Kalmykia and Takla Makan migrations
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The republic of Kalmykia is a unique place. A member of the Russian Federation, it was settled in 1608 by Mongols from what is now the Chinese province of Xinjiang. It is the only state in Europe where Buddhism is the dominant religion, and probably the only state in the world whose president claims to have created an "extra-sensory field" around it. Kalmykia's spiritual leader, Telo Rinpoche, is an American from Philadelphia who was appointed by the Dalai Lama. There has been a long history of migrations between Europe and Asia. In one really intriguing case, 3000-year-old mummies with reddish-blond hair, Caucasian features and wearing tartans similar in design to Celtic ones, were discovered in the Takla Makan Desert in Xinjiang. If these ancient Caucasians were absorbed by the population of Xinjiang, then perhaps the Kalmyk migration might have unknowingly been a return to their ancestral lands. [First link via plep].
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Meanwhile, in Mongolia, they're finding that nomadic pastoralism and private land just don't mix.

*wonders why his brain is filled with a thousand hairy horsemen all shouting at him*
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Cool link. Definitely a place I'd like to visit...although wifey is making plans to go as Canadians....
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Amazing to think there's a Buddhist republic in Europe that 99% of Europeans won't have heard of...
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Great post! Thank you.
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If you are interested in Kalmykia, you might also like this page about Tuva. Also of interest might be the Friends of Tuva.
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Ah yes, Tuvan bitonal throat singing...
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Thanks homunculus, this was really interesting.
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absolutely fascinating. thanks!
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Thank you for settling a Christmas dinner argument!
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[ this is good ]
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I'm glad you all liked the post. echolalia67, what was the arguement about? plep, thanks for the Tuva links, and all the other great links on your blog.
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