Andre has updated the FilePile site with several new features. Very cool.
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I am not too fond of the auto refresh "feature."
posted by tamim at 12:57 AM on April 23, 2001

Perhaps I'm missing something, but aren't those icons next to the filenames exactly the same ones as Jason Kottke uses on his site?
posted by Hjorth at 5:19 AM on April 23, 2001

posted by Hjorth at 5:29 AM on April 23, 2001

I'm not so sure I like the new look, but I do like the ability to comment on the links and the all-important Porn Flag.

If you ask me, the logo looks a little too much like my former employer's logo
posted by briank at 8:43 AM on April 23, 2001

Don't believe a word of it. That Andre guy's a theif. But I love him anyways.
posted by anildash at 8:47 AM on April 23, 2001

Except the porn flag seems to be used randomly on non-porn too.
posted by rodii at 8:55 AM on April 23, 2001

rodii: the Supreme Court can't define what porn is, but you can? :)
posted by MarkAnd at 8:59 AM on April 23, 2001

I'm changing the stolen kottke icon today. I feel bad about that one. :(

It's so hard making sites in public. I mean, you get lots of great feedback and things you never thought of doing, but at the same time you have 50 people who hate the auto-refresh, and 50 people who love the auto-refresh. 20 people who love the ability to mark porn, and 20 people who hate the idea.

I'm trying my best. :)
posted by perplexed at 10:41 AM on April 23, 2001

First off -- I dig the re-design. This site is evolving -- and I like where it's goin'.

My thoughts - the pron flag would be useful if we knew, for example that "36% of users think this is porn" or something like that.

Rock it.
posted by Djurkwhad at 11:38 AM on April 23, 2001

Also, it'd be really useful if we could get all the pr0n files listed on one page, with thumbnails.
posted by ericost at 12:16 PM on April 23, 2001

Well, I always like filepile, but how about different visited link colors? My damn short term memory tricks me into browsing around the site for hours, viewing the same content over and over again beacuse I cant remember if i clicked it yet or not. well, not really, but the colors still would be nice.
posted by Hackworth at 12:49 PM on April 23, 2001

From the "making your life harder" department:
Andre, sometimes I like the auto-refresh, sometimes I don't. It all depends on whether or not I've seen everything on the page by the time I hit the refresh time. Perhaps a "freeze" this page link (javascript) would be cool...

Gret work, BTW. I love Filepile and have quite a few people here at work completely addicted....
posted by fooljay at 12:52 PM on April 23, 2001

Mark&--I can tell when it isn't.
posted by rodii at 12:56 PM on April 23, 2001

Andre I think what you're doing is great. MeFi is probably a tough crowd to impress. Kind of like the critiques we had to go through back in Art School. But I guess the feedback is pretty useful. If you can impress a bunch of cynical Web Developers - it proves you rock! As for the auto refresh, perhaps you could make it an option: on/off or let people choose the intervals. I remember some old Web chats that worked like that. Maybe have a customizable interface regarding the porn flags, too. If people like surprises, they can turn them off or whatever.
posted by sixdifferentways at 10:38 PM on April 23, 2001

rodii - you have to look at it sideways and keep one eye wide open and the other eye almost shut. Or perhaps not.
posted by palnatoke at 12:59 AM on April 24, 2001

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