Am I the only one
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Am I the only one who thinks that it's really annoying how zillions of celebrities go to lakers games? Maybe I'm just bitter that all I have to look forward to is the occasional Bill Murray or Jon Malkovich sighting. Ah well.
posted by moz (28 comments total)
Sweet Jesus, Look at Alice Cooper. I thought that was Gene Simmons for a minute there. F@!k me, I must be getting old....
posted by bradth27 at 9:18 AM on June 9, 2001

Simple solution: don't watch sporting events, don't read the sporting section of the newspaper, and just ignore other sports-related media bits. And as far as the reason for many celebrities attending Lakers games: um...maybe it's because they *live* in the area, and most, I mean fans... tend to root, root, root for the home team, for some reason. This has never made sense to me, but then, being a military brat, I don't exactly know what a "home team" is supposed to mean. Should I root for teams in the city I was born in, the ones in the city I lived in from ages 6-9, ages 9-12, ages 12-14, ages 14-15, ages 15-18, or the ones that I lived in from ages 18-21? If I was held at gunpoint and ordered to pick a team to root for, I would have to base my decision on nothing more (or less) than the color combination of the jerseys/uniforms. By that standard, I see no problem in "rooting" for the Lakers in their cool purple-n-gold colors. Can you think of a better reason to root for a particular team?
posted by davidmsc at 9:20 AM on June 9, 2001

well, thanks for explaining the obvious to me david — and in such a pleasant tone — but i merely find all the celebs who go to lakers games a bit annoying. and, like i suggested, it's probably because that doesn't happen nearly as often at games in my city. human nature, it's a bitch ain't it.
posted by moz at 9:32 AM on June 9, 2001

penny marshall is looking a lot like ozzy osborne...
posted by o2b at 9:39 AM on June 9, 2001

Are you kidding? I thought they were the same person until a few years ago.
posted by bradth27 at 9:52 AM on June 9, 2001

Celebrities in the stands at Laker games is one of the great NBA traditions (along with Spike Lee in the front row of Knicks games taunting opposing players like Reggie Miller). Part of the fun watching the game with Tivo was looking for the celebs in crowd shots.

My favorite celeb photo was this shot of Hugh Hefner from game 1.
posted by rcade at 10:01 AM on June 9, 2001

When asked for comment, Hefner responded "Yes, I know I gave up my soul -- but look at her, and her, and her, and her... it was worth it"

Even Lord Satan admitted that "Hef got the better end of the deal, it works out that way sometimes"
posted by owillis at 10:05 AM on June 9, 2001

are those real girls or clones of one girl?
posted by th3ph17 at 10:07 AM on June 9, 2001

moz: Sorry - no offense intended. Negativity directed at sports in general, and hardcore sports fans specifically, not you. Don't know what got into me, but the whole "root for the *home* team" thing just got the better of me and had to be posted.
posted by davidmsc at 10:21 AM on June 9, 2001

Aw, come on. You have to admit it's fun to speculate on who might actually be in John Malkovich each time the camera catches him.
posted by kindall at 10:29 AM on June 9, 2001

They always do this. I was watching the NCAA World Series last night, a game between CalState Fullerton and Nebraska which was being played in Omaha. (CSF won.) For some unknown reason Kevin Costner was watching the game, and they not only gave him about five seconds of video time but eventually invited him into the booth and interviewed him.
posted by Steven Den Beste at 10:42 AM on June 9, 2001

Well, he did do one of the better baseball movies
posted by owillis at 10:59 AM on June 9, 2001

Here's Costner at the game.
posted by timothompson at 11:17 AM on June 9, 2001

If you think Lakers games are bad, you should see the pre-race coverage of the Monaco Grand Prix.
posted by riffola at 11:22 AM on June 9, 2001

We never see celebrities at the Vermont Expos games, but I'm always secretly hoping to see Senator Jeffords. You guys have a basketball team? Cool.
posted by jessamyn at 11:30 AM on June 9, 2001

wow, i didn't know vermont had a minor league team. what league is it? looks like a short-season class A team.
posted by moz at 11:48 AM on June 9, 2001

All of Hef's companions must share everything--their man and their Clairol Lights Peroxide #245.
posted by brittney at 11:53 AM on June 9, 2001

i'm just bitter i had to see that picture of penny marshall. someone get out the embalming fluid.
posted by donkeysuck at 12:40 PM on June 9, 2001

Just wait till the Lakers suck for a season. Celebrites will distance themselves from them faster than from lepers. It's good, free publicity.

IF (Lakers = hot) gameAttendance(freePub);

ELSE : gameAttendance(losersByAssociation);


...or something like that.
posted by Hackworth at 12:54 PM on June 9, 2001

Yeah, when they go through their dry spells I think Nicholson is the only star in attendance.

BTW, Madonna and Sly used to hang out at Heat games when they lived in Florida...
posted by owillis at 1:58 PM on June 9, 2001

I'm still giggling. They called Sharon Stone an actress.
posted by solistrato at 2:19 PM on June 9, 2001

They wouldn't be "celebrities" if you manage to avoid their most of their crappy movies and tv shows.
posted by gyc at 3:26 PM on June 9, 2001

kevin costner was probably at the game because he went to college at Cal State Fullerton.
posted by physics at 2:53 AM on June 10, 2001

Hackworth: you need only factor in the Clippers to see the true Celebrity/Attendance ratio...
posted by modofo at 4:42 AM on June 10, 2001

Sharon Stone lives in San Francisco. She should be rooting for the Warriors. I'm so disappointed.
posted by culberjo at 9:14 PM on June 10, 2001

I support West Bromwich Albion. What celebrities do we get at our games? Frank bloody Skinner.
posted by salmacis at 3:11 AM on June 11, 2001

I saw Tom Skerrit at a Mexican restaurant once while a Lakers game was on TV.
posted by crasspastor at 3:17 AM on June 11, 2001

Speaking of the Clippers... their lineup reads like an Illinois high school all star game from 2-3 years ago: Richardson, Miles, Maggette...
posted by gyc at 3:24 AM on June 11, 2001

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