January 10, 2012

Whatever, marriage is overrated anyway

Shit Girls Say to Gay Guys
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Newports And 40s Are His Medicine

The sad tale of the man who (supposedly) cut Michael Jordan, found after not a little searching and digging. (via)
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Don't Be Afraid Of The Art Of Noise

The new orchestra will achieve the most complex and novel aural emotions not by incorporating a succession of life-imitating noises but by manipulating fantastic juxtapositions of these varied tones and rhythms. Therefore an instrument will have to offer the possibility of tone changes and varying degrees of amplification.
In 1984, inspired by concepts outlined in The Art Of Noises, a 1913 Futurist manifesto by Luigi Russolo [HTML version, PDF pamphlet version] and new music technology , a musician, a audio engineer, a programmer, a producer, and a music journalist came together to form one of the most influential music collectives of all time. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present for you, a definitive look at the Art Of Noise. [more inside]
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Vintage Ebony

Vintage Ebony Magazine tumblr [more inside]
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Another brick in the paywall

Newspapers have two principal sources of revenue, readers and advertisers, and they can operate at mass or niche scale for each of those groups. A metro-area daily paper is a mass product for customers (many readers buy the paper) and for advertisers (many readers see their ads.) Newsletters and small-circulation magazines, by contrast, serve niche readers, and therefore niche advertisers — Fire Chief, Mother Earth News. (Some newsletters get by with no advertising at all, as with Cooks’ Illustrated, where part of what the user pays for is freedom from ads, or rather freedom from a publisher beholden to advertisers.) Paywalls were an attempt to preserve the old mass+mass model after a transition to digital distribution. With so few readers willing to pay, and therefore so few readers to advertise to, paywalls instead turned newspapers into a niche+niche business. What the article threshold creates is an odd hybrid — a mass market for advertising, but a niche market for users. Clay Shirky on the economics of newspaper paywalls and why article thresholds seem to be the way of the future.
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Dang, sun!

Paul Nosa and his Solar Sewing Rover are coming to a town near you!
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Picture Perfect

A camera that runs Android. A camera that streams live to the internet. A camera that sees in all directions. A camera that flies. A camera that knows where it is and automatically uploads to Facebook. A camera that whitens your teeth. A camera that does your makeup for you. A camera that slims you by 10%. A camera that recognizes faces important to you, and turns off the flash so it doesn't disturb you as you are photographed sleeping.
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Wim Wenders' "Wings of Desire"

p.o.v number 8: Wings of Desire
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High resolution scans from the US Gemini space program

On Jan. 6, the NASA Johnson Space Center and the School of Earth and Space Exploration unveiled the Project Gemini Online Digital Archive. The archive contains the first high-resolution digital scans of the original flight films from the US Gemini space program.
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How to find an RPG

You've finally gotten over your geek self-loathing, and you've decided to jump back into playing tabletop, pen-and-paper RPGs. But where to begin? [more inside]
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A New Face in Chopular Culture!

Sam Kekovich, former AFL player, commentator and Lambassador of Australia has once again been enlisted for a series of Australia Day promotions for lamb. This time he's brought a familiar face from the '90s.

Without further adieu, Chopular Culture and Barbie Girl.

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Rub ’til it bleeds

"The line between intentional and inadvertent exposure can be blurry in a context where inmates do not control their privacy and cells are sometimes defined as public places. What’s more, some experts on prison sex contend that anti-masturbation and anti-porn policies in prisons are counterproductive because they effectively drive inmates to engage in risky sexual behavior. According to this theory, increased access to pornography—which goes hand-in-hand with increased access to one’s doo-dads—might be just what correctional facilities need to stem prison rape. Is it time for a revolution in prisoners’ masturbatory rights?"
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Spaced Shaun Fuzz Vs. The World

Has your life becomes choppy, condensed, and full of zooms? You may have Edgar Wright Syndrome
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Pink Slimed

In underreported news last month McDonald's, Burger King and Taco Bell have agreed to discontinue the use of ammoniated boneless lean beef trimmings, a/k/a Pink Slime, in their products. [more inside]
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Pointless? Hardly.

These boots were not made for walking. (NSFW because, well, vice.com but the article is innocuous)
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Does he secretly eat children or something?

Dashan represents or symbolizes something very powerful to a Chinese audience...[the] Chinese have a very complex and conflicting view of themselves and the world at large...Dashan represents a Westerner who appreciates and respects China, who has learned the language and understands the culture and has even become “more Chinese than the Chinese”. It’s a very powerful and reassuring image that appeals to very deep-rooted emotions.
Mark Rowswell, aka "大山" Dà shān, the massively popular, Canadian-born 相声 xiàng sheng performer and celebrity in China, offers his own thoughts on his persona (mostly referring to it in third person), why the Chinese public is enamored with it, and why his fellow Western expats tend to resent it. [more inside]
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Works better if you up your RAM.

