January 12, 2008

How is politician babby hold?

Darren Karnick hands his infant to the presidential candidates and photographs the results. The Daily Telegraph says the baby primary is a clear win for Obama. The Boston Globe has more pictures of the candidates with kids. And should you be embarking on a political career, don't forget to bone up on the Commandments for Policians Who Art Babykissers, including such sound advice as "thou shouldst not drop babies thou art kissing, for surely, dropped babies will gain thee no votes."
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What was that movie.......

The Dream of the Giant Turtle....... The Bermuda Depths! Remember that "made for tv" movie from the seventies with the gigantic turtle, and the girl with the weird glowing eyes, and the creepy song, and...and then there was.... Carl Weathers, and Burl Ives??? [more inside]
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Stick figures

This is a Flash drawing toy involving gravity.
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SchadenFilter: Darwin Awards 2007 announced

2007's Darwin Award winners have been announced. This years crop includes death by enema, elevator, and electricity.. [more inside]
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Thailand life..,

A Thailand teen who has had an online presence for ten years... is now doing three yearsin a Thai prison...and with the help of his former teacher is able to tell us about it.
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Organ Orgasm

This IS safe for work despite the title. I've never seen a woman touch an organ with quite as much enthusiasm and skill.
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Overdub Tampering Comittee

The Overdub Tampering Comittee Manifesto. What if there was a network of musicians who got a hold of albums right as they leaked, added subtle yet very much additional overdubs all over the album, and then re-leaked it to the internet? ... We set out to make that specific bewildering, annoyance a possibility. [more inside]
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But... they're all bishops!

Dildo chess set (NSFW, probably). Other suggestive chess sets, part of a small collection of, er, pawnography. [more inside]
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FBI loses FISA evidence over unpaid phone bills

FISA wiretapping: keeping us safe in the war on terror. [more inside]
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Online directory of historical and literary diarists

Diary Junction. "An internet resource for those interested in historical and literary diaries and diarists." Information pages on over five hundred diarists are included.
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The world's oldest profession in the Windy City.

Steven Leavitt and Sudhir Venkatesh, of Freakonomics fame, investigate prostitution. According to the working paper [pdf], prostitutes in Chicago are more likely to sleep with the police than get arrested by them.
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The Star Wars illustrations and posters of Noriyoshi Ohrai

The Star Wars illustrations and posters of Noriyoshi Ohrai.
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Paan: an Indian delicacy

Meet Muchhad ( ~ someone with a prominent mustache), the name given to a Paan seller in Mumbai, and his shop. (Never eaten a paan before, no matter, here’s what the folks at IndiaMike have to say.) Of course, you’d better be careful, it can be hazardous to your health. But, there are other alternatives for its taste. [video of muchhad paan waala | youtube | paan virgin spits]
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The great unknown

anonymity is often a sure route to notoriety. An article on anonymous authors from The Guardian.
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it's caturday again

My crazy cat loves water l Scuba cat l CitiKitti and Sushi, toilet trained cats l phew! One life down, eight to go, bottle cat
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Et tu, Intel? Then fall, OLPC.

Wondering why OLPCNews.com disparages the OLPC project so much? Curious as to the site's apparent emphasis on bad news about the project? It could just be a coincidence. Or it could be because OLPCNews.com's chief contributor Wayan Vota works on a project that's partnered with Intel, a former OLPC partner turned competitor. Does Intel's back-stabbing extend beyond pre-sales and into public relations? [more inside]
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Ilha Formosa

"The Gerald Warner Taiwan Image Collection is a photographic record of a US consul's impressions of urban and rural life in Taiwan under Japanese colonial rule. Totaling 340 photographs and postcards gathered by Warner between August 26, 1937 and March 8, 1941, these images provide a snapshot of Taiwan's hybrid culture of Chinese, Taiwanese, Austronesian, and Japanese influences." [Via]
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As The Culture Turns.

Restyling of real military weapons into fashion items for ladies.
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Busted in Jena.

Busted in Jena. My path crossed the Jena Six by chance. The BBC broadcast a documentary called “Race Hate in Louisiana” in May 2007. When I watched a copy of it in June, I was dumbfounded. I quit my job a week early, packed the car with my cameras, and drove to Jena.
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