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Language Tools has become the one resource I use for all my WORD related needs, although it unfortunately lacks a Quotations section like Bartleby or Quotations Page. (The runner-up was Refdesk , which I know as Colin Powell's favorite, put together by Drudge the Father, although its filled with too much other stuff.) Any better choices?
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wow. this'n went straight to my links bar.
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I love quotes and aphorisms, something to with my 60s daze...

and another thing--What about short term memory loss?

Which reminds me--What about short term memory loss?

But I digress--But did I mention short term memory loss?

Which is why I like, in part, maxims and aphorisms and proverbs: it's not like quoting Homer by heart but it's not bad... And, true, too, is how they fit into our postmodern fragment driven cut-and-paste-and-sample world...

La Rochefoucauld, Chamfort, you know I like them... Cyril Connolly? You bet--and Bartleby's the place for that and all of them. And Heraclitus is well quoted on fan site and Bartleby both.

Then there is a whole school of academic thought that see the proverb as the root of all literature.

But my bottom line test is to type in the name of Yoshida Kenko. And you know what? I'm still waiting for either a decent fan page or literary source that can deliver there.
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y2karl: it's not like quoting Homer by heart

ah, but this is:

Mmmm... Fifty Dollar Pretzel
Mmmm... The Land Of Chocolate
Mmmm... Ovulicious
Mmmm... Sacrelicious
Mmmm... Unprocessed Fish Sticks

and of course,

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stupid sexy flanders
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This UK site will look up your word in 30 or so specialized reference books -- dictionaries of art, history, science, slang, quotes, etc.
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bmckenzie--bad mouse!

Bad link! Next time paste on, not after "http//"!

Yoshida Kenko result on XRefer: Sorry, but we couldn't find any entries that matched your search Well, D'oh!
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Another really great resource is It's does most of what itools does plus it can find connections between words. So you can find words that not only rhyme but have a similar meaning, for example.
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