Online Photoshop simulator. Impressive website written entirely in HTML 5, CSS3, and jQuery/Javascript.
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Goldfish Salvation

Riusuke Fukahori uses images painted on layers of resin to create mind-blowing three dimensional pieces that look amazingly real. [video]
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A Man Provides

Giancarlo Esposito, the actor currently known best as Gus Fring on Breaking Bad (and, of course, the veteran of many, many other roles), is doing an AMA on Reddit, and responding to some of the questions via his YouTube channel. [Presumably, spoilers for BB ahead.] He also explains this.
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The Fantasy Novelist's Exam: "Ever since J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis created the worlds of Middle Earth and Narnia, it seems like every windbag off the street thinks he can write great, original fantasy, too. The problem is that most of this "great, original fantasy" is actually poor, derivative fantasy. Frankly, we're sick of it, so we've compiled a list of rip-off tip-offs in the form of an exam. We think anybody considering writing a fantasy novel should be required to take this exam first. Answering "yes" to any one question results in failure and means that the prospective novel should be abandoned at once."
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Like Fake Steve Jobs with more snark

Overheard on the Goldman Sachs elevator Single Link Twitter Feed
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Optical illusion illusions.

Your mind subconsciously interprets this line drawing of an impossible cube as a three-dimensional object, even though it is not actually possible for such an object to exist. [more inside]
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The. Shortest. Fiction.

For those of us with really short attention spans.
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...act now before Canada becomes too similar to the US to make these jokes anymore

Canada declares its "canadacy" in the race for US President (The Canada Party on Twitter; also spotted on HuffPo)
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Minute Physics: little bits of science

Minute Physics is a YouTube Channel full of short, simple explanations of physics. Learn why there are tides, what neutrinos are and how to find them, why there is no pink light, and why Galloping Gertie didn't collapse due to resonance. Minute Physics is also on New Scientist's website, but slightly re-titled and with links to related New Scientist articles. If you have another 41 minutes, you can learn more about Minute Physics from it's creator, Henry Reich.
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Clipart Covers

Classic Album Covers in Clipart and Comic Sans
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Pseudonyms drive communities

"Pseudonyms are the most valuable contributors to communities because they contribute the highest quantity and quality of comments." As anonymous and pseudonymic online contributors struggle to remain non-identifiable, Disqus data show pseudonymous commenters are the best. (most recently previously)
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Oh, you're playing with your schticky

"You're gonna like the little schticky, but you're gonna love the big schticky." Pitchman Vince Offer (previously, previouslier) has returned to the airwaves to hawk a reusable silicone lint roller. This is his first new ad campaign since his 2009 arrest for aggravated battery against Sasha Harris (Vince wryly spoofs his own mug shot in the commercial). The bizarrely innuendo-laden video blurs the line between truth and parody, arguably shining a spotlight more on the polarizing salesman than on the product itself — which, for those still skeptical, is indeed real.
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"My doctor says I have something called hypertension," she says. "I'm really scared."

Stark billboards and television commercials that feature overweight kids are part of a controversial anti-obesity campaign in Atlanta. The goal of the "Stop Sugarcoating It, Georgia" ads is to shock families into recognizing that obesity is a problem.
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Maybe she's born with it?

Fotoshop by Adobé. (Single Link Vimeo Post)
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"We're watching you" – The Refrigerator

Breaking Bad Remix // POV Compilation You know those point-of-view shots from inanimate objects in Breaking Bad (e.g., pan, bathtub, pizza, shovel, floor)? As a fan of the show, I feel a bit ambivalent about these shots. Stylistic flourish? Representative of paranoia? A distraction? But I like this video.
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Think of the children

Arresting children for trivial offences in schools. [more inside]
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♫ My name is James Bond, and I love to get plastered ♫

James Bond theme, with NSFW lyrics explaining why he is an arsehole.
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He rides the subway. He makes instant coffee.

Pictures of David Bowie doing normal stuff. Best experienced while listening to "Bowie's in Space" by Flight of the Conchords. [more inside]
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Bloody Magnificent Capra

Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce "Hemo the Magnificent" (part 2), the 1957 Frank Capra-produced-written-directed introduction to the circulatory system? Bonus points for seeing Winnie the Pooh's red hair and for voice work by June Foray and Mel Blanc. "Public education through entertainment!"
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Tonight they play again

The Kendalls sing about the Pittsburgh Steelers (+ Live in Rotterdam). [more inside]
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War Horse: An Illustrated Review.

War Horse: An Illustrated Review Lisa Hanawalt really likes horses and drawing horses and being a horse and films about horses, and so has drawn an illustrated review of the new film version of War Horse. [SPOILER WARNING FOR BOTH LINKS] [Via Glinner]
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“You'll shoot your eye out, kid.”

Fundamentals Of Small Arms Weapons (Part Two, Part Three)
Ever wondered just exactly how repeating and automatic firearms operate? This 1945 U.S. Army training film will tell and show you the whole mechanism in-detail, complete with incredibly sweet hand-made models!
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The Star Pit

The Star Pit, a radio play by Samuel R. Delany, based on his short story. Notes on the production.
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