The Power of Pride
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Despotism. Because, as communities go, so goes the nation.
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There is a rather loud "sieg heil" around halfway through. Cubicle dwellers beware.
posted by jester69 at 7:04 AM on July 14, 2004

Oddly enough I recently saw this on Public Access TV. The hosts spun it as what will happen if you elect Democrats though but upon seeing it I thought "This is what IS happening with Bush in office."
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"....It is also possible for newspapers and other forms of communication to be controlled by private interests......."I thought I told you to kill that story. It'll cost us a lot of advertising." "If that story goes out, I quit." "All right." [firings] "
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What I thought was intriguing was the two pronged future despotism scale. In the US, in terms of the law we rate very high on the shared information scale ( although the point the film makes about advertising is very poignant especially considering what happened to Politically Incorrect ) and very low on the distribution of wealth .

So I guess we could go either way?
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We are high on the shared information scale? While there is access to a wealth of information on the internet, many people do not get their news/information from the internet. They get it from tee-vee and newspapers that are less "fair and balanced." It seems like all media these days is either lefty or righty, not dry and balanced with more factual evidence than opinion and sensationalist kindling for flame wars.

The media does not have to agree to be slipping towards depotism, it just has to be doing something other than giving you the information. Confusion and distraction are also tools of despotism.
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