Woohoo Metafilter!
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Woohoo Metafilter! 1000 members and counting! Long live The Haughey!
posted by Neale (14 comments total)
Congratulations, Matt.

The trick is to see how big you can get and still stay good.

At least, I've always heard that's the trick.

Jay Chiat said it. 1980.
posted by Zeldman at 12:06 AM on May 31, 2000

Yeah, I kind of thought MetaFilter sucked since it got to about 364 users. That's when it started to go downhill. I used to read it a lot before then, but after that, y'know . . . ehn . . .
posted by sylloge at 1:49 AM on May 31, 2000

I found the content improved around 329, some of the comments were excellent, then around that 364 mark, well I just don't know what happened......
posted by Markb at 3:53 AM on May 31, 2000

Gee, Grampa, tell us what it was like back in the old days! Is it true you had to send your post via pony express?
posted by owen at 5:46 AM on May 31, 2000

hrm... smells like there's some elitism going on here..... =P
posted by PWA_BadBoy at 6:12 AM on May 31, 2000

Err, I think they're joking.
posted by jbeaumont at 9:34 AM on May 31, 2000

If I could be serious for a second...

I thought more members would automatically mean the Tragedy of the Commons effect would kick in (where too many members leads to too much noise), but there's been a sort of Metcalfe's Law working too (the conversations are richer because of the diversity of opinions).

I suppose there's really some happy medium, like in the >1000 but <5000 range that lets good conversations grow without too many idiots ruining them.
posted by mathowie at 9:43 AM on May 31, 2000 [1 favorite]

I can't hear you over the noise of 10000 fingers typing.
posted by dhartung at 9:57 AM on May 31, 2000

"shouldn't this be in MetaTalk?"

bwahahah... I always wanted to say that ;)
posted by Sapphireblue at 10:49 AM on May 31, 2000

From the First MetaFilter Member to the Thousandth MetaMember - Hell, - We're All Special and Damn, Where's my MeFi T-Shirt?
posted by Almac at 1:45 PM on May 31, 2000

I got curious. A lot of the early member numbers don't have any info associated. The first "real" one I could find was jjg, followed by glassdog, then a break until peterme & cam. But you already knew that, didn't you?

I should have joined much earlier. 654 is so unsexy.
posted by dhartung at 4:23 PM on May 31, 2000

Well it was ruined around 100 or so anyways.... :)
posted by Jeremy at 6:08 PM on May 31, 2000

MetaFilter RoCkS!!!!

Come on out, Matt, take a bow.
posted by EricBrooksDotCom at 5:23 AM on June 1, 2000

Phew. I was user 549. For a second I thought I was single-handedly responsible for the decline of MeFi content. Now I know that the decline is indeed a group effort. Go team!
posted by plinth at 10:44 AM on June 1, 2000

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