Initial audio from the WTC.
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Initial audio from the WTC. Police, fire, etc. "Please note that these files can be disturbing to listen to..." If your tired of political commentary about this but are hooked none the less, you too can be an audio voyeur (audeur?). I really only post this for historical reasons.
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I usually save things like this when I find them. It can often become difficult to find media of disasters after the fact, because people have a tendancy to hide that sort of thing out of a misguided attempt a sensistivity. ABC news has already said they will not play video clips of the attack/collapse anymore (unless there is a "compelling" reason).
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That should read: "attempt at sensitivity". Two typos in a row ... I suck.
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Personally, I find this sort of stuff to be invaluable in understanding the emotional chaos that occurred in the moments after the attack. These attempts to spare us the grisley details, to me, does a disservice to those of us who think that we need to know all
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Agreed. It's interesting to hear the unfiltered record of the initial moments of the tragedy. The professionalism of the dispatchers and rescue people is impressive, especially during the most chaotic moments of the tower collapses.

The most chilling part of this is one of the officers who can be heard momentarily right after the second tower collapses and is still inside. She tries to make contact a few times, but is barely audible and soon goes silent.

That's one of the toughest parts of trying to grasp the enormity of what happened -- so many indiiduals who struggled to survive or escape, but couldn't.

What a nightmare...
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I went to the site and read the transcripts there. I still can't bring myself to listen.
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