Sex Therapy or Chemotherapy?
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Sex Therapy or Chemotherapy? If you suddenly start collecting pornography, soliciting prostitutes, making sexual advances toward young children and lusting for your 90 year old landlady don't worry, you may not be developing socially and legally deviant behaviour but you actually may just have a brain tumour. I thought brain tumours just gave you headaches and blurred vision but apparently they can cause all kinds of symptoms and uncontrollable urges.
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We discussed this yesterday, although in all fairness, the link you chose is completely different from the previous one, they just happen to both be discussing the same case.
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pst, scroll down...
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[dangit - i didn't even see headspace on preview.]
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*chuckle* I have an uncontrollable urge to delete this thread! Fortunately, they have medication for my condition.
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