when was the last time you looked at a cute baby page?
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when was the last time you looked at a cute baby page? the oldest tricks on the web, when done with wit and love, still work. the proud father in question is a writer for the economist, i believe. and quite the hottie.
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another thing i just discovered...check the alt tags. a *scream*.
posted by patricking at 10:30 PM on August 30, 2000

Tom Standage is the author of The Victorian Internet, an interesting book on the similarities between the development of the net and the development of the telegraph in the 19th century.
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It's actually refreshing to see a site that's not about e-, not inscrutable design for designers, doesn't move or blink or scroll or animate in unexpected (and usually annoying) ways... It's just information sharing, communication in its purest form - the unabashed joy a man takes in his infant daughter. I'd trade a hundred DeepLeaps for a dozen more of this kind of deeply human site.
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I would never put pictures of my infinks on the Web for the whole world to see. I know it's paranoia on my part, but there's something disturbing about encouraging random strangers (and Web surfers, no less) to check out your children while they sit at their computers and adjust themselves.
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Biggerhand has a journal by a father of his kid's growth. It's pretty entertaining. (via powazek)
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taken: thanks. knew tom had written a book, but couldn't remember...i've only met him socially through the child's godfather skinnybitch (who is my best friend).
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I put my new daughter on my site too, but at least I gave her a logo. It's a wonderful branding opportunity.
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Baby Ella is adorable and the alt tags are very cute, but for a truly witty online declaration of love from father to baby daughter, you can't go wrong with The World According to Fiona Elise.
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Thanks for the kudos about my daughter's site, Dreama. But the correct link to Fiona's site is here. I bought her the domain about a year ago.

Thanks again.
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