January 1, 2003

Man films himself eating dead baby and calls it

Man films himself eating dead baby and calls it "art" this calls to question many things. Such as cultural taboos and the importance of accepting the factor of "moral relativity". While I may find cannibalism to be sickening - some societies, such as the Anasazi apparently did not. Of course, even some in our culture can sympathize with the events that involved the Donner Party - but of course, eating a dead baby in the name of art is not a matter of survival, now is it? Can this be called art? Is doing something solely for the sake of shock value truly art?

At least there's always the humorous side of things [site appears down for now?], I suppose, even if some people don't get it.
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Car Buffs Rejoice! Bid on the cars from the upcoming Fast and the Furious 2 (side note on this movie - how far has John Singleton sunk to agree to direct this sequel?). BTW, I got dibs on the Acrua NSX... are there still people out there that can't use a spell-checker?
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Citizen! Step away from the beer!

SWAT tactics being used to combat public drunkenness in Fairfax County, Virginia. Go to a bar or restaurant and risk being "escorted" outside by teams police in full riot gear, given a sobriety test, and arrested if you've had more than a drink or two in under an hour. Thank god our tax dollars are being used to keep us safe from the danger of slightly tipsy people celebrating the holidays in establishments that legally serve alcohol. Not like they have anything better to do.
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Mug shots of 2002.

The Smoking Gun's top mug shots of 2002. It sounds dull, but these mug shots are truly inspired. Fashion photographers slave for years to get results like these, which police photographers can get in seconds! Proof that ordinary folk usually make more interesting subjects than celebrities. (Link found at Renee's weblog.)
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Good news for the new year

Ring in a New Year with good news from the web: Infamous Ugandan rebel ends years of reclusion to call for talks. Peace may be coming to Sumatra, Sri Lanka, Congo and Cyprus. Bill Gates, Sr. wants his kid to preserve the estate tax. Sudanese women launch sex strike to end civil war. Sentimental, choked-up politician says, "If at the end of my mandate all Brazilians have the possibility to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, I will have fulfilled the mission of my life" -- and is honest enough to admit this won't be easy.
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Hank Williams Sr. 50th

Just another guy on the lost highway died 50 years ago today. Here's an interesting site with some newspaper clippings, and here are some video clips and tabs in case you feel like doing a little strummin'.
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Ticketstubs goes live! Every ticket has a story, and there are already some superb posts. A round of applause for mathowie's latest endeavor. (The Empire Continues!)
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LSSU's Baniched Words 2003

'Make no mistakes about it', Lake Superior State University issued its 28th annual 'extreme' List of Words Banished from the Queen's English for Mis-Use, Over-Use and General Uselessness, which the world needs 'now, more than ever'.
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Pentagon Memorial Design Competition

The six finalists in the Pentagon Memorial design competition. The contest (official site) has "emerged as a kind of dress rehearsal" [NYT] for the upcoming World Trade Center competition. The Post reviewed the proposals, which will be narrowed to a winner on Feb. 21.
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Population Clock

Since this is the first day of the new year, I thought it would be interesting to check current US and global population numbers, and then compare those numbers on January 1st 2004, to see how much the world's population has grown or shrunk. Currently the clock shows 292,277,976 for the US, and 6,625,786,982 for the World. Metafilter readers from outside the US are welcome to post their countries current population level, as well.
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Threatened by US, North Korea seeks nuclear counterforce

Proliferation 101: North Korea, included in the Bush Administration's "Axis of Evil" (and cited as a potential target for US attack), revives it's nuclear weapons program. And while the US has stated " 'We will not permit the world's most dangerous regimes and terrorists to threaten us with the world's most destructive weapons.'... there is no sign that this new unconditional doctrine will be directed against North Korea." (NYTimes)
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Referrer Risk.

Referrer Risk. Got that 1st of January champagne hangover? Ease your pain, go for world domination by referring URL.
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Happy 20th Anniversary, Internet!

Happy 20th Anniversary, Internet!

We ought not to let pass unnoticed the... 20th anniversary of the Internet. The most logical date of origin of the Internet is January 1, 1983, when the ARPANET officially switched from the NCP protocol to TCP/IP.

Where were you two decades ago on this date? And does anyone actually have a "I Survived the TCP/IP Transition" t-shirt?

Also being discussed on /.
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