Bay Area Design Firms?
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Bay Area design Firms? I already know about some of the biggies, such as IDEO and Frogdesign, but I was wondering if anyone knew of any other good design firms or advertising agencies in the San Francisco Bay Area. I'm getting the impression that the only companies with any staying power are boring, and everyone with an creativity got leveled after the dot-com crash. Can anyone share any links to prove me wrong?
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Sorry, I don't have any links for you.

I do love ideo's stuff. Especially the spyfish.
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Complete Dick Answer:

You can try the phone book.

Flaccid Dick Answer:

It would help if you specified exactly what kind of firm you're looking for, branding/advertising/graphic design/interactive/media/industrial etc, and then, every city usually has a creative directory of sorts for clients to use when seeking out firms to hire. As for Graphic Design, you can try the San Francisco chapter of AIGA, they could probably point you to a Bay Area directory. For new media, well, can browse Digital Thread for some of the nice ones. But then, if you only shooting for world class companies like IDEO, certainly you can apply to Pentagram or Ogilvy & Mather.
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also, can somebody post some links to advertising agencies in minneapolis? and how about chicago? Maybe new York. Heck, while you're at it, throw in singapore, london, and tokyo. This will be fun!
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There are many others though, especially for specific fields.
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Or, you can try Google and find a directory of Ad Agencies.
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hey while were in san francisco, can anyone post up some good structural engineering's sorta like design
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Sorry for the lack of a quality filter but this search result page should give you a good start
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I recommend FirmList, an excellent resource for those evaluating web design firms around the world.
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beware the grey, ookamaka, i hear it calling.
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Actually Frog nearly tanked- check out Fucked Company:
IDEO have dumped loads of staff and are kept afloat by their owners: Steelcase corp.

Coroflot design firm directory lists most of the design companies there.

Good: Pentagram, Astro, IDEO, Smart, FuseProject..

(sorry, the "link" button is MIA on my browser)
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Let me know if there's an opening at Pentagram. That Michael Bierut and Paula Scher are hacks and they need to clean house. And I wish Milton Glaser would stop leaving me voicemail.
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