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Penis enlargement surgery Could a few thousand bucks and a few minutes under the knife really buy me the penis size that makes women pass out ??? and a story of a guy in his 20s whose innocent effort to increase his swing went horribly, horribly wrong...
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This post was deleted for the following reason: it's a fucking spam site

posted by Argyle at 2:26 PM on April 23, 2003

Any man who would think this necessary has a shocking lack of knowledge of female plumbing.

But I guess boys like to compete.
posted by konolia at 2:32 PM on April 23, 2003

Try explaining this one to a potential partner:

"There’s a price to be paid," says New Jersey urologist Malcolm Schwartz of the process. "The lengthened penis, when erect, is likely to point straight downward, aiming at the feet."
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I would never treat Mr. Happy with such disrespect. That article made me cringe.
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they signed release forms and actually paid other men to take a knife to their steely man-roots

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hey konolia your point is well taken but I am pretty sure penis enlargement surgeries are shadowed by woman's breast enlargements and vaginal lip reduction. Which are mainly done for cosmetic reasons.

But I guess girls like to compete.
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Boys, if you want a larger penis, just go gay. Seriously, didn't you read this thread? Use the, heh, tools available to you for safe and healthy enlargement ideas, guaranteed!

Offer not valid in Tennessee
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I think that might be the scariest thing I've ever read. I'm guessing there's a reason that "30 to 50 percent is inside the pelvis" and I intend to leave it there. I'm still cringing

Cyrano: Amen to that
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This is nothing compared to the poor guy who wished for a twelve-inch penis but didn't enunciated well enough.
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I’ve always felt that if I truly loved a man, the size of his penis would be no big deal. That is, until I met Dick (no kidding), who had the most minuscule one I’d ever seen. At first I told Dick it didn’t matter, but eventually it became a bone of contention between us.

A bone. *Snicker*
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Um, yeah, so did anyone else notice that this whole site is a scam to sell "natural penis enlargement" and other dubious mens products. Cute story and all, but there's no way it's real. Not that the complication aren't, this is just a fictionalized check list of them.

Anyhow, I learned a lot more about this at this great site, and it's run by a doctor!
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lsd4all - female cosmetic procedures are just as sad and lame.

And penis enlargement surgery ISN'T for cosmetic reasons?
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