Lasoo, location-based search engine.
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Lasoo, location-based search engine. Really slick. They've improved it a lot since I last visited.
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Interesting idea but it still doesn't turn up enough results for my area in Los Angeles. I still find searching with Google to be an easier method.
posted by dewelch at 3:47 PM on September 25, 2001

It's giving me good results.. I think it rocks! Good response time too.
posted by Tubes at 3:58 PM on September 25, 2001

I've been using Yahoo for this..i store my address in yahoo maps, and then they have a 'nearby businesses''ll pull entries out of the yellow pages, and give you distance in miles from the location you's pretty useful in exploring a new city (Los Angeles) ...this is neat, but i find the display more confusing than the tables/lists that yahoo provides
posted by chacal at 4:22 PM on September 25, 2001

Hello I am CTO of Lasoo. I discovered your community today when I reviewed our web logs.

I would like to thank this community for it's interest and support. As a small dotcom in today's sometimes difficult marketplace every bit counts!

Lasoo currently has 25 million businesses in Canada and the US, another half million in Europe and about 50,000 more websites scattered around the world.

If you have any questions, ideas or feedback for us, we'd love to hear it. We are also always on the lookout for new ASP business deals.
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Is there some special reason to spell "lasoo" that way? I mean, is it an abbreviation? I don't mean to be picky or rude at all, but I've always seen it spelled "lasso."

btw, I like the service. It works well for my area.
posted by dfowler at 5:26 PM on September 25, 2001

There is actually two official spellings of Lasoo. We chose the one with two oo's due to a passing similarity with certain other search engines.
posted by pforth at 6:14 PM on September 25, 2001

You mean Altavista, right?
posted by whatnotever at 6:27 PM on September 25, 2001

Access violation at address 01461AF2 in module 'LMEDLL.DLL'. Read of address 00000005

I can only imagine how it was before they improved it.
posted by milnak at 6:35 PM on September 25, 2001

always a problem, first impressions being what they are, when you head over to a new site to check it out and get a message such as this:

Access violation at address 01461AF2 in module 'LMEDLL.DLL'. Read of address 00000005

uh, pforth, if it matters, I'm on a Mac OS 9.1 IE 5.

Better luck next time.
posted by xochi at 6:38 PM on September 25, 2001

ack, milnak...didn't see your posting before mine. Didn't mean to flog the issue into the ground.
posted by xochi at 6:39 PM on September 25, 2001

The site is now OPERATIONAL.
Of course Murphy's law dictates that when something goes wrong with your website, it will always be at the worst time. I can only assure the people in this community that our site is normally very stable and that our short down time tonight was a rare and poorly timed occurance.
posted by pforth at 8:26 PM on September 25, 2001

I'm actually pretty impressed - despite what I'd expected (ie zero hits) I actually got some results in the business category near Anyang, South Korea, south of Seoul (which is where I live at the moment).

One of them (at a distance of 622 m !) was the 'Packaging Global Internet Seminar '99', which isn't of much use to me, but still....impressive. I hope to see the listings flesh out. It would be invaluable for us expats over here to have a tool like this that actually returned useful info on a selected area.
posted by stavrosthewonderchicken at 12:48 AM on September 26, 2001

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