MeFi Global BIPOC Board


The MeFi Global BIPOC Board is a group of 10-15 MeFites of color from around the globe. The board will be intentional in its inclusion of MeFites of color and will move away from a US-centric understanding of race and ethnicity.

The purpose of this group is to have a facilitated, transparent dialogue between MeFi staff and users regarding issues of race and ethnicity site-wide. The goal of the proposed meetings are to allow space for community input on moderation policy and site feature improvements in addition to having open dialogues on better anti-oppression practices.


Meetings will occur 1-2 times a month for 90 minutes.


travelingthyme, cortex, lobstermitten, restless_nomad and any mods who may have availability.

A rotating roster will be made available so other MeFites have the opportunity to join the board. Please email travelingthyme if you are interested in being added to the roster. This is voluntary and you will be provided with an honorarium for your time.

Board Budget:

Board budget: Thank you to all who have contributed to the board budget! Through one-time contributions and recurring monthly contributions, MeFites have contributed about $700 to the budget. The honorarium rate is currently set at $50 per meeting.

We'd really love to get that number up so we can both sustain and possibly increase the honoraria in the future. If folks are willing and interested in contributing to the Global BIPOC Advisory Board, please email travelingthyme and we can earmark your contribution.

Meeting minutes will be accessible on this landing page and we will continue to update this page as things progress.

Meeting #1 Update

The first Global BIPOC Advisory Board meeting was held on Sunday, September 19th via Slack.

Here are the minutes, recorded by Thyme and approved by the board.

Folks are welcome to email travelingthyme if there is interest in joining the board or discussing a particular agenda item of interest.

Stay tuned for updates on Meeting #2!