Elephant 6 is no longer.
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Elephant 6 is no longer. The sprawling music collective centred around the Apples in Stereo has officially disbanded. Alas, I guess that really does mean Neutral Milk Hotel and the Olivia Tremor Control are kaput. Sad. If these names mean nothing to you, and you're in search of good new music (as seems to be a recurring MeFi thread), check out the E6 collective, not to mention the new Apples album. You won't be disappointed.
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You might want to check out The Albacore Pageant. I know they've crossed paths with Neutral Milk Hotel. Good music.
posted by Hall at 9:53 AM on October 23, 2002

Also, The Microphones make very carefully crafted, luscious, pop-fetishey records. I hear the new one is going to be interesting.
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I've got to say, that as someone who is a longtime fan of the Apples and who owns their entire discography, I found their latest album to be entirely unsatisfying.

It struck me as poppy fluff... none of it stuck with me at all, and I've tried to be fair and give it several listens to date. I've thought that since the first Apples cd came out in '95, they've gotten a bit stale while the other members of Elephant 6 (The Minders, Olivia Tremor Control) have gotten better.

Oh well... at least there'll be a new Trash Can Sinatras album soon.
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How come nobody ever mentions The Gerbils when talking about Elephant 6? I thought "Sunshine Soul" was probably the itchiest bit of pop I've ever heard.
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The E6 gang had moments of brilliance, but, in general, good riddance.
I always thought anything bold enough to call itself a "collective" was supposed to accomplish a bit more than make precious pop records and sell them to the already-converted (and before you flame away, remember I did say I liked some Apples and Neutral Milk Hotel stuff).
What's their legacy?
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I was disappointed by the new Apples record...Their last was very near greatness (I have high standards), but this one is short, loud, and boring. Luckily, I bought the new Ron Sexsmith album the same day, so it wasn't all a loss.
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What's their legacy?

not everyone that listens to elephant 6 bands is a pop music obcessive. truth be told, I don't know any one like that, E6 fan or otherwise.

anyways, Neutral Milk Hotel and Olivia Tremor Control were hardly pop bands. the only actual poppy E6 music I liked was Of Montreal and sometimes Beulah. I can't stand the Apples in Stereo, and Elf Power tends to get on my nerves.

consider these albums, which in my opinion are some of the greatest ever recorded: and the rest ain't so bad either. thats the legacy foolio!
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I liked the fact that it was a large group of people who dared to be different, in "wave-my-freak-flag" kind of way. I'm sorry to see them go.
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Oh, crap! You're right. I really liked the Music Tapes record, too.

--foolio iglesias

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This news really saddened me, even though I've known it in the back of my head for a long time. Just last month we went to the Orange Twin Festival, and saw the Gerbils, Elf Power, and Masters of the Hemisphere, among others.

By the way, check out the Orange Twin Conservation Community, a pedestrian village near Athens, Georgia partly organized by E6'ers.
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Other than OTC's "Dusk At Cubist Castle" which knocked me out at first listen and continues to do so, I generally found the E6 bands to be overly-precious, overly-stoned, and under-inspired. Still better than most things out there though. I'll bet that calling an end to E6 will ultimately lead to the more talented folks among them moving on to bigger and better things, and the less talented moving on to, well, real estate or something. Wheat/chaff separation, so to speak.
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god bless the e6.
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Bah! And I only discovered E6 a few weeks ago...
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