The Tech Effect.
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The Tech Effect. I'm curious what you all think about how this attack will affect the world of technology, and business. Will office applications become more decentralized and will we see more workers and small businesses become "free agents" or work at home? And will cell phones become even more ubiquitous (even cell-luddites like myself may be reconsidering)?
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It's interesting that as a mobile phone owner/user I saw the failure of the mobile network during the attacks as a sign to investigate other RF communication solutions. The Day After I went out and bought a scanner, and I started carrying my (solar, rechargable) AM/FM radio around again -- last time I did that was the lead up to Y2k. Also, I'm renewing my high school interest in HAM radio and checking out CB.

As for working patterns, I think there will be little change there -- more likely buildings won't be built as tall. Imagine if the Pentagon was just a normal tower instead of a re-enforced bunker. Any decentralisation of the work force that might occur will be more a result of economic depression -- ie; Freelancers are cheaper than normal staff because you don't need to provide a desk.
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A girlfriend who's always HATED mobile phones told me yesterday that after she'd read that survivors had rung for help from the ruins, she decided to buy one. Were any of those telephoning survivors rescued though? I'd love a happy story about that..
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Let's sales of enhanced security firewalls; use of encryption increases; more people using the Internet for news and personal contact; possibly a few more cheap pc's will be sold; the CB and Ham radio folks will see a resurgence of interest; higher pay for airport security guards; a "Sky Marshals" tv show on the way; your dorm will be wiretapped; Doc Marten prices increase...and a big boost in people wanting to learn how to speak an Arab language. Whew. Better stop now...gotta make more American Flag t-shirts. --Greg
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As systems in the financial district come back up, I would imagine the building of redundant systems to back every thing up off site will be a priority.
Most people across the country will see a cell phone as an essential security tool.
Airports will be using most more techno-security.
So if those things happen the "tech industry" may be in for good times.
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That's right.

And how will we all want to pay for it?

As cheaply as possible!

And how we will make it cheap?

By screwing the shit out of others!

Sorry, but my cynic head is well and truly planted on at the moment.

...but damn my Nikes look good!
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Tech will do well out of this - increased Govt and private spending on all the latest spy and killing gadgetry.
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Being British, the military market is a great market for us.

Hell we could have done well out of supplying Saddamm with his super-gun parts if it wasn't for our own customs officers.
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A piece from the Guardian on the need for a wireless idealism. But if this guy is right, then there's going to be a huge movement to redesign our info-infrastructure anyway, towards "permanent security". So yeah, keep your remaining tech stocks...
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Bit of a self-link there - well most of us will never get to self link to our piece in the Guardian so I suppose it's just about O.K. - I wouldn't want to cause too much of a hue and cry about a first offence.
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