the truth is out there?
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the truth is out there? Do aliens exist? I'm not sure, but a presentation before the National Press Club does lend a certain credibility to the idea, or maybe it discredits the press instead?
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I've always found it pretty hard to beleive that in this massive universe with endless solar systems, planets and suns, we're the only ones walking around.
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While I think most of the people in the "ufo movement" are tinfoil hat wearing ninnies, our government is hiding something. My belief is that a lot of those is next-gen, stealth type technology the military is testing and not aliens. Regardless, the people have a right to know what its all about.

If there are aliens (and there have to be, somewhere), that would be cool too. Otherwise, it'd be an "awful waste of space".
posted by owillis at 7:54 PM on May 9, 2001

There's a new book out by David Darling (same author that wrote "Equations of Eternity", "Gray Whales", etc.) called "Life Everywhere". While I have only read a few excerpts thus far, it appears to be a promising book that tackles the issue of extraterrestrial life from a biological standpoint.

Owillis: Nice quote! I had it at the end of my post until I previewed and saw that you had posted.
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I got past the "[extra-terrestrial life] are not hostile, but they are concerned about our hostility...and have disabled numerous ballistic missiles." part. I got past the "this is the end of the childhood of the human race" part. I even sat through 3 speakers. But, it all seemed very...", this one were all sitting around and noticed an unidentified flying object on the radar. And like, we didn't know what it was. And people would ask us, like - 'Hey, what was that?' And we'd be like, um, nothing."

I'm sure the nervousness of speaking before the press and general public about your beliefs in UFO's would be rather intimidating and difficult, and hence the lackluster presentations. But then again, how easy is it to sit and watch people talk about things that your government assures you is different. Maybe the presentation was brilliant and I am in denial.
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The National Press Club rents out its rooms for press conferences, and will even provide the necessary AV services for you. The credibility level is nil.

Of course, most people think it provides a certain level of credibility, which is a big part of the reason so many people hold press conferences there. The other reason, of course, is the place is crawling with reporters, and one or two of them just might bite.
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I'm going to be holding a press conference next week, the subject will be, "Goblins and Gremlins, they may live in your closet" I hope you can all attend.
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That's what I really like about Metafilter.

People hardly ever talk about UFOs here.
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That's because we know the consequences... but I've said too much.
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I would venture that the correct response is that this sort of thing discredits the press. But after a moment of pondering that statement I realized that the press does a wonderful job of discrediting themselves.
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Yes, aliens exist somewhere. They must. The universe is too big.

Yes, people do see UFOs. Meaning, people see flying things that they can't identify.

No, those UFOs are not alien spaceships.

If aliens wanted to visit Earth I'm sure they'd pick a better spot to make contact than some trailer park in New Mexico.
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See Washington Post's Joel Achenbach's take on the subject.
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