January 16, 2012

Conceptual Photography 1964 - 1989 at the Zwirner & Wirth

Conceptual Photography 1964 - 1989 at the Zwirner & Wirth
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Putting kickstarter out of business

An ambitious plan for putting kickstarter out of business.
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Defriending My Rapist

Defriending My Rapist
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Debora Iyall on Native America Calling

Debora Iyall had some hits in the 1980s with her band Romeo Void. She's still making music, and just released an EP. She was today's guest on Native America Calling as the January Music Maker (stream m3u link, direct download link) [59m]. (sorry, no transcript available) [more inside]
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R.I.P. Everything Man

The world just got a little less funky. Jimmy Castor passed away today. You might know him as the doo-wop Junior who replaced Frankie Lymon in The Teenagers. You might know him forYou Might know his hits Troglodyte, Hey, Leroy, or maybe the Bertha Butt Boogie. You might even know his Magic Saxophone. [more inside]
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[NSFW] Here's a feed of the 50 most recent public images posted to LiveJournal.
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Share Screens Remotely With Quick Screen Share

Share screens easily in real time with Quick Screen Share [Beta]. No registration required, and it features remote mousing and keying.
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Joe Dilworth: photographer/drummer

Joe Dilworth, one-time drummer/collaborator with indie stalwarts Stereolab, Th' Faith Healers and Jarvis Cocker, ex-lover of PJ Harvey, is also a very accomplished photographer. [more inside]
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The result? Something that sounds like dubstep, except they took out all the good parts and replaced with crap. Fucking Skrillex.

"With a little help from the internet, the genre grew because it was so unique. But in growing, it also evolved. The relaxed, dubby vibe got pushed aside to make way for more. More wobble, more sounds, more everything. Maximize to maximize."

Liquido asks: Who killed Dubstep? (more)
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The 100-headless woman

Brought to you by Swiss pharmaceutical manufacturers Sandoz, Eric Duvivier’s La Femme 100 Têtes (1967, rated NSFW) is a free cinematic adaptation of Max Ernst’s collage-novel of the same name. Via { feuilleton }.
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Nature in Slow-Motion Flight

High Speed Animal Flight Videos Show Hidden Aerial World. The Dutch Program Vilegkunstenaars (Flight Artists) sent high-speed video tools to amateurs around the world with the challenge: Capture nature in flight. They then picked the best from the over 2,400 slow-motion clips that were uploaded. [more inside]
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Mexican Pulp Art

Monster Brains' has posted its collection of cover art from Mexican horror magazines.
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The Speedy Bob Ross!

If you like Bob Ross and his happy trees, you will enjoy Fabian Gaete Maureira. This Chilean street artist produces scenes reminiscent of that of Bob Ross and "The Joy of Painting." But he does it in three minutes! And just for the heck of it, here are some memorable videos of Bob Ross painting: Mountains Evergreen Tree Clouds
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In Gold We Trust

In Gold We Trust. With the shiny stuff soaring to $1643.12 an ounce and prominent politicians advocating a return to the gold standard, Wells Tower investigates the latest Klondike gold rush.
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will.i.am introduces the Ultrabook Project (SLYT)
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You can slap, cough, and look at your watch.

Elevator: Source is a Half-Life 2 mod which puts the player on an elevator that visits a number of strange floors. It requires Gary's Mod and HL2:Ep2, but you can sample the experience with this gameplay video.
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Day at Night, half-hour New York public television interviews from the 70s

Day at Night was an interview series on the public television station of the City University of New York that aired from 1973-4. CUNY TV is in the process of digitizing and uploading the 130 episodes that were produced, with 46 done so far. The episodes are just under half an hour in length. Among the people interviewed by host James Day are author Ray Bradbury, actress Myrna Loy, medical researcher Jonas Salk, singer Cab Calloway, writer Christopher Isherwood, nuclear scientist Edward Teller, comedian Victor Borge, tennis player Billie Jean King, linguist and activist Noam Chomsky, composer Aaron Copland, actor Vincent Price and boxer Muhammad Ali.
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"The author ran out of time, leaving plenty of stories untold."

How Gil Scott-Heron and Stevie Wonder set up Martin Luther King Day, with audio slideshow. [more inside]
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Dissent in the 1%

Last week, three founders of private equity fund The Carlyle Group shared a year's pay of $413M. They didn't do the private equity industry any favours as there has already been additional interest from the government for greater taxation of this elite subcategory of the 1%. [more inside]
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Politics of the Runway

Urban Outfitters has stopped selling a line of Navajo-themed undergarments, drinking accessories, and other items whose relation to the tribe is questionable, at best. What caused the kerfuffle, and did UO have any obligation (beyond the obvious PR repercussions) to give way? [more inside]
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Am I wasting my time organizing e-mail?

Am I wasting my time organizing e-mail? A study of e-mail refinding. (single link academic paper in .pdf.)
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That's No Moon

This article aims to investigate the first ‘Death Star’ from the ‘Star Wars’ film series and how much energy it would require to destroy a planet.
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Winter wrap-up at BroNYcon

BroNYcon, and New York gathering of the bronies, took place over the weekend of the 7th January. The frist Bronycon, in June 2011, was a relatively small affair, with around 100 guests. This one, held at the Hotel Pennsylvania, had 700, many of whom seemed to be faux-bewildered journalists. [more inside]
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The Widening of the American Commuter

Transit Agencies Face the New Calculus of Broader Backsides
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Jobs For Slobs!

The debate about whether young people should expect to 'intern' or work for free - and what this means in terms of who* gets into these industries - has been raging for years, but for unemployed people in Britain, this kind of labour no longer just means trying to enter into competitive or media-driven industries. An unemployed graduate, having been sent to work for Poundland without needing the experience nor being offered the job, is seeking a judicial review against the regulations that require many receiving unemployment benefit to work, unpaid, for large corporations. [more inside]
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A Pixie is trapped in frost...

William and Sly 2 is a gorgeous, ethereal fantasy exploration game wherein you play a nimble fox tasked with finding the scattered pages of your human friend's journal, while gathering mushrooms, finding keys to unlock mystery boxes, and freeing rune-bound spirits and pixies trapped in frost along the way. [more inside]
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