Fun with Fingerprint Readers.
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Fun with Fingerprint Readers. A Japanese cryptoanalyst recently found that he could reliably fool biometric fingerprint scanners using only gelatin like that found in gummy bears. Not only could he create a fake finger using the original, he was also successful in fooling the scanners based on a gelatin mold of a fingerprint lifted from a piece of glass.
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I was talking to a security consultant last month and he mentioned that in the light of 9/11 many companies are now revisiting their threat perceptions and many security consultants now take the 'bag of thumbs' scenario into considerations (i.e. there are people who will not be above chopping off the thumbs off people to get into some places). He said that people now think that biometric identifications are still great tools to use but only if they are used ALONGWITH other more traditional authentication devices.
posted by justlooking at 10:11 PM on May 15, 2002

Just don't try that gummy bear trick with retina scanner.
posted by malphigian at 11:32 PM on May 15, 2002

yah, see, if i think my password's been compromised, i can change it.
posted by hob at 12:39 AM on May 16, 2002

Yeah, Malphigian, you need those special binoculars that read retinal imprints then make you a nice set of contact lenses.

Oh wait, Alias isnt' real? Crap.
posted by bcwinters at 6:57 AM on May 16, 2002

gummy bears
'bag of thumbs'

I smell a whole new candy marketing opportunity there, don't you?
posted by briank at 7:52 AM on May 16, 2002

i'm just glad someone hacked this dumbass idea before it became a standard and started jeopardizing everyone's security. you can bet i'll be the last one to adopt biometric identification. i don't want to be their beta tester!
posted by muppetboy at 8:35 AM on May 16, 2002

That was fascinating. Done with photoshop and 10 bucks worth of household supplies. Great link. Thanks.
posted by keithl at 10:08 AM on May 16, 2002

This mathematician did us a huge public service.
posted by Holden at 10:11 AM on May 16, 2002

Meanwhile, that much-vaunted face recognition system doesn't seem to work so good, either.
posted by briank at 10:43 AM on May 16, 2002

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