February 28, 2002
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Absolutely the crummiest website ever made. I'm sure this may be a much-maligned type of front page post. I know many of us are web developers and it's easy to get snotty and to think that every site under the sun is horribly designed and to poke fun at the blink tag users and frontpage developers of the world. But this is just unbelievable. Sue me.
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I've seen worse...
posted by jpburns at 10:29 AM on February 28, 2002


I was so amazed at the use of every javascript "feature" they could think of. So terrible that it just may be brilliant. Like Patrick Swayze.
posted by glenwood at 10:29 AM on February 28, 2002

Foot on lever. Post in bin.
posted by jeblis at 10:35 AM on February 28, 2002

I beat their tic tac toe game. Yay for me!
posted by iceberg273 at 10:37 AM on February 28, 2002

If I was looking for cleaning services in this area, then this site works well for me.

Unattractive, yes. . .but there is also an amateurish quality to it that tells me that the company providing the services may not be slick but they are likely honest.
posted by Danf at 10:37 AM on February 28, 2002

The links include "DJ parties/animation".
posted by sharksandwich at 10:38 AM on February 28, 2002

I've seen worse too.

At least there's, like, a smidgen of design about it. And as for animated gifs and javascript it's subdued compared with some sites I've seen. Something Awful has a regular 'awful link of the day' which has showcased much, much worse than that. Pirate Bootie for example.
posted by jiroczech at 10:39 AM on February 28, 2002

Thanks jeblis. I knew I couldn't do a front page post without someone picking on me in a condescending manner. It's nice to have constants in life like metafilter.

Danf. I would say that they insane amount of shit flying around and the cursor trails and everything else make it excruciatingly difficult to get to the information that I need.
posted by glenwood at 10:41 AM on February 28, 2002

Its a little known fact that I am a Tic Tac Toe master (South American Division of the WFTTT).

Among the pro and semi pro tic tac toe players, it is known that Trust Cleaning Service's AI player algorithm is among the toughest to be found online. Far superior to anything you can find at Yahoo etc.

Before major tournaments, TTT coaches often send their most promising players to sharpen their skills playing on and against Trust Cleaning Services TTT board. Modest as it is in appearance, it kicks Tic Tac Toe Ass.

So don't be so quick to deride a web page. And remember the sage words of F.L. Wright: "Form should follow Function"
posted by BentPenguin at 10:41 AM on February 28, 2002

Oh yeah, that one doesn't send you into epileptic siezures at least. :)

This one is a prime example of what NOT to do:)

This one is from an art school....which is pretty spooky.

And let us not forget: Web Page Designer Extraordinaire (Some cheesecake type photos at the bottom of the page...bikini's and the like.) But, ladies, don't love him just because he's a WPDE...love him because he's also a doctor, a nurse, a navy seal, a comix publisher and a rapper with the legacy to Tupac's rhymes...yes, he's all of that...and so, so much more. :)
posted by dejah420 at 10:42 AM on February 28, 2002

You obviously haven't been here(mefi). Actually this one cheers me up sometimes. I set it to people's browser homepage every chance I get.
posted by kremb at 10:42 AM on February 28, 2002

Oh, I don't know, I'm getting a lot of entertainment out of the letters trailing the cursor. I'm trying to see if I can get them to spell something nasty.
posted by maschnitz at 10:42 AM on February 28, 2002

I think pirate bootie is a far more tasteful (albeit horrible as well) site.

yourthemannowdog doesn't count because it's supposed to be ridiculous. They aren't trying to sell me anything but sleepless, confused nights.
posted by glenwood at 10:44 AM on February 28, 2002

Dejah that jimjacobson site made me spit coffee all over my monitor laughing. Dammit.
posted by glenwood at 10:45 AM on February 28, 2002

If you have to get so defensive in your post, perhaps you should consider whether posting the link is a good idea or not.
posted by owillis at 10:51 AM on February 28, 2002

Absolutely the crummiest website ever made.

I designed that site. You fuck-o's.

*runs down the hall, sobbing*
posted by Karl at 10:54 AM on February 28, 2002

who cares
posted by chainring at 10:59 AM on February 28, 2002

Here's a recent Slashdot discussion, What Makes a Good Web Design? - including all the standard, typical "if it doesn't work in Lynx, forget it" and "I hate Flash/javascript" arguments...
posted by panopticon at 11:09 AM on February 28, 2002

posted by liam at 11:11 AM on February 28, 2002

This one is a prime example of what NOT to do:)

That site crashed my IE!
posted by thebwit at 11:16 AM on February 28, 2002

What I enjoyed was the fact that the trailing letters made it so you can endlessly scroll to the right. Mmmm, good times, good times.
posted by Stretch at 11:26 AM on February 28, 2002

And now Karl has made me spit cola at my monitor.
posted by grum@work at 11:29 AM on February 28, 2002

Nothing wrong with your post, but it would have been better received in MetaTalk, because:Guidelines:If you're posting a generalized question to the audience, or posting a comment as a main thread, either find an appropriate mailing list, or use MetaTalk. MetaTalk is a discussion area for topics specific to MetaFilter itself, or weblogs in general.
posted by Mack Twain at 11:49 AM on February 28, 2002

If you twirl the letter trails backwards fast it spells 'Love Satan'. I think this is a secret cover site for the dark side.
posted by HTuttle at 12:07 PM on February 28, 2002

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