [more inside]
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Google v. Oracle

The United States Supreme Court has decided in favor of Google [pdf] in the case of Google v. Oracle, essentially resolving a case begun 11 years ago. The 6-2 majority* avoided deciding whether or not the Java API was copyrightable. Rather, it held that, even if the API is copyrightable, Google's use of the API for Android was fair use. SCOTUSblog has more. [more inside]
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from a personal responsibility to a public good

Anne Helen Petersen's latest piece for Vox, in her series on "the hollow middle class," is April 2's One weird trick to fix our broken child care system. [more inside]
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April 4

Streetsblog NYC

MARCH (PARKING) MADNESS: Welcome to the Finals — the 114th vs. the 34th
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Pure insanity outside of the St. Louis City Justice Center

“We’ve had people locked up for well over half of the year without a preliminary hearing,” ST. LOUIS (KMOV.com) – A group of detainees rioted at the Justice Center in downtown St. Louis Sunday night, the second time such an uprising has occurred in recent months. Videos from the scene show detainees breaking windows, throwing items out of the windows, and setting items on fire on the third floor of the building. [more inside]
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"Fill World With Gentleness"

Hitoshi Yasui makes music as "chair house", and is currently working on the "Piano Ten Thousand Leaves Project" (Soundcloud). Each day, chair house improvises, records, and uploads an original piano composition. They're generally quiet and gentle pieces. He started the project in 2014, and aims to create 4,536 songs in total to match an 8th century anthology of Japanese poetry. If he stays on track, he will finish in mid-2026.
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Harmonies, beatboxing, and a voice from the basement

아카펠라 나린_Narin are a Korean acapella group with a focus on cover versions plus the occasional original. IU(아이유) - LILAC X COIN. ITZY(있지) - Not Shy. Somewhere Over The Rainbow (IZ ver.). Lil Nas X - Old Town Road. Billie Eilish - bad guy. Charlie Puth Medley l 찰리푸스 메들리. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas. [more inside]
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"I glanced back one more time, and that's when I noticed his legs moved"

Danny Stewart, 34, was late for dinner with his partner, Pete Mercurio, 32. The couple had met three years earlier through a friend in Pete's softball team. Later Danny had moved in with Pete and his flatmate, but on this summer evening he had been back to his sublet apartment in Harlem to pick up the post. As Danny was hurrying out of the station something caught his eye. "I noticed on the floor tucked up against the wall, what I thought was a baby doll," he says.
'We found a baby on the subway - now he's our son' by Lucy Wallis. BBC Outlook episode on this story.
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Next Bubble Pop When?

If you sell a house these days, the buyer might just be a pension fund. Yield-chasing investors are snapping up single-family homes, competing with ordinary Americans and driving up prices. This bubble might be different due to the expansion of rents as opposed to mortgages, but the effects mirror the growth rates seen in 2005.
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Who Slams, Who Jams, Who Tells Your Story

The world was rocked this week – not by the Space Jam 2 trailer but the release of Psynwav's Slamilton mashup album (Bandcamp/YouTube/Soundcloud) featuring such instant classics as Alexander Slamilton and The Court Where It Happened (Previously)
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Advice on taking up quarantine's hottest new hobby.

10 recipes for non-bakers with flour and time on their hands. [more inside]
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Stop Motion Lego Chocolate Cake

Lego in real life Like Lego? Like cake? This video is for you.
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April 3


Celui Qui Tombe -- six people on a rotating platform.
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Jemaine Clement interview

Jemaine Clement turned up on his bicycle for his interview with Moana Maniapoto, for this week’s Te Ao with Moana (19'11). And no one at Toi Whakaari, the New Zealand Drama School in Wellington, where the interview took place, seemed to recognise him. Or maybe they just didn’t want to make a fuss, this being New Zealand and all. Extended transcript.
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el-Sisi is watching, intently

