Some good news about Internet Explorer 6?
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Some good news about Internet Explorer 6? IE6, scheduled to be released in August, will be the first browser to support a new privacy standard called Platform Privacy Preferences, or P3P, which will allow surfers to automatically determine whether a Web site collects personally identifiable information and opt out of the data collection.
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hell yeah!

where are all the anti-IE fanboys now? huh? where?

wrestling with all the spam in their mailboxes i bet.

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I've been using the 6 beta for a couple months now. Other than it destroying my outlook so I have no subject lines with plain-text messages (something they haven't bothered to fix yet!) I like it fine.
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Microsoft is going to protect our privacy?

If you believe that, I gotta bridge to sell you, cheap...
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Aw, c'mon Matt - give Microsoft a little props for doing something right (for a change)
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All I know is that they expect sites to shell out money to get a P3P format xml privacy file.

IE 6 Privacy FAQ P3P
Using P3P on your site
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If Microsoft came out with a $500 plugin to verify that it was "MS compliant", I have a sinking feeling that people would actually pay it.

If people didn't, they could simply make "non-believer" websites have a neon green flashing titlebar, which would in turn cause businesses to plunk down the cash to turn off the annoyance on their clients browsers.

It sounds horrible, but it's not so different than what they're doing with this and other initiatives.
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The main thing I've noticed about the "privacy" stuff in IE6 is that it likes to complain about standard everyday ad banners because those are "third parties."

I'm also not too pleased about IE6 making it easier for the casual user to (cough) "borrow" images off your site with a single click.
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When MS did a demo on IE6 and P3P for congressional staffers last month they mentioned that, P3P notwithstanding, MS could still share information with its affiliates and their advertisers, including MSN, MSNBC and other folks.
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What's wrong with that, Foosnark? If you put it on a web server, it's a public resource.

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Great! So even though has a copyright notice on the bottom, I can "borrow" that image wherever I want? Thanks, Microsoft!

(Nothing personal against edgecase, Mars - just using an example.)
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hey foosnark, i guess you've never right-clicked on an image?
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One too many E's in that anagram. But otherwise, that's pretty swell.
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Hmmm, does anyone else smell something fishy?

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