Kite aerial photography
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Kite aerial photography is basically hanging a remote controlled camera off a kite string and shooting pics high above the ground at random. How this guy gets such great shots is beyond me. It's amazing photography you probably haven't seen before.
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Wow, those are really impressive!

I tried this once, and didn't have much success. I think it's because most kite photography setups are on the cheap side - cheap kite, cheap camera, etc.

This guy has obviously had a lot of practice, but I bet he's spent a fair amount of money too . . .
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This guy has obviously had a lot of practice

This is clear. He's shot over 100 rolls of film with these rigs. I found this site about 4 years ago when I was trying to do a similar thing with a small hot air balloon. He's gotten better.
posted by plinth at 8:05 AM on October 23, 2000

I agree... a truly excellent photo, especially the picture of Alcatraz.

Is a pity that Alcatraz isn't a bit bigger, because it would provide a convient venue for the impounding of all American terrorists.

Yes, uncle Sammies, what I am saying is that you live in a terrorist state, from dubya Bush all the way down to the crack dealers on your street corner.

When the revolution comes, kite flyers like ours truly will be OK, but the majority of you bourgeois fools will be yearning for an escape across the Golden Gate bridge!

Vive la Revolution!
posted by Julian King at 9:17 AM on October 23, 2000

I'll thank you, King, to keep your depraved views to yourself.

If you like communism so much, go and live in Canada.
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I tried that, but there were too many bears (geddit?) there for my liking
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If you like communism so much, go and live in Canada.

Canada's pretty sneaky. They disguised their Godless Communismâ„¢ as Capitalism, and at times Socialism.

Also, Alcatraz makes for a terrible prison, therefore it's little more than a tourist stop.
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You know, I remember talking with a guy who did this sort of thing for the Army. They flew much bigger RC planes and used the cameras for guidance as well as surveillance. They had IR cameras as well as directional microphones, I'd imagine. I remember thinking at the time, how cool it would be to just for grabbing pretty pictures.
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