The The Pharaohs Royal Golden Parade happened in Egypt yesterday.
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Arguing with my Inner Stoner (SLYT)

A delightful conversation between the Stoner Brain, the Sober Brain, and the Tree Person
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Moving beyond the two-party system

The US's two-party system has many faults. But what can be done about it? The proposed Fair Representation Act in the US congress: fewer congressional districts, but with multiple congress members per district elected by ranked-choice voting. [SLWaPo]
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new Royal Blood

YouTube: 'Limbo' and 'Typhoons' (YT) two latest singles from England's Royal Blood, see them returning (YT) to really ambitious clips after remaining quiet during the pandemic. (Previously)
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And Georgia's always on my m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-mind

Trio Mandili are three Georgian polyphonic singers - Tatuli Mgeladze, Tako Tsiklauri, and Mariam Kurasbediani - creators of weapons-grade cute music videos, including videos with a reluctant co-star, a sassy chef , and what might be the best day a grandmother's had in a long time. [more inside]
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Story of Your Strife

Ted Chiang (previously) on why computers won’t make themselves smarter (The New Yorker) and on why most fears about A.I. are best understood as fears about capitalism (NY Times/Archive.is)
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An Annoying, Self-Absorbed Cadre of Entitled Young Hollywood Hotshots

We all know it, but nonetheless it’s shocking to discover that the people we watched in our youth don’t stay that age forever — they keep getting older, like everyone does. But for fans of [Emilio] Estevez, that realization may be even more poignant. For years, he seemed permanently young, part of the Brat Pack, a very Gen X thing that, in retrospect, was truly a stupid thing — and, besides, none of them liked being lumped in that group, anyway. But despite the family he was born in and the younger brother he came of age with, Estevez always seemed hard to define or pin down. And because of that, he never could fully shed the Brat Pack straightjacket. In the process, he has aged before our eyes without us really taking it in. from Emilio Estevez and the Scourge of the ‘Brat Pack’ Straitjacket [Mel Magazine] [more inside]
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April 2

Gentle Cinema

Doug Dillaman has put together a list of a list of Gentle Cinema, which he describes as "pleasant people doing pleasant things and there's not much drama and you just kind of feel lovely about the world".
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Isamu Akasaki, Nobel Prize winning co-Inventor of the Blue LED dies

The co-winner of the 2014 Nobel Prize in physics for inventing the world's first efficient blue light-emitting diode, has died aged 92. From the article: "In 2014, Isamu Akasaki shared the Nobel Prize with physicist Hiroshi Amano, a professor at the University of Nagoya, and Japan-born American Shuji Nakamura, a professor at the University of California, Santa Barbara." Akasaki, when he was a professor at Nagoya University, worked with Amano to produce gallium nitride crystals, and succeeded in 1989 in creating the world’s first blue LED. Blue LEDs have since radically transformed the displays we use everyday in laptops, cell phones and most other lighting and backlit devices. [more inside]
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You could be a total moron and get elected.

Panic Rooms, Birth Certificates, and the Birth of GOP Paranoia [more inside]
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procrastination is a helluva drug

Just a few decades after the discovery of the Charon Relay, and the ensuing First Contact War, relatively little is known about the population of planets linked by the Prothean mass relays. Understanding the nature of these systems and how they may differ from the broader population of planetary systems in our galaxy is key to both continued human habitation across the broader Galaxy, as well as to our understanding of the Prothean civilization. What factors motivated their choices of planetary systems?
I'm Commander Shepard and this is my favourite paper on the arXiv. (via)
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It’s spring so that means it’s once again time for Velvet Sparrow of Something Awful’s live stream of chicks hatching! Enjoy the peeping all weekend long.
Here’s the official SA thread if you’d like to track name nominations and all that.
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"The heuristics I can substitute are incomplete"

Beth Andres-Beck writes about hir experiences as a dyslexic programmer. (This post is from 2014.) Zie says: "I believe that in some ways dyslexia makes me a better programmer." and "It is hard to explain my intuitive, aesthetic sense of good code, such as when polymorphism would simplify a method. The heuristics I can substitute are incomplete, flawed reflections of the generative principles that motivate them and people who like rules tend to reject them when they can think of counter-examples. I rely on metaphor and examples a lot, because they have proven more effective at translating my thoughts into something other people can understand."
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Did Somebody Say Baby Bird Photos?

