"It is such an imaginative melange with such spectacular effects that it makes The Matrix look rote by comparison." - Lael Loewenstein, BOXOFFICE MAGAZINE
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"It is such an imaginative melange with such spectacular effects that it makes The Matrix look rote by comparison." - Lael Loewenstein, BOXOFFICE MAGAZINE If you have not heard of this little gem of a movie called Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, you must at least spend a short portoin of your precious time to go watch the trailer. Yuen Woo-Ping, who was responsible for giving The Matrix it's own distinct style, is working on this movie, providing the effects which have been greatly improvised!
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Brought to you by Ang Lee, the world's most chameleonic director (he's done Jane Austen, the Civil War, comedy of manners, suburban familial disintegration, and now martial arts epic).
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Here's the direct link to the most recent US Theatrical Trailer.
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Hmm... wow, this guy is strange. Maybe it's me, I recall all these films, so different it boggles the mind when you find out the same director made them. And now Berlin Diaries?
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OMG!!! I was sure my only chance of seeing CTHD anytime soon would be to track down some horrible filmed-in-the-back-of-the-theater bootleg. This post made my day! I hope this means the US will get to see more REAL Hong Kong Action films in the theater and less watered down american rip-offs. I'll start lobbying for a big screen release of Iron Monkey today!
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The movie was absolutely fabulous. Definitely a must see.
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I saw it here in Paris. Exciting, energetic elaboration on formerly cliched themes now re-polished to seem new and innovative. A strong dose of cinematic magical realism, three strong acting performances and appealing textured storylines give the impression of two or three dove-tailed movies. I highly recommend it.

Be warned: If you're one of those pathetic losers who can't watch a subtitled film, then don't bother. Don't even go see the dubbed version. You must hear the intonation of the original actors (no matter if you can't understand Chinese), feel the emotion in the native language, and in the case of this particular film, you need to have a bit of that anomie that comes from feeling foreign: for, by the end of the film, you will feel like you're in the wrong place, that you have encountered a rare bit of the world beyond your home base.
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A (great looking!) kung-fu movie from the director of Sense & Sensibility, with soundtrack album available featuring Yo-Yo Ma.

What a brilliant manouevre. This looks like an excellent genre-clashing film, where the guys can get their stereotypical desires of blood and action met, and women can have their stereotypical desires of epic tales of love and mystery met, and everyone can enjoy all the facets of it as the whole it's presented as. I will see this movie.
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