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Michael Musto's column this week features snippets from the upcoming Friar's Club roast of Hugh Hefner. Of course, for the Friar's, no topic is too sacred and the WTC topic was broached with aplomb (as opposed to aplane). Sorry, but if you thought that was tasteless, follow the link...
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A far larger sample of the roast is at the New York Observer. They have a really crappy archiving system in which the stories change URLs, so after Tuesday, you can find it here, titled "The Laughter, After."
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I love Musto and I love this Freddie Roman joke, from the link above:

"A couple married 48 years. Wife takes sick and passes away. Funeral at the Riverside, 78th and Broadway,” Mr. Roman said. “After the service, the pall bearers pick up the coffin. As they’re leaving the building, the coffin hits the wall.” From inside the coffin, he said, the woman’s voice could be heard. “They open the coffin—it’s a miracle,” he said.
She stays married for another two years. Gets sick, passes away again. After the service, the pallbearers lift the coffin. As they start to leave, the husband yells, ‘Watch out for the wall!’”

To make it more contemporary you could switch the identity of the deceased and the mourners. The best I could come up with was Bin Laden as the one who springs back to life and the Taliban as the unregretful mourners(well, considering all the grief he's been causing them...)
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"Imagine Marcia Brady talking about cunnilingus, butt-sniffing competitions, dildo making, and ejaculation marathons."

hey! that was my first wet dream!
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<< Gilbert Gottfried was beyond hilarious with bestiality jokes even I can't repeat, and he went to that terrorism place too. ("I was just on a plane, and they made an announcement that first we'd be stopping at the Empire State Building.") >>

Hm. Asshole.
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Come on, that joke was funny. I think we all need to stop toning everything down and celebrate the fact that we're alive and well. No better way then humor to do that.
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Mo's link provides further evidence to back up my belief that Gilbert Gottfreid is the funniest man alive.
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I'm still trying to figure out if Mo's link was to a parody or straight reportage of the event in question. But then I'm drunk as the Pope's brother-in-law.

Then Mr. Gottfried started in on Mr. Hefner. “Hugh Hefner doesn’t need Viagra. He needs cement! He needs to take ice-cream sticks and tape it around his dick and use it as a splint!” Mr. Gottfried screamed.

Comedy...ummm....gold. Or something.
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