Custom Baseball Shirts

I've always wanted to do baseball-style script shirts, and when Cafepress recently offered up 3/4 sleeve baseball shirts, I knew what I wanted to do. I located a nice baseball script font and a jersey font for the back, and figured out a way to layout both in Photoshop.

The logo on the front is done in a classic baseball jersey style and the back carries a MetaFilter username, and the corresponding user ID. I set them letter-by-letter, by hand, across an arc in photoshop.

The front

On the low end of things (short username, 1-digit user ID), here's what my shirt looks like:

On the other end (long name, 5 digit ID), here's what it looks like:

Interested in one?

Due to the amount of work in doing each one, and the custom nature, I'm charging $10 over the minimum at CafePress. If you want to get one, email me with your username and ID, and I'll upload a custom shirt for you at the MetaFilter cafepress store. Keep in mind each one takes some time and effort, so it won't be instant, and if you request one, you should buy one. Also keep in mind you shouldn't buy one of the demo shirts listed unless you're me or miguel, first email me, then I'll email you back a URL to buy it, and that's when you place the order.