The Periodic Table Table
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The Periodic Table Table now has its own, newly updated website. This had made the rounds on various websites when it was a mere set of construction photos on a bandwidth -constrained site. This is now much better.
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The table consists of a set of boxes each of which (when possible) contains a sample of that element inside!
posted by vacapinta at 10:47 PM on June 6, 2002

What a beautiful object, and so beautifully constructed. Thanks for the link!
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An interesting story linked from Element 95
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Hey, what is this--cool post day? First, yhbc and now you, vacapinta.

I like the anecdotes, too--the one about making gundpowder rings a bell: I also made gundpowder out in our garage. It ignited in the bowl while I was grinding the charcoal, sulfur and saltpeter together. A yellow flame shot six feet high--I was scared to death, thought I'd started a fire for sure.
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Poor Theo. That machine at Wolfram probably doesn't have enough bandwidth either. The admins are going to be crucified when Stephen's mail is delayed......

Luckily Theo's one of the main developers of the interface for Mathematica, so I suspect his job is safe. Plus, he's a nice guy.

And just to close the circle, Theo and my father wrote one of the most popular Mathematica books together.

Kevin Bacon must be around here somewhere......
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Hmm. I'd like to see something like this (only maybe a 3-d representation?) of the Chart of the Nuclides myself...
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I love sites about people making cool stuff. It almost makes me want to build that computer cabinet I've been thinking about.
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Theodore Gray is my new hero.
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This would be great at a theme party.

You could put a plate on top of each element holding a representation of it's atom in hors d'ouvre form. Accompanying beverages would, of course have to come from here.

Be there or be square...
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OMG, I so want one of these...very cool link! Thanks. :)
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The guy on the right is picking his nose.
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