Why yes, yes we did. Here are our favorite shots featuring chicks from last year's Audubon Photography Awards.
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The Life and Times of ''The Most Intelligent Bird in the World''

...She could also be impatient if things weren’t moving fast enough. If Geoff began to digress during a demonstration, she’d nip his earlobe to get him back on track. If an audience member brought any kind of food to the arena, Tina would steal it and eat it on the spot, whether it was a hamburger or an ice cream cone. (Once, to Geoff’s horror, she landed on a stroller and snatched a pacifier from a baby’s mouth.)...
The Life and Times of “The Most Intelligent Bird in the World” [more inside]
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...just uninterrupted grass, and a Hare sitting up

Haretopia is an ‘Eden’ with pure air, crystal clear waters and wild landscapes where hare-people and others rub along very well. [more inside]
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Gnawa Lila Maalem Aziz Arradi

Seven hours of a live gnawa lila via Moroccan Tape Stash which says of this recording: "You can't hear all of the lyrics, the guinbri is a bit buried, the qarqabas are pretty loud, and there's a fair bit of discussion going on among the assembled. In other words, this is what it sounds like to be at a lila."
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Dr. Chuck Tingle does another Reddit AMA and it is extremely enjoyable.
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Runaway American Dreams

"Bruce Springsteen is one of this country’s greatest living artists, one who built his success by enshrining the stories of the working-class lives of the people he grew up with in songs that have become foundational parts of the popular music canon. His commitment to seeking justice in the real world has made Springsteen a liberal hero and a cult figure to many on the left. What to make then of the recent news that he was releasing a podcast with Barack Obama, just weeks after appearing in a Super Bowl commercial urging Americans to find “the middle”?"
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High Security Cats

There are long running programs in many US prisons that allow inmates to adopt cats either formally or informally. Cats in Bangkwang Prison, Indiana. Eddyville Cats in Kentucky State. Cuddly Catz in Larch Corrections Center near Yacolt, Washington. Lock Up Raw report Youtube. HLN report on Youtube. Cats that Rule the World youtube episode (cats start at 3:48) [more inside]
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All the bees

A Man Found 15,000 Bees in His Car After Grocery Shopping. SLNYT
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It’s the perfect system.

I've Been Sleeping With A Shovel Under The Bed an excerpt from Luke O'Neil's book Lockdown in Hell World [more inside]
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A Computer Scientist Who Tackles Inequality Through Algorithms

Rediet Abebe uses the tools of theoretical computer science to understand pressing social problems — and try to fix them. Today, Abebe uses the tools of theoretical computer science to help design algorithms and artificial intelligence systems that address real-world problems. She has modeled the role played by income shocks, like losing a job or government benefits, in leading people into poverty, and she’s looked at ways of optimizing the allocation of government financial assistance. She’s also working with the Ethiopian government to better account for the needs of a diverse population by improving the algorithm the country uses to match high school students with colleges. [more inside]
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April 1

"The Stories of Highland Fashion Through History"

Highland Threads -- The Exhibition: "14 key pieces from museums from all over the Highlands of Scotland, brought to you online via film and photography with supporting stories and archive images from each museum." Trailer at Vimeo. Nicola Henderson (Museums and Heritage Highland, 2/12/2021), "Introducing ... Highland Threads": "it was agreed that plans for an online exhibition focusing on a costume from each museum's collection would be developed and funding sought to support the work." BBC News (4/1/2021), "Historical clothing from 14 museums displayed online." #HighlandThreads. Upcoming events. [more inside]
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Is it time for the four-day work week?

