January 14, 2003

Japanese garage punk

Japan Punk Project is an adequate intro to the inscrutable world of Japanese garage punk. Witness if you will The's, a bizarre surf guitar-playing all-girl band which is like a funhouse mirror version of The Supremes. My personal favorite, Guitar Wolf, has live concert videos online here. Their 2000 "Rock 'n' Roll JET-movie" Wild Zero is not to be missed. Links may be NSFW, but just tell your boss, "Love has no borders, nationality, or gender! Rock 'n' Roll!!!"
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Unclear on the concept

A fine idea, horribly executed... Want a portable, light, wireless PC as a second home computer but don't want to spend a fortune on a tablet PC? No problem. Viewsonic is coming out with Smart Displays, portable monitors (no computer included) that sync wirelessly with your primary PC, so you can carry them from room to room. However, they apparently missed the boat on the pricing, starting at over $1,000 when you include tax.
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It's A Small World After All

Stanley Milgram invented the term "six degrees of separation" after discovering in an experiment how closely interconnected social networks can be. The "six degrees" concept also inspired a play, a film, and a party game. The original study has recently attracted criticism, but now sociologists at Columbia University are planning to re-do the study over the Internet, using e-mail forwarding. Volunteers can sign up here.
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Ami Vitale

Ami Vitale, a photojournalist takes some incredible pictures of Africa, Europe and India. Her still images convey so much raw emotion and context. Case in point, a picture from the Gujrat communal violence shows undiluted fear in the eyes of the man being dragged away by the police.
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Trippy, Groovy Music Animations

Nice weather for ducks is pleasant, trippy quicktime animation by oblong, produced as a promo for Lemon Jelly. Oblong also produced the very cool 3-d animation First Man in Space for London band The All Seeing I. gracias, oink
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Giant Lava Lamp

Giant lava lamp to save town. Theme structures built for cities throughout the world are constructed to draw attention and tourists. As someone said, “never underestimate the power of awe.” Paris has the Eiffel Tower, Seattle has the Space Needle and Soap Lake has the worlds largest Lava Lamp! Give them credit for dreaming...
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Collective (with a wierd asterisk)

Collective* is the BBC's attempt to build an online community (or have a go at a simpler version of h2g2). Actually seems like an online version of The Guardian's 'The Guide' (mini what's on section which appears every Saturday). Overall it does feel a bit too processed. Should these things be so structured, or is it better that they develop naturally?
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Chris Coutts returns with (sort of) Shakespeare's Hamlet. (Flash) You may remember him for his l33t sp34k version of Romeo and Juliet. Coutts tackles another of the Bard's masterpieces and does him proud.
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easy money

Quick returns dilute tax credit.
Many lower income people, families fall prey to these businesses. Another example are the Payday Loans, courtesy your friend, Mr. Cash.
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