October 1, 2002
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O glorious day for fans of the dutch flash-artist Han Hoogerbrugge! Modern Living has been relaunched. New project title: Nails!
posted by zerofoks (6 comments total)
Great post!

I think Han Hoogerbrugge has foud a new fan in yours truly, of not only his flash sketches, but his name too.

(Plus he's got a cool car and he likes vacations.)

Thanks, zerofoks.
posted by hama7 at 3:44 AM on October 1, 2002

found, that is.
posted by hama7 at 3:46 AM on October 1, 2002

When I first checked out Nails it left me kind of flat. It seemed like a not that funny one trick pony. But viewing the rest of the animations as a whole, I can appreciate he is doing subtle variations on a theme. And that many of them are entertaining little worlds all on their own. As a Flash animator I'm impressed with how much content he packs into the swfs for their relatively small file size.
posted by gametone at 3:47 AM on October 1, 2002

Well, Moogerfooger! I'd never heard of Mr. Hoogerbrugge. Good stuff. Reminds me of Terry Gilliam's animation, in a way.
posted by sklero at 4:00 AM on October 1, 2002

Well, whattaya know? I searched for "Modern Living" in old threads and came up with a really cool, pretty big video-music clip by the man himself!

About the first link I posted: That was an episode of the Clown Basics, a very early project by Mr Hoogerbrugge. All in all, 50 Clown Basics exist, and as soon as they are online again somewhere, I am posting them here. Or in another thread. :-)
posted by zerofoks at 4:49 AM on October 1, 2002

I love Modern Living. I usually refrain from comments that merely show emotional assent without adding something to the discussion, but I'll make this exception for Hooger. He deserves it.

zerofoks, I look forward to them.
posted by Shane at 7:11 AM on October 1, 2002

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