People are stupid.
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People are stupid. No, wait, stop, what I meant to say is, The Prayer of Jabez is the best-selling book in the US! [NYT link] (Europeans, don't laugh, it'll happen to you too.) You can buy mugs, plaques, t-shirts. I think Reverend Ike would approve. But do people actually believe in it?
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Matt: Looks like the backdoor isn't 100% reliable.
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It is a prayer which asks for personal fulfillment. "Expand my coast." Its a self-fulfilling cause.

I've always thought that prayer should be for peace on earth, good health for yourself and others, a general well being. If you believe in prayer (note: i don't), then isn't it wrong to ask god for things for yourself instead of the making of the world better.
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Remember when this guy said that a way to prevent rape is to say 'yes'? He's an idiot, and worse off, so is everyone else. Except me, the smartest person in the world. Yep.
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Wait until next week, when the #1 book will be by Mick Foley. Which will be his second NYT #1 bestseller.

And yes, of course people believe in it. If they had any sense, there would be no cults. And half the Arab world wouldn't be under the thumb of religious clerics. And all of Europe wouldn't have been under the thumb of the Catholic Church for hundreds of years. And on and on.
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From the Preface:
"Want a bigger vision for your life?" he had asked earlier that week? "Sign up to be a gimper for God."

A gimper? Like in "Pulp Fiction"? "Bring out the gimp"? Ving Rhames' worst nightmare? As Sam Jackson's Jules Winnfield said, "I am a vengeful God!" You betcha.
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Am I only one who sees "Prayer of Jabez" and reads "Prayer of Jebus"?

Save Me Jebus!
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This link is on the little "From the Editor" that pops up on Compuserve when you log on. They have a lot of, how shall I say, "fundamentalist" links regarding religion. Does anyone know who the Editor for CS' page is, and what their affiliation, if any, is?
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No, you really meant "people are stupid," rodii. "The Prayer of Jabez is the best-selling book in the US!" is just a rephrasing of the same general idea.
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What the hell is it? That is the worst product-pushing site I've ever seen. I read the whole site and still don't know anything about the book.

Of course, maybe that's intentional...
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rushmc: this book will actually help you to brainwash small children who have been traumatized by seeing mice! I'll take two!
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Man, Jesus must be rolling in his grave.
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Great. Sound bite religion. Just what we needed.
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Jesus must be rolling in his grave.

I forsee a solution to the entire California power crisis, if only we can implement it quickly enough!
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As if we needed any more proof on MeFi these days that people will believe the most ridiculous stuff because it's simple and speaks to "their hearts"...
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Solistrato: "Catchphrase Christianity", the MeFi euphemism of chioce. Or maybe just mine, heh.
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Next step, electric monks.
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"And Jabez called on the God of Israel, saying, Oh that thou wouldest bless me indeed, and enlarge my coast, and that thine hand might be with me, and that thou wouldest keep me from evil, that it may not grieve me! And God granted him that which he requested." [KJV]

That's the whole damned prayer. A guy named Jabez asked God to bless him and "enlarge his coast" and so on. Well, apparently Jabez was "more honorable than his brethren," so "God granted him that which he requested." More "coast" [territory] and the like.

The End

If you're the type who needs it spelled out, here's this Wilkinson guy's thesis: if you're good and ask God for stuff, you'll get it. Cash and things. Presumably the guys who previously owned that extra chunk of coast Jabez got weren't so honorable when compared to their brethren. Or they just forgot to ask God to let them keep it.

That's why so many Americans are snapping up this crap; they're dying for an excuse to be acquisitive.

Christians! What a wacky bunch!
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pracowity: Christians! What a wacky bunch!

Don't do us Christians the disservice of lumping us together with this crackpot. The Bible Code was a NYT best-seller as well, and the majority of Christianity gave it the (zero) creedence it deserved.
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That story about the mice is amazing!

I especially admired the way it began like a Penthouse letter - and then went off in a radically new direction.
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> Don't do us Christians the disservice of lumping us
> together with this crackpot.

I was talking about the people who are buying it, most of them probably Christian and all of them interested in finding a loophole in that warning from Jesus that "it is easier for a camel to go through a needle's eye, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God." [KJV]
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That site is straight out of Chuck Palahniuk's novel Survivor, I swear. Why is so much of "popular" Christianity as scripted as the WWF?
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God fixed this guy's car. This guy got a secular tax rebate. This person got a divine tax rebate - and their dog was cured of cancer.

I really, really admire the way they begin like Penthouse letters ('I had been faithfully praying Jabez's prayer. Little did I know that very soon my territory was to be TRULY enlarged!!').
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Come to think of it, my coast could use a little expansion . . .

Actually, a more powerful prayer is "all your coast are belong to us." Chant this every day.
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'Will you join me for a personal exploration of Jabez?
I hope you will!
Bruce H. Wilkinson'

Kinky, kinky stuff.
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The first chapter is great! 'Lord, I think I want to be a gimper for you, I prayed as I looked out the window at the blustery spring rain. [...] What sentence has revolutionized by life the most? The cry of a gimper named Jabez.'
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I had connected successfully from my room earlier to check e-mail, but this time my computer WOULD NOT connect to the Internet. I attempted again and again, but to no avail. I began to realize what was going on and I got on my knees and thanked the Lord for taking away my access to that material. It was only later, after reassuring God that I was only going to connect to check e-mail again that I was able to connect and send you this message.

bwahahahaha! this stuff is hilarious!

and how about the one in which the woman left her family because it's what God wanted? so much for that whole lifetime union thing.
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Just my usual $.02 worth....

I find nothing wrong with asking for God's blessings. However, it shouldn't be, "Me, me, me" all the time. We need to think of God first.

I think that a better prayer to follow is the Lord's prayer. It declares God's sovereignty. It also asks for blessings ("Give us this day, our daily bread") but that isn't the whole context of the message. It gives glory to God, and it puts our own needs in its proper context.

Hasta luego,
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We need to think of God first.

LOLOL This continues to be the most hilarious thread on MeFi in AGES!
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Gee, thanks. Actually, I was being serious.

(wondering if she should be concerned)

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I think the idea of praying to get something is dumb, but I'm generally flamed for saying so. Like saying "so-and-so is sick, everyone pray for her so she gets better." Like God is keeping tally of how many people pray for her. It makes the universe a popularity contest. We have enough of that already, I'd hope God would be immune.

Besides, traditionally, I don't think it's God that gives you wealth and power in exchange for your loyalty. I think that's another supernatural being... who was it, again? Oh yeah, Satan.
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