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Anti-Bloatware A very nice list of tiny apps. Get small!
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And a Happy New Year, for those of you on U.S. Mountain Standard Time, using the Gregorian calendar, that embrace the notion of "Happiness" as an achievable state of being.
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Ooo! I've been looking for something that does what WhoLockMe does! Muchos thankias.
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See also.
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Wow -- thanks, mecran01 and stavros -- good stuff!
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Oh the things you find with SpaceMonger. This is a very good link, thanks.
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I'm still wowing over this little thing (click on the link for screenshots). It lets you mount a virtual filesystem on a gmail account as a harddrive on windows (here is the original linux version). jessamyn and hansbleep just posted these on an ask.mefi thread. 119k download.
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(Also, used to pick innovative free software regularly, most of which fell under the tiny & ingenious category. The site is still up, but they haven't updated in a year or so. The archives still have two years' worth of picks. There are too many wonderful and peculiar software gems for me to list here.)
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Didn't actually download a single one of the apps but really enjoyed reading what I could do if I wanted to. Bookmarked it for later - thanks
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Nice - I love stuff like this! Thanks, mecran01, stav, ori - and happy new year, everyone!
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Dittos to the wonders of SpaceMonger. I cleared up 4 gigs in no time. Thanks, SpaceMonger!
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Anyone know of an OS/X equivalent? Free/GPL stuff for preference?
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It mentions Miranda-IM, but it doesn't mention blosxom for webjournalling. Better than MT (easier, at least) in my experience.
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The Keynote and Treepad lite programs on the original link are useful.
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Sweet! [bookmarked for later use]
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I'm still wowing over this little thing

If I still used IE I'd wow over it too.
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There's a guy called Analog-X whose software I've been using for the past couple of years. He has a wide variety of applications for all needs, but what really makes all the programs stand out is that they are TINY in size and memory footprint, no ads/registration/whatever, and they're almost all single executable, which means uninstalling them is simply a matter of deleting the file. Here's some of my personal faves:There's tons more on the site.
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I needed some of this stuff. Not only did I download the page, but he has interesting writings too. I bookmarked the site.

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I. Love. The. Post.
I. Love. This. Thread.

Thank you!!!!
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Anyone out there wanna throw a bone to us mac users? I'd love a list like this for my machine.
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ranchocalamari: all you os x users need is Fink.
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Thanks Hackworth. I just skimmed the pages. Wow.
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From stavros' link:

"How about BeOS, *nix, Amiga, QNX, etc?" Those who are comfortable using these operating systems need no such guide as this; clean, well-made software is the rule rather than the exception.

*feels validated*

Also, ranchocalamari: here
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Here we go.... List of Lists.

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