A raise or a four-day week; biggest German union seals new deal - "Germany's largest trade union, IG Metall, agreed a 2.3% wage increase, to be paid either in full or as part of a switch to a four-day week, in a key industrial region, setting the benchmark for 3.9 million metal and engineering workers nationwide."[1] [more inside]
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Lilac, lilac or lilac? It's obvious.

How to Pronounce Lilac [more inside]
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The King of the Geezer Teasers

Continuing tonight's theme of retro at the movies....The King of the Geezer Teasers: Inside Randall Emmett’s direct-to-video empire, where many Hollywood stars have found lucrative early retirement (Joshua Hunt, Vulture). Starring: Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone, and Steven Seagal's advisory committee. [more inside]
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Planets, confetti and oh so much sugar

The interior design of movie theaters in the nineties could be chalked up to the general aesthetic that tends to be slapped on that decade, but it turns out that there was a bit more thought put into it than that. [more inside]
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Just the tip of the iceberg

Transgender & Non-Binary Visibility In Japanese Media and EVEN MORE Transgender and Non-Binary Characters in Japanese Media: Andrea Ritsu looks at trans and non-binary characters in anime, manga and video games. BONUS: more in depth looks at the misgendering of Kino from Kino's Journey and why trans zombie girl Lily from Sombie Land Saga was not a Crunchyroll invention.
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Accellion FTA leak spreads

Massive security breach reported at US universities [more inside]
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You May Be Thinking To Yourself That I’m Simply Overanalyzing Things

The quiet horrors of Cally Gingrich by Ashley Feinberg [CW: Gringriches]
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Another lockdown, but this time, Parisians demand book stores stay open

A poll conducted during the second lockdown found that 52 percent of the population considered bookshops essential businesses. In France, the price of a baguette is protected by French law, and so is the price of a book. This says a lot about the place of reading in French life. In 1981, the loi Lang, named for then-president François Mitterand’s flamboyant minister of culture, Jack Lang, mandated that all booksellers, whether chains or independent (the law now also applies to online retailers), charge the same price as their competitors. The maximum discount allowed for books is 5 percent. The law not only protects independent bookshops from larger chain outlets, it ensures cultural diversity, guaranteeing that a wide range of titles can be published, including books that have cultural value but won’t become bestsellers.
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A little fun to share with anyone who likes music and text

Type Your Jazz Here.... edit until you're happy with it, and send it to someone who might like it.
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The sixtyforgan

The sixtyforgan by Linus Åkesson combines a Commodore 64 and a spring reverb to make the 8 bit computer sound like a church organ. [more inside]
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The best things in life are free

In honor of this first day of April, Frantone announces a new product (YouTube).
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Historians Ask The Movies


This April Fools Day the venerable r/askhistorians becomes r/HistoriansAskTheMovies. [more inside]
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Houseplants for Audiophiles

Audiophiles spend countless hours deciding on the right loudspeaker, amps, stands, cables, and layout for their listening room. But what about plants? Audio equipment critic John Darko walks his viewers through which houseplants are best for listening room placement, and how different plants can affect the listening experience.
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Margaret Cho: Intersectional as fuck

Gastrointestinal adventures in food poisoning aside, Cho is doing well. She is sober, after more than a decade addicted to opiates and alcohol. ... Cho loved the aesthetics of opium smoking. “It’s a terrible drug, it is a really big part of the difficulties that Koreans and Chinese people have had, it’s a big black mark on our history,” Cho says, pausing for effect, a comedian to her bones. “But the stuff is really cool!” Content warning: The Guardian's profile of the amazing comic Margaret Cho includes references to suicide, sexual abuse, addiction, and hate crimes against Asian Americans.
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It's Opening Day, Baseball Fans!

Here's George Will's Opening Day quiz.
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